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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 3,800 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 6,400 Science Fiction in the News articles.

Live Stream With Meta-Ban Multimodal Smart Glasses
'...the bug-eyed, opaque gape of her True-Vu lenses.' - David Brin, 1990. (5/18/2024)
'Autonomous' Waymo Improves Driving With Remote Human Operators
'...some bored drone pusher in a remote driving centre has got your life... in his hands.' - Charles Stross, 2007 (5/16/2024)
Will Whales Be Our First Contact?
'He had piloted the Adastra to its first contact with the civilization of another solar system.' - Murray Leinster, 1935. (5/14/2024)
Heinleinís Controlway - Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Corridor In Michigan
'Well, that's us,' said Lazarus. (5/12/2024)
NYC/Dublin Portal Fails To Meet 'Guardian Of Forever' Standards
I am the Guardian of Forever. (5/10/2024)
SliceIt! Why Not Teach Robots To Use Knives?
'One building now gushed forth smoke and another stench that was unmistakable.' - Anne McCaffrey, 1996. (5/10/2024)
FLOAT Levitating Train On The Moon ala Clarke
'The low-slung monorail car, straddling its single track, bored through the shadows on a slowly rising course.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1955. (5/8/2024)
Singapore Writers Push Back On LLM Training
'...we've promised him a generous pension from the royalties.' - Anthony Boucher, 1943. (5/6/2024)
SpaceX Intros Extravehicular Activity Suit
'Provision had been made to meet the terrific cold which we knew would be encountered the moment we had passed beyond the atmosphere.' - Garrett P. Serviss, 1898. (5/4/2024)
Athena Smart Security Guard Robot With Face Recognition
'You are who we say you are, Dr. Dakin,' Turner said.' - Greg Bear, 2003. (5/1/2024)
The FLUTE Project - A Huge Liquid Mirror In Space
'It's area, and its consequent light-gathering capacity, was many times greater than any rigid mirror...' - Raymond Z. Gallun, 1934. (4/28/2024)
Robot Preachers Found To Undermine Religious Commitment
'Tell me your torments,' the Padre said, in an elderly voice marked with compassion. - Philip K. Dick, 1969. (4/26/2024)
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Automatic Defensors
Devices that follow along with you, providing extra viewpoints.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E.  van Vogt)
Electrically Heated Clothes
Using artificial heating to counteract the cold of space.
(From Repetition [1940] by A.E.  van Vogt)
Survey Craft
Light duty ship for use in atmosphere, to explore planets.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E.  van Vogt)
Worn on the wrist, it helps you locate your transport.
(From The Meddler [1954] by Philip K.  Dick)
Fight invasion from above with an analogous method to mining the surface of the sea.
(From The Space Visitors [1939] by Edmond  Hamilton)
Nerve Control Lines
Designs that take control of human nervous systems.
(From The Rull [1948] by A.E.  van Vogt)
An autonomous taxi.
(From Vacuum Flowers [1987] by Michael  Swanwick)
A pneumatic tube that carries people.
(From The Faceless Men [1948] by Leo  Zagat)
A moving sidewalk.
(From The Faceless Men [1948] by Leo  Zagat)
Hand Grip
Means of pulling oneself through a space ship at zero gravity.
(From Islands of Space [1931] by John W.  Campbell)
Corrosite Gas
A highly corrosive gas.
(From The Machine That Thought [1939] by William  Callahan)
Synthetic Intellect
A machine mind, created and improved by more primitive machine minds.
(From The Machine That Thought [1939] by William  Callahan)
Galaxy Superbrain
The idea that the galaxy itself is a conscious entity.
(From Short-Wave Madness [1939] by Robert  Castle)
An alternative name for simplified robot.
(From Helen O'Loy [1938] by Lester  del Rey)
Artificial Skin
Tight-fitting material that keeps the heat of the body from escaping into space.
(From Between Earth and Moon [1930] by Otfrid  von Hanstein)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

E. Coli Forced To Evolve: Old Bacterium Learns New Trick
The general method was remarkably similar to a technique used by award-winning sf author Theodore Sturgeon in his classic 1941 story Microcosmic God. (re: Theodore Sturgeon)

Nanotechnology Grand Challenge Events Called For
We've all had fun watching the recent Grand Challenge race run by DARPA. Let's help DARPA set up the nanotechnology Grand Challenge for very small vehicles. (re:

da Vinci Surgical Robot: Dr.'s Helper
A 2004 University of Michigan study noted that patients who were operated on with robotic surgeon assistance recovered more quickly with fewer or less obtrusive scars using a surgical robot. Similar devices are used in telemedicine; read a wry encoun (re: Peter Watts)

Contour Crafting: 3D House Printer
Perhaps you've used those programs that let you design your dream house, creating a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file. Not quite ready to take up the hammer and start building? What if you could just "print" your house? (re: Bruce Sterling)

RobotCop III - Not Quite R. Daneel Olivaw
In his classic 1953 robot story Caves of Steel, Isaac Asimov teamed a human detective with a robotic one - R. Daneel Olivaw. Hong Kong has been testing robotic police officers for years, and has now introduced RobotCop III. (re: Isaac Asimov)

Poweriser: Extreme Sports Gear from The Diamond Age
In The Diamond Age, author Neal Stephenson creates a vivid picture of a future Shanghai. The novel mixes "futuristic" devices based on nanotechnology with simpler mechanical devices that are almost Victorian in their simplicity... Imagine my surpri (re: Neal Stephenson)

DARPA's BigDog Robot And Bradbury's Mechanical Hound
In his chilling 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury created the mechanical hound, a robot that accompanied the firemen and helped with their work... DARPA has made a multi-million dollar investment in the soldier of the future's best friend - Big (re: Ray Bradbury)

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