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Autonomous Assassination Drone
A flying UAV that is self-guided to a target, destroys the target, and is capable of destroying itself after mission completion.
(From Kill Decision [2012] by Daniel Suarez)
Tele-Photophonic Attachment
A device that permits a telephone funnel to see as well as hear.
(From The Messiah of the Cylinders [1917] by Victor Rousseau)
Telephone Funnel
A kind of two-way public loudspeaker.
(From The Messiah of the Cylinders [1917] by Victor Rousseau)
Open-Air Moving Picture Shows
Public news outlets
(From The Messiah of the Cylinders [1917] by Victor Rousseau)
Ray gun
A weapon that projects a beam of destructive force.
(From The Messiah of the Cylinders [1917] by Victor Rousseau)
An alien with a human-like shape and appearance.
(From Homo Sol [1941] by Isaac Asimov)
Rubber Hoof
Silent running for robot horses.
(From The Warlock in Spite of Himself [1969] by Christopher Stasheff)
Rubber Soled Feet
Silent padding for clanky robots.
(From Reason [1941] by Isaac Asimov)
Energy Converter
Massive unit on the sunside of Mercury converts heat into energy, and beams it around the solar system.
(From Runaround [1942] by Isaac Asimov)
A small opening in a space helmet for food insertion.
(From The Starfox [1965] by Poul Anderson)
A device that composes words to music.
(From 1984 [1948] by George Orwell)
Anti-Robot Propaganda
Human activity against robots.
(From Liar [1941] by Isaac Asimov)
A person who presents video broadcasts.
(From Second Foundation [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
Time Line
The sequence of events leading up to, and past, this moment.
(From Time Wants A Skeleton [1941] by Ross Rocklynne)
A vast, actual desert comprised of nanites, nanomachines.
(From The Fractal Prince [2012] by Hannu Rajaniemi)
A person who creates landforms and physical environments
(From The Diamond Age [1995] by Neal Stephenson)
A person with much more Time than an ordinary person.
(From The Quantum Thief [2010] by Hannu Rajaniemi)
Special craft for journeys through the atmosphere of a gas giant planet.
(From Finisterra [2007] by David Moles)
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