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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 2,500 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 4,300 Science Fiction in the News articles.

TALOS Exoskeleton Development Proceeding
'Suited up, you look like a big steel gorilla...' - Robert Heinlein, 1959. (6/7/2017)
Autonomous Robots Navigate Like Rats
'Out of warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted.' - Ray Bradbury, 1950. (6/6/2017)
SINTEF Robot Cleans Solar Panels
'The window cleaners, with large padded feet...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972. (6/5/2017)
Pangorin Restaurant Service Robots
What'll you have? Jawa juice? (6/4/2017)
Drug Creates Real Melanin Tan
I've used them all my life... (6/3/2017)
Medical Drones Hover Like Angels Near You
'The death-reversal equipment is on its way...'- Frederk Pohl, 1965. (6/2/2017)
SkEye Amazing Israeli Gigapixel Drone
'An eye that could not only see, but fly...' - Manly Wade Wellman, 1938. (6/1/2017)
How Rude! DARPA Wants Robots To Behave More Like Threepio
'Do I know protocol? Why, it's my primary function.' - George Lucas, 1976. (5/30/2017)
'Liquid Light' Flows Around Corners
Light as a superfluid. (5/29/2017)
Unrolling The Filmy Materials Of Space Tech
'When unfolded and unrolled... it became a tough, gleaming film.' - Jack Vance, 1962. (5/28/2017)
Buddy Companion Robot Your Bulbous Friend
'Nanny was built in the shape of a sphere, a large metal sphere, flattened on the bottom...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955. (5/27/2017)
Poli-X1 Prototype Bee Pollinator
Always buzz, buzz, buzz, eh Mr. Drone? (5/26/2017)
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Cylinder Space Suit
A mostly rigid, cylindrical space suit.
(From Islands in the Sky [1952] by Arthur C.  Clarke)
Tannin-Secretion Pills
Artificially darkens skin, for skin protection.
(From Crashlander [1994] by Larry  Niven)
A cyborg insect.
(From The Golden City [2009] by John  Twelve Hawks)
A device worn to part crowds.
(From Infomocracy [2016] by Malka  Older)
New Blood For Old
Replacing the blood plasma of older people with material from younger people.
(From Methuselah's Children [1941] by Robert  Heinlein)
Flip to Brake
Maneuver to put the tail end (with rocket output) in the forward direction of travel to use for lowering velocity.
(From Methuselah's Children [1941] by Robert  Heinlein)
Interplanetary Clearance
Bureaucratic red tape associated with busy space ports.
(From Methuselah's Children [1941] by Robert  Heinlein)
Panoramic Viewer
Permits observation at a distance, as well as the projection of a holographic image.
(From Childhood's End [1953] by Arthur C.  Clarke)
Protective Field (Safety Field)
An static energy field used to protect a city.
(From The Man in the Maze [1969] by Robert  Silverberg)
Flying Robot Drone Probe
A remote-controlled flying drone used for remote investigation and surveillance.
(From The Man in the Maze [1969] by Robert  Silverberg)
Zero 'g'
In a ship in orbit, in free fall.
(From Islands in the Sky [1952] by Arthur C.  Clarke)
A radiation-resistant robot.
(From The Defenders [1953] by Philip K.  Dick)
A state in which gravity is effectively absent or cancelled out.
(From If Science Reached the Earth's Core [1938] by John R.  Binder)
Robot Strike
When robots refuse to work.
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari  Wolf)
Flesh Men
Thinking beings that are not mechanical robots - human beings.
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari  Wolf)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

Planetary Parks Proposed For Mars Conservatio
A set of seven 'planetary parks' have been proposed for the conservation of the martian environment by two European scientists. (Re: Alfred Bester)

Robotic Tomato Harvester Ready For Space
Peter Ling of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center has created a robotic tomato harvester. (re: Gregory Benford)

Crime-Fighting Computer - The Game's Afoot 24x7
The computer system is able to work on crime-stopping twenty-four hours per day, all week long. (re: Isaac Asimov)

Ornithopters In Fact And Fiction
An ornithopter under development at the University of Toronto's Institute for Aerospace Studies may yet make Leonardo da Vinci's dream a reality. (re: Frank Herbert)

Skeletar And Dragon Lyre ExoticGuitars - Science Fiction Instruments
Luthier Peter McGilton has used his Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and post graduate studies in classical instrument construction, to take the guitar-maker's art to truly science-fictional levels. (re: Various)

Robotic Fish From China
The black-bodied robot fish is about four feet long, and resembles a real fish in both shape and movement. (re: Michael Swanwick)

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