WellAWARE Passive Sensor Monitoring Of Elderly

WellAWARE Systems has created a passive monitoring system for older people who may need assistance, but prefer to live independently. Sensors are placed throughout the living space, with special emphasis on problematic areas.

(WellAWARE home monitoring setup)

The system readily provides a baseline of activity; caregivers are alerted to any changes in the resident's behavior.

  • Monitoring key wellness indicators, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, activity, toilet use, and psycho-social aspects
  • Interpreting the trend analysis and pro-actively intervening to minimize serious medical complications from undetected acute or chronic health conditions
  • Detecting potential emergencies such as debilitating falls or stoves being left on unattended for an excessive period of time
  • Delivering reassurance to families and partnering with caregivers by providing frequent status updates on the well being of monitored individuals
  • Enabling cared for individuals to live independently as long as possible
  • Science fiction fans saw this one coming from a long way off. In his 1951 collection of short stories The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury writes about a similar kind of system in his classic short story The Veldt.

    They walked down the hall of their soundproofed Happylife Home, which had cost them thirty thousand dollars installed, this house which clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them.
    (Read more about Bradbury's Happylife Home)

    From WellAWARE Systems via ZDNet.

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