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Writing that combines science and fiction.
(From Thought Transmission on Mars [1916] by Hugo Gernsback)
Robots Build Robots
Using robot labor exclusively to build more robots.
(From Robbie (Strange Playfellow) [1940] by Isaac Asimov)
Robot Prohibition
Robots may not wander alone.
(From Robbie (Strange Playfellow) [1940] by Isaac Asimov)
Solar Radiant Energy Weapon
The device absorbs solar rays and then emits a powerful, coherent ray.
(From The Weapon [1936] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Automatic Defensors
Devices that follow along with you, providing extra viewpoints.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E. van Vogt)
Electrically Heated Clothes
Using artificial heating to counteract the cold of space.
(From Repetition [1940] by A.E. van Vogt)
Survey Craft
Light duty ship for use in atmosphere, to explore planets.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E. van Vogt)
Worn on the wrist, it helps you locate your transport.
(From The Meddler [1954] by Philip K. Dick)
Fight invasion from above with an analogous method to mining the surface of the sea.
(From The Space Visitors [1939] by Edmond Hamilton)
Nerve Control Lines
Designs that take control of human nervous systems.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E. van Vogt)
An autonomous taxi.
(From Vacuum Flowers [1987] by Michael Swanwick)
Hand Grip
Means of pulling oneself through a space ship at zero gravity.
(From Islands of Space [1931] by John W. Campbell)
A pneumatic tube that carries people.
(From The Faceless Men [1948] by Leo Zagat)
A moving sidewalk.
(From The Faceless Men [1948] by Leo Zagat)
Corrosite Gas
A highly corrosive gas.
(From The Machine That Thought [1939] by William Callahan)
Synthetic Intellect
A machine mind, created and improved by more primitive machine minds.
(From The Machine That Thought [1939] by William Callahan)
Galaxy Superbrain
The idea that the galaxy itself is a conscious entity.
(From Short-Wave Madness [1939] by Robert Castle)
An alternative name for simplified robot.
(From Helen O'Loy [1938] by Lester del Rey)
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