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A listening device.
(From We [1922] by Yevgeny Zamyatin)
Food Preparation Machine
An automated device for the production of complete meals.
(From Unto Us A Child Is Born [1933] by David H. Keller)
Synthetic Food
Edible food for humans, grown in the laboratory.
(From Unto Us A Child Is Born [1933] by David H. Keller)
Synthetic Babies
A means of gestating eggs to term is found.
(From A Biological Experiment [1928] by David H. Keller)
Human Serial Number
A unique number tattooed on body of a person.
(From Unto Us A Child Is Born [1933] by David H. Keller)
A device that recorded and played back the thoughts of the user.
(From A Biological Experiment [1928] by David H. Keller)
A personal vehicle for indoor and outdoor use.
(From The Revolt of the Pedestrians [1928] by David H. Keller)
A device that jumbles sensory input.
(From Changeling [1980] by Roger Zelazny)
Human Blood Chlorophyll
Replacement of elements of human blood with chlorophyll.
(From The Murgatroyd Experiment [1929] by S.P. Meek)
Deliberate manipulation of genes to produce unique species.
(From Crisis in Utopia [1940] by Norman L. Knight)
A device that provided a view of the other booth.
(From The Planeteer [1918] by Michael Flynn)
Genetic Engineering
Direct manipulation of genetic material
(From Dragon's Island [1951] by Jack Williamson)
Cogitator (The Chair of Reflection)
A device which improves the rationality of the thinking processes.
(From The Consolidator [1705] by Daniel Defoe)
Hunter Program
Searching for occupied dwellings by monitoring electric power usage.
(From Mindkiller [1982] by Spider Robinson)
An autonomous truck.
(From The Corkscrew of Space [1956] by Poul Anderson)
A compact vehicle for planetary surfaces - like Mercury.
(From Brightside Crossing [1956] by Alan E. Nourse)
Private Flyer
A privately-owned air vehicle that used no control surfaces for maneuvering.
(From Childhood's End [1953] by Arthur C. Clarke)
Voice in the Ear
Project a voice or sound to one individual's ears only.
(From Childhood's End [1953] by Arthur C. Clarke)
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