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Ray Pistol
A handheld device for projecting radiative force of some kind.
(From The Black Star Passes [1930] by John W. Campbell)
Altitude Suit
Special gear for venturing out at high altitude or even space.
(From The Black Star Passes [1930] by John W. Campbell)
Space Station One
Describes an early space station similar to the International Space Station, that grew over time by accretion.
(From The Sands of Mars [1951] by Arthur C. Clarke)
A spaceship capable of making interstellar jumps, that is, it could move over vast distances instantaneously.
(From The Lady Was A Tramp [1957] by Rose Sharon)
Pneumatic-Tube Zone
The portion of a city that is served by direct tubes to each dwelling.
(From Mechanocracy [1932] by Miles J. Breuer)
Vandelite Gun
An artillery device that freezes the explosive material for firing so it doesn't explode in the gun when it fires.
(From The World Masters [1903] by George Griffith)
Aerial Navies
Use of vast numbers of air-ships (planes) to overwhelm land defenses.
(From The World Masters [1903] by George Griffith)
A thin ray of electric light that melts flesh away from the bone.
(From The World Masters [1903] by George Griffith)
A spinal anesthetic that allows the reformation of personality.
(From The Confession of Dr. DeKalb [1939] by Stanton A. Coblentz)
Invisibility Magnets
They can cloak a space ship by bending light around it.
(From Redmask of the Outlands [1934] by Nat Schachner)
Wine Pellets
Fine wine in convenient, dried form.
(From Redmask of the Outlands [1934] by Nat Schachner)
A synthetic substance that is opaque unless penetrated by infra-red.
(From Redmask of the Outlands [1934] by Nat Schachner)
A means of psychological control over an individual.
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Instantaneous movement over vast distances, points many light-years apart.
(From Invaders From The Infinite [1932] by John W. Campbell)
Slide Rule w/Radio Attachment
Slide rule communicates results immediately with computer.
(From Mission to the Stars [1955] by A.E. van Vogt)
Smart Piston Spokes
A car that uses a set of pistons that feels and reacts to the surface to move around.
(From Heavy Weather [1994] by Bruce Sterling)
Flexible Car Map
A nonrigid map that extrudes from the dashboard of a car when needed.
(From Heavy Weather [1994] by Bruce Sterling)
Robots Refuse To Serve Man
When robots evolve their own perspectives, and ultimately refuse to act as servants to human beings.
(From The Mentanicals [1934] by Francis Flagg)
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