Brush Up On Star Trek Tech Made Real

The new Star Trek movie is almost out; I'm looking forward to seeing an update to the Star Trek technology of yesteryear. So much of the "science-fictional" technology from The Original Series is now a reality - or close to it.

Ultrasound Bloodless Surgery Star Trek-Style
Rather than cutting into patients with primitive steel tools that haven't changed too much in the last several thousand years, doctors will focus high-intensity ultrasound beams at a particular spot in the body.

Military Sets PHASR On Stun
The Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response device is under development.

'Tricorder' Ready For Mars Rover This Year
"We're developing a tricorder," declares Dr. Robert Downs of the University of Arizona Department of Geosciences.

LifeBed System Like Star Trek Sick Bay
Star Trek fans (classic Trek, natch) recall the amazing sick bay beds that always knew everything about patients lying on them.

Virtual Wife Nags Via Email
Classic Star Trek fans of course remember hapless Harry Mudd, entrepreneur and android salesman. He made a copy of his actual shrewish wife just for fun.

Zingo Local Anesthesia Like Star Trek Hypospray
The device uses compressed gas to accelerate lidocaine particles under the skin.

Doll Fabbed From Living Cells
This seems like just the sort of android 'blank' that you would need to create duplicates of your favorites - like Captain Kirk in the Star Trek episode What Little Girls Are Made Of.

ITPP Boosts Blood Oxygen Like Star Trek Triox
When given by direct injection to mice with damaged hearts in a recent experiment, it turned these couch potato mice into treadmill lovers...

Deflector Shields For Spacecraft?
These Star Trek-style shields could be turned off or on depending on solar activity or other requirements.

Laser Welding Skin Closure Like Star Trek
“It could also become a device for the battlefield, allowing soldiers to heal each other on contact with a laser wand,” says Prof. Katzir.

Holo-Dek - A Unique Real-World Virtual Venue
The object at Holo-Dek gaming theaters is to combine the experiences of large-screen presentation with multiplayer gaming as experienced online - but better.

Siemens Communicator Badge: Trek-style Communicator
The device can be worn like a badge, or on a lanyard around your neck.

Universal Translator, Babelfish Possible
When a Professor of Biological Anthropology and Linguistics starts talking about it, that's something worth understanding.

ELISHA Handheld Personal Biosensors
Aging Star Trek fans can't wait to get their hands on this one; we've been waiting since 1967.

Transparent Aluminum Armor Tested By Military
ALON is a ceramic compound with very high compressive strength and durability; it offers better performance than traditional materials consisting of bonded glass.

'Plastic Steel': Optically Transparent Plastic Nanocomposites
"Plastic steel" is stiff and ultra strong, with properties approaching the values of steel and its alloys.

Alien Languages Translated By Computer Program?
"Language has to be structured in a certain way otherwise it will be inefficient and unwieldy."

Tanaka Auto Door
The fabled automatic doors of Star Trek come to life in a new way.

The Thinking Man's Wheelchair
Audeo allows the control of a wheelchair by neurological signals. Put more simply, you can move the chair if you think you can.

Alien Musical Instruments?
The Suzuki Q Chord has been played by David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr.

Life Detector Robot To Find Life On Distant Worlds
A robotic rover called Zoe is the first robot to remotely detect the presence of life.

Urey Life Detector
Urey will also distinguish between amino acids made by biological and non-biological processes.

You might also want to check out this feature I did with on Star Trek tech; go to Top Ten Star Trek Tech.

(Top Ten Star Trek Tech)

Perhaps I'll see you at the movies.

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