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Science Fiction in the News Archive

Date Story (related science fiction author) Category
5/19/2016 Ignition Interlock Devices Stopped 1.7 Million Drunken Tries (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicles
5/18/2016 Man Filmed Sleeping In Tesla On Autopilot (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
5/17/2016 Otto Self-Driving Truck Kits (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
5/15/2016 Humans Help Robots Identify Recyclables (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
5/14/2016 Is This Robotic Hand As Quick As Yours? (re: Philip K. Dick)
5/13/2016 DARPA's XS-1 Spaceplane (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
5/12/2016 Douglas Adams Your Babel Fish Is Ready - The Pilot By Waverly (re: Douglas Adams) Communication
5/11/2016 OMG! DIY Arduino Robot Vacuum Cleaner Like Bradbury's Mice (re: Ray Bradbury)
5/10/2016 NASA Culturing ISS Walls For Microbes (re: Michael Crichton) Space Tech
5/9/2016 Siemens 3D Printing Robot Spiders (re: Charles Sheffield) Manufacturing
5/8/2016 Implants Melt In Your Brain, Not In Your Hands (re: Greg Bear) Medical
5/7/2016 Baby Boomers Will LOVE Autonomous Cars (Trust Me!) (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
5/6/2016 ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet Tests His Suit (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
5/5/2016 DIY Method To Summon Tesla With Amazon Echo (re: Schachner and Zagat) Vehicle
5/4/2016 AI Lawyer 'Ross' Gets First Job (re: Greg Egan) Artificial Intelligence
5/3/2016 MIT's Second Skin Enhances Original Skin (re: John Varley) Medical
5/2/2016 CommU Robot Children Scare Me (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
5/1/2016 VelociRoACH Insect Robots Cooperate (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/30/2016 Best Surgeon? The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/29/2016 Turing's Nose - Was That Scent Real Or Artificial? (re: Aldous Huxley) Engineering
4/29/2016 Xian'er Buddhist Monk Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/28/2016 AnBot Security Robot WILL Tase You, Bro (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
4/27/2016 A Baker's Dozen Of Autonomous Car-Related Revolutions (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
4/27/2016 Hover Camera - Unfold Drone, Shoot Selfie (re: Karen Traviss) Robotics
4/26/2016 Would You Date A Robot? 1 in 4 Say 'Yes'! (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Robotics
4/26/2016 Sophia, The Personable Robot From Hanson Robotics. (re: Fritz Lieber) Robotics
4/25/2016 Swimming, Slithering Snake Robot (re: Various) Robotics
4/24/2016 The First 'Drone Cafe' Started By Dutch Students (re: H. Beam Piper)
4/23/2016 Astronaut Tim Peake Completes Space Marathon (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
4/22/2016 Aerojet Rocketdyne 'Ion Drive' To Reach The Asteroids? (Update!) (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
4/21/2016 Beatie Wolfe's Album Is A Deck Of NFC Cards (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
4/20/2016 Is Social Media Saving Space Travel? (re: Michael Swanwick) Space Tech
4/19/2016 iBubble Scuba Drone Follower (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
4/18/2016 Ironing Robot May Fulfill Russian Science Fiction Dreams (re: Mikhail Mikheev) Robotics
4/17/2016 Organic Photonic Skin Display (re: John Varley) Display
4/16/2016 The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module Attached to ISS (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
4/15/2016 Hydrogen Leak Detection By HySense (re: Leo Zagat) Space Tech
4/14/2016 All Your Prior Art Are Belong To Us (re: Jonathan Swift) Culture
4/13/2016 The Next (Computer) Rembrandt (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
4/12/2016 3D Cocooner From Festo Spins Web In Mid-Air (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
4/11/2016 Cost Effective Smart Windows To Replace Curtains? (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
4/10/2016 Breakthrough Starshot Sends Chip Craft To The Stars (re: Larry Niven ) Space Tech
4/9/2016 SpaceX Falcon Water Landing Presaged By Russian Sci-Fi Film (re: M. Karzhukov/A. Kozyr) Space Tech
4/8/2016 Asteroid Cleaner Robot To Sweep Up Dust Around The Solar System (re: Michael Crichton) Space Tech
4/7/2016 Samsung Patent For Smart Contact Lens Camera Granted (re: Vernor Vinge) Display
4/6/2016 Autonomous Tractor Harvest-Ready (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
4/6/2016 Face2Face Is Bradbury's Spot-Wavex Scrambler (re: Ray Bradbury) Communications
4/5/2016 Chris Brewer Speaks at Michigan Robotics (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
4/4/2016 AgileQuad Object Avoidance Drone (re: Various) Engineering
4/3/2016 Artificial Skin Grows Hair (re: WF Wallace) Medical
4/2/2016 Cortana Clip - The New In-Ear Wearables (re: Ray Bradbury) Communication
4/1/2016 Tesla Unveils Affordable Model 3 Electric Car (re: John Jacob Astor) Vehicle
3/31/2016 One Third Of Young Canadians Prefer Robot Boss (re: William Gibson) Culture
3/29/2016 Epigenetic Memory's On/Off Switch Found (re: Barbara Hambly) Biology
3/28/2016 Lit Motors C-1 Gyro-Stabilized 2-Person Motorbike (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
3/27/2016 Picobug Robot Flies, Runs And Grabs (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
3/26/2016 Comedian Robot Named Data (re: William Tenn) Culture
3/25/2016 Is Space In The Brain Limited? (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
3/24/2016 Here's Your Man-Made Quake Danger Map (re: Various) Engineering
3/23/2016 Scanify 3D Scanner For You! (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
3/22/2016 Textiles Self-Cleaning In Sunlight (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
3/21/2016 Virtual Reality Therapy Helps Patients With Depression (re: Roger Zelazny) Medical
3/20/2016 IBM Tone Analyzer - Like HAL 9000 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
3/19/2016 'Eye In The Sky' Movie Borrows 35, 80 Year-Old SF (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
3/18/2016 FingerIO Active Sonar Smartphone Finger Tracking (re: Douglas Adams) Engineering
3/17/2016 Computers Learning To Read Lips (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
3/16/2016 Metal That Morphs (re: Philip K Dic13k) Materials
3/15/2016 Chromat Misfit Shine Tracks Health And Glows (re: Nolan and Johnson) Medical
3/14/2016 3D Modeling And Virtual Reality Tech Patents For Body Labs (re: HG Wells) Clothing
3/13/2016 Experimental Flying Wing (re: EE Doc Smith) Engineering
3/12/2016 Tay, Microsoft Chatbot, Offline To 'Absorb It All' (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
3/11/2016 3D Printing Dinner (re: Larry Niven) Food
3/10/2016 The Remotely-Operated Cold Atom Laboratory (re: James Blish) Space Tech
3/9/2016 Closer To An Artificial, Organic Heart (re: Philip K Dick) Medical
3/9/2016 Meet Hugh, Your Robot Librarian (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
3/8/2016 FlexEnable OLED Bracelet SmartPhone Concept (re: Roger Zelazny) Communication
3/7/2016 Cyborg Cardiac Patch Combines Organics And Electronics (re: Philip K DIck) Medical
3/6/2016 Nadine Robot Cares For Dementia Patients (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/5/2016 Robot Science Fiction Calms Older Aldults (re: Various) Robotics
3/4/2016 Human Academics Recommend AIs As Teachers (re: James Blish) Culture
3/3/2016 Google Engineers Not Sure What Google RankBrain AI Is Doing (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
3/2/2016 Military Implants To Boost Memory (re: William Gibson) Medical
3/1/2016 Bionic Fingertips Would Have Improved Anakin's Experience (re: George Lucas) Robotics
2/28/2016 Eagle-360 Spherical Wheel Concept (re: Various) Vehicle
2/27/2016 Smart Clothing From Finland (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
2/26/2016 Lab-Grown Human Eyeball Tech Advances (re: Ridley Scott) Medical
2/25/2016 AlphaGo AI Defeats Go champion Lee Sedol (re: Ambrose Bierce) Artificial Intelligence
2/24/2016 Archinaut 3D Printing Autonomous Space Manufacturing System (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
2/23/2016 Volcanoes Terraformed Mars? (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
2/22/2016 Ready For Your Halting State Driverless Drone Future? (re: Charles Stross) Vehicle
2/21/2016 Snow Crash And Domino's DXP Pizza Delivery Vehicle (re: Neal Stephenson) Vehicle
2/20/2016 R2D2's Friend TUG: Hospital Robot By Aethon (re: George Lucas) Robotics
2/19/2016 Crowdfunded Russian Beacon Satellite Is An Orbital Mirror (re: Theodore Sturgeon) Space Tech
2/18/2016 Teleportation: How Might The Brain Handle It (re: Alfred Bester) Medical
2/17/2016 Cheap Electronic Skin For Robots! (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
2/16/2016 ANYmal Quadruped Robot Trots On (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
2/15/2016 Voice-Recognition Door DIY (re: Clement Fezandi) Surveillance
2/14/2016 3D Printed Replacement Tissue (re: Jack Williamson) Medical
2/13/2016 Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
2/12/2016 CRAM Cockroach Robots Flatten On Demand (re: Steven Spielberg) Robotics
2/11/2016 Rabbit's Brain Cryogenically Frozen Successfully (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Biology
2/10/2016 NTT Docomo To Create 'Ghost In The Shell' Technology (re: ) Engineering
2/9/2016 Pothole Detection Technology Expands (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
2/8/2016 Data Crystals Offer Eternal Storage (re: Stanislaw Lem) Data Storage
2/7/2016 Joy For All Companion - Robot Pet (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
2/6/2016 The Eye Is Watching! Samsung Gear 360 Camera (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
2/5/2016 Artificial Muscles To Power UAV Drone Wings (re: HG Wells) Engineering
2/4/2016 Denisovans, Neandertals... And Us? (re: Larry Niven) Biology
2/3/2016 Patented! Google's Autonomous Delivery Trucks (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
2/2/2016 3 Parent Embryos Approved By Bioethicists (re: William Tenn) Medical
2/1/2016 DIY Armed UAV (Toy) (re: Larry Niven) Weapon
1/30/2016 Tired Of Speeders On Your Block? DIY Speed Tracker! (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Surveillance
1/29/2016 Centriphone Whirling Selfie Camera (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
1/28/2016 Eagles Vs. Drones (re: ) Surveillance
1/27/2016 SCiO Scanner Wants You To Be Spock (re: Amitav Ghosh) Engineering
1/26/2016 Self-Adapting Composite Heals Itself (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
1/25/2016 Rigid Clothing, Or Wearable Furniture? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Work
1/24/2016 Swarming Intelligent Aquatic Surface Robots Ahoy! (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
1/23/2016 SuitX Cheap Medical Exoskeleton (re: Fritz Leiber)
1/22/2016 Harvesting Energy From Internal Resonance (re: John Jacob Astor) Engineering
1/21/2016 Sticker Harvests Energy From Your Skin (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
1/20/2016 Twitter Sarcasm Detected By Computer (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
1/19/2016 Myo-Controlled Prosthetic Arm (re: Harry Harrison) Medical
1/18/2016 Self-Driving Trucks For Netherlands' Ports (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
1/17/2016 Apple Ring: Finally, Engineers Want To Make My Finger Watch (re: HB Fyfe) Culture
1/17/2016 Google Should Name Roads After Science Fiction Authors (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
1/16/2016 First Flower Grown In Space Is Edible (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
1/16/2016 Get Your Own 64 Channel, Dry-Electrode Brain-Computer Headset! (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/15/2016 Biggest Drone Swarm Sets World Record (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
1/14/2016 ATLAS Robot Now Does Housework! (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
1/13/2016 LG's Rollable Display Video Is Amazing (re: EC Tubb) Display
1/12/2016 Asteroids Threaten Earth? New Study Details Laser Ablation Method (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
1/11/2016 EHang 184 AAV Passenger Drone Future Of Commuting? (re: James Blish) Vehicle
1/10/2016 VIDIUS Smallest First Person View (FPV) Drone (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Surveillance
1/9/2016 Autonomous Cars In Snow? Ford, University Of Michigan Say Yes! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
1/8/2016 Martian Concrete, Rich In Sulphur, Made After Arrival (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
1/7/2016 XYZprinting 3D Pen Used, Reviewed By Terrible Artist (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
1/6/2016 ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Tech Expands Coverage (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
1/5/2016 Israel Working On Tunnel Detection Snake Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/4/2016 Livescribe 3 Black Edition Smartpen (re: Various) Computer
1/3/2016 The 'Internet Of Touch' For Telemedicine (re: EM Forster) Communication
1/2/2016 LG's Rollable Newspaper Display (re: EC Tubb) Display
1/1/2016 Robotic Suitcase Follows You (re: John Brunner) Robotics
12/30/2015 Robotic Guide Dogs May Displace Fido (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
12/29/2015 Will OpenAI Have High Ethical Standards? (re: Keith Laumer) Artificial Intelligence
12/28/2015 Tokyo Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid (re: William Gibson) Living Space
12/27/2015 Nima Portable Gluten Tester (re: Frank Herbert) Food
12/26/2015 LONald 'Contract Robot' First In UK (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
12/25/2015 My Basic Income (Mein Grundeinkommen) (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
12/24/2015 Islamic State Now Organlegging? (re: Larry Niven) Medical
12/23/2015 Kollektomat Tithing Machine (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
12/22/2015 Strong Metal, Light Metal - Same Metal! (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
12/21/2015 The Secret of Longevity? (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
12/20/2015 Deep Speech 2: Mandarin and English Recognized (re: Frank Stockton) Communication
12/19/2015 Robots Will Learn From Each Other (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
12/18/2015 Bionic Eyes Coming Up In Australia (re: Various) Medical
12/17/2015 Army Wants Invisibility Cloaks (re: Ray Cummings) Engineering
12/16/2015 Fully Autonomous Vehicles In 2 Years - Musk (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
12/16/2015 Can Bacteria Provide Food In Space? (re: Bruce Sterling) Food
12/15/2015 NASA Wants To Grow Potatoes On Mars (re: Andy Weir) Food
12/14/2015 Mattel Bug Racer Driven By Live Cricket (re: Vernor Vinge) Vehicle
12/13/2015 Netflix Smart Socks Know When You Doze Off (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
12/12/2015 Do You Really Want Your Car To Talk To Pedestrians? (re: Philip K Dick) Vehicle
12/11/2015 XSTAT 30 - Plugs Wounds In 15 Seconds! (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
12/10/2015 Microsupercapacitors Make Wearable Electronics Disappear (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
12/9/2015 NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
12/8/2015 Can You Give A Robot A Conscience? (re: Various) Robotics
12/7/2015 California Proposes Ban On Driverless Vehicles (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
12/6/2015 3D Printing Microparticles (re: Ridley Scott) Manufacturing
12/5/2015 Drone Catches Drone! In Japan (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
12/4/2015 Space Synthetic Biology Grand Challenges (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
12/3/2015 The Time-Traveling Quantum Computer (re: Stephen Baxter) Computer
12/2/2015 Robots Should Start Out As Babies (re: Henry Slesar) Robotics
12/1/2015 Internet Needs 'Hate Spell Checker' - Eric Schmidt (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
11/30/2015 Hybrid Chips: Solid-State Device With Integrated Biological Cells (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
11/29/2015 Electrochromic FIlm For Smart Windows (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
11/29/2015 Aerial Assault Drone Looking For Padme's Apartment (re: ) Surveillance
11/28/2015 Store Electricity In Paper - Next Stop, E-Paper! (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
11/27/2015 Guide A Telepresence Robot With Your Mind (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
11/26/2015 MIT 3D Scanner - 1000x Improvement? (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
11/25/2015 'It Feels Like Robocop - Without A Weapon (re: Fritz Leiber) Medical
11/24/2015 Naviator Drone Flies - And Swims (re: Irwin Allen) Surveillance
11/23/2015 Niven's King's Free Park - In Toronto (re: Larry Niven) Culture
11/22/2015 'Ingestibles' Are Medical Devices You Can Swallow (re: Various) Medical
11/21/2015 Solowheel Xtreme Heinlein Tumblebug Video (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
11/20/2015 Algorithm Predicts Marriage Success (HAL 9000 Will See You Now) (re: Philip K Dick) Computer
11/19/2015 Denmark Island Earth (Verdenskortet ala Ringworld) (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
11/18/2015 Humai Startup To Implant Your Brain In Robot Body (re: Otis Adelbert Kline) Medical
11/17/2015 Blue Origin Reusable Rocket's Vertical Landing (re: Various) Space Tech
11/16/2015 X125 Snake-Arm Inspection Robot Video (re: HG Wells) Robotics
11/15/2015 Super-Thin Smart Glazing Displays (re: EC Tubb) Display
11/14/2015 Have Scientists Found A Parallel Universe Leaking Into Ours (re: Philip K Dick) Space Tech
11/13/2015 Active Wellness Smart Car Seat (re: Philip K Dick) Vehicle
11/12/2015 Tech Tats Prototype Sfnal Devices (re: Brian Aldiss) Medical
11/11/2015 ANNABELL AI Can Learn English From Scratch (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
11/10/2015 Tesla Suit Gives Haptic Hugs (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
11/9/2015 Surgically Implantable Artificial Kidney Starts Testing (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
11/8/2015 Self-Filling Water Bottle Is Beetle-Based (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
11/7/2015 Senate Passes Space Mining Legislation (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
11/6/2015 Microsoft's Surface Book Is Part Clipboard (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
11/6/2015 Police Use Predictive Maps ala 'Minority Report' Routinely (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
11/5/2015 Tesla Autopilot Road Trip 2995 Miles, 57 Hours (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
11/4/2015 The 'Marching Mountains' Of Pluto (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
11/3/2015 Graphene Thermopile May Grant Predator Heat Vision To Humans (re: Various) Surveillance
11/2/2015 BitDrones Flying Microbots Model Programmable Matter (re: Abraham Merritt) Engineering
11/1/2015 Starship Turbolift Elevators Coming From ThyssenKrupp AG (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
10/30/2015 LineFORM MIT's Shape-Changing Interface (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
10/29/2015 LM3D Swim First 3D-Printed Production Car (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
10/28/2015 Protopiper Lets You Sketch Full-Size Objects In Real Space (re: Murray Leinster) Manufaturing
10/27/2015 AI Trainers: Assisting Artificial Intelligences (re: Amitav Ghosh) Artificial Intelligence
10/26/2015 New Glass Tough As Steel (re: Olaf Stapledon) Material
10/25/2015 FORTIS Exoskeleton Not Quite Ripley's Alien-Fighting Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Robotics
10/24/2015 Kirobo Mini - Your Dashboard Droid (re: George Lucas) Robotics
10/23/2015 RF-Capture Lets MIT Boffins See Through Walls (re: Nat Schachner) Surveillance
10/21/2015 Reduce Hurricanes By Altering The Atmosphere (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
10/20/2015 Second Skin Clothing By Biologic Changes With You (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
10/19/2015 Skin Sensor Signals Brain (re: Roger Zelazny) Engineering
10/18/2015 Blackest Black? New Disordered Nanostructured Material (re: Doc Smith) Material
10/17/2015 3D Printed Soft Robotic Tentacle May Grab You (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
10/16/2015 UK's Self-Repairing Cities (re: John W. Campbell) Living Space
10/15/2015 Gene-Edited Muscle Dogs From China (re: John Brunner) Biology
10/14/2015 Sprint Wants Sales Robots (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
10/13/2015 3D Printed Pluto And Charon, For Imperial Collectors (re: Frank Herbert) Space Tech
10/12/2015 Tesla's New Autopilot, With Test Drive Video (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
10/11/2015 Do You, Human, Take This Robot...? (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
10/10/2015 Boeing Creates Lightest Metal Ever (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
10/9/2015 MIT's Microwave Camera Sees Through Walls (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Surveillance
10/8/2015 A Solar System Swept Clean - For A Dyson Swarm (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
10/7/2015 QRoSS Robot Inspired By Star Wars Droidekas (re: George Lucas) Robotics
10/6/2015 Will The Dashboard Disappear From Autonomous Cars? (re: James Blish) Vehicle
10/5/2015 Nifty 3D Printed Flexible Robotic Finger (re: HG Wells) Robotics
10/4/2015 Harvard's Robobees Now 'Fly' Underwater (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
10/3/2015 ADEPT Heat Shield Works For Mars (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
10/2/2015 Ultralight Origami Crane UAV Flexes Its Wings (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
10/1/2015 UM Solar Car Now Also With IBM Research Power (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
9/30/2015 Robot-Based Trash Collection (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
9/28/2015 Warrior Web Exoskeleton For Soldiers Undergo Tests (re: Robert Heinlein)
9/26/2015 Tesla Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2018 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
9/24/2015 Light Molecules (And Maybe Light Sabers, Someday) (re: John W. Campbell) Material
9/22/2015 Telepresence In The Office (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
9/20/2015 Piper, Google's 2 Billion Line Code Repository, Needs A Cool Display (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
9/18/2015 WEpod Driverless Vehicle On The Netherlands Roads (re: Larry Niven) Transportation
9/16/2015 Robot Evolution Needs Mass Extinction Events (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/16/2015 Computer Predicts Psychosis Better Than Psychiatrists (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/14/2015 Lab-Grown Kidneys Implanted Successfully - In Animals (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/12/2015 Korean Lab Ready To Clone Your Dog (re: Various) Biology
9/11/2015 DARPA NeuroTech Hand With Natural Sensation (re: George Lucas) Robotics
9/10/2015 Nuke Mars To Terraform It, Says Elon Musk (re: Olaf Stapledon) Space Tech
9/9/2015 Texas-Sized Ice Slab Found On Mars (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
9/8/2015 Invisible Drones Will (Not) Appear Over Your Town (re: EE 'Doc Smith) Materials
9/7/2015 Transwheel Drone Robotic Delivery Vehicle (re: George Lucas) Robotics
9/6/2015 Cool Chaac Ha Dew Collector Video (re: Frank Herbert) Food
9/5/2015 NASA Turns To Museum Space Shuttles For Parts (re: Niven & Pournelle) Space Tech
9/4/2015 Ecocapsule - Simak's Dream Of A Prefab House (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
9/3/2015 New Super Slippery Surface Better Than Nature's (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
9/2/2015 Killer Robot COTSBot Stalks Starfish (re: Joseph E. Kelleam) Robotics
9/1/2015 Heart-In-A-Box Saves Organ For Later (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/29/2015 MultiFab 10-Material 3D Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
8/27/2015 Chaac Ha Dew Collector ala Dune (re: Frank Herbert) Food
8/25/2015 Digital Immortality For Your Personality (re: William Gibson) Computer
8/23/2015 Robots Take Our Jobs By Reading Our Instructions (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
8/21/2015 Surgery In Space (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/19/2015 Flimmer Navy Drone Flies And Swims (re: Irwin Allen) Security
8/17/2015 Taser Drones Now Legal In North Dakota (re: Roger Zelazny) Weapon
8/15/2015 Growing Metal In The Shape You Want (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
8/13/2015 Self-Healing Materials For Spacecraft (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
8/11/2015 World's First Full-Colour, Flexible Thin-Film Reflective Display (re: EC Tubb) Display
8/9/2015 Jazz AI Compliments Of DARPA (re: Herbert Goldstone) Artificial Intelligence
8/7/2015 Tasty Space Lettuce! (re: Gregory Benford) Food
8/5/2015 See LG OLED Wallpaper - Amazing Video (re: Larry Niven) Display
8/3/2015 Canada's Inflatable Space Elevator Tower (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
8/1/2015 Ekso Works Industrial Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Manufacturing
7/29/2015 Mother Robot Evolves Her Children (re: Maurice A. Hugi) Robotics
7/27/2015 Cheetah 2 Robot Now Leaps Obstacles To Get You (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
7/25/2015 Xiaoice Will Text You And Be Your Friend (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
7/23/2015 Synthetic Coral To Clean The Seas? (re: Neal Stephenson) Biology
7/21/2015 Organoids Galore! (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
7/19/2015 Artificial Gravity? Why Not? (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
7/17/2015 Hackers Can Take Control Of Cars From Anywhere In The World (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
7/13/2015 Armed Drone Opens Fire (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
7/11/2015 Robotic Exoskeleton Releases Man From Wheelchair (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
7/9/2015 Oh, Just Let Robots Run Airports (re: John Brunner) Robotics
7/7/2015 How Smart Should AI's Be Allowed To Get? (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
7/5/2015 NASA Misses $5Trillion Funding Boost (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
7/3/2015 Kuwait Creates Mandatory DNA Database For Citizens (re: Andrew Niccol) Surveillance
7/1/2015 Please, Please Let There Be Regenerated Teeth (re: William Gibson) Medical
6/29/2015 Google AI 'Deep Dreams' Kubrick's 2001 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
6/28/2015 The BLITAB: First Tactile Tablet for Blind People (re: Various) Display
6/27/2015 Why, Oh Why, Must We Develop Robots That Run Faster Than I Do? (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
6/26/2015 Golf Robot Putts Out (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
6/25/2015 Computer Finds Cancer Doctors Miss (re: Larry Niven) Computer
6/24/2015 Would Robot Taxis Ease Carbon Emissions? (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
6/23/2015 Brainwaves As Biometric Identification (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
6/22/2015 What-If Machine Concocts Creative Premises (re: George Orwell) Artificial Intelligence
6/21/2015 Underwater Balloon Gardens (re: Gregory Benford) Food
6/20/2015 Storing 1 Zettabyte In 10 Grams (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
6/19/2015 Laser-Powered Spacecraft To Explore The Solar System (re: Niven/Pournelle) Spacecraft
6/18/2015 Skin Chair For That 'Sitting On A Fat Guy' Feeling (re: Frank Herbert) Lifestyle
6/17/2015 Pneumatic Micro-Tentacles Kidnapping Ants (re: H.G. Wells) Robotics
6/16/2015 Bee Narcs To Perform Drug 'Stings' (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
6/15/2015 3D Printed Spherical Flying Machine (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
6/14/2015 Airbus E-Fan All-Electric Plane Now Ready (re: John W. Campbell) Transportation
6/13/2015 Robot Swarms Improve Culture By Forgetting (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
6/12/2015 Melomics Avant Garde Computer Musician (re: Herbert Goldstone) Computer
6/11/2015 Nanotech Used To Create Custom Water Filters In Tanzania (re: Paolo Bacigalupi) Engineering
6/11/2015 This Robot Swordmaster: Yaskawa Bushido Project (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
6/11/2015 Samsung's Transparent Display Finally As Big As HG Wells' (re: HG Wells) Display
6/10/2015 Thync Mood-Changing Wearable Device (re: Philip K. Dick) Lifestyle
6/9/2015 What Science Fiction Inspires Russia's New Robot? (re: Various) Robotics
6/8/2015 LightSail Solar Sail Deploys (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
6/7/2015 Living Concrete Repairs Itself (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
6/6/2015 HEL MD Laser Weapons Will Sound Like Star Wars, Star Trek (re: Niven/Pournelle) Weapon
6/5/2015 And The Quest For A Digital Personal Assistant (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
6/4/2015 First Biolimb Grown In Lab (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
6/3/2015 Suit Up! Fifty Years Of Spacewalks Video (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
6/3/2015 Do Mutant Chickens Offer 'Maximum, Diabolical Meatiness'? (re: Margaret Atwood) Food
6/2/2015 Google Project Soli - Control Devices With A Gesture (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
6/1/2015 SoundCloud's Hound Provides Conversational Interface (Video) (re: John W. Campbell) Artificial Intelligence
5/29/2015 Robot Swarm Performs Colonoscopy And Biopsy (re: Neal Stephenson) Medical
5/27/2015 Autonomous Cars: Who Is Responsible For Driving? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
5/26/2015 Rotating Domespace House Is Amazing (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
5/25/2015 Vertical Farms? Still Waiting, But Concepts Abound (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Agriculture
5/24/2015 Vat-Grown Burgers Getting Cheaper (re: William Gibson) Food
5/23/2015 Self-Driving Truck Corridor From Manitoba To Mexico? (re: Poul Anderson) Transportation
5/22/2015 Electronic Tongue Knows Beer Better Than You (re: Anthony Boucher) Food
5/21/2015 NASA's Robotic Mining Competition (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
5/20/2015 Should Humanity Switch To Robotic Pets? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/19/2015 L'Oreal To 3D Print Human Skin (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
5/18/2015 LG Display Creates OLED Wallpaper (re: Larry Niven) Display
5/17/2015 Cool Foldable Mini-Quadcopter (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
5/16/2015 NASA's Subvocal Speech System (re: David Brin) Engineering
5/15/2015 Cicada UAV Dropped In Swarms (re: Robert Silverberg)
5/14/2015 AI's Now Being Taught Anger (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
5/13/2015 Cicret Interactive Skin Display Prototype (re: John Varley) Displays
5/12/2015 Lily Camera Video Sport Selfie Drone (re: ) Surveillance
5/11/2015 Metal Composite Floats Your Boat (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
5/10/2015 Six Terabyte Solid State Drive Just 2.5 Inches (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
5/9/2015 Israeli 'Food Replicator' Inspired By Star Trek (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
5/8/2015 Robotic Trash Can Wants Your Garbage (re: Bruce Sterling) Engineering
5/7/2015 Microbes To Terraform Mars? (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
5/6/2015 NASA FINDER To The Rescue In Nepal (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
5/5/2015 NailO Thumb-Mounted Mouse Needs John Varley's Help (re: John Varley) Computer
5/4/2015 Surreal iPhone Ad Video Parody Channels Dick, Heinlein (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
5/3/2015 Walker Robot Helps The Elderly (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/2/2015 What's Another Word For The Army's Handheld Ray Guns? (re: Nictzin Dyalhis) Weapon
5/1/2015 Tyson Says Asteroid Miners Will Be First Trillionaires (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
4/24/2015 Zap Space Debris With Telescope Laser On ISS (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
4/23/2015 Moran Cerf, When Will We Get Neuro Tech For Ourselves? (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/17/2015 Velkess Energy Storage System (It's A Flexible Flywheel!) (re: Paolo Bacigalupi) Engineering
4/16/2015 Performance Enhancing Drugs - In Gaming? (re: Various) Medical
4/15/2015 Automated Treadmill Adjusts To Your Pace (re: David Brin) Lifestyle
4/14/2015 Mr. Anderton, Beware This Long-Range Iris Scanner (re: Steven Spielberg) Surveillance
4/13/2015 Mini Statues Of You From 3D Images (re: Jack Vance) Manufaturing
4/12/2015 'Forever' Camera Powered By Its Own Images (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/11/2015 Robot Chef Makes Thousands Of Dinners (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
4/10/2015 Revault Wearable Private Cloud Is Too Vaporous (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
4/9/2015 Spacex Sticks Landing! But Neglects Lateral Forces (re: Various) Space Tech
4/8/2015 Lumo Projector Turns Kids Rooms Into Bradbury's Veldt (re: Ray Bradbury) Culture
4/7/2015 Ground Control Space Beer (re: Michael Crichton) Food
4/6/2015 Google Wants To Give Orders To Robot Armies (re: George Lucas) Robotics
4/5/2015 Gestures Control Spider Robot Army (re: Steven Spielberg) Robotics
4/4/2015 Hologram Protest World's First (re: RF Starzl) Culture
4/3/2015 SoSITE: US Pilots To Command DARPA Drone Army (re: Daniel Suarez) Weapon
4/2/2015 Asterank Database Identifies Profitable Asteroids (re: Nelson S. Bond) Space Tech
4/1/2015 Pepper Spray Drones Do Crowd Control For Indian Police (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
3/30/2015 Man-Made Earthquakes Now A Reality (re: Various) Engineering
3/29/2015 Love That Shear Thickening Fluid Body Armor (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
3/28/2015 SpiderFab Spider Robots To Weave Space Structures (re: Charles Sheffield) Robotics
3/27/2015 Zoom Contact Lenses (re: Niven and Barnes) Engineering
3/26/2015 Kirobo The First Companion Robot In Space (Guineess) (re: Various) Robotics
3/25/2015 Budgee Robot Carries Your Bags (re: John Brunner) Robotics
3/24/2015 Will Google Autonomous Cars Have Advertisements? (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
3/23/2015 China Plans Orbiting Solar Power Station (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
3/22/2015 Autonomous Vehicle By Delphi Goes Coast-to-Coast (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
3/21/2015 NASA's VestaTrek - Visit Asteroid Vesta (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
3/20/2015 Periscope App Signals End Of Journalism (re: Larry Niven) Communication
3/19/2015 Rollkers Walking Skates (re: Hugo Gernsback) Transportation
3/18/2015 Google Patents Douglas Adam's Genuine People Personalities For Robots (re: Douglas Adams) Robotics
3/17/2015 Fix Michigan Roads, Or Get Hovercars? (re: Clifford Simak) Transportation
3/16/2015 eMotionButterfly Ultralight Robot From Festo (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
3/15/2015 Graphene Cytobot - Cyborg Bacterial Spores May Help Astronauts (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
3/15/2015 XM82 Personal Flamethrower Now In Development (re: Alfred Bester) Weapon
3/14/2015 Delightful Plen2 Mirror Robot - The Anti-Terminator (re: Various) Robotics
3/13/2015 LiquiGlide Will Be Everywhere (re: Larry Niven) Material
3/12/2015 US Customs Now Doing Facial Recognition At DC Airport (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
3/11/2015 How Many Systems In That Galactic Empire Now? (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
3/10/2015 Petman Robot Pushes Itself To The Limit (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
3/9/2015 Coleus LED 'Skylight' Dispenses Natural Sunlight Indoors (re: Stanislaw Lem) Engineering
3/8/2015 UR3 Robot At Work On Copies Of Itself (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Robotics
3/7/2015 3D Printing 'Terminator T-1000-Style' (re: Various) Manufacturing
3/6/2015 Norlin Shoe Drone Robot UAV In-Store Delivery Thing (re: Philip K Dick) Culture
3/6/2015 Bridge-MINDER Repair Robot (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
3/6/2015 Super Ball Bot Tensegrity Robot For Solar System Exploration (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
3/5/2015 iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors (re: John Varley) Engineering
3/5/2015 Britain To Build Spaceport, First In Europe (re: Breuer and Williamson) Space Tech
3/5/2015 MC10 Electronics Skin Stickers (re: David H. Keller) Medical
3/4/2015 Robot Brains Improved By Darwinian Evolution (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/3/2015 Self-Deployable Habitat For Extreme Environments (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
3/3/2015 Audi's Chairless Chair Lower Body Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Manufacturing
3/2/2015 CreoPop 3D Pen Draws In Midair (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
3/1/2015 Seattle Police Body Cams, Ala Stross, Ala Dick (re: Charles Stross) Surveillance
2/28/2015 Autonomous Cars Will Own Themselves (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/27/2015 World's First 3D Printed Villa (re: Murray Leinster) Living Space
2/27/2015 Hyperloop Track Starts Next Year (re: Albert Robida) Transportation
2/26/2015 Brainflight Brain-Controlled Drone (re: Various) Surveillance
2/25/2015 Students Control Lab Experiments Remotely Via App (re: James Blish) Communication
2/24/2015 ROBEAR Nursing Care Robot (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
2/23/2015 Testing New Spacesuits In 1929 And 2015 (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
2/22/2015 Space Station Kitchens 1929 and 2015 (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
2/21/2015 Volvo's 'Drive Me' Program Offers Autonomous Cars In 2017 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/20/2015 Squad X Core Technologies For Infantry (re: Robert Heinlein) Weapon
2/19/2015 Neptune Duo Smartwatch Wearable Wristband (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
2/18/2015 FAA Drone Rules Beta Ready For Comments (re: EB White) Robotics
2/17/2015 'Cortical Modem' Latest On DARPA's Wishlist (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Biology
2/16/2015 The Martians Are On Their Way! (re: HG Wells)
2/15/2015 GuardBot Robotic Sphere Of War (re: Various) Robotics
2/14/2015 Sony Aibo Robotic Dog Now With No Repairmen (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/13/2015 Autonomous Car Outperforms Professional Race Driver (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
2/12/2015 Vint Cerf's 'Digital Dark Age' Vs. George Orwell's (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
2/11/2015 GimBall Indoor Search Drone From Flyability (re: Larry Niven) Robotics
2/10/2015 Meet Spot, The Electric Quadrupedal, Er, Robot Dog (re: Various) Robotics
2/9/2015 Meet Samsung's SmartTV Telescreen (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
2/8/2015 Sea Slug Feeds On Sunlight With Genes From Its Food (re: John Scalzi) Biology
2/7/2015 Emoti-Chair Lets You Hear Through Your Skin (re: Aldous Huxley) Entertainment
2/6/2015 Forget Longevity, How About Super-Intelligence? (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
2/5/2015 The Poet Is A Computer (re: Stanislaw Lem) Artificial Intelligence
2/4/2015 Minister Wants To Convert Artificial Intelligences To Christianity (re: Robert Silverberg) Artificial Intelligence
2/3/2015 Robots Learn Cooking By Watching Videos - Foreseen In 1943 (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
2/2/2015 Bigelow Gets FAA Backing For Moon (re: Philip K. Dick) Space Tech
2/1/2015 Henn-na Robot Hotel (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/30/2015 Will We Mine The Moon For Ice? (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
1/29/2015 RFID Chip Implants Required In Epicenter Office Block In Sweden (re: John Twelve Hawks) Surveillance
1/28/2015 Data Mining Computers Detect Your Emotions (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
1/27/2015 DJI Phantom Drone Now With GPS Blocking (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
1/26/2015 OMOTE Face Hackers At Work Video (re: Bruce Sterling) Communication
1/25/2015 Vroom! Your Car Or Truck's Engine Noise Might Be Fake (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
1/24/2015 Care-O-Bot 4 Personal Service Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
1/23/2015 Skin Wearable Harvests Power With Triboelectric Effect (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
1/22/2015 EDSAP Wearable Stroke Detection (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/21/2015 Brand Killer Helmet Blocks Real-Life Ads (re: John Varley) Culture
1/20/2015 In Vivo Micromotors Powered By Stomach Acid (re: Isaac Asimov) Medical
1/19/2015 Synthetic 'Squid Skin' For Camouflage On The Way (re: Gordon R. Dickson) Material
1/18/2015 3D Printer 'Teleports' Objects Like Simak's Way Stations (re: Clifford Simak) Manufacturing
1/17/2015 Laser Etching Makes Metal Super-Hydrophobic (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
1/16/2015 Patient Walks Out With Fully Artificial Heart (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/15/2015 Radisens' Gemini Instant Blood Tests (re: Larry Niven) Medical
1/14/2015 Nonhuman Artist Collective Keeps Robot Artist Earnings Until Legal (re: Various) Robotics
1/13/2015 Argentine Orangutan Receives Basic Human Rights (re: H. Beam Piper) Culture
1/12/2015 Elon Musk, Google To Extend Internet Into Earth Orbit, Then Mars (re: George O Smith) Space Tech
1/11/2015 Range R Lets Police See Into Your House (re: Nat Schachner) Surveillance
1/10/2015 Thync Mood Alteration Like PKD's Mood Organ (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
1/9/2015 Atlas DRC Robot Now Untethered (re: Alice Fuller) Robotics
1/8/2015 VirtualGreen Putting Simulator Like Brin's Needle-Gym (re: David Brin) Culture
1/7/2015 VW Golf R Touch With Gesture Control (re: Douglas Adams) Vehicle
1/6/2015 The Bioengineered Uterus (re: Aldous Huxley) Biology
1/5/2015 3Doodler 2.0 Create A 3D Object With A Pen (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
1/4/2015 Cambrian Genetics Says 'Print Your Own Genetically Unique Creature' (re: HG Wells) Biology
1/3/2015 Meet 'Ross', Your Watson-Based Legal Researcher (re: Greg Egan) Culture
1/2/2015 Lizard Squad, Nihilistic Technofetishists For Hire (re: William Gibson) Computer
1/1/2015 DARPA Video Highlights Fast Lightweight Autonomy Drones (re: Ray Cummings) Surveillance
12/21/2014 BMW's Remote Valet Parking Assistant (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
12/20/2014 HAVOC Over Venus ala Bespin (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
12/19/2014 Neuroscientist Works Toward Virtual Immortality ala Clarke (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
12/18/2014 A Basic Income TED Talk (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
12/18/2014 Smart Window Tints, Powers Itself (re: Frank Herbert) Display
12/17/2014 What Can Magic Leap Expect From New 'Chief Futurist' Neal Stephenson? (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
12/17/2014 Should SETI Talk To Molecular Cloud Barnard 68? (re: Fred Hoyle) Space Tech
12/16/2014 LikeAGlove Smart Garment Knows Your Size (re: HG Wells) Clothing
12/16/2014 EXACTO Bullets Change Course In Mid-Air (re: Philip E. High) Weapon
12/15/2014 Button-Pushing Robots Have Taken Our Jobs, Thankfully (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
12/14/2014 Puls 'Smart Watch' Replaces Your Cell Phone (re: HG Wells) Display
12/13/2014 Small Molecule Walker Takes First Steps (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/12/2014 US Navy Laser Ready For Use (re: HG Wells) Weapon
12/11/2014 Fast Lightweight Autonomy Indoor Drones For DARPA (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Surveillance
12/10/2014 Ninebot One Self-Balancing Wheel (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
12/9/2014 FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator And Psychohistory (re: Isaac Asimov) Culture
12/8/2014 Stellar Navigation Based On Network Analysis (re: Clifford Simak) Space Tech
12/7/2014 New 'Smart-Skin' Senses Pressure, Humidity, Heat (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
12/6/2014 Mimo Baby Monitor (re: David H. Keller) Medical
12/5/2014 RocketSkates Motorized Skates (re: Hugo Gernsback) Transportaion
12/4/2014 Colloidal Quantum Dots Make Spray-On Solar Cells Possible (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
12/3/2014 Flying Robot Waiters From Infinium Robotics (re: H. Beam Piper) Robotics
12/2/2014 Law Firms To Undergo 'Structural Collapse' Due Artificially Intelligent Systems (re: David Brin) Artificial Intelligence
12/1/2014 Eel Robots Ideal For Naval Warfare (re: Murray Leinster) Robotics
11/30/2014 MULTI First Cable-Free Elevator Like Turbolift (re: Gene Roddenberry) Living Space
11/29/2014 Secrets Of Charismatic Speakers Revealed (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
11/28/2014 3D Printing Of LED Display Contact Lenses (re: Niven and Barnes) Display
11/27/2014 Race Into The Future With Bionic Boots (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
11/27/2014 Oak Ridge To Pay For The (Giant, Superfast 3D) Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
11/26/2014 Linux Robot Masters Automatic Charging (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
11/25/2014 PR2 Robot Dominates In Laundry Room (re: Philip k. Dick) Robotics
11/24/2014 Do You Want A Tablet Computer? Or, Fad Over? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computers
11/23/2014 First Person Video Flying Parrot Bebop Drone Video (re: Ray Cummings ) Surveillance
11/22/2014 XPrize's Diamandis Implants RFID Tag In Hand (re: John Twelve Hawks) Lifestyle
11/21/2014 Lightpaper Way Thinner Than OLED (re: Isaac Asimov) Engineering
11/20/2014 Foodini 3D Printer (re: Larry Niven) Food
11/19/2014 Parrot Bebop Drone Pairs With Your Smartphone (re: Ray Cummings) Surveillance
11/18/2014 SCRIBE Enables Distributed Genomically Encoded Memory (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
11/17/2014 Artisanal 3D Printing By Martha Stewart (re: William Gibson) Manufacturing
11/16/2014 Knightscope Robot Security Guards Ready (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/15/2014 Bullet-Proof Kevlar Woven Electronics (re: Niven and Barnes) Clothing
11/14/2014 USAF 'BATMAN' Wrist Display (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
11/13/2014 CoBots - Collaborative Robots Ask Humans For Help (re: Harry Harrison) Computer
11/12/2014 Shape-Shifting Carbon Fiber (re: Philip K. Dick) Material
11/11/2014 'Digital Drugs' (Like Herbert's Semuta?) Dismays Saudis (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
11/10/2014 Mind Control Of Gene Expression In Mice (re: Robert Heinlein) Biology
11/9/2014 Nixie Wrist-Ready Flying Selfie-Cam Drone (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
11/8/2014 DARPA Wants Airborne Launch Facility For Drones (re: Daniel Suarez) Engineering
11/7/2014 Lit Motors Self-Balancing Motorcycle (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
11/6/2014 Neuromorphic Brain-Chip Takes Flight (re: Peter Watts) Computer
11/5/2014 What Are Robots Thinking? (re: James Cameron) Robotics
11/4/2014 Competing With Blue Collar Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
11/3/2014 Robot Bartenders At Sea (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
11/2/2014 SETI Workshop On Communicating Across The Cosmos (re: James Blish) Communication
11/1/2014 SEL 3-Fold OLED 9 Inch Display Is Pocket-Sized! (re: William Gibson) Display
10/30/2014 Time For A Universal Basic Income? (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
10/29/2014 Don't Let A Robot Take Your Job Without Compensation (re: John Twelve Hawks) Robotics
10/28/2014 Ginger the LOLbot (re: William Tenn) Robotics
10/27/2014 OSHbot, Lowe's Robotic Shopping Assistants (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/26/2014 The Living Tree House (re: Jack Vance) Living Space
10/25/2014 Flying Defibrillator Ambulance Drone (re: Frederik Pohl) Medical
10/24/2014 High Fidelity Produces More Expressive Avatars! (re: Neal Stephenson) Communication
10/23/2014 Physicists Build Repulsor / Tractor Beam (re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith) Engineering
10/22/2014 Will You Upload Your Mind Anytime Soon? (re: Richard Morgan) Culture
10/21/2014 Students! NASA Wants To 3D Print Your Tool Design In Space! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/21/2014 Amazing ARES Augmented Reality Sandbox (re: Stanislaw Lem) Display
10/20/2014 '3D Light Sculpture' Projected Directly Onto Retina (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Display
10/19/2014 3D Printer Vending Machine Dispenses Dreams (re: William Gibson) Manufacturing
10/18/2014 Why Not Nurse Grandma With A Robot? (re: David Keller) Robotics
10/17/2014 Flock Of Minisats Will Image The Earth (re: Robert Silverberg) Space Tech
10/16/2014 Robert Heinlein, Your Self-Driving Car Is Almost Ready! (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/16/2014 Should Robots Have Civil Rights? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/15/2014 The Manned Maneuvering Unit Story (re: Gordon A. Giles) Space Tech
10/15/2014 Scheherazade, An Open Story Generator (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
10/14/2014 Sample The In Vitro Meat Cookbook (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
10/13/2014 'Diamond Nanothreads' Now, Someday Space Elevators? (re: Arthur C Clarke) Material
10/13/2014 Erased Memories In A Flash Of Light (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/12/2014 'Artificial Spleen' Cleans The Blood (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/11/2014 Raffia, The Google Streetview Camel (re: George Lucas) Lifestyle
10/10/2014 It's Boonta Eve! You Can Podrace With Drones (re: George Lucas) Entertainment
10/10/2014 Leia Display System - Our Only Hope? (re: John Varley) Display
10/9/2014 A Bloody Rare Vegan Burger (re: Various) Food
10/8/2014 Bigelow's Inflatable BEAM Module Ready For ISS In 2015 (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
10/7/2014 Toshiba's Lifelike Communication Android (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/6/2014 Bullied UK Student Uses Sunglass Video For Case (re: David Brin) Surveillance
10/5/2014 Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitats Sleeping Your Way To Mars! (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
10/4/2014 Microsoft RoomAlive - Your Basement Is The Game (re: Clifford Simak) Entertainment
10/3/2014 Blahtherapy - You Vent Anonymously To Strangers (re: John Brunner) Culture
10/2/2014 Most Advanced Robotic Hand? (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
10/1/2014 Tesla 90 Percent Autonomous Car By 2015 - Elon Musk (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
9/30/2014 Should You Put Your Virtual Assistants In Your Will? (re: Artificial Intelligence) Artificial Intelligence
9/29/2014 PrintAlive Bioprinter 3D Printed Skin Grafts Video (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/28/2014 New Video Of Arducorder Mini Open Source Science Tricorder (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
9/27/2014 E-Delicious Machine A Food-Tasting Robot (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
9/26/2014 Nexus 6 Phone Vs. Nexus-6 Android Comparison (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
9/25/2014 Robot Handwriting Via App Better Than Yours (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
9/24/2014 MIT's Latest Biosuit For Fashionable Astronauts (re: Randall P. Serviss) Space Tech
9/23/2014 Diamond Nanothreads For Space Elevators? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Material
9/22/2014 3D Printing With Moon Regolith Simulant (Moon Dust) (re: John W. Campbell) Manufacturing
9/21/2014 Liquid Metal Technology Now Exists (re: John Cameron) Material
9/20/2014 Virtual Nurse Will See You Soon (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/19/2014 China's Crab Walker Robot Tank In Firing Mode (re: Jack Vance) Weapon
9/18/2014 'Hello, Computer!' Intel's Core M Catches Up To Scotty (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
9/17/2014 Visual Speech Recognition - When Will HAL Read Lips For Real? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
9/16/2014 MIT's Robotic Cheetah Runs Free - And Frolics In The Grass (re: William Gibson) Robotics
9/15/2014 Flying Robot Has An Arm (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/14/2014 Strati 3D Printed Car (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
9/13/2014 Tracking Spinning Space Junk (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
9/12/2014 Baidu Kuaisou Dune Poison Snooper Chopsticks (re: Frank Herbert) Food
9/11/2014 Crystalized Light Created At Princeton (re: John W. Campbell) Material
9/10/2014 The Amazing Gravity-Assisted Journey Of Rosetta (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
9/9/2014 AirDog Auto-Follow Drone Captures Your Awesomeness (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
9/8/2014 Dell's Venue 8 7000 Tablet With RealSense Depth-Mapping (re: Ridley Scott) Display
9/7/2014 Google's Cartographer Backpack For Indoor Mapping (re: Jack Williamson) Travel
9/6/2014 T-Mobile Sues Huawei Over Button Pushing Robot Idea From The 1930's (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
9/5/2014 Hayabusa-2 Asteroid Cannon Strategy From 1950's SF Novel (re: EC Tubb) Space Tech
9/4/2014 Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/3/2014 First 3D Printer In Space? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
9/1/2014 Google's Project Wing Will Find You (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
8/30/2014 3D Printed Space Pizza For Astronauts (re: Various) Food
8/28/2014 World's First Rapid 3D Nanoscale Printer (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Manufacturing
8/26/2014 Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
8/24/2014 Smartphone Holographic Displays In 2015 (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
8/22/2014 Touch Typing Taught Haptically DIY-style (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
8/20/2014 New Material Is One Molecule Thick (re: Roger Zelazny) Material
8/18/2014 Robot Swarm Obeys Commands (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
8/16/2014 AliveCor App Detects Heart Arrhythmias, Has FDA Approval (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/14/2014 Laws Of Robotics Rewritten for Health Care (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
8/12/2014 Origami Robot Finally Self-Assembles, Walks On Its Own (re: Various) Robotics
8/11/2014 A.L.O. Robot Butler Serves You At Aloft Hotel (re: William Tenn) Robotics
8/10/2014 Mometum Machines Burgerbot (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Food
8/9/2014 Google Lobbies For Autonomous Motorcycles (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
8/8/2014 No Cages In Future Zoos Is Zootopia? (re: Frank Herbert) Biology
8/7/2014 Navdy HeadUp Display (HUD) For Your Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Display
8/6/2014 Computer 'Aesop' Writes Fables With A Moral (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
8/5/2014 Artificial Wombs - Ectogenesis Technology - Is On The Way (re: Aldous Huxley) Medical
8/4/2014 Robotic Exoskeleton For Shipyard Workers (re: Edmond Hamilton) Robotics
8/3/2014 Timeful Appointment App Learns, Optimizes Your Routines (re: Frank Herbert) Artificial Intelligence
8/2/2014 3D Printing Your Science-Fictional Metals (re: Various) Materials
8/1/2014 Bespoke Clothing In 30 Minutes (re: Robert Heinlein) Clothing
7/31/2014 Low Cost Spray-On Solar Cells (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
7/30/2014 Survival Seed Vault Low Cost Life Bank (re: John Varley) Food
7/29/2014 PoseiDrone Tentacled Undersea Robot Like HG Wells' (re: HG Wells) Robotics
7/28/2014 Bionic Hand Provides 'Lifelike' Sensations, Like Luke Skywalker's (re: George Lucas) Medical
7/27/2014 Man-Made Space Leaf Creates Oxygen From Water And Light (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
7/26/2014 Robot With Broken Leg Learns To Walk Again (re: Various) Robotics
7/25/2014 World's First Android Newscaster (Video) (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
7/24/2014 Japan Invites Robot Athletes To Gather For 2020 Olympics (re: Various) Robotics
7/23/2014 CV Dazzle Anti-Surveillance Make-Up (re: Philip K Dick) Surveillance
7/22/2014 LG Display's 18 Inch Flexible OLED Panel Is Awesomely Cool (re: EC Tubb) Display
7/21/2014 Tiniest Microphone Inspired By Fly (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
7/20/2014 NASA's Highway In The Sky For Drones (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
7/19/2014 Palcohol Powdered Alcohol - Try Or Ban? (re: Harry Harrison) Food
7/18/2014 Personal Drink ID Device Like Dune 'Poison Snooper' (re: Frank Herbert) Lifestyle
7/17/2014 Monsieur Bartending Robot (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
7/16/2014 Cities Detect Gunfire Acoustics With ShotSpotter (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
7/15/2014 Cruise Automation's 'Highway Autopilot' For $10K (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
7/14/2014 Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel Staffed Entirely By Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Living Space
7/13/2014 Electric Bacteria That Live On Pure Energy (re: Frederic Brown) Biology
7/12/2014 EXACTO Smart Bullet From DARPA (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
7/11/2014 Neural Implant To Treat Memory Loss (re: Richard Morgan) Medical
7/10/2014 MIT's Shape-Shifting Robot Materials (re: Various) Robotics
7/9/2014 LS3 AlphaDog Robot Marine Corps Video (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
7/8/2014 Vantablack Is Blacker Than Your Black (re: Doc Smith) Material
7/7/2014 Remotely Operated Gardening Rover - Student's Space Agricultural Robot (re: Various) Food
7/6/2014 Revisiting A Cloud City On Venus (re: Geoffrey Landis) Space Tech
7/5/2014 'Windowless Cockpit' Like Star Trek's Patent Applied For (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
7/4/2014 'No Man's Sky' - The Matrix Is Almost Ready (re: Various) Computer
7/3/2014 The Claustrum - The Brain's On Off Switch? (re: John Brunner) Medical
7/2/2014 Haptic Gloves Teach Braille Without Effort (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
7/1/2014 India's Commuters Face Philip K Dick's 'Sales Pitch' Future (re: Philip K Dick) Communication
6/30/2014 Harvard's Robobee Has Insect-Inspired Eyes (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
6/29/2014 Robots Implore Humans For Help Online (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
6/28/2014 Ladybird Agricultural Robot Is Solar-Powered (re: Philip K Dick) Agriculture
6/28/2014 Beating Mini-Heart Grown In Lab (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
6/27/2014 Robot Journalists Join Associated Press (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
6/26/2014 Candidate Claims His Opponent Is A Robot Body Double (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Robotics
6/25/2014 Ray, Your Parking Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
6/24/2014 Time For Bradbury's 'Smart Home'? (re: Ray Bradbury) Living Space
6/23/2014 Google's Project Tango VR Tablet Pictures Your 3D World (re: Vernor Vinge) Computer
6/22/2014 myCopter Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/21/2014 Wristify, Your Personal Cooling and Heating Device (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
6/20/2014 Spam Autonomous Cars And Philip K. Dick (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
6/19/2014 Tesla's Elon Musk Has Some Concerns About AI (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
6/18/2014 Greenhouse Plugin Reveals Your Congressman's Money Sources (re: John Brunner) Culture
6/16/2014 Toyota's Camatte Has William Gibson's Digital Hood (re: William Gibson) Vehicle
6/15/2014 Oculus Rift Combats Battlefield Trauma (re: Roger Zelazny) Computer
6/14/2014 Are Human Settlements On Asteroids Possible? (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Food
6/13/2014 Robots Converse, But Should They Count In A Minyan? (re: Robert Silverberg) Robotics
6/13/2014 Google Offers Future Prediction In The Cloud (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
6/12/2014 x.pose 3D Printed Corset Has Data Transparency (re: Philip K. Dick) Clothing
6/12/2014 NASA's Warp Speed Starship Design (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
6/11/2014 Vertical Farms Have Advantages (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Agriculture
6/10/2014 Ostendo Quantum Photonic Imager Hologram Projector (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
6/9/2014 Robot Lamp Assembles Itself (Via 3D Printer) (re: James Schmitz) Manufacturing
6/9/2014 Pinwheel Battery-Powered Unicycle Is Segway In Your Price Range (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/8/2014 Shatterproof Phone Screens Coming Soon (re: Clifford Simak) Material
6/7/2014 NASA Harvests Lettuce On ISS (re: Gregory Benford) Food
6/6/2014 Cortana, Your Personal Assistant (re: Frekerik Pohl) Artificial Intelligence
6/5/2014 Pepper, Your Robot Companion (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/4/2014 Secret Service Wants Sarcasm-Detection Software (re: Matt Groening) Communication
6/3/2014 ForceShoes, NASA's Exercise Sandals For Astronauts (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
6/2/2014 Google Developing 'KITT' Functionality For Android? (re: Various) Vehicle
6/1/2014 Brainflight Brain-Controlled Airplane (re: Various) Vehicle
5/29/2014 Skype's Translator Like Gernsback's Language Rectifier (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
5/29/2014 Is The OutRunner Robot Like Smartwheels? (re: Neal Stephenson) Robot
5/28/2014 3D Printed Food Served In German Nursing Homes (re: Larry Niven) Food
5/28/2014 Self-Healing Plastic Fixes Even Big Holes (re: JG Ballard) Materials
5/27/2014 Google Autonomous Electric Car Prototype Unveiled (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
5/26/2014 Samsung Round Wearable And HG Wells (re: HG Wells) Computer
5/24/2014 Focus Life Gear Protects From Virtual World (re: Robert Heinlein) Clothing
5/23/2014 Tesla's 100th Supercharger Station! (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
5/21/2014 Crabster Robot Deployed At Korea's Sewol Ferry Disaster (re: HG Wells) Robotics
5/20/2014 GiraffPlus Robot Helps Elderly At Home (re: EM Forster) Robot
5/18/2014 Michael Jackson, Resurrected (re: Gene Roddenberry) Culture
5/16/2014 Who Will Own The Robots? (re: Zagat and Schachner) Robotics
5/14/2014 Solar Roadways Could Power USA - Times 3 (re: Various ) Engineering
5/13/2014 OMsignal Heart Shirt With Woven Electronics (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
5/12/2014 Outrunner Robot, Six-Legged Slamhound (re: William Gibson) Robot
5/10/2014 Napping Station Now At UofM Library (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Culture
5/8/2014 Living Root Bridges Of India (re: Jack Vance) Materials
5/6/2014 Russia Bans Cursing, Demolition Man Morality Device Next (re: Various) Culture
5/5/2014 Thailand's Chatterbox Social Media App Influences Content (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
5/4/2014 Tabbot Robot Inspired By Spiders (And Clarke?) (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
5/3/2014 Tapster Automates Smartphone App Testing (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
5/2/2014 An 'OFF' Switch For The Brain (re: John Brunner) Medical
5/1/2014 PaperFold Foldable Smartphone (re: Stanislaw Lem) Display
4/30/2014 GPS Bullets Legal For Cops In Hot Pursuit? (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
4/28/2014 MorpHex MKII The Unreconstructed Hexapod (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/26/2014 Spaser-Based Circuits Could Be Printed On Clothing (re: Niven and Barnes) Engineering
4/23/2014 Amazing Video Shows Chameleon-Like Crystal Display (re: Philip K. Dick) Display
4/22/2014 Will Autonomous Systems' Self-Preservation Lead To Dangerous Behavior? (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
4/21/2014 Ooho Water Bulb (Or Blob) Replaces Horrific Plastic Bottles (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Food
4/20/2014 SRI International's Speedy, Ant-Sized Microrobot Swarm (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
4/19/2014 SF Authors Have Wearable Computing Ideas (re: Various) Lifestyle
4/18/2014 Bookies Let You Place Your Bets On the Future! (re: David Brin) Space Tech
4/17/2014 How Do Americans See The Future Of Technology? (re: Various) Culture
4/16/2014 Updated: Flying Graffiti Drone Will Alter The Urban Landscape (re: William Gibson) Culture
4/15/2014 Should Autonomous Cars Have Feelings About Crashes? (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
4/14/2014 M-Block Modular Robots Assemble Themselves (re: Abraham Merritt) Robotics
4/13/2014 Augmented Reality Ship's Bridge From Rolls Royce (re: E.E. 'Doc Smith) Display
4/12/2014 Artificial Blood From Factories (re: Various) Medical
4/11/2014 Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/10/2014 Arcology Now Universal Constructor (re: Bruce Sterling) Living Space
4/9/2014 MisTable Fog Display Like SeaQuest DSV (re: Rockne S. O'Bannon) Display
4/8/2014 Full-Size Invisibility Cloak Now Possible (re: Ray Cummings) Engineering
4/7/2014 Bioengineered Muscle Grows In Mice (re: William Gibson) Medical
4/6/2014 Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Move Like Tiny Gears (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
4/5/2014 PredPol Predicting Crime As It Happens (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/4/2014 UK Internet Filters Default To 'Family-Friendly' (re: David Brin) Computer
4/4/2014 NASA Gives Away Rocket Code - For Dads (re: Ray Bradbury) Space Tech
4/3/2014 Automated Planet Finder Telescope Starts The Hunt (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
4/3/2014 Crabster CR200 Robot Prowls The Deep (re: HG Wells) Robotics
4/2/2014 Neither Dead Nor Alive - But Not In Suspended Animation (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/1/2014 Dolphin Whistle Translator (re: Larry Niven) Communication
3/31/2014 Military Tech Inside Your Roomba? (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
3/30/2014 True Player Gear's Answer To Occulus Rift - Totem! (re: Hugo Gernsback) Display
3/29/2014 Spacesuit Z-2: NASA Wants You To Pick Their Next Design (re: Schachner and Zagat) Space Tech
3/28/2014 Living Slime Mold Builds Logical Circuits (re: Various) Computer
3/27/2014 Spray-On Polymer Mats Heal Wounds Fast (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
3/26/2014 Multi-Party Quantum Communication Possible (re: James Blish) Communication
3/25/2014 USC Google Glass Journalism - As Seen On Star Trek: Generations (re: Larry Niven) Communication
3/24/2014 Navy's Orbiting Solar Panels To Beam Energy Down To Earth (re: Olaf Stapledon) Engineering
3/23/2014 Auto Emotion Detector Lets Your Car Know Your Mood (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
3/22/2014 Get Alien Vision And See New Colors! (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
3/21/2014 HoverBall Bids Farewell To Ballistic Motion (re: George Lucas) Culture
3/21/2014 Biotech Prisons - Serve A Thousand Years In a Day (re: Joe Haldeman) Culture
3/19/2014 QuiQui Pharmacy Drone Delivery (re: EB White) Robotics
3/18/2014 Robotic Toaster Sells Itself (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/17/2014 Momo App Locates 100M Possible Dates Nearby (re: Larry Niven) Culture
3/16/2014 Is There A Subterranean Ocean? (re: Jules Verne) Misc
3/16/2014 MIT Robotic Fish Is Self-Contained, Autonomous, Fast (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
3/15/2014 Roll-Up Flexible Displays May Use Source Gated Transistor Sheets (re: E.C. Tubb) Display
3/13/2014 Can 'Dimers' Be Used For Star Trek's Long Range Sensors? (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
3/12/2014 Australians To Zap Space Junk Ala Arthur C. Clarke (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
3/11/2014 Can You Detect The Robot Journalist? (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
3/10/2014 Space Replay - Art Or Rover? (re: Various) Culture
3/9/2014 CUPID Intercept Drone Like Niven's Copseye (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
3/7/2014 DIY Taser-Proof Clothing (re: Philip K. Dick) Armor
3/5/2014 Is Privacy Too Expensive? (re: Isaac Asimov) Surveillance
3/3/2014 Navy Deploys LaWS First Ship-Borne Laser (re: Various) Weapon
3/1/2014 Myo Armband Controller Just 149 Bucks (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
2/27/2014 Can Gut Bacteria Make You Smarter? (re: Greg Bear) Medical
2/24/2014 Shimuzu Luna Ring Solar Power Project (re: Clifford Simak) Space Tech
2/21/2014 AllSee Low Power Gesture Recognition (re: Douglas Adams) Engineering
2/18/2014 Must Breaking Up Be Hard To Do? (re: Stanislaw Lem) Culture
2/15/2014 PillCam Colon Now Approved By FDA (re: various) Medical
2/11/2014 RYNO To Heinlein - Your Tumblebug Is Ready! (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/9/2014 3D Printing Your Winter Reality (re: Murray Leinster) Engineering
2/6/2014 Roboroach Now Shipping! (re: Thomas A. Easton) Biology
2/3/2014 MeCam Selfie Nano Drone Like Karen Traviss' Bee Cam (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
2/1/2014 AeroLife Inhalable Food Powder (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Food
1/30/2014 Harvest-Time On The International Space Station (re: Gregory Benford) Food
1/27/2014 Pop Secret Pop Dongle Lets You Smell The Corn A Poppin' On Your Smartphone (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
1/25/2014 Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman Taken Off Life Support (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
1/21/2014 'Smart Silk' In Quantity (re: Robert Heinlein) Material
1/17/2014 Motorcycle Racing Suit With Airbags (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
1/14/2014 Lapel Cameras For LAPD Officers (re: David Brin) Surveillance
1/11/2014 SciCast Prediction Market Offers Collaborative Forecasting (re: John Brunner) Culture
1/9/2014 QuickScann3D Has Your Full Body Duplicate (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
1/7/2014 Edible Authentication Microchip (re: William Gibson) Surveillance
1/5/2014 Look Great In Your Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit (re: Frank Herbert) Armor
1/3/2014 Avegant Glyph Virtual Retinal Display (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Display
1/1/2014 Ten Years Of Technovelgy (re: Bill Christensen) Culture
12/28/2013 First Commercial Artificial Brain? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Computer
12/26/2013 McCoy Home Health Tablet Declared Fraudulent (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
12/24/2013 Stasi Colonel Says Obama Surveillance Is 'Dream Come True' (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
12/24/2013 MetaPro Holographic Glasses For VR Like Iron Man (re: Bruce Sterling) Display
12/21/2013 Robot Surgeons No Better Than Humans (re: George Lucas) Robotics
12/18/2013 Robot Kirobo Talks With Astronauts Aboard ISS (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
12/15/2013 France Implants First Artificial Heart (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
12/12/2013 Protocell Running Shoes Regenerate (re: JG Ballard) CLothing
12/10/2013 Haute Cuisine On International Space Station (re: Jules Verne) Food
12/8/2013 Tongue Mouse Created By Valve Engineer (re: Alfred Bester) Input Device
12/6/2013 K5 Autonomous Data Machine The Future Of Mall Security (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/4/2013 RF Safe-Stop Shuts Cars Off (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
12/2/2013 Army's New Bird-Like Surveillance UAV (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
12/1/2013 Honda's Tumblebug - The UNI-CUB beta (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
11/28/2013 NASA's LADEE Enters Lunar Orbit (re: Hal Clement) Space Tech
11/26/2013 3D Printing An Entire Car (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
11/23/2013 Aldebaran Robot Talks Like C3PO - Almost (re: George Lucas) Robotics
11/19/2013 Google's Skin Tattoo Lie Detector (re: Brian Aldiss) Surveillance
11/16/2013 inFORM Dynamic Shape Output Device (re: David Brin) Display
11/13/2013 Owlet Vitals, The Future Of Baby Monitoring (re: David H. Keller) Clothing
11/10/2013 Robert Heinlein, Your Personal Electric Helicopter Will Be Ready In 2016 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
11/7/2013 WildCat Runs Faster Than You, Untethered (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
11/5/2013 HiBot's ACM-R5H Robot Video Shows Graceful Terminator-Style Swimming (re: Various) Robotics
11/4/2013 tDCS Jumpstarts Your Future (re: Edmond Hamilton) Medical
11/2/2013 RealView Interactive Live Medical Holography (re: Various) Medical
10/31/2013 Britney Spears And Lynn Minmay - Weapons Of Choice (re: Various) Warfare
10/28/2013 Aireal Haptics Inching Towards Holodeck Experience (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
10/24/2013 Starchase Pursuit Management ala Star Wars (re: George Lucas) Surveillance
10/20/2013 Child Trafficked To Britain By Organleggers (re: Larry Niven) Medical
10/16/2013 Nuclear Interceptors Designed For Planetary Protection (re: Various) Space Tech
10/12/2013 Electro-Cosmetics Let You Input With Your Face (re: Neal Stephenson) Input Devices
10/9/2013 Google Vs. Death (re: James Blish) Medical
10/6/2013 OK2TALK Like Hearing Aid From Shockwave Rider (re: John Brunner) Culture
10/3/2013 RealFace Glamoflage T-Shirt Like PKD's Scramble Suit (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
10/1/2013 AquaTop Display Your Own Cylon Datastream (re: Various) Display
9/30/2013 Human On A Chip (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/28/2013 Engineered Bacteria Produces Gasoline (re: Hal Clement) Biology
9/26/2013 Home Made Lightsaber? (re: George Lucas) Material
9/24/2013 Mock Drone Attack On German Chancellor (re: Daniel Suarez) Surveillance
9/22/2013 Control Your Dog Remotely (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
9/20/2013 Chinese Test UAV-based Parcel Courier Service (re: EB White) Robotics
9/18/2013 New Robot Threat - They Make You Love Them (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/16/2013 Self-Healing Polymer Works Without Catalyst (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
9/14/2013 Eye-Controlled Data Glasses (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
9/12/2013 When Do I Get My Cheap, Flexible Touchscreen? (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
9/10/2013 Living Human Kidneys 3D-Printed In China (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/8/2013 Electronic License Plates For California By Smart Plate Mobile (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
9/6/2013 Biosensing Clothing Listens To Your Heart (re: Rudy Rucker) Medical
9/4/2013 Biomimetic Artificial Muscles (re: HG Wells) Robotics
9/2/2013 'Smart Sock' From Owlet Baby Care (re: David H. Keller) Medical
8/29/2013 360Specs Virtual Reality Glasses From Smartphones (re: Bruce Sterling) Display
8/24/2013 Elon Musk Creates Parts With Gestures Like Iron Man (re: Various) Engineering
8/23/2013 Calling Google's RoboTaxi (re: Allan Dean Foster) Transportation
8/21/2013 Mobiserv Social Companion Robot (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
8/19/2013 Pasona Office Building Is An Urban Farm (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Food
8/17/2013 RoboThespian - Robot Comedian Wants Louis CK's Job (re: William Tenn) Robotics
8/15/2013 SpaceX Grasshopper Divert Video (re: ) Space Tech
8/13/2013 A Forced Air-Cooled Jacket? (re: Philip K. Dick) Clothing
8/10/2013 Lawmaker License Plates Invisible To Traffic Cams (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
8/7/2013 Smartphone Monitoring Trashcans Binned (re: Bruce Sterling) Surveillance
8/4/2013 Plantscraper From Plantagon (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Food
8/1/2013 The STAR Robot - From Minority Report? (re: Steven Spielberg) Robotics
7/28/2013 The Most Expensive Burger Ever Made? (re: Various) Food
7/25/2013 Tattoo Biosensor Warns Athletes Of 'The Wall' (re: Nolan and Johnson) Medical
7/24/2013 Self-Assembling Robot Swarm (re: James Schmitz) Robotics
7/24/2013 AIREAL Lets You Feel Virtual Objects In The Open Air (re: Frederick Pohl) Computer
7/23/2013 75 Percent Of Americans Prefer Paper Books! (re: Stanislaw Lem) Culture
7/22/2013 Samsung 840 Evo 1TB Solid-State Drive (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
7/21/2013 First (Nonfictional) Stainless Steel Robot With 7 DOF (re: James Cameron) Robotics
7/19/2013 Computer Simulates Daydreaming (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
7/17/2013 Robotic Snake Inspects Nuclear Plant (re: Various) Robotics
7/16/2013 Bionic Ear 3D Printed (re: Various) Medical
7/15/2013 Smart Diapers Help Spot Disease (re: David H. Keller) Medical
7/14/2013 Electronic Skin For Human Prosthetics (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
7/13/2013 New Global Century Center: China's Truman Show Venue (re: Various) Culture
7/12/2013 Hyperloop Transport Proposed By Tesla's Elon Musk (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
7/11/2013 SolePower Insole Generates Power By Walking (re: Frank Herbert) Clothing
7/10/2013 Did Humans Result from Pig-Chimp Hybridization? (re: Alan E. Nourse) Biology
7/9/2013 SKYLON Space Plane Gets Boost (re: Robert Heinlein) Spacecraft
7/8/2013 Transparent Smartphone Prototype From Polytron (re: H.G. Wells) Communication
7/6/2013 Self-Building, Self-Tooling, Autonomous Manufacturing (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
7/4/2013 Ultrasonic Noise Betrays ISS Leaks (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
7/2/2013 Robonaut To Get Eight-Legged Spidernaut Configuration? (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
7/1/2013 Robot Fish Now With Autonomous 3D Swimming (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
6/29/2013 Robot To Detect The Source Of Odors (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
6/28/2013 Intraoral Tongue Drive System (re: Alfred Bester) Medical
6/28/2013 Preorder Recon Jet - It's Heavy Duty Glass (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
6/27/2013 Flexible Smartphone Displays From LG (re: Larry Niven) Display
6/26/2013 Self-Burying Robots - What Could Go Wrong? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/26/2013 Not Going To Google IO (re: Frank Herbert) Communication
6/25/2013 NSA Data Mining And 'Cybernetic Water Witches' (re: William Gibson) Surveillance
6/24/2013 Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Created (re: Larry Niven) Materials
6/22/2013 ZenRobotics Sorts Trash With Artificial Intelligence (re: Harry Harrison) Artificial Intelligence
6/21/2013 The F-Bike Flies! (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
6/19/2013 Is Noam Chomsky As Paranoid As Philip K. Dick? (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
6/18/2013 Low-Cost, Implantable Electronics Get Closer (re: Samuel R. Delany) Materials
6/17/2013 'Marauder's Map' Created By Carnegie Melllon (re: J.K. Rowling) Surveillance
6/16/2013 Cheetah Cub Robot From PKD's Android Dreams (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/15/2013 Dead Cellphone? Try Solar-Powered Public Charging Stations (re: David Brin) Communication
6/14/2013 Hungry? Grow Nutritious Insects At Home (re: David Brin) Food
6/13/2013 Snowboarding On Mars? Heinlein Was Ready (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
6/12/2013 Orwell's '1984' Hits Bestseller Lists Thanks To PRISM (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
6/11/2013 Roboroach Control? There's An App For That (re: Thomas A. Easton) Biology
6/9/2013 Court OK's DNA Collection Like 'Gattaca' (re: Andrew Niccol) Surveillance
6/7/2013 Squid Vs. Whale Diorama Liked By Humans, Aliens (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
6/5/2013 Iceberg Harvesting Off Newfoundland's Coast (re: Pournelle and Niven) Food
6/3/2013 Sony's A4-Sized Flexible Digital Paper Notepad (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Display
6/1/2013 Contact Lens Video Display Electronics Now Transparent (re: Niven & Barnes) Display
5/31/2013 Tesla's Supercharge Station Plan (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
5/30/2013 Millimeter-Scale Computing For 'Internet of Things' (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
5/29/2013 Your Own Handheld Biosensor (re: Richard Preston) Medical
5/28/2013 DARPA's Warrior Web (re: Edmond Hamilton) Warfare
5/27/2013 Chris Hadfield, Space Oddity And Space Lawyers (re: Nat Schachner) Culture
5/26/2013 Oceanwings For Underwater Human Flight (re: David Brin) Clothing
5/25/2013 CurvACE Artificial Compound Insect Eye (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/24/2013 Sweat Be Gone! Non-Wetting Fabric (re: Frank Herbert) Clothing
5/22/2013 German Firm Seeks To Recruit Autistics (re: Elizabeth Moon) Culture
5/20/2013 NASA Supports Pizza Printer (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
5/18/2013 Could Ground-Based Lasers De-Orbit Space Junk? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
5/16/2013 MIT Robot Cheetah Video Shows Gait Transition (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
5/16/2013 TrackingPoint Smart Rifle (re: Various) Weapon
5/16/2013 'Hello, Computer!' Google Now Highlighted at IO13 (re: Gene Roddenberry) Artificial Intelligence
5/15/2013 Sky City's 220 Stories Are Go (re: Pournelle and Niven) Living Space
5/14/2013 CARMAT Bioprosthetic Total Human Heart Replacement (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
5/13/2013 Personal Sniffer Robots (re: Ray Bradbury) Culture
5/11/2013 Physical Exam? We've Got Apps (re: Robert Silverberg) Medical
5/9/2013 The Interplanetary Internet, Vint Cerf Speaking (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
5/7/2013 Drosophila Robotica, The Mechanical Fly (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/6/2013 Robo-Raven Flapping Wing Robot Bird (re: Philip E. High) Robotics
5/5/2013 Japan's Nursing Home Robot Plan (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Medical
5/3/2013 Samsung Smart TVs With Gesture Control (re: Philip K. Dick) Display
5/1/2013 Swiss HCPVT Giant Photovoltaic 'Flower' (re: David Brin) Engineering
4/29/2013 Mini-Livers Made By 3D Printer (re: Larry Niven) Medical
4/27/2013 Smartphone Sensor System Tracks Gunfire (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
4/25/2013 Bacteria Now Make Biofuel Like Oil (re: Hal Clement) Biology
4/24/2013 Peel And Stick Thin Film Solar Cells (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
4/23/2013 A Big Collection Of Small Books (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
4/21/2013 Mu-Gripper Microsurgical 'Robots' (re: Neal Stephenson) Medical
4/19/2013 Bartendro Robot Bartender (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
4/17/2013 Implantable Bioengineered Rat Kidney Tested (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/17/2013 Microbattery Extreme High Performance (re: Alfred Bester) Engineering
4/16/2013 Fujitsu Touchscreen Mixes Real And Virtual Worlds (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
4/15/2013 Take An Infinite Walk In Flexible Spaces (re: Ray Bradbury) Display
4/14/2013 The i-limb Ultra Revolution Prosthetic Hand (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/13/2013 SHEPHERD-MIL, A Birdlike Soaring UAV (re: Philip E. High) Surveillance
4/12/2013 Nanowire Memristor Networks Form 'Brains' (re: Edmond Hamilton) Computer
4/12/2013 Projo Robot Teaching Assistant (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/11/2013 Navy Shoots Down Drone, With Help From Dr. Benton Quest (re: Various) Weapon
4/10/2013 Speeding Ticket Robots To Cite Autonomous Cars? (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Engineering
4/9/2013 'Bio-Ink' For Printing Human Organs (re: Larry Niven) Medical
4/8/2013 Coman Bully-Resistant Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/7/2013 30-Day Trip To Mars? (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
4/6/2013 AXON Flex And Stross' Cop Specs (re: Charles Stross) Surveillance
4/5/2013 PETMAN Robot Marches On (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
4/4/2013 HP 3D Display Images Hover Above Device (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
4/3/2013 US Census Will Be Online In 2020 (re: John Brunner) Computer
4/2/2013 SimSensei Plus Kinnect Equals PKD's Voight-Kampff? (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
3/29/2013 Universal Translator: Google Translate Has 51 Offline Language Packs (re: Hugo Gernsback) Artificial Intelligence
3/27/2013 Youthful Brain With A Flip Of A Molecular Switch (re: Jeffrey D. Kooistra) Biology
3/26/2013 Never Eat Food Again - Just Soylent (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Food
3/25/2013 Salamandra Robotica II Crawls Onto Land (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
3/24/2013 PAAL Artificial Lung And Blood Pump Under Development (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
3/22/2013 Russia's Self-Contained Nuclear Lighthouses (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
3/22/2013 Terrifying Robot Snake's Flying, Coiling Attack (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
3/20/2013 Triton Respirator Concept Looks Jedi To Me (re: George Lucas) Engineering
3/20/2013 Veti-Gel Closes Wounds, Starts Healing (re: CLifford Simak) Medical
3/19/2013 Elon Musk's Debt To Science Fiction Books (re: Various) Culture
3/18/2013 Ecovacs Winbot 7 Window-Cleaning Robot (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
3/17/2013 Robots Race Ahead - On Cockroach Legs (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
3/16/2013 RoboEarth Cloud Engine Makes Local Bots Smarter (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
3/15/2013 RoboBee Swarm Replaces Pollinating Insects? (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
3/14/2013 The Atacama Large Millimeter Array - And Fred Hoyle (re: Fred Hoyle) Space Tech
3/13/2013 Students! NASA's Space Radiation Challenge Is On (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
3/13/2013 Space Food, Canadian Style (re: Frederik Pohl) Food
3/12/2013 Neurological Engineering - Creating Silicon Substrates For Brain Replacement (re: William Gibson) Medical
3/11/2013 Durable Medical Sensors Printed Onto Skin (re: Paul Di Filippo) Medical
3/10/2013 Can Sirtuins Block The Aging Process? (re: Roger Zelazny) Medical
3/9/2013 Looking For Local Extraterrestrials (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
3/8/2013 SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Lands On Its Tail (re: Various) Space Tech
3/6/2013 MIT's Cheetah Robot Runs Easier Than Real Cheetah (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
3/5/2013 Wireless Brain-Computer Interface (re: Pournelle & Niven) Computer
3/4/2013 New SimCity On Global Rollout (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
3/3/2013 Married Couples! Want To Go To Mars? (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
3/2/2013 BMW Plans Fully Autonomous Cars By 2025 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
3/1/2013 Rats Communicate Brain-to-Brain (re: Pournelle & Niven) Communication
2/28/2013 Space-Based Solar Power May Yet Happen (re: Olaf Stapledon) Space Tech
2/27/2013 MYO Armband Provides Control For Your Phone, UAV (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
2/26/2013 Robotic Bat Wing (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
2/25/2013 Pneupard Feline Pneumatic Quadruped Robot (re: William Gibson) Robotics
2/24/2013 India Opts For Nationwide Iris Scanning (re: Steven Spielberg) Surveillance
2/22/2013 Robotic Rat Bully Aids Depression Research (re: Harlan Ellison) Robotics
2/21/2013 Systemic Computer Is Self-Repairing (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
2/20/2013 IfIHadGlass - I'd Make PKD's Cephscope (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
2/19/2013 China's PLA Unit 61398 Working On Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program (re: William Gibson) Computer
2/18/2013 Male Moths Cruise For Girls In Robotic Vehicle (re: Vernor Vinge) Robotics
2/16/2013 American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
2/14/2013 AI 'Doctor' System Better Than Human (re: Larry Niven) Artificial Intelligence
2/13/2013 Could You Kill A Robot With Human Characteristics? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
2/13/2013 EU Parliament Requires Electric Cars To Make Noise (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/11/2013 ISS Smart SPHERES Operated By Remote Control From Earth (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
2/9/2013 Laser-Armed Robots To Do Weed Control (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
2/7/2013 Cuddlebot Knows 9 Touch Gestures (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
2/5/2013 Will Google Glass Use Bone Conduction (re: Hugo Gernsback) Engineering
2/3/2013 Black Hornet Nano UAV Used By British Troops (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Surveillance
2/2/2013 One Terabyte Thumbdrive - DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
2/1/2013 Very Large Structure - A Megamachine (re: Philip Reeve) Living Space
1/29/2013 Project Your Personality In Photos (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
1/27/2013 Don't Miss The Planetary Show! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
1/25/2013 DNA Data Storage Is Robust, Scalable (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
1/24/2013 Robotic Dog, Cat For Cornell Sim-Based Veterinarian Hospital (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
1/23/2013 Deep Space Industries To Mine Asteroids (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
1/22/2013 Anti-Drone Hoodies And Burqas Counter Surveillance (re: Various) Surveillance
1/21/2013 Telescopes With Liquid Mirrors Go Mainstream (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Engineering
1/20/2013 Human 'Quadruple Helix' DNA (re: Douglas Adams) Biology
1/19/2013 Hybrid Memory Cube Is Speedy And Compact (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
1/18/2013 Grace, MSU's Energy-Efficient Robofish (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
1/17/2013 Superomniphobic Fabrics Are Super Clean (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
1/16/2013 Filabot Turns Dull Plastic Junk To 3D Printed Shiny (re: Neal Stephenson) Material
1/15/2013 DARPA's Upward Falling Payload Like Leinster's Wabbler (re: Murray Leinster) Weapon
1/14/2013 Precursor To Life Found In Space Cloud (re: Fred Hoyle) Space Tech
1/13/2013 First Bookless Public Library? (re: Stanislaw Lem) Culture
1/12/2013 Sorry, No Death Star - Obama Administration (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
1/11/2013 ARED Keeps ISS Astronauts Fit (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
1/10/2013 'STANDUP' Computer Comedian (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
1/9/2013 Uploading Minds For Interstellar Travel (re: Cordwainer Smith) Space Tech
1/8/2013 Asteroid To Orbit Moon? (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
1/7/2013 E-Book Reading Up - Print Book Reading Down (re: Douglas Adams) Culture
1/6/2013 'Neuristor' Acts Like Your Brain's Neurons (re: Edmond Hamilton) Computer
1/5/2013 Can't Wait For My Robot Dragonfly! (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Surveillance
1/4/2013 Below Absolute Zero? Gas Is Negative-Kelvin Material (re: Alan E. Nourse) Materials
12/26/2012 Army Wants Black Blacker Than Black (re: Doc Smith) Material
12/25/2012 Santa's Robotic Workshop (re: Various) Robotics
12/18/2012 3D Printing Is Here - Pay For The Printer! (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
12/17/2012 Father And Daughter Have Telepathic Talk (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
12/16/2012 Swarms Of Ping Pong Ball-sized Robots: Updated! (re: Various) Robotics
12/15/2012 Robot Fabrication In Architecture RobArch 2012 (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
12/14/2012 iTube Platform Lets You Test Your Food (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
12/13/2012 Custom Cartilage Via 3D Printer (re: Larry Niven) Medical
12/12/2012 LCD-based Smart Contact Lens Display (re: Niven and Barnes) Display
12/11/2012 Supercut Helmet Oddity Space Helmet Mashup (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Space Tech
12/10/2012 Nano Retina Retinal Implant (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
12/9/2012 Deceptive Robots Learn Lying From Squirrels (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
12/8/2012 Pepper The Parrot's Bird Buggy (re: Vernor Vinge) Vehicle
12/7/2012 Sean Jean 'Fashion Video Name Tag' Fleece (re: Murray Leinster) Clothing
12/6/2012 Fresh Veggies, Fresh Air For Mars (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
12/5/2012 Thumb Kiss On Pair App For iPhone (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
12/4/2012 Nanotech Electronic Nose Sniffs Explosives Like Dogs (re: Michael Crichton) Engineering
12/3/2012 EASE Surveillance Robot Hovering Near You (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/2/2012 Scanadu Smartphone-Based Tricorder (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
12/1/2012 SABRE Orbital Jet Engine Breakthrough (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
11/30/2012 Kuratas Battle Mech Just $1.2M (re: Yoshiyuki Tomino) Robotics
11/29/2012 Military Fabric Like A Smart Second Skin (re: Isaac Asimov) Material
11/28/2012 3D Printer Runs On Moon Dust (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
11/27/2012 SynergyNet Multi-Touch Classroom (re: Orson Scott Card) Culture
11/27/2012 Body Scanner May Improve Online Shopping (re: HG Wells) Clothing
11/26/2012 Arafat Poisoned With Polonium? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Weapon
11/25/2012 Neuroprosthetic Projects Words Directly Onto Retina (re: Pohl/Kornbluth) Medical
11/24/2012 CAPIO Exoskeleton Controls AILA Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
11/21/2012 Mr. Bradbury, Your TV Parlor (Reality Deck) Is Ready (re: Ray Bradbury) Display
11/20/2012 Tiny Bio-Bots Take Big Steps Forward (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
11/19/2012 Bond's New Smart Gun In Skyfall (re: Various) Weapon
11/18/2012 LADEE To Investigate Levitating Lunar Dust (re: Hal Clement) Space Tech
11/17/2012 Can Patients In A Vegetative State Communicate? (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
11/16/2012 A Rogue Planet - Right In Our Neighborhood (re: Balmer and Wylie) Space Tech
11/15/2012 GestIC Gesture Recognition Controller Uses Electrical Fields (re: Douglas Adams) Engineering
11/14/2012 Transparent Solar Cell Film Has Clear Advantages (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
11/14/2012 World's First 3D Printing 'Photo Booth' (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
11/13/2012 Tesla Model S Declared Car Of The Year By Motor Trend (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
11/12/2012 Merchants Get Face-Recognition Via The Cloud (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
11/11/2012 E-Skin For Robots - And Maybe You (re: Robotics) Robotics
11/10/2012 Outdoor Testing For Self-Healing Concrete (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
11/9/2012 Valerians, Your Heavy Gravity Planet Has Been Found (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
11/9/2012 Microsoft Demos Spoken English To Chinese 'Universal Translator' (re: Gene Roddenberry) Communication
11/8/2012 Arthur C. Clarke Describes PC, Internet - In 1974 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
11/7/2012 Neil deGrasse Tyson Finds Krypton! (Video) (re: Various) Space Tech
11/6/2012 No Online Voting Yet (How long Did You Wait In Line?) (re: John Brunner) Computer
11/5/2012 bebionic3 Myoelectric Robotic Hand (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/4/2012 CIROS Robot Makes Your Salad (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
11/3/2012 How To 'Level Up' In Psychotherapy (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
11/2/2012 Computerized Surveillance Devices Open Their Eyes (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
11/1/2012 Ethiopian Children Learn From Diamond Age Primers (re: Neal Stephenson) Culture
10/31/2012 Human Teaches Robot Ping Pong, Then Challenges It (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
10/30/2012 Machine-Generated Fiction In Fiction (re: Jonathan Swift) Culture
10/29/2012 Hopping Robot Stutter-Jumping Saves Power (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
10/28/2012 SF Unleashes Your Inner Asimov, Reading Or Writing (re: ) Culture
10/27/2012 Spraytect Self-Defense iPhone Case (re: Frederik Pohl) Weapon
10/26/2012 LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV (re: Ray Bradbury) Display
10/26/2012 RASC-AL Lunar Wheel Design Challenge Is ON! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/25/2012 Europe's Cheops To Look For Habitable Planets (re: Edmond Hamilton) Spacecraft
10/25/2012 Pet-Proto Robot Video Stops Bad Terminator Dreams (re: Frederic Pohl) Robotics
10/24/2012 MIT's New Super Slippery Surface (re: Frank Herbert) Material
10/23/2012 The Plastic Eaters - Amazon Fungus Lives On Plastic (re: Michael Crichton) Biology
10/22/2012 The Ultimate Wrist Watch Pip-Boy-style (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
10/21/2012 Boy Banned From School For Bad Genes (re: Andrew Niccol) Medical
10/20/2012 Private Space Flight At 'Inflection Point' (re: Jules Verne) Space Tech
10/19/2012 Seeing the High Energy Sky (re: Various) Space Tech
10/19/2012 Measuring Awareness In Comatose Patients (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/18/2012 Lettuce-Bot Weed-Killing Robot Funded (re: Michael Crichton) Agriculture
10/18/2012 Could Young Blood Stop Alzheimer's? (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
10/17/2012 Global Crowd Intelligence Needs Your Help (re: John Brunner) Culture
10/16/2012 Tony Stark's Transparent Phone Possible With Graphene? (re: Various) Communications
10/15/2012 NASA's X1 Robotic Exoskeleton For Astronauts (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
10/15/2012 Red Bull Stratos' Freefall From 24 Miles High (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
10/14/2012 3D Printing: The End Of Global Supply Chains? (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
10/13/2012 Calligraphy Robot Preserves An Ancient Skill (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
10/12/2012 Who First Suggested Terraforming Venus First? (re: Poul Anderson) Space Tech
10/11/2012 SpaceX Dragon First Private Craft To Dock With ISS (re: Robert Heinlein) Spacecraft
10/11/2012 Smart Bra From First Warning Systems (re: David H. Keller) Clothing
10/10/2012 'See-Through Prius' Demoed in Japan (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/9/2012 'Edgy' Grip User Interface For Smartphones (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
10/8/2012 The Most Complex Synthetic Biology Circuit (re: Greg Bear) Biology
10/7/2012 Detroit's Urban Agriculture Ordinance (re: Isaac Asimov) Agriculture
10/6/2012 Space Debris Cleanup - Use Harpoons Or Gas Clouds? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/5/2012 Do Swiss Roboticists Dream Of Electric Sheep? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/4/2012 Robot Fabricates Endless Tools For Itself (Updated) (re: Charles Sheffield) Robotics
10/3/2012 Roboroach Slalom Steering Video (re: Thomas A. Easton) Biology
10/2/2012 Store Extra Energy In Liquid Air (re: Various) Engineering
10/1/2012 Robot Snakes On A Plane! (re: Emmett McDowell) Robotics
9/30/2012 Asteroid Miners Wanted! (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
9/29/2012 The Robotic Shopping Cart Of The Future (re: John Brunner) Misc
9/28/2012 Army Seizure Ray Inspired By Pikachu (Updated) (re: John Varley) Weapon
9/27/2012 Self-Driving Cars Ready To Buy In 5 Years Says Sergey Brin (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
9/27/2012 Beam Yourself To Distant Places (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
9/26/2012 Seven Inflatable Space Structures From Science Fiction (Updated) (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
9/26/2012 Baxter Robot Learns From Fellow Workers (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
9/25/2012 Hitachi Quartz Glass Memory Lasts Forever (re: Stanislaw Lem) Data Storage
9/24/2012 What Price Warp Drive? (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
9/23/2012 Arctic Resource Jackpot An Old Wish (re: Jules Verne) Misc
9/22/2012 Toyota's Human Support Robot - Your Robot Butler (re: William Tenn) Robotics
9/21/2012 Lunar Supercomputer Complex (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
9/20/2012 BIOSwimmer Robotic Tuna To Patrol Homeland (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
9/19/2012 Building A Better Space Suit - The Biosuit (re: Randall P. Serviss) Space Tech
9/18/2012 The Human Brain - Chemically Fixed And Embedded In Plastic (re: Cordwainer Smith) Medical
9/17/2012 Glowing LumiLor-Coated Cycles From Sith CycleWerks (re: Richard Morgan) Material
9/16/2012 Cryonics Movement Loses Founder (Temporarily) (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/15/2012 DARPA Seeks Science-Fictional Materials (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
9/14/2012 Winbot Scrubs Your Windows (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
9/13/2012 DARPA LS3 Robot Pack Animal Video (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
9/13/2012 Microsoft Patents Immersive Display (re: Clifford Simak) Entertainment
9/12/2012 'Spray-On Skin' Heals Leg Ulcers (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
9/11/2012 Ten SF Houses Of The Future (re: Various) Living Space
9/10/2012 Read My Lips - Computer Interprets Human Emotion (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
9/9/2012 NASA's Robotic Rover Drivers (re: James Blish) Space Tech
9/8/2012 Needle Beam Propagates Without Spreading (re: Richard Morgan) Communications
9/7/2012 Harvey The Agricultural Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/6/2012 Cheetah Robot Passes 28 MPH (Video) (re: William Gibson) Robotics
9/6/2012 Rat Dreams Manipulated By Scientists (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
9/5/2012 Syrians Ask For Help From Mars (re: Jules Verne) Culture
9/4/2012 Pre-Bionic Eye Implants Down Under (re: Various) Medical
9/3/2012 Noodle-Shaving Robot Army Invades China (re: Anthony Boucher) Food
9/2/2012 SketRobo Robot Sketches Anything! (re: Various) Robotics
9/1/2012 How Smart Should Artificial Intelligences Get? (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
8/31/2012 Kinect@home Needs Your Help Identifying Objects (re: Amitav Ghosh) Robotics
8/30/2012 RoboDoc Friendly Robot Pulse-Taker (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
8/29/2012 Arizona Solar Updraft Tower By 2015 (re: Leigh and Walt Richmond) Engineering
8/28/2012 Hover Bike Like Star Wars Landspeeder - With Video! (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
8/27/2012 Honda's Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower On Sale (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
8/26/2012 Cyborg Tissues Combine Transistors and Cells (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
8/25/2012 Glove Tricorder Improves Physical Exams (Updated!) (re: Various) Medical
8/24/2012 Google Self-Driving Car Now Commuter-Ready (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
8/23/2012 DARPA M3 Soft Camo Robots (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
8/22/2012 Palm Scanners - Quick Lunch Or Mark Of The Beast (re: William Gibson) Biometrics
8/21/2012 The Library Of The Future (re: Harry Harrison) Culture
8/20/2012 Mini Ion Thrusters To Push Tiny Satellites (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
8/20/2012 Double Robotics iPad-Based Telepresence Robot (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
8/19/2012 Trinity Chapel Offers Giving Kiosk (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
8/18/2012 DNA As An Archival Storage System (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
8/17/2012 Meshworm Inches Toward You (Thanks, Harry Harrison) (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
8/16/2012 I Want A Curiosity Rover Sky Crane! (re: Jack Vance) Space Tech
8/15/2012 Podtime Sleeping Pod Like Niven's Napcap (re: Niven/Barnes) Lifestyle
8/14/2012 CompanionAble Project's Companion Robot Hector (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/13/2012 Artificial Jellyfish Swims On Its Own (re: Rucker/Sterling) Engineering
8/12/2012 Cocoagraph Edible Photos Like Spatial-Postal Cards (re: Harry Harrison) Food
8/11/2012 USC's Project Holodeck (re: Gene Roddenberry) Display
8/10/2012 Galaxy Beam Smartphone Projector (re: Jack Vance) Display
8/9/2012 iWalk BiOM Power Foot (re: Martin Caidin) Robotics
8/8/2012 3D Printed Exoskeleton Uplifts Little Girl (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
8/8/2012 Japan's Android Robot Restaurant (re: George Lucas) Robotics
8/7/2012 'Invisible' Bicycle Helmet (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
8/6/2012 Laser Lofts UAV for Two Day Flight (re: Niven/Pournelle) Engineering
7/10/2012 Hacker Creates Augmented Reality Anime Girlfriend (re: William Gibson) Virtual person
7/9/2012 These Robot Legs Are Made For, Well, Walking (re: James Cameron) Robotics
7/8/2012 Mahoro Two-Armed Lab Robot (re: James Blish) Robotics
7/7/2012 PredPol Crime-Prediction A Hit In L.A. (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
7/6/2012 What Camouflage Pattern Is Best? (re: George R.R. Martin) Warfare
7/5/2012 Festo ExoHand Fine Motor Skill Robotic Hand (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
7/4/2012 Google's Compute Engine Is Sfnally Large (re: AE van Vogt) Computer
7/3/2012 Ford Smart Car Stops Your Texting (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
7/2/2012 Gideon eBibles And Frank Herbert's OC Bible (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
7/1/2012 Google Wallet Like Pohl's Joymaker Credit Card (re: Frederik Pohl) Culture
6/30/2012 Google's Voice Recognition Sweet In Jelly Bean (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
6/29/2012 Google Glass: The Next Big Platform? (re: Charles Stross) Display
6/28/2012 Spray-On Lithium Ion Battery (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
6/27/2012 Hydrolemic Systems Prepares For Water Shortages (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
6/26/2012 Inject Oxygen Into The Bloodstream Like Star Trek Triox (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
6/25/2012 'Mind Uploading' Issue Now Downloadable (re: Richard Morgan) Engineering
6/24/2012 Penguin E-Books For Libraries (re: Stanislaw Lem) Communications
6/23/2012 Space Command Is In Your Hands (re: Various) Culture
6/22/2012 Archeo-Robot Scans Ancient Roman Sewers (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
6/21/2012 Eole Water Turbine Like Star Wars Vaporator (re: George Lucas) Engineering
6/20/2012 BioTac Robot's Finger More Sensitive Than Yours (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
6/19/2012 $99 Lidar Plus UAV Equals Prometheus Mapping Device (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
6/18/2012 China Carries Out Automated Space Docking (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
6/17/2012 'Arc Reactor'-Inspired Energy Source (re: Stan Lee) Engineering
6/16/2012 Eyedox Genetic Test To Exclude Color Blind (re: Andrew Niccol) Medical
6/15/2012 NASA Plans Autonomous Robots To Explore Planets (re: George Lucas) Robotics
6/14/2012 Robots Learn Language Via Random Syllabic Babble (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
6/13/2012 Elvis And Jimi To Return Hologramatically? (re: Various) Culture
6/12/2012 Real-Time Avatars Mirror Your Expression (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
6/11/2012 Self-Healing Materials - Microencapsulated or Microvascular (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
6/10/2012 Together Anywhere, Together Anytime (re: Jules Verne) Communications
6/9/2012 Joggobot Shadows Your Steps (re: Various) Robotics
6/8/2012 Artificial Noses For Disease Diagnostics (re: Ray Bradbury) Engineering
6/7/2012 Transcontinental Flight By Solar-Powered Plane (re: John W. Campbell) Vehicle
6/6/2012 Non-Mechanical Bubble Microbots (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
6/5/2012 ASU Full-Color Flexible Display World's Largest? (re: E.C. Tubb) Display
6/4/2012 Tactus Tactile Layer Generates A Haptic User Interface (re: Various) Display
6/3/2012 US Special Ops Wants Paralysis Device (re: Arthur K. Barnes) Weapon
6/2/2012 The bebionic3 Robotic Artificial Hand (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/1/2012 The Funnel Wall (re: George R.R. Martin) Culture
5/31/2012 C1 - The Gyro-Stabilized Two-Wheeled Ground Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
5/30/2012 The Hopper - with Carl Sagan's Adnix! (re: Carl Sagan) Communications
5/29/2012 MIT Smile Research Knows Your Real One (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
5/28/2012 The Flame - Malware Worthy of John Brunner (re: John Brunner) Computer
5/27/2012 A Cool DIY Magnetically Levitated Bed (re: William Gibson) Lifestyle
5/26/2012 Laser-Guided Smart Bullet Prototype (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
5/25/2012 Variable-Depth Jet-Injection Hypospray (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
5/24/2012 ZeroN The Levitating Orb Interface (re: Eando Binder) Medical
5/23/2012 10K Illegal Kidneys Transplanted Every Year (re: Larry Niven) Medical
5/22/2012 SHOAL Robotic Fish Patrol Harbors (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
5/21/2012 LiquiGlide Coating, Your New Condiment Lubricant (re: Frank Herbert) Material
5/20/2012 Israel's Robotic Butterfly Drone Flies Indoors (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/19/2012 Synchronizing Humanoid Robot Swarms (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
5/18/2012 Google Patents 'Spy In Your Pocket' Smartphone (re: J.G. Ballard) Communications
5/17/2012 Brainput Finds Help For Your Brain (re: Pournelle and Niven) Computer
5/16/2012 HyQ Four-Legged Robot From Italy (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
5/15/2012 NASA's Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
5/14/2012 Robots In The Mines (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
5/13/2012 Smart, Self-Healing Hydrogels (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
5/12/2012 Paralyzed Woman In Robotic Exoskeleton Finishes Marathon (re: Fritz Leiber) Medical
5/11/2012 UrbanSim Counterinsurgency Training App (re: Frank Herbert) Warfare
5/10/2012 Kyocera Speakerless Smartphone (ala Gernsback) (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
5/9/2012 Touché Interaction With Everyday Objects (re: Various) Display
5/9/2012 Korean Robot Prison Guard Is Autonomous (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/8/2012 Blueseed Offshore Floating Corporation Ready By 2014 (re: Larry Niven) Living Space
5/8/2012 Robots In Restaurant Outnumber Humans (re: George Lucas) Robotics
5/7/2012 Russia's SAR-400 To Work Alongside Robonaut 2 (re: James Blish) Space Tech
5/6/2012 The Most Densely Populated Place On Earth (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
5/6/2012 Cadillac Super Cruise Self-Driving Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
5/5/2012 Real-Time 3D Electron Microscopy (re: Robert Cromie) Engineering
5/4/2012 TeleHuman Life-Size 3D Telepresence (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
5/3/2012 Nicotine 'Vaccine' Under Development (re: William Gibson) Medical
5/2/2012 HERB Home Exploring Robot Butler (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
5/2/2012 Kinze Autonomy Project's Autonomous Tractors (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
5/1/2012 Robot Bird Alights On Human Hand (re: Philip E. High) Robotics
4/30/2012 CCTV Camera Watches, Attached LCD Tells You How To Behave (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
4/29/2012 Printable Liquid Solar Cells (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
4/28/2012 Can You Stake A Claim To An Asteroid? (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
4/27/2012 'Human Textiles' Woven From Donor Cells (re: Larry Niven) Medical
4/27/2012 Do You Hold Robots Morally Accountable? (re: Various) Robotics
4/26/2012 Robotic Spider Weaves Its Web (re: Alastair Reynolds) Robotics
4/25/2012 Robot Bartender (Or Waiter) From Carnegie Mellon (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
4/24/2012 Arkyd Spacecraft To Hunt Asteroid Platinum, Water (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
4/24/2012 sFly UAVs Swarm Together For SAR (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/23/2012 Wavii Follows Your Selected News (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Communication
4/22/2012 BYD Qin Car Has Dashboard 'i' Robot (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
4/21/2012 SPARX Fantasy Game Helps With Depression (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
4/20/2012 Tupac Hologram Performs With Snoop, Dre (re: Gene Roddenberry) Culture
4/19/2012 Sonic Screwdriver From Dundee University (re: Various) Engineering
4/19/2012 Is Planetary Resources An Asteroid Mining Company? (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
4/18/2012 Cell Phones To See Through Walls (re: Nat Schachner) Surveillance
4/18/2012 Solar Power Satellite via Arbitrarily Large Phased Array (re: Clifford Simak) Space Tech
4/17/2012 Danceroom Spectroscopy Nano Dance (re: John Brunner) Culture
4/16/2012 Audi E-Sound Gives Electric Cars A Voice (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
4/15/2012 Plasma Flashlight Illuminates, Kills Bacteria (re: Robert J. Sawyer) Medical
4/14/2012 Robonaut 2 Uses American Sign Language (ASL) on ISS (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/13/2012 Does China Have An Internet Kill Switch? (re: John Brunner) Computer
4/9/2012 Camouflage To Confound Face Recognition (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/8/2012 Computers Powered By Harvested Environmental Energy (re: Lloyd Biggle, Jr.) Engineering
4/5/2012 BAE System 'Bullet Proof Custard' Body Armor (re: Larry Niven) Warfare
4/4/2012 Google's Project Glass May Augment Your Reality (re: Charles Stross) Display
4/3/2012 Evacuated Tube Transport Idea Is 200 Years Old This Year! (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
4/2/2012 MIT's Smart Pebbles Duplicate 3D Shapes (re: Abraham Merritt) Robotics
4/1/2012 Open Source Tricorder (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
3/31/2012 X-Ray Pulsar 'Beacons' To Guide Spacecraft (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
3/30/2012 Flexible E-Paper Finally Coming Out! (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
3/29/2012 School Kids In Brazil Now Wear 'Chipped' T-shirts (re: Murray Leinster) Surveillance
3/28/2012 Robofish - To Europa! (re: Michael Swanwick) Space Tech
3/27/2012 Dawn Spacecraft On A Star Trek Mission (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
3/26/2012 Exoplanets May Reach 'Warp Speed' (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
3/25/2012 Robot Cuts Hair, Sort Of (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
3/24/2012 Dual-Laser Sensing Like Star Trek Long Range Sensors (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
3/23/2012 Hand-Held Robot Operates On Man's Prostate (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
3/22/2012 Of Course Robots Don't Need To Look Human (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
3/21/2012 Designer Materials Possible With Designer Electrons (re: Various) Material
3/20/2012 Lifebrowser Revists Your Past (re: Charles Stross) Artificial Intelligence
3/19/2012 NASA Team Camps On An Asteroid (Almost) (re: Various) Space Tech
3/18/2012 Business Cards Give Way To Bump (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
3/17/2012 Bactericidal Fabric Made From Silk (re: Isaac Asimov) Clothing
3/16/2012 Enormous Ship Refuels From The Sun Video Update (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
3/15/2012 Control Robot Planes With Hand Gestures! (re: Douglas Adams) Engineering
3/14/2012 The KEN Diet - Eat Nothing And Love It! (re: Jack Vance) Food
3/13/2012 'Facetime Facelift' Beautifies Video Chats (re: Bruce Sterling) Media
3/12/2012 Microsoft Universal Translator Uses Your Voice (re: Gene Roddenberry) Culture
3/11/2012 myTaxi iPhone App May Transform Taxi Business (re: Various) Transportation
3/10/2012 Siri Dictation For iPad Like Asmiov's 'Transcriber' (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
3/9/2012 Seatlle Police Drones Overhead Now (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
3/8/2012 Fracking Causes Ohio Earthquakes (re: Various) Engineering
3/7/2012 $200K In Bitcoins Stolen (re: Charles Stross) Culture
3/6/2012 Affective Autotutor, Emotion-Sensing Teaching Software (re: Issac Asimov) Computer
3/5/2012 3D Printed Clothing 'Escapism' Couture Collection (re: Robert Heinlein) Clothing
3/4/2012 Cheetah Robot Hits Record 18 MPH In Video (re: William Gibson) Robotics
3/3/2012 Futurist Agrees With Star Trek: DS9 On Job Destruction (re: Various) Culture
3/2/2012 Meat Farm Like Matrix, Daybreak And Blade - But For Chickens (re: Various) Food
3/1/2012 Awww! It's A Robot Baby Roundup! (re: Henry Slesar) Robotics
2/29/2012 Speechjammer To End Your 1st Amendment Rights (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
2/28/2012 Project Shellter 3D Prints Homes For Crabs (re: Vernor Vinge) Biology
2/27/2012 RIBA-II Robot Ready For Patients (and movies?) (re: Various) Robotics
2/26/2012 Handy Zero-G Cup (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
2/25/2012 More Nomad Planets Than Stars? (re: Balmer and Wylie) Space Tech
2/24/2012 Carbon Nanotube Knife Like Cheese Slicer (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Material
2/23/2012 Robot Fish Lead, Real Fish Follow (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
2/22/2012 Japanese Company To Build Space Elevator? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
2/20/2012 DNA-Based Robots To Fight Cancer (re: Philip E. High) Medical
2/19/2012 Functional Transistor Is One Atom (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
2/18/2012 DARPA Avatar Program Coming, But Will Soldiers Want To? (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Robotics
2/17/2012 Robotic Insect Pop-Up Origami Fabrication (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
2/17/2012 CleanSpace One Goal: De-Orbit Space Debris (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
2/16/2012 Chinese Boy Sees In The Dark (re: Jim and Ken Wheat) Biology
2/16/2012 SLAM from CSAIL Lets Robots Explore Autonomously (re: Various) Robotics
2/15/2012 Machines Talk More To Each Other (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
2/15/2012 Sensory Substitution Device (Or Star Trek VISOR?) (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
2/14/2012 Archetype: Wake Up As Robot (re: Various) Robotics
2/13/2012 NEOShield Asteroid Deflector Project Funded By EU (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
2/12/2012 Memory Improved By Direct Electrical Stimulation (re: Dave Cummins) Medical
2/11/2012 Elektrodress Treatment Suit For Nerve Disorders (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
2/10/2012 Zero Gravity Roller Coaster Coming (re: Niven and Barnes) Entertainment
2/9/2012 North Face (Or Snow Crash?) Avalanche Airbag Clothing (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
2/8/2012 Robonaut ISS Checkout Video (re: James Blish) Space Tech
2/7/2012 Spidernaut, Orbital Construction Robot (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
2/6/2012 Google Glasses With Heads Up Display Coming Soon? (re: Charles Stross) Display
2/5/2012 3D Printer Used To Make Transplant Jawbone (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
2/4/2012 We Live In A Space Cloud (re: Fred Hoyle) Space Tech
2/3/2012 Nano Quadrotors Form Stephenson's Dog Pod Grid (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
2/2/2012 Amazonian Fungus Eats Polyurethane (re: Michael Crichton) Material
2/1/2012 Kissenger The Kiss Messenger Robot Spreads Your Love (re: Frederic Pohl) Communications
1/30/2012 Self-Guided Bullet Accurate Over One Mile (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
1/29/2012 Sensorbot Robotic Bubble Swarm For Ocean Exploration (re: Robert Silverberg) Robotics
1/28/2012 Jumping Spiders And Machine Vision (re: Various) Robotics
1/27/2012 Free Swimming Endoscope Capsule On 'Fantastic Voyage' (re: Various) Medical
1/26/2012 FBI To Monitor Social Media (re: Various) Surveillance
1/25/2012 Self-Healing Batteries (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
1/25/2012 Shrewbot Uses Whiskers As Sensors (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
1/24/2012 Cyborg Rats Have Digital Brain Parts (re: William Gibson) Biology
1/23/2012 T-Rays And Tricorders (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
1/22/2012 Raincatch Raincoat Has Dune-Style Watertube And Catchpocket (re: Frank Herbert) Clothing
1/21/2012 IBM Now Stores 1 Bit On 12 Atoms (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
1/20/2012 RISUG Male Birth Control Almost Ready (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
1/19/2012 Transparent Aluminum Vs. .50-Cal Bullets (re: Olaf Stapledon) Warfare
1/18/2012 Van-Mounted Body Scanners Mock Your Idea Of Privacy (re: Various) Surveillance
1/18/2012 Live from ISS On NASA In HD (re: Michael Swanwick) Communication
1/17/2012 Bank Of America ATMs Are Now Truth Machines (re: John Brunner) Culture
1/16/2012 Samsung Transparent Smart Window (re: H.G. Wells) Display
1/15/2012 Slime Is Smarter Than You Think (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
1/14/2012 Sphero Robot Ball Is Smartphone-Controlled (re: Various) Robotics
1/13/2012 US Army-Branded Gaming Peripherals (re: Various) Weapon
1/12/2012 Qrio Robot Golfer (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
1/11/2012 Anti-Intoxicant Confers Quick Sobriety (re: Harry Harrison) Medical
1/10/2012 Smart E-Book System Outperforms Apple iBooks (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
1/9/2012 Vermeer 3D Volumetric Touchable Display (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
1/8/2012 Super-Strong Mouse 'Augments' (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
1/7/2012 Fear of Dentists App, iPhone-based Therapist (re: James Blish) Computer
1/6/2012 Hide An Event With Temporal Cloaking (re: Various) Engineering
1/5/2012 Hoverbike Is Stuff SF Dreams Are Made Of (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
1/4/2012 Taking Control Of Enemy Aircraft (re: Gene Roddenberry) Warfare
1/3/2012 Wireless Mind Control Possible? (re: Gene Roddenberry) Biology
1/2/2012 Diabetic Son? Parents Get Insulin Pump Tattoos (re: Paul di Filippo) Medical
1/1/2012 Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle By MIT Student (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
12/31/2011 T-Shirt Computing And Vinge's Wearables (re: Vernor Vinge) Computer
12/30/2011 Hatch A Dinosaur From Birds Using Genetic 'Memory' (re: Michael Crichton) Biology
12/29/2011 Netizens Should Search Moon Pix For Aliens (re: ) Space Tech
12/28/2011 Prosthetic Vision Device ala Star Trek (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
12/22/2011 Can Lucid Dreaming Improve Physical Skills? (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
12/21/2011 Solar Power Paint For Any Size Solar Cells (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
12/20/2011 Total Recall Security Tunnels Proposed (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
12/19/2011 Bios Urn Turns Your Ashes Into A Tree (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
12/18/2011 PKR-Inhibiting Drugs May Boost Memory (re: Paul di Filippo) Biology
12/17/2011 DCS May Extinguish Fearful Memories (re: Philip K. Dick) Medicine
12/16/2011 Fembot OriHime Dances For You Video (re: Lester del Rey) Robotics
12/15/2011 Polymer Gel Mimics Human Vocal Cords (re: Terry Bisson) Medical
12/14/2011 Could An Artificial Virus Infect The Human Mind? (re: Various) Biology
12/13/2011 Majel Voice Recognition - Now Google's Getting Siri-us (re: Gene Roddenberry) Artificial Intelligence
12/12/2011 Tasty In Vitro Meat Eaten On Stage! (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Biology
12/11/2011 DecNef: Download Skills Into Your Brain (re: James Blish) Medical
12/10/2011 Cables For Robot Skin Will Stretch Like Human Skin (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
12/9/2011 We Robot 2012 Conference Needs Your Help (re: Various) Robotics
12/8/2011 Are We As Smart As We Can Get? (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
12/7/2011 Apple Idea Accelerator (tm) Coming! (re: Various) Work
12/6/2011 Basement Holodeck With Playstation Move And EyeToy (re: Ray Bradbury) Entertainment
12/5/2011 Quadrotor Robots Improve Building Skills Video (re: James P. Hogan) Robotics
12/4/2011 DARPA Shredder Challenge Won! (re: Vernor Vinge) Artificial Intelligence
12/3/2011 Woolly Mammoths To Be Created For 'Pleistocene Park'? (re: David Brin) Biology
12/2/2011 Kinect 2 Could Read Lips - Like HAL (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
12/1/2011 Multigait Soft Robot Squishes, Walks And Crawls (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
11/30/2011 Little Printer Like Dick's Homeopape (re: Philip K. Dick) Communications
11/29/2011 Mask-bot Robot Human Face (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
11/28/2011 Space Solar Power - A Truly Limitless Source (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
11/27/2011 Surveillance Robots Learn To Hide (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
11/26/2011 Robot Prison Guard From South Korea (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/25/2011 Computer Knows You're Mad, Chills You Out (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
11/24/2011 Virtual Reality Contact Lens Shows One Pixel (re: Niven and Barnes) Display
11/23/2011 'Loogie Gun' Deployed On Pennsylvania Turnpike (re: Neal Stephenson) Transportation
11/22/2011 DARPA's 'Biometrics-At-A-Distance' Knows You By Heart (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
11/21/2011 Interactive Robotic Painting Machine Can Hear You (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
11/20/2011 WAM Arm Robots Help Patients Get Dressed (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/19/2011 Project Black Mirror Thought-Controlled iPhone (re: Pournelle & Niven) Communication
11/18/2011 C-Path Computational Pathologist Better Than Doctors (re: Larry Niven) Medical
11/17/2011 Meeting Wendy Of Wendy's (re: Alfred Bester) Media
11/16/2011 Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surface (re: Frank Herbert) Material
11/15/2011 Laser-Activated Rescue Thrusters For Astronauts (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
11/14/2011 HAL Exoskeleton To Assist At Fukushima (re: John W. Campbell) Robotics
11/13/2011 Lab-Grown Burger $345K (re: H. Beam Piper) Food
11/12/2011 NTT DoCoMo Auto Japanese - English Translation (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
11/11/2011 Airdrop Moisture Vaporator (re: George Lucas) Engineering
11/10/2011 NASA's Super-Black Now Even Blacker (re: E.E. 'Doc Smith) Material
11/9/2011 Nth Lights From NthDegree Are 'Printed Lights' (re: Isaac Asimov) Engineering
11/8/2011 Giant Asteroid Misses Earth! (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
11/7/2011 Slug Crawler Robot Has Retractable Skin (re: Various) Robotics
11/6/2011 SLS Robot Spider 'Daddy Longlegs' (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
11/5/2011 Marie Curie's Papers Still Radioactive (re: Robert Heinlein) Misc
11/4/2011 Magnetic 'Tongue' Can Taste Tomatoes (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
11/3/2011 Korean Talking Robotic Head (re: William Gibson) Robotics
11/2/2011 Smart Textiles For Wearable Communicators (re: Murray Leinster) Communications
11/1/2011 PETMAN Robot Video (re: Frederic Pohl) Robotics
10/29/2011 Multi-Target Photo-Radar System (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Engineering
10/28/2011 Switchblade Surveillance Missile (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
10/27/2011 Worlds First Intelligent Absorbent For Radioactive Contaminants (re: John W. Campbell) Material
10/26/2011 Throw This Panoramic Ball Camera! (re: Robert Silverberg) Engineering
10/25/2011 Sensitive Artificial Skin For Touchy-Feely Robots (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
10/24/2011 BlueBiped Passively-Powered Robotic Legs (re: Martin Caidin) Robotics
10/23/2011 A Prosthetic Arm That Feels (re: Martin Caidin) Medical
10/22/2011 Gesture-Controlled iPads? (re: Douglas Adams) Display
10/21/2011 'Supra B 'Toys Soon Self-Healing (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
10/20/2011 Spray-Foam Robot Built By... Another Robot (re: Gene Roddenberry) Robotics
10/19/2011 New Transistor Interfaces Directly With Biological Functions (re: Various) Biology
10/18/2011 See People Through Walls (re: John W. Campbell) Engineering
10/17/2011 Artificial Muscles Made From Carbon Nanotube Yarn (re: Martin Caidin) Robotics
10/16/2011 Flex, The First Portable VeinViewer (re: Michael Crichton) Medical
10/15/2011 Use Steganography by Printed Arrays of Microbes For Secret Messages! (re: Paul McEuen) Biology
10/14/2011 Automated Biology Explorer (ABE), Robot Scientist (re: John M. Faucette) Biology
10/13/2011 Raytheon Sarcos Exoskeletonized Ditch Witch (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
10/12/2011 SMELL-IT 'Surround Sound' For The Nose (re: Aldous Huxley) Engineering
10/11/2011 FAST Program AIs Search For Human 'Malintent' (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
10/10/2011 Space Habitat Has Inflatable Loft (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/9/2011 10 Exotic Human-Energy Harvesting Devices And Technologies (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
10/8/2011 Generate Elecricity From Breathing With Microbelt PVDF Device (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
10/7/2011 How Smart Is Siri? (re: Frederik Pohl) Communications
10/6/2011 iCub Crawling Robot (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
10/5/2011 Panasonic Hair-Washing Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/4/2011 Steve Jobs 1955-2011 (re: Various) Computer
10/4/2011 Princeton's Magic Carpet (re: Dan Simmons) Vehicle
10/3/2011 AlphaDog Proto Stronger, Quieter Than BigDog (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
10/2/2011 PETMAN Bipedal Robot Tests Your Future (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
10/1/2011 Blacker-Than-Black Corrugated Metamaterials (re: E.E. 'Doc Smith) Material
9/30/2011 Bolshoi: Largest Computer Simulation Of The Universe (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
9/29/2011 Warrior Web: Superman Underwear From DARPA (re: Joe Haldeman) Warfare
9/28/2011 Drones Stick Tight, Remember Your Face (re: Jack Vance) Surveillance
9/27/2011 BOLT Bipedal Ornithopter Robot (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
9/26/2011 Autom Weight Loss Robot Ready (re: Clamp) Robotics
9/25/2011 The Garbage Mines Of Ghana (re: David Brin) Engineering
9/24/2011 Self-Propelled 'Microrobots' For The Blood Stream (re: Isaac Asimov) Medical
9/23/2011 LOBIN Intelligent T-Shirts (re: Rudy Rucker) Medical
9/22/2011 Living Bridges Grown From Trees (re: Jack Vance) Biology
9/21/2011 Smart Window Goes Clear Or Opaque In Seconds (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
9/20/2011 E-Health Point Telemedicine In Rural India (re: EM Forster) Medical
9/19/2011 Electric Brain Stimulation Quickens Learning (re: James Blish) Medical
9/18/2011 'Bubble Galaxy' NGC 3521 (re: Edmond Hamilton) Misc
9/17/2011 AI Chatbots Teach English Online (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
9/16/2011 Printed Artificial Capillary Blood Vessels (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/15/2011 Super Bainite Armor Steel (re: Theodore Sturgeon) Material
9/14/2011 Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering Project (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
9/13/2011 Emotion Detector Like PKD's Voight-Kampff Empathy Test (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
9/12/2011 'World's Heaviest Woman' Title Sought (re: Jack Vance) Culture
9/11/2011 Klout Score Measures Your Influence (re: Jack Vance) Culture
9/10/2011 Innovega IOptik Micro-Display Contact Lenses (re: Niven and Barnes) Display
9/9/2011 Narrative Science And Phil Dick's Homeostatic Newspaper (re: Philip K. Dick) Media
9/8/2011 The Infinite Adventure Machine Generates Fairy Tale Plots (re: Stanislaw Lem) Artificial Intelligence
9/7/2011 Harvesting Power From Flying Insects (re: Thomas A. Easton) Engineering
9/6/2011 Author Barely Stays Ahead Of The Future With Transparent Jeans (re: Gary Shteyngart) Clothing
9/5/2011 Wooden Mirror Like A Kinotrope (re: William Gibson and Bruce Sterling) Display
9/4/2011 Star Trek-Style Sick Bay Bed (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
9/3/2011 PIGORASS Pneumatic Quadruped Robot (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
9/2/2011 Nexus S Directs SPHERES On ISS (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
9/1/2011 Surveillance Drone Bird Crashes (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
8/30/2011 Robobee Learns The Waggle Dance (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
8/29/2011 Implanted Glucose Sensor Glows Thru Skin (re: William Gibson) Biology
8/27/2011 Bulletproof Human Skin Works! Kind of. (re: Various) Medical
8/26/2011 BookTrack Adds Sound To Books (re: Philip K. Dick) Media
8/25/2011 Energy-Harvesting Shoes With Reverse Electrowetting (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
8/24/2011 Dogs Sniff For Cancer (re: John Brunner) Medical
8/23/2011 Samsung Cites 'Space Odyssey' Newspad Against iPad In Patent Suit (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
8/18/2011 IBM's Neurosynaptic Computing Chips (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
8/17/2011 Sony DEV-5 Digital HD Binoculars (re: George Lucas) Engineering
8/16/2011 Hexapod Robot Scuttles Through Beethoven (re: Herbert Goldstone) Robotics
8/15/2011 Micro-Robots Self-Assemble From Tiny Particles (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/14/2011 Musical Robotic Head (re: William Gibson) Robotics
8/13/2011 MABEL Robot Biped Now Runs Faster Than You (re: Various) Robotics
8/12/2011 Lockheed Samurai MAV Drone (re: Various) Surveillance
8/11/2011 Medical Monitoring With Flexible Electronic 'Tattoos' (re: Jack Vance) Medical
8/10/2011 Sifteo Tiles (re: Jeff Noon) Entertainment
8/9/2011 i2R E-Paper Is Erasable (re: Greg Bear) Display
8/8/2011 Firefly Cameras Shot From Grenade Launcher (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
8/7/2011 Real TIme Crime Tracking Algorithm (re: Various) Computer
8/6/2011 Robot Daycare With Robot Nannies? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/5/2011 Don't Drive Your Self-Driving Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
8/4/2011 RIBA Robot for Interactive Body Assistance (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
8/3/2011 Bioelectronic Nose To Have Biomimetic Chemical Sensors (re: Michael Crichton) Engineering
8/2/2011 Mobile Devices At Core Of Future Appliances (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
8/1/2011 Swede's Home Nuclear Reactor On Back Burner (re: Various) Lifestyle
7/31/2011 Shape-Changing Metal Antenna (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
7/30/2011 Texas Couple Married By Computer (re: Robert Silverberg) Computer
7/29/2011 'Robotic Mule' Ready For Duty, Sir (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
7/28/2011 Mushroom Death Suit Consumes You (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
7/27/2011 Menlo Device By Microsoft Tracks You Precisely (re: Jack Williamson) Engineering
7/26/2011 'Predict Your Death' Paper Withdrawn (re: Robert Heinlein) Medicine
7/25/2011 Songdo IBD Smart City (re: John W. Campbell) Living Space
7/24/2011 First DNA-based Artificial Neural Network (re: Greg Bear) Artificial Intelligence
7/23/2011 Small Spherical Robots Needed For Radiation Leak Testing (re: Various) Robotics
7/22/2011 Soft Biocompatible Memory Device (re: Various) Robotics
7/21/2011 VoltAir Electric Aircraft Concept (re: John W. Campbell) Transportation
7/20/2011 Brain Scans Reveal 'Uncanny Valley' (re: Various) Robotics
7/19/2011 Human-like Brain For Robots? (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
7/18/2011 CFM LEAP Engine Perfect For Podracing (re: George Lucas) Engineering
7/17/2011 Teeth From Stem Cells (re: William Gibson) Medical
7/16/2011 JediBot Robot Arm Senses The Force (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
7/15/2011 Our Galaxy's Habitable Zone (re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
7/14/2011 Interactive Storytelling On iPad (re: Neal Stephenson) Culture
7/13/2011 AI Wins At Civilization II By Reading Manual (re: Iain Banks) Artificial Intelligence
7/12/2011 Flexible, Transparent Speakers From Graphene (re: Bruce Sterling) Material
7/11/2011 Synthetic Trachea From Patient's Own Cells Implanted (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
7/10/2011 Philips Luminous Textile Panel Soft Cells (re: Vernor Vinge) Lifestyle
7/9/2011 NASA's Forward Osmosis Bag (For Stillsuits?) (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
7/8/2011 Auti Interactive Toy For Autistic Children (re: Anne McCaffrey) Robotics
7/7/2011 iBag Urine Bag Tweets When Full (re: David H. Keller) Medical
7/6/2011 Can We Control Forgetfulness? (re: ) Culture
7/5/2011 Accoustic Cloak Achieves Sonic Invisibility (re: Robert Heinlein) Material
7/4/2011 South Korean Students Go All Tablet By 2015 (re: Orson Scott Card) Culture
7/3/2011 Evolution Machine Compresses Eons Into Days (re: Edmond Hamilton) Biology
7/2/2011 Fast Entropy, PHE And Psychohistory (re: Isaac Asimov) Culture
7/1/2011 PossessedHand Borgs Your Hands To Teach You (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
6/30/2011 Lovotics Engineers Love Betwixt Humans And Robots (re: Lester del Rey) Artificial Intelligence
6/29/2011 Robot Skin Uses Hexagonal Sensors (Video) (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
6/28/2011 SIlver Pen Writes Flexible Circuits (re: Niven and Purnelle) Engineering
6/27/2011 Rollin' Justin Robot Catches Thrown Ball (re: Various) Robotics
6/26/2011 Robotic Security Guard Waves You In (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/25/2011 Robot Vacuums Need Personalities! (re: Douglas Adams) Robotics
6/24/2011 Sound Charge T-Shirt Uses Sound Energy (re: Murray Leinster) Clohing
6/23/2011 D-Dalus Aircraft Has Contra-Rotating Cylindrical Turbines (re: Victor Appleton II) Vehicle
6/22/2011 Lytro Living Pictures Camera Revolution (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
6/21/2011 Memory Implant Records And Plays Back (re: Lois McMaster Bujold) Medical
6/20/2011 Robotic Lawn Mower Competition Won By CWRU Cutters (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
6/18/2011 Kilobot Robot Swarm (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
6/17/2011 Is Aimi Eguchi Real or Virtual? Updated! (re: William Gibson) Virtual Person
6/16/2011 Insomnia? Try Cooling Your Brain (re: Larry Niven) Medical
6/15/2011 Spherical Flying Robot Hovers, Flies At 40 MPH (re: Larry Niven) Robotics
6/14/2011 Genetically Engineered Cell Is A Living Laser (re: David Brin) Biology
6/13/2011 BBC's iPhone App For Field Reporters (re: Larry Niven) Communication
6/12/2011 Robot Roommates Shop For, Prepare Breakfast (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
6/11/2011 Invisibility Cloaks Get Bigger (re: Ray Cummings) Material
6/10/2011 Biomaterial Mimics Human Tissue (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
6/9/2011 Voyagers Now In the Heliosheath (re: Samuel R. Delany) Space Tech
6/8/2011 Russian ATM Knows When You Lie (re: William Gibson) Engineering
6/7/2011 ZionEyez HD Camera Glasses (re: David Brin) Surveillance
6/6/2011 'Cambridge Crude' Semi-Solid Flow Cell Battery (re: Various) Engineering
6/5/2011 Sega Wappy Dog Robot Puppy (re: Various) Robotics
6/4/2011 Artificial Microbrain Memory Cells (re: Peter Watts) Medical
6/3/2011 Gas Mining on Uranus (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
6/2/2011 CyberWar May Require Military Response (re: Bruce Sterling) Warfare
6/1/2011 Origami Phone Like Ultraviolet (re: Various) Communication
5/31/2011 Newstweek Notification Distorter (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
5/30/2011 Dynamic Cloth Folding By High-Speed Multifingered Hands (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/29/2011 Google Wallet Makes Your Phone Your Wallet (re: Frederik Pohl) Lifestyle
5/28/2011 Adelopod Amphibious Tumbling Robot (re: Murray Leinster) Robotics
5/27/2011 Amazon Sells More E-Books Than Books (re: Stanislaw Lem) Culture
5/26/2011 Self-Healing Chair(bot) (re: Various) Robotics
5/25/2011 Sony Flexible Color E-Paper (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
5/24/2011 Somnus Sleep Shirt - Sweet Dreams (re: Rudy Rucker) Medical
5/23/2011 China's Weather Modification Office (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
5/21/2011 Lingodroid Robots Invent Spoken Language (re: George Lucas) Robotics
5/19/2011 Google IO Cloud Robotics With PR2 Robot From Willow Garage (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
5/17/2011 Rolling Robot's Helicopter Transformation (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/15/2011 TellApart Ads Follow You On The Web (re: William Gibson) Culture
5/14/2011 Pneuborn Infant Robots (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
5/13/2011 Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2 vs. Clarke's Newspad (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
5/11/2011 'Schizophrenic' Computer Aids Researchers (re: Roger Zelazny) Computer
5/9/2011 Kiss Transmission Device Latest In Electro-Communication (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
5/7/2011 PaperPhone Uses Bend Gestures (re: William Gibson) Communication
5/5/2011 Secret Silent Stealth Helicopter (re: Isaac Asimov) Warfare
5/3/2011 Directing Microrobot Swarms (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
5/1/2011 What Retinal Implants May Not Replace (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
4/29/2011 Autonomous Cars In Nevada? (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
4/27/2011 Memory Erasure Thanks To Snails (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/25/2011 Denise, Your Virtual Assistant (re: Robert Heinlein) Virtual Person
4/23/2011 SpaceX Dragon To Land On Any Planet (re: Robert Heinlein) Spacecraft
4/22/2011 DustBot Video Shows Robotic Future Of Trash (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
4/21/2011 'Warning Signs' T-Shirt Is CO2 Detector (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
4/20/2011 Fog Harvesting For Fresh Water (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
4/19/2011 Phage-Assisted Continuous Evolution (re: Theodore Sturgeon) Medical
4/18/2011 Carbon Nanotube Synapse Circuit Like Human Neuron (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
4/17/2011 Graphene Paper 10x Stronger Than Steel (re: Jules Verne) Material
4/16/2011 Lifelike Robotic Fingers For Social Touching (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/15/2011 Look Forward: IRS 'Pre-Audit' Would Predict Tax Cheating (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
4/14/2011 Blood Flow Simulation Detailed By Supercomputer (re: Various) Computer
4/13/2011 Grow An Eyeball In A Dish? (re: Ridley Scott) Biology
4/12/2011 Head-Coupled Perspective For iPad 2 (re: Robert Heinlein) Display
4/11/2011 Aliens May Live In Black Holes (re: Frederik Pohl) Space Tech
4/10/2011 PocketCop Data Warehouse From Verizon (re: Charles Stross) Communication
4/9/2011 ACTUV Game From DARPA Seeks Ender Wiggin (re: Orson Scott Card) Computer
4/8/2011 KMR-M6 Hexapod Robot (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
4/7/2011 Location History Dashboard By Google (re: Jack Williamson) Communication
4/6/2011 iPet Companion Provides Remote Kitteh Interaction (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/5/2011 CSAIL Gets $7.5M To Develop Bird-Like UAV (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
4/4/2011 China Bans Time Travel-Based TV Shows (re: Various) Culture
4/3/2011 StunRay Paralyzes With Light (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
4/2/2011 'Police POV' Uses On-Officer Cameras (re: David Brin) Surveillance
4/1/2011 Thanks For Being Open Apple, Amazon, Barnes And Noble (re: Stanislaw Lem) Culture
3/31/2011 Nanogenerator Intros New Energy Unit - The Pinch (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
3/30/2011 Thermal Ligating System Welds Soft Tissue (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
3/29/2011 SmartBird Robotic Bird In Flight (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/28/2011 Bulletproof Human Skin (re: Various) Biology
3/27/2011 Through The Crust, Into the Mantle (re: Lincoln Child) Engineering
3/26/2011 Google And The Psychohistorians (re: Isaac Asimov) Culture
3/25/2011 Is China Altering Web Traffic? (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
3/24/2011 Artificial Muscles Power A Motor (re: Martin Caidin) Biology
3/23/2011 Quick-Charging Batteries Needed For Vehicles (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Engineering
3/22/2011 Voice Stress Detection In Emergency Callers (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
3/21/2011 Reprogrammed Microbe Makes Butanol From Cellulose (re: Hal Clement) Biology
3/20/2011 Take Control Of Cars Wirelessly (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
3/19/2011 Active Electrostatic Radiation Shielding For Space Craft (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
3/18/2011 Prospero, Robotic Farmer (re: Philip K. Dick) Agriculture
3/17/2011 Meal Assistance Robot Feeds You (re: Various) Robotics
3/16/2011 This Species Has Seven Sexes (re: William Tenn) Biology
3/15/2011 Single Atom Quantum Memory (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
3/14/2011 Building The World Wide Mind (re: Niven and Purnelle) Computer
3/12/2011 Your Computer Therapist Will See You Now (re: James Blish) Computer
3/11/2011 Real-Life Fantastic Voyage (re: Isaac Asimov) Biology
3/9/2011 Police Sketch Artist Database Software (re: Joseph Killeam) Computer
3/8/2011 Self-Charging Nao Robot Video (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
3/7/2011 Fracking Gas Companies Suspend Operations (re: Various) Engineering
3/6/2011 Legal 'e-Discovery' Software Replaces Lawyers (re: David Brin) Artificial Intelligence
3/5/2011 Microcamera Big As Grain Of Salt (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Engineering
3/5/2011 Cloned Pets For $150,000 (re: Aldous Huxley) Biology
3/4/2011 Google Cars Drive Faster, Safer Than You (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
2/28/2011 India To Issue One Million Aadhaar Biometric IDs Per Day (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
2/28/2011 LOPES Robotic Exoskeleton Assists Stroke Victims (re: Fritz Lieber) Medical
2/27/2011 Liquid Lens For Optical Coherence Microscopy (re: Gene Roddenbaerry) Medical
2/25/2011 Cheetah Robot Will Run Faster Than Humans (re: William Gibson) Robotics
2/24/2011 First Millimeter-Scale Computer System (re: Various) Computer
2/23/2011 New Robot Skin Is Flexible, Sensitive, Solar-Powered (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
2/23/2011 Dr. Watson Will See You Soon (re: Gene Roddenbaerry) Artificial Intelligence
2/22/2011 Computational Photography: Image Of The Future (re: Ridley Scott) Computer
2/21/2011 Audi Robot Yearns For An Upgrade (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/20/2011 The Interplanetary Internet (re: George O. Smith) Communication
2/19/2011 Robotic Hummingbird Spy (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
2/18/2011 Sysbrain Lets Satellites Think For Themselves (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
2/17/2011 Anti-Laser Is A Coherent Perfect Absorber (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
2/16/2011 Robot Learns To Clean Whiteboard, Suck Up To Teacher (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
2/16/2011 Technovelgy Has 2,000 SF Inventions, Ideas and Technologies (re: Various) Culture
2/16/2011 Solowheel Self-Balancing Unicycle (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
2/15/2011 Motorika Robot Therapy Helps Stroke Patients (re: A.E. van Vogt) Medical
2/15/2011 Videochat Robot: DIY Telepresence Robot (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
2/14/2011 Inspired By Science Fiction? (re: Various) Culture
2/14/2011 Robots Are Social Media, The TED Video (re: George Lucas) Robotics
2/12/2011 Bio-Retina Retina Prosthesis Project (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
2/11/2011 RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling (re: Various) Medical
2/10/2011 Nanowire Transistors For Smallest Computers (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
2/10/2011 Insectothopter Robotic Dragonfly CIA Tech From 1970s (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
2/9/2011 Confession App For iPhone Catholic Church Approved (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
2/9/2011 Google Translate for iPhone App (re: Hugo Gernsback) Culture
2/9/2011 Affetto Child Robot With Realistic Facial Expressions (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
2/9/2011 Steppenwolf: Interstellar Rogue Planets May Support Life (re: George RR Martin) Space Tech
2/8/2011 Biocompatible Retinal Implants (re: Ridley Scott) Medical
2/8/2011 Geremin Gesture-Controlled Dashboard (re: Douglas Adams) Vehicle
2/8/2011 Cougar20-H Robot Hears Your Breathing (re: Frank Herbert) Surveillance
2/7/2011 HP TouchSmart 610 Reclining Touchscreen (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
2/7/2011 Hamster Powers, Controls Strandbeest Walking Robot (re: Vernor Vinge) Vehicle
2/6/2011 'My Boss Is A Robot' Project Automates Journalism (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
2/6/2011 RoboEarth Lets Robots Learn From Each Other (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
2/4/2011 LifeBot Tablet In-Ambulance Computer (re: Various) Medical
2/4/2011 Active Stereo Nose Finds The Source (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
2/3/2011 Self-Cleaning SilverSport Gym Gear Uses Nanosilver (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
2/2/2011 Skin Cell Gun Video (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
2/2/2011 'The Daily' iPad App Is A Padloid (re: John Varley) Communication
2/1/2011 Grow Cultured Meat In A 'Carnery' (re: H. Beam Piper) Food
2/1/2011 True 3D Real-Time Holography (re: ) Display
1/31/2011 Thinnest Pocket Projector (re: ) Engineering
1/31/2011 Robotic Lettuce Farm Has Green Thumb (re: Philip K. Dick) Agriculture
1/30/2011 Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety By QinetiQ (And PKD) (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
1/29/2011 'Medical Tricorder' Sees Viral DNA Quickly (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
1/28/2011 'Air Laser' Long-Range Sensor (re: Gene Roddenbaerry) Engineering
1/28/2011 Egypt Drops Dime, Pulls Plug On Internet (re: John Brunner) Culture
1/27/2011 China's Megacity 'Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One' (re: Isaac Asimov) Living Space
1/27/2011 Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker Perfect For Data Crypt (re: Bruce Sterling) Data Storage
1/26/2011 Ikaros Solar Sail Craft Photo Of Venus (re: Cordwainer Smith) Spacecraft
1/26/2011 DLR Robotic Hand-Arm Is Super-Strong, Super-Tough (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
1/25/2011 Mall Robotic Ad Won't Leave You Alone (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
1/25/2011 Antenna Repairmen In Fact And Fiction (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
1/24/2011 Wasp Micro-UAV Used By Texas SWAT (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
1/23/2011 Textile Energy Storage (re: Murray Leinsrer) Material
1/23/2011 Curvilinear Camera Combines Your Eye With Zoom (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Medical
1/22/2011 Kiosk Looks At You, Then Decides On Your Meal (re: Douglas Adams) Food
1/21/2011 E-Camouflage - Invisible Tanks (re: Various) Warfare
1/21/2011 PrimeSense WAVI Xtion Gesture Control Of TV (re: Douglas Adams) Computer
1/20/2011 Magnetic Pills Steered Within The Body (re: Isaac Asimov) Medical
1/20/2011 Evolutionary Robotics To Design Better Robots (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
1/19/2011 Cliodynamics: Modeling Complex Societies Mathematically (re: Isaac Asimov) Culture
1/19/2011 GhostBot Robotic Ghost Knifefish (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
1/18/2011 Moon Mining And Space Lawyers (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
1/17/2011 When You're Smiling, The World's Machines Smile With You! (re: Various) Computer
1/17/2011 EDV-01 Instant Self-Sufficient House (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Living Space
1/16/2011 Robot Japan Dance Contest (re: Fritz Lang) Robotics
1/16/2011 Mammoths In Five Years? (re: John Varley) Biology
1/15/2011 XWave Apps For iPhone See Brainwaves (re: Philip K. Dick) Entertainment
1/14/2011 Autonomous Construction By Teams Of Quadrotor Robots (re: James P. Hogan) Robotics
1/13/2011 Biotic Video Games Use Living Cells (re: Philip K. Dick) Entertainment
1/12/2011 Ad-Supported Free Telephone Calls (re: J.G. Ballard) Communication
1/12/2011 400 People Volunteer For Mars (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
1/12/2011 Metallic Glass Stronger Than Steel (re: Various) Material
1/11/2011 Philip K. Dick Robot Head Rebuilt Video (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
1/11/2011 Uno By BPG Motors Transformer Like RIDEBACK (re: Tetsuro Kasahara) Vehicle
1/10/2011 Miami-Dade Police First To Use UAV Drones? (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
1/9/2011 iRobot AVA Telepresence Robot With iPad (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
1/9/2011 Polaroid GL20 Video Sunglasses (re: David Brin) Surveillance
1/8/2011 Realtime Holographic Motion Display Video (re: William Tenn) Display
1/6/2011 Samsung 19 Inch Transparent AMOLED Display (re: H.G. Wells) Display
1/5/2011 US Mil Gorgon Stare Lacks Multiheaded Basilisk Capability (re: Charles Stross) Surveillance
1/4/2011 Living Earth Simulator For 'Ultimate Answers' (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
1/4/2011 Digital Radiation Spectrometer (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
1/4/2011 iRing Lunar Flex-Wheel (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
1/3/2011 Read Google EBooks On Google TV (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
1/2/2011 See Jesus? There's An App For That (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
12/31/2010 HRP-2 Auld Lang Syne Theremin (re: Herbert Goldstone) Robotics
12/30/2010 PR2 Robot Wanders 100 Km Autonomously (re: Gregory Benford) Robotics
12/29/2010 ETH Quadcopters Perform Jingle Bells On Real Piano (re: Herbert Goldstone) Surveillance
12/22/2010 Romeo Robot A Robant For Elder Care (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/22/2010 Nao Robot Video Demonstrates Improvements (re: Various) Robotics
12/21/2010 China's Spherical Walking Robot With Retractable Arms (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/20/2010 Fracking Earthquakes (re: Various) Engineering
12/19/2010 MGX 3D Printed Goods Almost Has it (re: William Gibson) Manufacturing
12/19/2010 NASA Rail Launch In Supermarionation (re: Gerry Anderson) Space Tech
12/17/2010 Earthworms Absorb Copper Nanomaterials From Soil (re: Larry Niven) Biology
12/16/2010 Robot Pianist Is Self-Correcting (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
12/15/2010 Invisibility Cloak Fools Naked Eye (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Engineering
12/15/2010 Wet Kissing Cell Phone Prototype (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
12/14/2010 Medical Researcher 'Discovers' Integration (re: A.E. van Vogt) Culture
12/13/2010 Binishells Graceful Housing (re: Larry Niven) Living Space
12/12/2010 Snakebot Conquers Obstacle Course (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
12/12/2010 New ESAIL Video: Deploy Tethers! (re: Michael Flynn) Space Tech
12/10/2010 Autonomous Adaptive Structure Uses Shape Memory Polymer (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
12/10/2010 DoDAMM Autonomous Robot Sentry Gun (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
12/9/2010 Stretchable Silicon Electronics For Sports Apparel (re: Niven and Barnes) Clothing
12/8/2010 Robot Waiters And Receptionists In China Restaurant (re: George Lucas) Robotics
12/8/2010 Sonic Screwdrivers Using Ultrasonic Force Fields (re: Various) Engineering
12/7/2010 Will Lucas Resurrect Dead Actors Digitally? (re: Various) Computer
12/7/2010 UAVs Schooled In Thermals By Peregrine Falcons (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
12/7/2010 Robots With Knives 3, Irregularly Shaped Meat 0 (re: Robert Silverberg) Robotics
12/6/2010 Google Ebookstore - Great Expectations In The Cloud (re: Stanislaw Lem) Data Storage
12/5/2010 New Black From NASA Uses Nanotubes (re: E.E. 'Doc Smith) Material
12/4/2010 Electronic Sunglasses Designer Needs Your Help! (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
12/3/2010 New Building Block For Alien Life Discovered (re: Gene Roddenberry) Biology
12/3/2010 Pocket God's Hundreds Of Ways To Play God (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
12/2/2010 Pi4-Workerbot Adapts Quickly (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
12/2/2010 Robot Picks Strawberries, Doesn't Eat Any (re: Various) Robotics
12/1/2010 Computers Need Your Help In Image Recognition (re: Harry Harrison) Computer
12/1/2010 Samsung Flexible 3D AMOLED Display (re: E.C. Tubb) Display
11/30/2010 Synthespian Wannabe: Tron Legacy's Jeff Bridges (re: William Gibson) Culture
11/30/2010 Stem Cell Spray For Burn Healing (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
11/30/2010 Hey WikiLeaks! Where's My Shockwave Rider App? (re: John Brunner) Media
11/27/2010 Space Junk-Eating Pod-Craft (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
11/26/2010 Disposable E-Readers? (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
11/25/2010 'Super Photons' Blob State Matter (re: John W. Campbell) Material
11/25/2010 Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR) Evolves (re: Takazawa Kijuro) Robotics
11/24/2010 Land Crawler eXtreme Ready For Humma Kavula (re: Various) Vehicle
11/23/2010 3D Nano Molecular Structures Can Be Built On A Surface (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
11/23/2010 CyberTherapy Avatar Will See You Now (re: Orson Scott Card) Computer
11/22/2010 Morphy Nanny Robot Teaches, Learns From Babies (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/21/2010 Business Leaders Brain-Scanned (re: Philip K. Dick) Work
11/21/2010 Blitz Chess Terminator's Speedy Robot Arm (re: Ambrose Bierce) Robotics
11/20/2010 DEFLEXION Apparel For Superheroes (re: Larry Niven) Clothing
11/18/2010 Robots In Advertising Mostly CGI, Fortunately (re: Philip K. Dick) Media
11/18/2010 Agrarian Detroit, Your Harvest Home (re: Isaac Asimov) Manufacturing
11/17/2010 Spacetime Cloak Of Invisibility Conceals Events (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
11/16/2010 Brick Road-Printing Machine (re: China Mieville) Manufacturing
11/16/2010 Cognitive Enhancement (For Us) Vs. Degradation (For The Enemy) (re: Philip K. Dick) Warfare
11/15/2010 Kinect Hack Yields 'Minority Report' Interface (re: Steven Spielberg) Display
11/15/2010 Computer Recognizes Human Emotions From Conversation (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
11/14/2010 Ping Pong Robot Analyzes Own Game (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
11/14/2010 IEM Pill Microchip Remote Monitoring Of Dosage (re: William Gibson) Medical
11/13/2010 Virtual Star Hatsune Miku In 3D Hologram Concert Video (re: William Gibson) Culture
11/11/2010 Gold Nanoparticles To Make Trees Into Street Lights? (re: Jack Vance) Biology
11/11/2010 Marvin Minsky's Tentacle Arm Video (re: H.G. Wells) Robotics
11/10/2010 Sponge Bath Robot (And Human Volunteer) (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
11/9/2010 Boeing Sixth Gen Fighter Needs No Pilot (re: Various) Vehicle
11/7/2010 Small Human Livers Grown In Lab (re: Larry Niven) Medical
11/7/2010 Holographic Videoconferencing (re: Edmond Hamilton) Display
11/6/2010 EO To Asimo: Walking Robots Evolve 1986-2010 Videos (re: Various) Robotics
11/5/2010 Outlandish Disguise Fools Airline Security (re: Paul Verhoven) Surveillance
11/4/2010 Microwave Thermal Thruster With Beamed Propulsion (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
11/4/2010 E-Voting Simple And Verifiable (re: John Brunner) Culture
11/3/2010 Rice-Planting Robots Rescue Japanese Farmers (re: Philip K. Dick) Agriculture
11/3/2010 TEMPO2 Uses Pulsars For Celestial GPS (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
11/2/2010 Robofish Quick As Startled Pike (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
10/31/2010 Virtual Eternity Digital Clones By Intellitar (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
10/30/2010 Print Out New Skin Directly Onto Your Body (re: Various) Medical
10/28/2010 Airbus Proposes Invisible Plane (re: Various) Material
10/28/2010 Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit (re: C.J. Cherryh) Space Tech
10/26/2010 Flexible Nanowire Data Storage (re: Frank Herbert) Data Storage
10/26/2010 Q Sensor Wristband Detects Emotions (re: Various) Medical
10/24/2010 Robots Mix, Flip Pancakes Made From Scratch (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
10/24/2010 Gas Giant Exoplanet Can Has Moons? (re: Various) Space Tech
10/22/2010 CamBall Smallest Personal Camcorder (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
10/22/2010 Cubelets - Buy A Robot Swarm For $300 (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/21/2010 Hair Brush Reads Your Mind (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/20/2010 EARL Robot Bowler Perfect-300-Gamebot (re: Various) Robotics
10/20/2010 One-Way Human Mission To Mars (re: Various) Space Tech
10/18/2010 ACM-R4H Snake Robot Duct Inspector (re: Various) Robotics
10/18/2010 Babies Treat Robots Like Human Beings (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/17/2010 Dancing HRP-4C Robot Uncanny Valley Girl (re: Various) Robotics
10/15/2010 Army Wrist Display Uses 4.3 Inch OLED (re: Roger Zelazny) Communication
10/14/2010 Undersea Mining With Nautilus Minerals Seafloor Production System (re: Jules Verne) Engineering
10/14/2010 AutoNOMOS Robotic Taxi Called By iPad App (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
10/13/2010 When Do I Get My Language Rectifier? (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
10/13/2010 SBU Self Balancing Unicycle Perfected In V2.0 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/11/2010 MIT Glider Lands On a Perch Like A Bird (re: Roger Zelazny) Engineering
10/11/2010 MovieReshape Like Bruce Sterling's Video-Manicuring (re: Bruce Sterling) Engineering
10/9/2010 Google's Autonomous Robotic Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/9/2010 Berkeley Bionics eLEGS Exoskeleton (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
10/7/2010 Sony Internet TV Foreseen In 1946 (re: Murray Leinster) Computer
10/7/2010 Earth's Alien Life Forms In Avatar (re: James Cameron) Biology
10/6/2010 Stretchable Electronic Skin Input Device Video (re: John Varley) Engineering
10/6/2010 Fujitsu Social Robot Bear Video (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
10/5/2010 NEC Billboard Minority Report-Style (re: Steven Spielberg) Communication
10/5/2010 NELL Computer Learns To Surf The Web For Facts (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
10/3/2010 eXistenZ iPhone Charger Cable (re: Various) Computer
10/3/2010 Permanent Mechanical Heart A First For Children (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/30/2010 MobilePay USA Credit Card App For Smartphones (re: Frederik Pohl) Lifestyle
9/30/2010 DEMON UAV Has No Moving Flaps (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
9/30/2010 Habitable Planet Gliese 581g Is A 'Ribbon World' (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
9/27/2010 XOS 2 Raytheon Gen 2 Exoskeleton For Ironman 2 (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
9/27/2010 Festo Bionic Handling Assistant Video (re: H.G. Wells) Robotics
9/26/2010 Suspended Animation For Surgery Patients (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Medical
9/26/2010 iCub Robot ARCHER Gets Weapons Training (re: Various) Robotics
9/24/2010 Panasonic Robotic Care Assistance With Wheelchair (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
9/24/2010 First Artificial Human Ovary (re: Aldous Huxley) Medical
9/23/2010 Deleting Gene Makes Mice Smarter (re: Daniel Keyes) Biology
9/23/2010 Brain Coprocessor Platform Needed (re: William Gibson) Medical
9/22/2010 Assault Intervention Device - A Pain Ray Gun (re: Ray Cummings) Weapon
9/21/2010 PIRO Window Washing Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/21/2010 VW Talking Newspaper Ad (re: Greg Bear) Communication
9/20/2010 Brother AirScouter Retinal Imaging Display Video (re: Pohl/Kornbluth) Display
9/20/2010 Memory-Erasing Drugs (re: Jack Vance) Medical
9/19/2010 'Air Hopper' Robot Grasshopper (re: Bruce Sterling) Robotics
9/19/2010 Prototype Lunar Greenhouse (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
9/17/2010 Core Bipedal Robotic Vehicle (re: George Lucas) Robotics
9/17/2010 HRP-4 Robot Is Lean, Athletic (re: Various) Robotics
9/16/2010 Fabrican Spray-On T-Shirt Video (re: Stanislaw Lem) Clothing
9/16/2010 Kiss ME Device For Kiss Communication (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
9/15/2010 Rail-Launched Scramjets To Space (re: Wylie and Balmer) Space Tech
9/15/2010 2011 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge Announced (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
9/13/2010 Robots Learn To Understand Outdoor Scenes (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/13/2010 Robot Skin Detects Your Gentle Caress (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
9/12/2010 Remote Control Of Brain Activity (re: Vernor Vinge) Medical
9/11/2010 iPad For Radiologists? (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
9/10/2010 Hubble Shows 'smoke wound in a tight spiral coil' (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
9/10/2010 FrontlineSMS Legal Justice Via Cell Phone (re: David Brin) Artificial Intelligence
9/9/2010 Swiss Thought-Controlled Wheelchair (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
9/8/2010 Tractor Beam Works Over Longer Distances (re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
9/8/2010 Brian Robot Reads Your Emotions, Then Creeps You Out (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
9/7/2010 Life-sized Duplicate Of Deceased Girlfriend Manufactured (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
9/6/2010 Laser-Powered Helicopter (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
9/5/2010 First Cashless Society - In Somaliland? (re: Frederik Pohl) Culture
9/4/2010 Inflatable Lofts For NASA 'Campers' On Moon And Mars (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
9/3/2010 Artificial Kidney Prototype To Be Implantable (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/2/2010 Self-Healing Concrete Uses Bacteria For Healing (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
9/1/2010 Exmobaby Biosensor Pajamas For Baby (re: David H. Keller) Clothing
9/1/2010 Apple Live Streaming Fail (re: Edmond Hamilton) Communication
8/31/2010 Re Google: William Gibson, Read More SF (re: Frederik Pohl) Artificial Intelligence
8/31/2010 Nike's Air Kicks Back To The Future Power Laces (re: ) Clothing
8/27/2010 Yale Aerial Manipulator Flying Robotic Hand (re: Robert L. Forward) Robotics
8/27/2010 EggTorte Mini Micromouse (re: Maurice A. Hugi) Robotics
8/21/2010 M-Dress Has Phone, SIM Card And Antenna Embedded (re: Murray Leinster) Communication
8/21/2010 RG3 Robotic Greens Mower Is Sensor-Equipped (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
8/17/2010 Touch Sensor For Sensitive Robots (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
8/17/2010 Labor-Saving Centrifuge (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
8/17/2010 Aimec Child Robot Built By Childless Couple (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
8/15/2010 Murdoch To Create Digital News-Paper (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Communication
8/14/2010 Yurina Care Robot Cure For Nurses' Strained Backs (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Medical
8/14/2010 Robotic Wheelchair Autonomously Follows Walking Companion (re: John Brunner) Robotics
8/13/2010 Ignition Interlock Required For NY Drunk Drivers (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
8/13/2010 Solar-Photon Hoop Sails For Extrasolar Travel (re: Jack Vance) Space Tech
8/11/2010 Google's 'Omega Man' Street View Solution (re: ) Artificial Intelligence
8/10/2010 Neurochip A Living Brain On A Silicon Chip (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
8/10/2010 Vivos Shelter Network Survivalist Luxury (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
8/8/2010 Smart Ball Android Spherical Robot (re: Various) Robotics
8/8/2010 Vine Pruning Robots In New Zealand (re: Philip K. Dick) Agriculture
8/5/2010 Tiered Internet: Google/Verizon Deal/No Deal (re: John Brunner) Communication
8/4/2010 Gamers Outperform Algorithms At Competitive Protein Folding (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
8/4/2010 Make Money With Artificial Intelligence (re: Larry Niven) Artificial Intelligence
8/2/2010 'Intuitive Navigation' Augmented Reality For Smartphones (re: Various) Communication
8/1/2010 Improve MAVs By Studying Bees In Flight (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
8/1/2010 Telenoid R1 Uncanny Telepresence Robotics (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
7/29/2010 Robotic Tentacle Manipulator (re: H.G. Wells) Robotics
7/29/2010 Robot Surgeons To Be Fully Autonomous (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
7/28/2010 Did Arthur C. Clarke Predict GPS? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
7/28/2010 Telepresence Robot Roundup With Anybot (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
7/27/2010 Biofuel From Algae (re: Hal Clement) Engineering
7/27/2010 Ice Formation At Room Temperature Is Possible With New Material (re: Kurt Vonnegut) Material
7/25/2010 MIT's Cornucopia Digital Robotic Food Concept (re: John W. Campbell) Food
7/25/2010 Pancake-Flipping Robot Learns By Example (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
7/24/2010 Making Drone Aircraft Smarter (re: Peter Watts) Surveillance
7/21/2010 'Invisibles' Provides Tactile Feedback For VR (re: David Brin) Engineering
7/21/2010 Ecobot III Robot Seeks Out Organic Food (re: Various) Robotics
7/19/2010 Amazon Sells More Ebooks Than Hardcovers (re: Stanislaw Lem) Communication
7/18/2010 AQUA2 Underwater Robot With Flippers (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
7/18/2010 ChouChou Butterfly Robot (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
7/14/2010 Pharmed Blood Is DARPA's Tru Blood (re: Various) Medical
7/13/2010 Ikaros Solar Sail Works! (re: Jack Vance) Space Tech
7/12/2010 Computational Journalism The Homeostatic Newspaper (re: Philip K. Dick) Media
7/12/2010 Terahertz Remote Sensing Detectors (re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith) Engineering
7/11/2010 Solar Impulse Completes Night Flight (re: John W. Campbell) Engineering
7/8/2010 FURO Waitress Robot (re: George Lucas) Robotics
7/7/2010 Canon Wonder Camera Concept (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
7/7/2010 NTT Real-Time Voice Transcriber (re: David H. Keller) Communication
7/5/2010 Lung On A Chip - Electronics Plus Human Cells (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
7/5/2010 Unlimited Urban Woods - A Forest In A Box (re: Various) Engineering
7/5/2010 Robots Everywhere From Cell Phone Electronics (re: Various) Robotics
7/5/2010 Power Laces From Back To The Future 2 (re: Various) Clothing
7/4/2010 Waterfall Display Technology (re: Various) Display
7/3/2010 Real-Life Minority Report Interface Presentation Video (re: Steven Spielberg) Display
7/1/2010 Could Blimps Replace Planes For Cargo? (re: Jerry Pournelle) Transportation
7/1/2010 KrioRus Brain Freeze Technology (re: Frederik Pohl) Medical
6/30/2010 Tempwave: Raytheon Plowshares Energy Weapon (re: Philip K. Dick) Food
6/30/2010 Self-Folding 'Origami Robot' Smart Sheet (re: William Gibson) Robotics
6/29/2010 Perching Flying Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/28/2010 Fortune-Telling Robotic Vending Machine (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/27/2010 Italian Scientists Who Failed To Predict Quake Indicted For Manslaughter (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Misc
6/27/2010 Unilever Smile-Based Ice Cream Vending Machine (re: Douglas Adams) Food
6/26/2010 'Sandfish' Robot Moves Through Sand (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/25/2010 Large Flexible Plastic Sheet Displays (re: E.C. Tubb) Display
6/23/2010 Google Seeks Pohl's Joymaker Voice Recognition (re: Frederik Pohl) Artificial Intelligence
6/22/2010 EPI Life First ECG Mobile Phone (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Medical
6/21/2010 Hyperion Robot Walking Chair (re: George Lucas) Robotics
6/21/2010 Paro Robot Seal Helps Grandma (re: Anne McCaffrey) Robotics
6/18/2010 Stem Cells From Fat May Heal Bones (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
6/17/2010 Charlie Health Care Robot For Kiwis (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
6/17/2010 EMIEW2 Roller Skating Robot (re: Various) Robotics
6/15/2010 Taekwondo Robot Fighting In South Korea (re: Various) Robotics
6/14/2010 Suspended Animation Works in Lab (With Nematodes) (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
6/12/2010 Belvedere The Robot Butler (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
6/10/2010 Handheld Fashion Kinetoscope Appliance Found (re: H.G. Wells) Display
6/10/2010 LuminAR Bulb And Robot Lamp Frees Trapped Pixels (re: Various) Lifestyle
6/9/2010 'Retina Display' SFnally Perfect (Almost) (re: Ray Bradbury) Display
6/8/2010 Scarab Robotic Chase Vehicle Concept (re: Daniel Suarez) Surveillance
6/8/2010 eyeSight Gesture Control Of Android Phones (re: Douglas Adams) Computer
6/5/2010 PLEASE Painless Laser Epidural System Like Trek Hypospray (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
6/3/2010 Could Robot Fish Lead Gulf Fish To Safety? (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
6/3/2010 Aggressive Autonomous Quadrotor UAV Makes Its Moves (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
6/1/2010 Nanoparticle Tattoo Monitors Blood Glucose (re: Paul Di Filippo) Medical
6/1/2010 Internet Addiction Growing? (re: Dan Simmons) Computer
6/1/2010 Your Telemedicine Future (re: E.M. Forster) Medical
5/31/2010 SmartIris IDs People In Crowds (re: Stephen Spielberg) Surveillance
5/30/2010 Japan's Humanoid Robot Moonbase Plan (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/27/2010 SmartCap Detects Fatigue (re: Philip K. Dick) Clothing
5/27/2010 SCRAM Anklet For Lindsay Lohan (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
5/26/2010 Robotic Butterflies For Parks Near You? (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
5/26/2010 First Person Infected With Computer Virus (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
5/25/2010 Artificial Heart Recipient Goes Home With Freedom Driver (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
5/25/2010 bebionic Myo-Electric Hand Launched (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/24/2010 And DARPA Shall SMITE The Wicked (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
5/24/2010 Little Dog Robot's Uncanny Walk (re: Various) Robotics
5/21/2010 Google Adjustable Television (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
5/20/2010 Google Android Language Rectifier (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
5/19/2010 PoBot Has Your Back - For 25 Cents (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics