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Mesmer Robot Head Must Be Seen

Check out this short motion test for a Mesmer robot head. And no, it's not CGI!

(Mesmer Robot Head from Engineered Arts)

Breathe life into the character of your choice. Mesmer is an Engineered Arts system for building realistic humanoid robots that are powerful, elegant and cost-effective. Whether you’re promoting a brand, IP or the life of an actual person, Mesmer will never fail to stun onlookers.

Expressive like nothing else, Mesmer can display a huge range of human emotion. Each Mesmer robot is designed and built from 3D in-house scans of real people, allowing us to imitate human bone structure, skin texture and expressions convincingly.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to use Mesmer. In fact, you don’t need to code at all. Thanks to our Tritium operating system, Mesmer can be programmed intuitively and controlled remotely from any location.

You'd be hard pressed to find an earlier, direct reference to a "robot head" than in The Iron World, a 1937 story by Otis Adelbert Kline published in Thrilling Wonder Stories.

Drawing a long pair of rubber gloves over his shaking robot hands. Grimes plunged them into the solution surrounding the suspended brain, and released the clamps. Then he placed the lower half of the skull case beneath it, clamped the upper half over it, and after forcing them firmly together, lifted it from the tank. He next drew a plate from the head of the robot. A cable as large as the human spinal cord, containing thousands of tiny wires was attached to the plate, which he now clamped on the lower part of the skull case. He taped it around the edges, and sealed the two halves of the skull case. Then he placed it inside the robot head, and clapped the padded wig over it.

The robot lay inert, and apparently lifeless, and the girl threw a meaning glance at her tall blond companion.

But Grimes paid no attention to them. He snapped his fingers before the face of the robot.

“Wake up. Max Altgeld,” he said.

“My God !” the robot said as he saw his dead body; “You did it. It’s my body..."

Note that the Mesmer robot head does NOT have a human brain! Although it looks like it might.

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