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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 2,400 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 4,100 Science Fiction in the News articles.

The Living Tree House
'There were trees comprised of a central columnar trunk and four vast leaves...'- Jack Vance, 1954. (10/26/2014)
Flying Defibrillator Ambulance Drone
'The death-reversal equipment is on its way...'- Frederk Pohl, 1965. (10/25/2014)
High Fidelity Produces More Expressive Avatars!
'They are the audiovisual bodies that people use to communicate with each other...'- Neal Stephenson, 1992. (10/24/2014)
Physicists Build Repulsor / Tractor Beam
'Brandon swung mighty tractor beams upon the severed halves of the Jovian vessel...'- EE 'Doc' Smith, 1931. (10/23/2014)
Will You Upload Your Mind Anytime Soon?
And if so, how long will the copy last? (10/22/2014)
Students! NASA Wants To 3D Print Your Tool Design In Space!
'Mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1979 (10/21/2014)
Amazing ARES Augmented Reality Sandbox
'First he showed him where the input and output of his brand-new kingdom were, and how to program wars...'- Stanislaw Lem, 1965. (10/21/2014)
'3D Light Sculpture' Projected Directly Onto Retina
'...projects directly on the retina of the eye…'- Kornbluth and Pohl, 1952 (10/20/2014)
3D Printer Vending Machine Dispenses Dreams
'Nanofax AG offers a technology that digitally reproduces objects, physically, at a distance.'- William Gibson, 1999. (10/19/2014)
Why Not Nurse Grandma With A Robot?
'She's made of a combination of springs, levers, acoustic instruments...'- David Keller, 1928. (10/18/2014)
Flock Of Minisats Will Image The Earth
'We... dropped roughly a thousand eyes on Beta Hydri IV.'- Robert Silverberg, 1969. (10/17/2014)
Should Robots Have Civil Rights?
'I've seen things... you people wouldn't believe...'- Blade Runner. (10/16/2014)
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Cosmoline (Warm Sleep)
Special gel that offers healing and hibernation for space travelers.
(From War Dogs [2014] by Greg  Bear)
Replaced Worker Benefits
Compensation for people whose jobs are taken by robots.
(From Spark [2014] by John  Twelve Hawks)
An android that directly replaces a human at their job.
(From Spark [2014] by John  Twelve Hawks)
A base material for synthetic food.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
Special material for space dome leaks.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
Dressing Machine
A robotic device to serve as a mechanical dresser.
(From Roll Our the Rolov! [1953] by Christopher  Anvil)
A specialized robot for the bedroom.
(From Roll Our the Rolov! [1953] by Christopher  Anvil)
National Network Surveillance
A system for providing the government with a way to monitor computer network use.
(From The Shockwave Rider [1975] by John  Brunner)
Ultraminiature Spy-Circuit
Tiny bits of 'smart dust' used as surveillance devices.
(From The Unknown [1972] by Christopher  Anvil)
Nexus-7 Android
The next version after the Nexus-6.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K.  Dick)
Android Safety Mechanism
A device that temporarily incapacitates an android.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K.  Dick)
Orbiting Factories
Manufacturing centers in orbit around the Earth.
(From The Fountains of Paradise [1978] by Arthur C.  Clarke)
Alien Zoo
A zoo that brings together plants and animals from many planets.
(From The Dosadi Experiment [1977] by Frank  Herbert)
Smoke Jets (Air Leak Detection)
A means of determining the location of air leaks in a building built on an airless moon.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
Floating Castle
A vast building floating freely above the land surface of Ringworld.
(From Ringworld [1970] by Larry  Niven)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

Rat Neurons In A Dish Now Playing Flight Simulator
Dr. Thomas DeMarse has created a "brain in a dish" that can interact with a computer flight simulation. (Re: Peter Watts)

Hey Epsilons! Brave New World Getting Closer
Looks like Ford's in his flivver and all's well with the world, right? (re: Aldous Huxley)

Leaked USAF Report Targets European GPS Satellites
What will we do 10 years from now when American lives are put at risk because an adversary chooses to leverage the global positioning system... (re: John Brunner)

Chips In Your Head - Artificial Brain Prosthesis Under Development
A six team, multi-laboratory effort have been working on different components of what is described as an artificial brain prosthesis. (re: William Gibson)

White Box Robotics 912 - Hackable Home Robot
The 912 comes with a Windows-based application to control the robot. (re: George Lucas)

Slow Light Will Speed Communications
Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are working on a way to slow light to a crawl. (re: Bob Shaw)

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