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Gom Jabbar
A needle with deadly poison, used to test for humans.
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Stone Burner
Atomic weapon which burrows deep into a planet; its radiation also attacks selected nerve tissues.
(From Dune Messiah [1969] by Frank Herbert)
A two-wheeled, self-balancing automobile.
(From Two Boys in a Gyrocar the story of a New York to Paris motor race [1911] by Kenneth Brown)
Alcatraz of Space
A planetoid prison.
(From Reunion on Ganymede [1938] by Clifford Simak)
Robotic Animals
Artificial animals created using robotic elements.
(From Reunion on Ganymede [1938] by Clifford Simak)
Comsole (Home Communications Console)
A home computer, connected to data services.
(From Imperial Earth [1976] by Arthur C. Clarke)
Painted Masks
Children choose to decorate otherwise uniform equipment masks.
(From Red Planet [1949] by Robert Heinlein)
Pacification Drones
Surveillance drones that emit calming notes.
(From The Breach [2020] by M.T. Hill)
Sloth Pill
A medication to induce a kind of somnolence like short-term hibernation; used in air travel.
(From The Breach [2020] by M.T. Hill)
Analogue Treatment
Hypnotic drug treatment that normalizes behavior in humans.
(From Ticket to Anywhere [1952] by Damon Knight)
A flying bus.
(From What Not: A Prophetic Comedy [1918] by Rose Macaulay)
Burner Modem
A connection device that can be thrown away if necessary.
(From The Breach [2020] by M.T. Hill)
Treatment of Extramundane Aborigines
Laws for aliens on their own planet.
(From Symbiotica [1943] by Eric Frank Russell)
Basic Robot Personality
Providing simple personalities to robots.
(From Simultaneous Worlds [1938] by Nat Schachner)
DNA Swab Palate
Adheres to the palate, and provides false material for DNA swabs.
(From The Breach [2020] by M.T. Hill)
An all-purpose surveillance robot that climbed rather than flew.
(From Hella [2020] by David Gerrold)
Bio-Implant (Compensator Chip)
A neural implant that helps an autistic child to live a more complete and useful life.
(From Hella [2020] by David Gerrold)
Knife Missile
A sharp-edged weapon that can maneuver in space.
(From Use of Weapons [1990] by Iain M Banks)
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