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E-Nose NOS.E Knows Whiskey With One Sniff

NOS.E, an electronic nose (or E-Nose) developed at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia can determine a whiskey brand 95% of the time with just one sniff. Or whiff, as the case may be.

( The NOS.E analyzed whiskey samples at CEBIT, 2019 )

“This lucrative industry has the potential to be a target of fraudulent activities such as mislabelling and adulteration,” explains Steven Su, and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. “Trained experts and experienced aficionados can easily tell the difference between whiskies from their scents. But it is quite difficult for most consumers, especially amateurs.”

In their study, the researchers put NOS.E to the test by using it to analyze a panel of half a dozen different whiskies, ranging from Johnnie Walker red and black label brands to Macallan’s 12-year-old single malt Scotch whisky. For comparison, they also analyzed the whiskey samples using a state-of-the-art gas chromatography (GC) device.

NOS.E was on par with the GC device in terms of identifying whiskey brands.

(Via IEEE.)

In the film, a man is shot using a missile-like bullet; the sniffer robot is brought in to find out more. The crime scene technician interprets the results:

"It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetrahydrocarbons. The tetras are explosives and the diphenyls are solid propellant like those used in rockets. How big did you say these missiles are?"

(Sniffer Robot from Runaway by Michael Crichton)

(Read more about sniffer robots)

I admit that I thought this was far-fetched when I saw this movie in the theater thirty-five years ago; now I'm not so sure.

Those with a nose for odor-related news may enjoy dogs sniff for cancer, the odor alarm clock and the Banryu guard dragon robot. Also, I'd like to recommend this April Fool's Day article on Google AdCense can improve olfactory relevancy. Read more about nanobiosensors; take a look at the SPOT-NOSED website.

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