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Science Fiction in the News Archive

Date Story (related science fiction author) Category
7/21/2022 NAVER Labs Haptic Device 2.0 Robot vs. IKEA (re: ) Robotics
7/19/2022 Spaceships Should Last So Long (re: E.C. Tubb) Space Tech
7/17/2022 Shine On, Portable Wind Turbine (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Engineering
7/15/2022 Amazing Indoor Robotic Drones Mimic Dolphins and Whales (re: Clarence Edward Heller) Robots
7/13/2022 Space Station Shutters (re: Fritz Leiber) Space Tech
7/12/2022 Tiny Mining - Extract Precious Industrial Minerals From Your Own Body (re: Gene Roddenberry) Material
7/11/2022 MIT Proposes Space Bubbles To Combat Climate Change, Misses The Point Of Space Bubbles (re: Fritz Leiber) Space Tech
7/9/2022 Tianjin Solar Vehicle From Hanergy (2022) Looking Like Heinlein's (1940) (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
7/7/2022 Study Reveals Effect Of Space Travel On The Brain (re: Hugo Gernsback) Space Tech
7/5/2022 Sky Cruise Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel Concept (re: Ed Earl Repp) Vehicle
7/3/2022 The Mojo Smart Contact Lens Experience (re: Vernor Vinge) Engineering
7/1/2022 Small Town Wants 60 License Plate Readers (re: Robert Heinlein) Surveillance
6/29/2022 Lightyear 0 World's First Production-Ready Solar Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/28/2022 AI Robots Excel At Trash Sorting And Recycling (re: Harry Harrison) Artificial Intelligence
6/27/2022 Could Increased Space Rocketry Damage The Ozone Layer? (re: Peter F. Hamilton) Space Tech
6/25/2022 Dyson's Secret Household Robots (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
6/23/2022 Festo BionicSwift Bird Robots Described In 1930 (re: C.E. Heller) Robotics
6/21/2022 Robotics Jobs In The Food Industry (re: C.E. Heller) Robotics
6/19/2022 Prototype 3D Printer Could Print Arteries In Seconds (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
6/17/2022 China Wants 'Hard Kill' Capability To Counter Starlink Satellites (re: John Brunner) Space Tech
6/15/2022 Low-Cost Gel Pulls Water From Atmosphere Like Star Wars Vaporator (re: George Lucas) Engineering
6/13/2022 Pixy Flying Selfie Drone From Snap (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
6/11/2022 Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Crabs (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
6/9/2022 Pleasure Model Replicants Now Available (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
6/7/2022 Robot Covered In Living Human Skin (re: James Cameron) Robotics
6/5/2022 Dall-E 2 Creates Art To Order (re: F.L. Wallace) Artificial Intelligence
6/3/2022 SpaceX Rocket Quick Reaction Force (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
6/1/2022 Do AIs Create Their Own Language? (re: Francis Flagg) Artificial Intelligence
5/29/2022 Vortex Rings Of Light (re: John W. Campbell) Engineering
5/27/2022 Google Engineer Convinced LaMDA Chatbot Is Sentient, Is Sent Home (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
5/25/2022 Sorry, Futurists! Tamagotchi Kids, Virtual Children Already Predicted By SF Writer in 2008 (re: Stephen Baxter) Virtual Person
5/23/2022 Tortoise Mobile Smart Stores (re: Karl Schroeder) Lifestyle
5/21/2022 Solar House Concept Unfolds Solar Panels Like A Flower (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
5/20/2022 Musk: Defeat The Bots, Authenticate The Humans (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
5/19/2022 Lonestar Offers Lunar Storage For Ultimate In Security (re: Various) Data Storage
5/17/2022 Envisioning Starship Earth Travel - In 1930 By Max Valier (re: Max Valier) Engineering
5/15/2022 Man's Marriage To Hologram Ruined By Software Glitch (re: William Gibson) Virtual Person
5/13/2022 Carbon Robotics: War Of The Worlds As A Metaphor For Weed Control (re: HG Wells) Robotics
5/11/2022 Pathways Language Model (PaLM) Is No Joke (re: William Tenn) Artificial Intelligence
5/9/2022 MOOSE: Man Out Of Space Easiest or Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment (re: Doc Smith) Space Tech
5/7/2022 Liquid Lenses Adjust Automatically, Not Quite Dune Binoculars (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
5/5/2022 Your Martian Dream Home, Made By Fungi (re: Larry Niven) Materials
5/3/2022 The Dune Ornithopter, Movie And Book (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
5/1/2022 100X Improvement In DNA Information Storage (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
4/29/2022 NASA 'Holoports' Doctor Onto Space Station (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
4/27/2022 Should We Train AIs To Imagine A Future Of Horrific Disasters (re: Harlan Ellison) Artificial Intelligence
4/25/2022 Mouth Haptics Invented By Frederik Pohl In 1965, CMU Now Has Prototype (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
4/23/2022 Two Towns Linked By Sculpture Portal In Real Time (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
4/21/2022 3D Printed Robotic Tentacles (re: HG Wells) Robotics
4/19/2022 Update: Musk Doubles Down On Optimus Prime Humanoid Robot (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/17/2022 Elon Musk: Production Of Robotaxis In 2024 (re: David Keller) Vehicle
4/15/2022 True Crime Live Podcasting In Fiction (re: Harl Vincent) Communication
4/13/2022 AI Employment Decision Software Reconsidered By California Lawmakers (re: Marshall Brain) Artificial Intelligence
4/11/2022 Six Ships Are Now Docked At The International Space Station! (re: Various) Space Tech
4/9/2022 SUCHO Saving Ukraine's Libraries Digitally (re: George Zebrowski) Culture
4/7/2022 Optimus Prime Tesla Robot Overall Humanoid Software Architecture (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/5/2022 Vast Cosmic Structures And Spooky Alignments (re: Poul Anderson) Space Tech
4/3/2022 NextSense Earbuds Spy On Your Brain (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/1/2022 Plasma Window Technology, Pressure Cushions and Deflector Doors (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
3/29/2022 Screaming Fist: Was Cyber Warfare Used Against Russia? Against Ukraine? (re: William Gibson) Compter
3/27/2022 Back In The Office? Relearn To Smile (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
3/25/2022 Autonomous Waymo Jaguar I-PACEs In San Francisco (re: Dr. David H. Keller) Vehicle
3/23/2022 Do Contagious Vaccines Work Better? (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
3/21/2022 Your Inner Sleeping Landscape Is An Advertiser's Dream (re: Edmond Hamilton) Culture
3/19/2022 Superfast Energetic Electron 'Precipitation' Pelts Our Earth! (re: AE van Vogt) Space Tech
3/17/2022 Giant Telescope Lenses Made In Space (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
3/15/2022 Polestar O2 Electric Car Concept With Integrated Drone (re: Denis Villeneuve) Engineering
3/13/2022 When Will I Get My Unipod Gyro Balanced Personal Vehicle (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
3/11/2022 Gas Prices Worse Than In 'I Am Legend' (re: Richard Matheson) Culture
3/9/2022 Einride Remote Pod Operators Control Multiple Pods (re: Charles Stross) Vehicle
3/7/2022 Kilometer-Wide Rotating Space Station On One Rocket (re: Edward Everett Hale) Space Tech
3/5/2022 American Astronaut Will Return With Fellow Russian Crew (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
3/3/2022 Cooler Screens Deliver Ads To You, Their Captive Audience (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Culture
3/1/2022 ESA Team To Make Oxygen On The Moon (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
2/27/2022 AVATECT Prevents Spoofing Of Avatars (re: Daniel Suarez) Computer
2/25/2022 Quantum Sensing Searchlight Maps The Interior Of The Earth (re: Frank Stockton) Engineering
2/23/2022 NASA's Exoplanet Superheroes (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
2/21/2022 Rivian Actually Making Electric Self-Driving Trucks (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
2/19/2022 San Fran's Tiny Homeless (re: Marshall Brain) Living Space
2/17/2022 NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge! (re: Various) Food
2/15/2022 Wandercraft Atalante Exoskeleton Now With Natural Gait (re: Edmond Hamilton) Robotics
2/13/2022 Artificial Intelligence 'Dabus' Listed As Inventor, Granted Patent (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
2/11/2022 Prufrock-1 Tunnel Maker Arrives In Vegas (re: Frank Stockton) Engineering
2/9/2022 Robotic Crow Design, Like Crows, Is A Bit Creepy (re: Philip E. High) Robotics
2/7/2022 Compressorhead Robotic Band Jams (re: Herbert Goldstone) Robotics
2/5/2022 ElectroVoxel Reconfigurable Robots (re: Abraham Merritt) Robotics
2/3/2022 Gloves In Science Fact And Science Fiction (re: John Brunner) Space Tech
2/1/2022 XROOTS eXposed Root On-Orbit Test System (re: Maria Moravsky) Food
1/28/2022 Answer To Teacher Spying And Student Surveillance? ParanoidLinux! (re: Cory Doctorow) Surveillance
1/27/2022 Polyaramide Is Stronger Than Steel, Light As Plastic (re: Leo Zagat) Material
1/25/2022 E-Nose NOS.E Knows Whiskey With One Sniff (re: Michael Crichton) Engineering
1/23/2022 Orbital Prime Garbage Collectors Active Debris Remediation (re: George M. Ewing) Space Tech
1/21/2022 Fully Automated Olympic Food Service (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Engineering
1/19/2022 Anduril Lattice Anvil Counter Drone System (re: Daniel Suarez) Weapon
1/17/2022 Electric Yak Quadruped China Robot (re: John Varley) Robotics
1/15/2022 Solar Trees In Chisinau Moldova (re: David Brin) Engineering
1/13/2022 Tunnel Of Magnetized Filaments May Enclose Solar System (re: Arthur Conan Doyle) Space Tech
1/11/2022 Wearable Synthetic Skin for Virtual Reality (re: Stephen Baxter) Virtual Person
1/9/2022 Star Trek Voyager Replica Tricorder And Galaxy Quest (re: Various) Space Tech
1/7/2022 Rolls Royce Electric Airplane Breaks Records (re: Charles Cloukey) Vehicle
1/5/2022 Chang'e-5 Lunar Lander Seeks Water (re: Max Valier) Space Tech
1/3/2022 I Really Want A Folding Computer (re: John Barnes) Computer
1/1/2022 A Kill Switch For Your Car? (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
12/31/2021 Scientifiction, Searchlight of Science (re: Jack Williamson) Culture
12/29/2021 Wearable Biomedical Sensors Printed Directly On Your Skin (re: Greg Bear) Engineering
12/27/2021 Artificial, Implantable Kidney Prototype (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
12/25/2021 Ultra-short Pulse Laser Kills Bacteria In Vivo (re: Robert J. Sawyer) Medical
12/23/2021 Bioprint Prototype Handheld Bioprinter (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
12/21/2021 Betty Crocker, The First Company Avatar (re: Alfred Bester) Culture
12/19/2021 Augmented Reality Book Covers Reveal The Inner Book (re: Greg Bear) Display
12/17/2021 The First Multi-User Hologram Table? (re: George Lucas) Engineering
12/15/2021 Apollo 8 Astronauts Pass The Equigravisphere (re: Jules Verne) Space Tech
12/13/2021 Stellar Pizza Is A Pizza Robot That Comes To You (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Food
12/11/2021 Yamaha MOTOROiD Living Motorcycle Experiment (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
12/9/2021 China Treating Helium-3 On The Moon Seriously (re: Duncan Jones) Space Tech
12/7/2021 Solar Power Camper Van, As Predicted By Robert Heinlein in 1940 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
12/5/2021 A'Seedbot Autonomous Desert Robot (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
12/3/2021 Motessense - NTT Defines Your Attractive Personality (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
12/1/2021 Self-Serve Sarco Suicide Pod (re: Jack Williamson) Culture
11/29/2021 iBand+ Headband Helps With Lucid Dreams (re: Peter Watts) Culture
11/27/2021 The Details Of Tesla’s FSD Full Self-Driving (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
11/25/2021 Trinitite, Pentagrams And Isaac Asimov (re: Isaac Asimov) Material
11/23/2021 Swedes Get 'Chipped' With Vaccine Passports (re: William Gibson) Work
11/21/2021 Gentle Monster Robot Head (re: Hugo Correa) Robotics
11/19/2021 SpinLaunch SubOrbital Accelerator (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
11/17/2021 Augmented Reality Palm Keyboard (re: John Varley) Engineering
11/15/2021 Omni Hoverboard Envy Of Green Goblin (re: Dan Simmons) Vehicle
11/13/2021 Jetson ONE Speeds Through The Forest (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
11/11/2021 Facebook's Algorithmic News Feed Knows Better Than You Do (re: John Brunner) Artificial Intelligence
11/9/2021 Tselina Spacecraft Platform Destroyed In Russian Anti-Satellite Test (re: John Brunner) Space Tech
11/7/2021 Burro Robot Follows You And Gets Smarter (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/5/2021 Tiangong Space Station! Exercise Like It's 1953 (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
11/3/2021 Facebook Unexpectedly Turns Away From Sfnal Face Recognition (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
11/1/2021 Taihang Solar Farm Accurately Pictured In 1911 (re: Hugo Gernsback) Engineering
10/29/2021 Galaxy Z Fold 3 Perfect For William Gibson's 'Control-Face' (re: William Gibson) Computer
10/27/2021 Amazon Automatic Packaging Catches Up With Gernsback's 1911 Book (re: Hugo Gernsback) Engineering
10/25/2021 Your Car Will Be Watching You! (re: Philip K. dick) Artificial Intelligence
10/23/2021 Orbital Reef: Bezos' High Orbit Archipelago (re: William Gibson) Space Tech
10/21/2021 Best Space Tacos Made From ISS-Grown Chilis (re: Various) Food
10/19/2021 Poor Humans. Miami Herald Bot Writes Great Real Estate Articles. (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
10/17/2021 International Space Mission Never Leaves Earth (re: David H. Keller) Space Tech
10/15/2021 Seriously, Was Our Universe Created In A Lab? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Engineering
10/13/2021 RUSSE Self-Healing Plastic Works Underwater (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
10/11/2021 Time For Your Space Weather Forecast (re: AE van Vogt) Space Tech
10/9/2021 AI4Mars Wants Your Help Driving On Mars (re: Amitav Ghosh) Artificial Intelligence
10/7/2021 Jetson ONE Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle (re: Various) Vehicle
10/5/2021 Starlab By Nanoracks, A Commercial Space Station (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
10/3/2021 Auto-Targeting Fire Sprinkler Systems Now Reality (re: George Lucas) Robotics
10/1/2021 Monarch Tractor - It's Electric, Autonomous and Smart (re: John Campbell) Engineering
9/29/2021 'Seabreeze' Apple And UCLA Project To Beat Depression (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
9/27/2021 Hovermap By Emesent Autonomous Mapping Works Indoors - and Out (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
9/25/2021 Sono Motor's Sion Sun-Powered Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
9/23/2021 LEONARDO Robot Has Legs And Thrusters, Can Skateboard, Slackline (re: George Parsons Lathrop) Robotics
9/21/2021 Xavier Robots On Patrol For 'Anti-Social Behavior' (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
9/19/2021 Rotating House in Bosnia (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
9/17/2021 Ingenious Engineer Creates DIY Feeding Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
9/15/2021 SpaceX Creates 'Tholian Web' Mega Constellation Of Satellites (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
9/13/2021 Do Smart Glasses Need Forward-Facing Cameras? (re: Daniel Suarez) Engineering
9/11/2021 Adorable One-Seater Electric Car From Wuxi Sinotech (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
9/9/2021 Zoom Adds Real-Time, Live Translation (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
9/7/2021 It's Spacewalk Sunday, Thanks To The ESA (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
9/5/2021 Pengxing Intelligent Robot Horse You Can Ride (re: Christopher Stasheff) Robotics
9/3/2021 Tesla Bot Humanoid 'Robot' Vs. Boston Dynamics Atlas Parkour Robot (re: Richard Morgan) Robotics
9/1/2021 Altos Labs' Bezos Wants An Anti-Agathic (To Live Forever) (re: James Blish) Medical
8/29/2021 Carver EV Single Person Microcar Leans In (re: Jack Vance) Vehicle
8/27/2021 Smartphone Microdrone Concept - Viva Vivo! (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
8/25/2021 Anti-Forced Organ Harvesting Global Summit (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/23/2021 Flyboard Water Jet Shoes Lift Off (re: Francis Flagg) Entertainment
8/21/2021 Magnetically Driven Rotary Microfilter 3D Printed (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
8/19/2021 Pyrus, An Alternative Wood Made From Kombucha (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Material
8/17/2021 NASA Predicts Radiation Risks (re: Max Valier) Space Tech
8/15/2021 Feisty Little Robot Dog Cheaper Than Boston Dynamics (re: Frank Quatrocchi) Robotics
8/13/2021 China Wants To Build Mega Space Ships (re: Frank Herbert) Spacecraft
8/11/2021 Adjust Earth Temp With A Bazillion Solar Sunshades (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
8/9/2021 CGI 'Master Faces' Impersonate Several Identities (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
8/7/2021 New Robotic Scanner Does Automated Eye Imaging (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotic
8/5/2021 Can China Create Megawatt Solar Power Satellites By 2030? (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
8/3/2021 John Lennon Would Have Loved Auto-Tune - Paul McCartney (re: Bernard Brown) Culture
8/1/2021 Gherman Titov Youngest To Orbit, First To Be Space Sick (re: Hugo Gernsback) Space Tech
7/29/2021 Reading Ancient Records Of Humanity, With AI's Help (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
7/27/2021 Aquaer Brings Vaporators To Namibia (re: George Lucas) Engineering
7/25/2021 GIDE AI Tools 'See Days In Advance' (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
7/23/2021 Hundreds Of Covid-Catching AI Tools - None Help (re: Katherine MacLean) Artificial Intelligence
7/21/2021 Robot Snakes Now With Partitioned Gait (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
7/19/2021 Will The Super Bowl Go To Pay Per View? (re: Dr. David H. Keller) Communication
7/17/2021 Force Fields Of Directed Energy Wanted By USAF (re: Frank Phillips) Engineering
7/15/2021 Israel Okays Third Covid Shot For Seniors (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
7/13/2021 Tesla Vs... Domino's? The Race For Autonomous Vehicles (re: Charles Stross) Vehicle
7/11/2021 SpaceX Starship A Giant Space Telescope? (re: Max Valier) Space Tech
7/9/2021 Florida Man Felt Harassed By Drone, Shoots It Down (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
7/7/2021 Watch A Man Swallow A Robot (re: Various) Robotics
7/5/2021 Space Traffic Management (STM) Needs Action (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
7/3/2021 Boring Company Bricks Predicted In 1929 (re: Frank Phillips) Manufacturing
7/1/2021 Hovering F-22 Raptor Predicted in 1929 (Sort Of) (re: R.H. Roman) Engineering
6/29/2021 Musk Claims Sublimity For Future Summon Feature (re: John Campbell) Vehicle
6/27/2021 Is A Hollow Rotating Asteroid Habitat Practical? (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
6/25/2021 AirCar Completes Flight, Transforms Into Groundcar (re: Harry Bates) Vehicle
6/23/2021 Wandering Sunless Planets Seen By Kepler Telescope (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
6/21/2021 Voyager Luxury Space Hotel Launches In 2023 (re: Jack Williamson) Living Space
6/19/2021 Instant Photography, Predicted By sf In 1929, Makes A Comeback (re: Henri Dahl Juve) Engineering
6/17/2021 How Can We Block An Asteroid? (re: Miles J. Breuer) Space Tech
6/15/2021 Kaleido Color E-Reader Pocketbook Go (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
6/13/2021 Quadruped Jueying Delivery Robot Brings Fresh Coffee (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
6/11/2021 BioPod Inflatable Membrane From Interstellar Lab (re: Gregory Benford) Space Tech
6/9/2021 Antisatellite (ASAT) Measures And Countermeasures (re: John Brunner) Space Tech
6/7/2021 Habitable Exoplanets Can See Us, As Well (re: HG Wells) Space Tech
6/5/2021 Snakebot Burrows Underground, Thanks To Biomimicry Of Multiple Species (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
6/3/2021 Stretchable OLED Heart Monitor Band-Aid (re: Alastair Reynolds) Medical
6/1/2021 Can We Grow Crops On Mars? (re: Gregory Benford) Food
5/29/2021 How Long Have YOU Wanted A Household Robot? (re: Elizabeth Bellamy) Robotics
5/27/2021 CopterPack Is Robert Heinlein's 1954 Copter Harness (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
5/25/2021 Amazen ZenBooth Dispenses Serenity At Amazon (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
5/23/2021 Digger Finger: Super-Sensitive Robot Fingers Predicted In 1931 (re: Ray Cummings) Robotics
5/19/2021 Baubotanik - Construction Botany - Builds Bridges (re: Jack Vance) Biology
5/17/2021 ESA Awards Study For Lunar Satellite Communications And Navigation (re: Miller and McDermott) Space Tech
5/15/2021 Bigelow BEAM Still Useful On ISS (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
5/13/2021 DARPA's Sarcasm Detector Totes Gets Your Drift (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
5/11/2021 Tokyo's Nakagin Capsule Tower Tear-Down, Neuromancer's Coffin Hotel Lives Forever (re: William Gibson) Living Space
5/9/2021 Robotic 'Third Thumb' Rewires Your Brain (re: Samuel R. Delany) Robotics
5/7/2021 AliveCor Claims Apple Watch Infringes ECG Patents (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Medical
5/5/2021 Triple Star System Tears Apart Its Planetary Disk (re: Edwin K. Sloat) Space Tech
5/3/2021 Ford's In-Car Ads From Billboards (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
5/1/2021 TransAstra Lunar Mining Idea Was Max Valier's In 1931 (re: Max Valier) Space Tech
4/29/2021 Tic-Tac-Toe Robot From Pollen Robotics (re: Ambrose Bierce) Robotics
4/27/2021 Rich (and Regular) People Should Stop Eating Meat, Says Bill Gates (re: William Gibson) Food
4/25/2021 IconicSounds Electric - BMW EV Scored By Hans Zimmer (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
4/23/2021 Soft Polymer 'Synaptic Transistors' Mimic Brain Plasticity (re: Edmond Hamilton) Computer
4/21/2021 'Human Augmentation' Necessary, Says Space Force Scientist (re: Alfred Bester) Space Tech
4/19/2021 Grow Wood Without Trees (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Material
4/17/2021 Biohybrid Robotics USArmy Adds Muscle Tissue To Robots (re: Jack Vance) Robotics
4/15/2021 China Requires Social Credit Codes Of Live Stream Users (re: Jack Vance) Culture
4/13/2021 African Gray Parrot Given Vehicle To Drive (re: David Brin) Robotics
4/11/2021 NYPD Dog Robot Called Out As Sfnal (re: Various) Robotics
4/9/2021 Autonomous Russian Greenhouse For ISS Wheat (re: Harvey S. Aldinger) Food
4/7/2021 NASA MOXIE Extracts Oxygen From Mars' Air (re: Greg Bear) Space Tech
4/5/2021 Implantable Covid-Detecting Microchip Developed By DARPA (re: Medical) Medical
4/3/2021 SpaceX Requests Starlink For Starship (re: Harry Gore Bishop) Communication
4/1/2021 SF Writers Predicted John Deere Autonomous Tractors (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Artificial Intelligence
3/29/2021 DARPA Funding AI Fighter Pilots (re: Peter Watts) Artificial Intelligence
3/27/2021 StoryFile To Help William Shatner Become Landru (re: Gene Roddenberry)
3/25/2021 Telehealth Drones To The Rescue (re: Frederik Pohl) Medical
3/23/2021 Capture Asteroids In A Bag (re: VE Theissen) Space Tech
3/21/2021 Sony Pocket Air Conditioner Is Phil Dick's Idea! (re: Philip K. Dick) Lifestyle
3/19/2021 Is It Possible To GROW Planes And Vehicles? (re: Greg Bear) Manufacturing
3/17/2021 Guard Dog Robot Security Check (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
3/15/2021 Sheepskin Parchment Helped Medieval Lawyers Prevent Fraud (re: Gordon R. Dickson) Culture
3/13/2021 Space 'Hurricane' Has Been Seen (re: AE van Vogt) Space Tech
3/11/2021 PR2 Fencing Robot Perfect For Kwisatz Haderach-in-training (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
3/9/2021 Sole Morphing Astronaut Boots - A New Pair Of Moon Boots? (re: James P. Hogan) Space Tech
3/7/2021 Mice Gestate In Mechanical Womb (re: Aldous Huxley) Biology
3/5/2021 3rd Century BC Gold Bee Is Just The Start (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
3/3/2021 Worlds With Underground Oceans More Conducive To Life (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
3/1/2021 Electric Monocyle Tumblebug Available On Alibaba (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/27/2021 China's Self-Driving Electric Trucks Are Poul Anderson's Electrotrucks (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
2/25/2021 Portsmouth, OH Residents Don't All Favor Drone Surveillance (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
2/23/2021 Poisoning Big Tech's Data Well (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
2/21/2021 Sci-Fi Organic Technology (re: Gary Shockley) Engineering
2/19/2021 Flatcat Robot Recalls Both Heinlein And Simak (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
2/17/2021 Nuclear Batteries May Pack Inner Punch (re: Edmond Hamilton) Engineering
2/15/2021 Elon Musk STILL Wants To Make Heinlein's 1940's Speedster (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/13/2021 Mercury Capsule Ablative Shielding (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
2/11/2021 Heinlein And Russian Quail In Orbit (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
2/9/2021 Listen Up, Coppertop - Wearable Device Turns You Into A Battery (re: Wachowskis) Engineering
2/7/2021 Solar Powered Robot Cleans Up Solar Panels For Free (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
2/5/2021 Spot Arm From Boston Dynamics Picks Up Like Heinlein's Hired Girl Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
2/3/2021 Electric Vehicle Prices Will Drop To $2,890 (re: Niven and Pournelle) Vehicle
2/1/2021 TIGER Ultimate Mobility Vehicle From Hyundai (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
1/29/2021 Drones Communicate With Each Other Using Quantum Encryption (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
1/27/2021 Space Construction Tools For Large Structures By OAC (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
1/25/2021 SpinCare Electrospins And Shoots Wound Dressing (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/23/2021 Tesla Model S And X Moves Toward KITT Knight Rider Styling (re: Various) Vehicle
1/21/2021 Sophia Robots By The Thousands (re: Fritz Lieber) Robotics
1/19/2021 Scaly-Foot Snail Works With Iron (re: Unknown) Manufacturing
1/17/2021 Updated Piaggio Gita Personal Robot Porter (re: John Brunner) Robotics
1/15/2021 Las Vegas Tunnels To Have Autonomous Teslas (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
1/13/2021 TCL CSOT 17-Inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display (re: EC Tubb) Display
1/11/2021 Reachy Humanoid VR Teleoperation App (re: AG Stangland) Robotics
1/9/2021 Unitree A1 Robot ala Black Mirror and Snow Crash (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
1/7/2021 DALL-E Makes Creative Images From Text (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
1/5/2021 BladeBUG Robots Clean Massive Wind Turbine Blades (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
1/3/2021 Looms To Manually Weave Lunar Rover Wheels (re: Charles Sheffield) Manufacturing
1/1/2021 IceBot Antarctic (Planetary?) Robotic Explorers Made Of Ice (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
12/31/2020 Glad 2020 Is Over (re: Various) Culture
12/27/2020 PEDOT Polymer Could Enhance Brain-Machine Interfaces (re: Larry Niven) Medical
12/25/2020 Study: Robots Encourage Humans To Take Risks (re: Various) Robotics
12/23/2020 Kinetic Buildings And Psychotropic Houses (re: JG Ballard) Living Space
12/21/2020 Jupe Urban Escape Pods Have Tesla, SpaceX Roots (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
12/19/2020 Best Robot Dance Video Of 2020 (re: Fritz Lang) Robotics
12/17/2020 Vertical Farm In Singapore's Output Is 1.5 Tons Per Day (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Agriculture
12/15/2020 3D Printed 'Blisk' Manufactured In Orbit (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
12/13/2020 Comercial Airlock 'Bishop' Now On ISS (re: John Jacob Astor) Space Tech
12/11/2020 Space Station Could Use Some Martian Sawgrass (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
12/9/2020 ARTUu AI Copilot For USAF (re: George Lucas) Artificial Intelligence
12/7/2020 Smellicopter Combines Live Moth Antenna With Mechanical Drone (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
12/5/2020 Kyosho Velociraptor Robot Future Of Combat Robots (re: Various) Robotics
12/3/2020 Arches Of Chaos: Jovian Space Manifolds Create A Celestial Autobahn (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
12/1/2020 New Material Absorbs and Stores Solar Energy (re: L. Sprague de Camp) Material
11/29/2020 First Boring Passenger Station In Las Vegas (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
11/27/2020 Meetings To Be Recorded And Scored For Body Language (re: Frank Herbert) Work
11/25/2020 ESA Space Claw To Grab Space Junk (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
11/23/2020 Airport Security Now Using Predator-Style Heat Vision Helmets (re: Various) Surveillance
11/21/2020 'Black Friday' Online Shopping - In 1899! (re: HG Wells) Culture
11/19/2020 DARPA's Virtual Caves Explored By Virtual Robots (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
11/17/2020 Glass Dome Cities On Mars, Dreamed By Elon Musk (re: HG Wells) Space Tech
11/15/2020 Kuka Robot 'Heidi' Paints With Artificial Intelligence (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
11/13/2020 Looking Glass Display Good Enough For Science Fiction, Fantasy (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
11/11/2020 Do You Need The Entire Fembot? Maybe Just The Hand (re: Fritz Lieber) Robotics
11/9/2020 3D Printing With Sunlight And Sand (re: John W. Campbell) Manufacturing
11/7/2020 Samsung Gets Transparent Smartphone Patent (re: HG Wells) Engineering
11/5/2020 Monkey Gets A Bigger Brain, Thanks To Human Gene (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
11/3/2020 Solar Power Beamed From Space Studied By Brit Boffins (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
11/1/2020 Pandemic Entrepreneurs! Consider Robo Esso Robot Barista (re: Alfred Bester) Robotics
10/29/2020 Shape-Shifting Robot From MIT (re: Samuel R. Delany) Robotics
10/27/2020 Tesla's 20,000 Superchargers (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Transportation
10/25/2020 Smallest Rogue Planet Discovered In Milky Way (re: Poul Anderson) Space Tech
10/23/2020 New Technology For Interplanetary Communication (re: Harry Gore Bishop) Space Tech
10/21/2020 First Lunar Water, Then... Monolith? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/19/2020 Flying Robot Inspired By Hawks (re: Philip High) Robotics
10/17/2020 Jet-Powered Flying Suits Tested By Navy (re: Philip Frances Nowlan) Engineering
10/15/2020 Pub Installs Electrified Fence Around Bar (re: Mark Twain) Engineering
10/13/2020 What Does A Tesla Full Self-Driving Car See? (re: Paramahansa Yogananda) Culture
10/11/2020 BioVYZR Is Ready, Anti-Covid19 PAPR Lovers (re: Edmond Hamilton) Medical
10/9/2020 Tesla Will Have Metal Gear Snake Autocoupler, Musk Confirms (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
10/7/2020 Starlink Satellites Leading Edge On-Orbit Debris Mitigation (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/5/2020 Healight Ultraviolet Endotracheal Device Has Covid-19 Treatment Potential (re: Cogswell) Medical
10/4/2020 Parents Use AI To See One Last Message From Their Deceased Son (re: Robert Heinlein) Virtual Person
10/3/2020 Satoshi Tomizu Creates Pocket Universes And Worldcraft Bubbles In Glass (re: Philip K Dick) Culture
10/2/2020 Space Hero Inc. Offers Trip To ISS As Reality Show Prize (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/1/2020 I Love Ceiling-Mounted Robots (re: EM Forster) Robotics
9/29/2020 Armano Remote Control Excavator (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
9/27/2020 OK, NASA 3D Printer Of Food Not Yet Star Trek Food Synthesizer (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
9/25/2020 Kelly Clarkson Show Like Black Mirror '15 Million Merits' (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
9/23/2020 Salto Jumping Robot Now Sticks Landing! (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
9/21/2020 Gyroscopic Median-Straddling Mass Transit Vehicles (re: Kenneth Brown) Transportation
9/19/2020 Bigrating Laser Beam-Riding Light Sail Is Self-Correcting (re: Cordwainer Smith) Space Tech
9/17/2020 ISS Astronauts Test Estee Lauder 'Advanced Night Repair' Skin Serum (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
9/15/2020 LG Wing Twisting Smartphone Might Be Fun (re: William Gibson) Display
9/13/2020 Mushroom Coffin Returns You To Nature, Naturally (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
9/11/2020 Will ATT Offer Ad-Subsidized Cellphone Service (re: JG Ballard) Communication
9/9/2020 Gyro-X Self-Balancing Two-Wheeler Car (re: Kenneth Brown) Vehicle
9/7/2020 Beat Covid-19 With AIR By MicroClimate - At Last I Get My PAPR (re: Edmond Hamilton) Medical
9/5/2020 Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition OLED TV (re: HG Wells) Display
9/3/2020 Metalenses Now Reconfigurable With Liquid Crystal (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
9/1/2020 'Alexa For Residential' A Landlord's Dream (Tenant's Nightmare?) (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
8/29/2020 Gather Ye Moonrocks While Ye May (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
8/27/2020 InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle Gets Air (Video) (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
8/25/2020 Rid Thyself Of Ads On The Newsbox (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
8/23/2020 A.I. Jesus Proclaims Machine Gospel (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
8/21/2020 Google's Remixed 'Your News Update' ala Heinlein, Clarke, Pohl (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
8/19/2020 iSphere Plastique Fantastique Face Mask Alternative (re: Edmond Hamilton) Clothing
8/17/2020 Inkjet-Printed Wearable Solar Cells (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
8/15/2020 NDB Nuclear Waste Battery Lasts A Lifetime (re: Edmond Hamilton) Engineering
8/13/2020 Neuralink Will Land A Chip In Your Brain (re: Iain M. Banks) Computer
8/11/2020 EPR Is Quick, Temporary Biostasis (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
8/9/2020 It's Time For Robots With Soft, Sensitive Skin (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
8/7/2020 An Ocean On Ceres (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
8/5/2020 Microscopic Robots On The March! (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/3/2020 5G Will Be Crucial Backup For Self-Driving Cars (re: Charles Stross) Communication
8/1/2020 MOFLIN AI Robot - Yes You Can Have A Tribble (re: Gene Roddenberry) Robotics
7/29/2020 Habitability Of Galactic Bulge - Good News For Foundation Fans (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
7/27/2020 Lava Tubes On Mars And Moon May Be Huge (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
7/25/2020 Olfactory User Interfaces - Judith Amores Dissertation (re: Frank Herbert) Communication
7/23/2020 Personalized Masks Appear (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
7/21/2020 Foiling Facial Recognition, Fighting Coaster Viruses, Harlan Ellison-Style (re: Harlan Ellison) Surveillance
7/19/2020 Ford Uses Obedient Robot Dogs To Update Facilities Maps (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
7/17/2020 AirTouch Panels Means No More Dirty Touchscreens! (re: Frederik Pohl) Display
7/15/2020 EllipticaRunner Robot Is Fast, Amazing, Slightly Worrisome (re: William Gibson) Robotics
7/13/2020 SPECTER Electroshock Round Fireable From Shotgun (re: Jules Verne) Weapon
7/11/2020 100 Terabyte Exadrive SSD Also Has Biggest Price (re: Dan Simmons) Computer
7/9/2020 Mechanical Milking Of Microalgae For Fuel Production (re: Hal Clement) Biology
7/7/2020 Feel Virtual Reality In Mid-Air! (re: Frederik Pohl) Virtual Person
7/5/2020 Electric Lasso Gives Police Options (re: Nolan and Johnson) Weapon
7/3/2020 TytoCare Offers Futuristic Home Care (re: EM Forster) Medical
7/1/2020 Powdered Regolith Propulsion (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
6/29/2020 Ford's SafeCap, Opposite Of Niven and Barnes' Napcap (re: Niven and Barnes) Vehicle
6/27/2020 Would You Get 'Chipped'? Michigan May Ban Employers (re: William Gibson) Work
6/25/2020 Tesla Autopilot: What Does An Autonomous Car See When It Looks At The Road? (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
6/23/2020 DNA Controls Swarms Of Molecular Robots (re: Stanislaw Lem)
6/21/2020 Tether Asteroids To Save Us All (re: Richard Wilson) Space Tech
6/19/2020 Blaux Your Personal Commuter Cooling Unit (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
6/17/2020 3D Printed Damascus Steel Now Possible (re: Robert Heinlein) Material
6/15/2020 R9X Hellfire Missile With Long Blades Kills Queda Leader (re: Iain M. Banks) Weapon
6/13/2020 Would You Swallow An Origami Robot? (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Medical
6/11/2020 Perhaps You Might Be Interested In Habitable Exoplanet Moon Real Estate (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
6/9/2020 Blurry Face Photos Made 60 Times Sharper (re: Ridley Scott) Artificial Intelligence
6/7/2020 SpaceX Will Build Floating Spaceports! (re: Otfrid von Hansten) Space Tech
6/5/2020 Fast Radio Bursts And Space Beacons For Interstellar Navigation (re: Harry Harrison) Space Tech
6/3/2020 Robot Garbage Trucks Visualized (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
6/1/2020 Clarke Was Right, Artificial Intelligences DO Dream (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
5/29/2020 Tesla Roadster Plus SpaceX Thrusters Equals Rocket Car (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
5/27/2020 SunnyFive 'Window' Has Full Spectrum Angled Natural Light (re: Stanislaw Lem) Engineering
5/25/2020 Rippling Fin Robot Drone Swims And Walks (re: HG Wells) Robotics
5/23/2020 Space Weather News! (re: AE van Vogt) Space Tech
5/21/2020 Liftware Level, Google's Smart Spoon (re: Ellis Parker Butler) Engineering
5/19/2020 Cute Teddy Bear Robot Favorite Of Hospitalized Children (re: Anne McCaffrey) Robotics
5/17/2020 Google Now Expects Chips To Design Themselves (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
5/15/2020 PRAM Solar Powered Satellite Hardware Tested In Orbit (re: Olaf Stapledon) Space Tech
5/13/2020 3D Printed Glass Uses Stereolithography Techniques (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
5/11/2020 Science Fiction Helps Young Readers Build Resiliency (re: Various) Culture
5/9/2020 I Want My 1928 Telestereo Hologram Now (re: Edmond Hamilton) Communication
5/7/2020 Memes Now Come From Neural Nets (re: William Tenn) Artificial Intelligence
5/5/2020 Robot Dog Learns To Be Doggy From Real Dogs (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
5/3/2020 Unwanted Cruise Ships Huddle Together Out At Sea (re: James Blish) Culture
5/1/2020 Sono Sion Electric Car Charges As You Drive (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
4/29/2020 News Mood Filter Web Extension (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
4/27/2020 Fetal Lamb Rests In Artificial Womb (re: Aldous Huxley) Biology
4/25/2020 MIT Wants To Catch Interstellar Visitors (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
4/23/2020 AutoX Sets Up Asia's Largest Robotaxi Center (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
4/21/2020 E - Ink's Automatic Self Styling Color-Changing Dress (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
4/19/2020 Soft Robots Use Kirigami Piezoelectric Sensor Skin (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
4/17/2020 Bosch Smartglasses Laser Paints AR Image On Your Retina (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Display
4/15/2020 Maybe We Could Hibernate Until The Covid-19 Pandemic's End (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
4/13/2020 Workplace Monitoring Hell, I Mean, Tool For Safe Distancing (re: Marshall Brain) Work
4/11/2020 Patent Office Says AIs Cannot Be Inventors (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
4/9/2020 Starlink Orbital Network Like Coruscant Traffic Jam (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
4/7/2020 3D Printing Of Metallic Glass (re: Nolan and Calkins) Material
4/5/2020 Einride Remote Operator Controls Multiple Vehicles (re: Charles Stross) Transportation
4/3/2020 Bring Back Extinct Animals! Sort of. (re: David Brin) Biology
4/1/2020 Hardt Hyperloop Fast Transit In A Can (re: Harl Vincent) Transportation
3/29/2020 Adversarial Pattern Shirts Confound Object Detection Systems (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
3/27/2020 Drone Swarm Lifts Truck - Not! (re: Francis Godwin) Transportation
3/25/2020 A Passing Drone Has Covid-19 Advice (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
3/23/2020 Prototype Robotic Masseur Has The Touch (re: AE van Vogt) Robotics
3/21/2020 Trash Sorting AI Robot Presages Skynet, Thanks A Lot (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
3/19/2020 Electric Unicycle Is A Tumblebug (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
3/17/2020 Another Soil Bacterium Eats Plastic (re: Michael Crichton) Biology
3/15/2020 reLive Memorial Come Back As A Tree (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
3/13/2020 Engineered Living Building Materials (re: Larry Niven) Materials
3/11/2020 Draw Circuits With Conductive Ink (re: Niven and Pournelle) Material
3/9/2020 Arkangel: Automatic Visual Censoring (re: George Orwell) Culture
3/7/2020 NASA Competition To Design A Bucket Drum For Moon Mining (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
3/5/2020 Medical Assistant Robot May Roam The Halls Of Hospitals (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
3/3/2020 No Autonomous Trucks? Wait, What? (re: Philip K. Dick) Transportation
3/1/2020 As Big As A Biltong - World's Largest 3D Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
2/29/2020 Drones Used To Smuggle Contraband Into Prison (re: Bruce Sterling) Surveillance
2/27/2020 Are You Ready For Commercial Space Travel? (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Space Tech
2/25/2020 Amplified Nerves Lead To Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Hands (re: Martin Caidin) Robotics
2/23/2020 FlyCroTug Micro Drones Do Heavy Lifting (re: James P. Hogan) Robotics
2/21/2020 Virtual Whitney Houston In Concert (re: Various) Culture
2/19/2020 Robot Teaches Itself To Walk (re: Stephen Barr) Artificial Intelligence
2/17/2020 DARPA's Subterranean Challenge (re: Ridley Scott) Surveillance
2/15/2020 FCC Asks For Feedback On Repeal Of Net Neutrality (re: John Brunner) Communication
2/13/2020 Airbnb Has Surveillance Device Suggestions (re: Pournelle and Niven) Surveillance
2/11/2020 Prufrock The Newest Boring Machine (re: Paul Ernst) Engineering
2/9/2020 EVs To Be Made In ICE Detroit-Hamtramck Plant (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicles
2/7/2020 AI Musicians Reach For The Top Of The Charts (re: Herbert Goldstone) artificial intelligence
2/5/2020 Neural Net Discovers Antibiotic (re: John M. Faucette) Artificial Intelligence
2/3/2020 China Delivery Robot Development Quickens During COVID-2019 Outbreak (re: Bruce Sterling) Robotics
2/1/2020 Via Virtual Reality, Mother Encounters Deceased Daughter (re: Stephen Baxter) Virtual Person
1/30/2020 Clothes That Do Photosynthesis (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
1/28/2020 Stratuscent Electronic Nose (re: Michael Crichton) Engineering
1/26/2020 CIMON Companion Robot For Space Station Astronauts (re: James Blish) Artificial Intelligence
1/24/2020 Qbit Robot Bartender Also Makes Coffee (re: Alfred Bester) Robotics
1/22/2020 Moving Desks Not SciFi After All (re: Don Wilcox) Work
1/20/2020 Cruise Autonomous Car Drives Aimlessly For An Hour (re: David Keller) Vehicle
1/19/2020 Fast Charging A Bus In 20 Seconds (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
1/17/2020 Realistic Translation With The Waverly Labs Ambassador (re: Douglas Adams) Communication
1/15/2020 Biotech Firms Raised $Millions For Anti-Agathics (Longevity Drugs) (re: James Blish) Medical
1/13/2020 Out-Of-Work Blue Collar Robots Need Your Help (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/11/2020 The Dawn Of Orbiting Manufacturing In 2020? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
1/9/2020 Smart Contact Lenses Charges With 3D Printed Antenna (re: Vernor Vinge) Engineering
1/7/2020 Segway S-Pod Fulfills Dire 1928 SciFi Prophecy (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
1/5/2020 Physicist Inspired By SciFi And Seeing Back In Time (re: Jack Williamson) Engineering
1/3/2020 Airbnb Has AI Psychiatrist Looking At Your Facebook (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
1/1/2020 NASA's Electric Motor Scooter (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
12/29/2019 Moving Suns To Different Galactic Neighborhoods (re: Edmond Hamilton) Engineering
12/27/2019 Students Surveilled By School Phone Apps (re: Cory Doctorow) Surveillance
12/25/2019 Massage Robot Has Soft Hands, Er, Pads (re: AE van Vogt) Robotics
12/23/2019 Medical Tattoos Are STILL Being Researched (re: Paul Di Filippo) Medical
12/21/2019 Elon Musk's Traffic Tunnel Challenge Is Boring (re: Jack Vance) Transportation
12/19/2019 DoD Requests AI Drone Swarm (re: Philip K. DIck) Surveillance
12/17/2019 BlueNalu Yellowtail Might Be Your First Lab-Grown Meat (re: H. Beam Piper) Food
12/15/2019 Soft Filaments Form Artificial Muscles (re: Martin Caidin) Engineering
12/13/2019 Drone-Based Aerial Hammock (re: Jack Vance) Vehicle
12/11/2019 How To Encode The 'Memory' Of Materials (re: Samuel R. Delany) Material
12/9/2019 Adafruit's New Clue All-In-One Sensor Tricorder (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
12/7/2019 Surface Film Repels All Bacteria (re: Neal Stephenson) Material
12/5/2019 Chinese Steal American Seeds From Our Fields (re: Jack Vance) Surveillance
12/3/2019 Rise Of Skywalker Could Trigger Epileptic Seizures (re: John Varley) Medical
12/1/2019 Singing Ringing Tree Wind-Powered Sculpture (re: George R.R. Martin) Culture
11/29/2019 Extremophile Microbe Loves Space Rocks (re: F.E. Hardart) Space Tech
11/27/2019 Magic Mushroom Nose Spray From Silo Wellness (re: Various) Culture
11/25/2019 CAV-X Supercavitating Ammo Deadly Underwater (re: Jules Verne) Weapon
11/23/2019 Space Domes Over-rated? Science Fiction Authors Have Answers (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
11/21/2019 Injectable Magnetic Fluid Slows Bleeding, Aids Magneto (re: Various) Medical
11/19/2019 Autonomous Wheelchairs Improve Airport Mobility (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
11/17/2019 HVSD, Kitty Hawk's Electric Plane (re: John W. Campbell) Transportation
11/15/2019 Frictionless Toilet Could Save 140 Billion Liters Of Water (re: Niven and Pournelle) Material
11/13/2019 Viisights AI Hones Video Surveillance (re: Pournelle and Niven) Artificial Intelligence
11/11/2019 Cybertruck The Solar-Powered Steel Tortoise (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
11/9/2019 Road Noise Charges Electric Cars With Peugeot Piezoelectric Billboard (re: Lloyd Biggle, Jr.) Engineering
11/7/2019 Unsinkable Metal Latest Gates Obsession (re: ) Materials
11/5/2019 M-Blocks 2.0 Self-Assembling Robots (re: Abraham Merritt) Robotics
11/3/2019 NASA 'Broomstick' Recalls SciFi Ideas (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
11/1/2019 Orbital Display's Low Earth Orbit Advertisements (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
10/29/2019 Neuromorphic Computing Hardare (re: Edmond Hamilton) Computer
10/27/2019 Vascularized Human Skin 3D Printed (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
10/25/2019 Trillionaires Still Earth-Bound (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
10/23/2019 Digit V2 Bipedal Robot From Agility Robotics (re: Various) Robotics
10/21/2019 3D Printed Dubai Building Is World's Largest (re: Murray Leinster) Living Space
10/19/2019 Grow Plants On Moon Or Mars! (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
10/17/2019 California Gets Shockwave Rider-Style Avoidance Zones (re: John Brunner) Engineering
10/15/2019 Microbot Interstellar von Neumann Explorers (re: F.E. Hardart) Space Tech
10/13/2019 Hail SmartCan! Your Trash Bin Takes Itself Out (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
10/11/2019 Finally! Microsoft Surface Neo And Surface Duo Implement Excellent Courier Idea (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
10/9/2019 Tap Strap 2 Now With Air Mouse (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
10/7/2019 Legal Profession Now Fairly Bristling With AI (re: David Brin) Artificial Intelligence
10/5/2019 Entire Planet Modeled In New MS Flight Sim (re: Neal Stephenson) Computer
10/3/2019 FlyZoo Robot Hotel By Alibaba (re: Harry Harrison) Culture
10/1/2019 Implanted Memories Provide Songs To Birds (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
9/29/2019 Robot Tuna Swims As Fast As Nature's Tuna (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
9/27/2019 Shapeshifter Robot Is Comprised Of Cobots (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/25/2019 Google Commits To Fighting Deepfakes (re: Bruce Sterling) Culture
9/23/2019 China Accused Of Harvesting Organs From Unwanted Groups (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/21/2019 Osmiridium Sounds Like Science Fiction (But It's Not!) (re: Jack Vance) Material
9/19/2019 When Will We See The First Space Hotel? (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
9/17/2019 SpaceX Starhopper Has Flash Gordon Style (re: Various) Space Tech
9/15/2019 Mindar The Robot Buddhist Priest Offers A Blessing (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
9/13/2019 Does Your Company Need A 'Chief Dreamer'? (re: Niven and Pournelle) Work
9/11/2019 Helios Modular Touch Screen Wall Lights (re: Richard Morgan) Engineering
9/9/2019 Zephyr Solar-Electric Stratospheric Drone (re: E.B. White) Surveillance
9/7/2019 Robot Hummingbird Hovers Biomimetically (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Surveillance
9/5/2019 Harvest Water From Air With Sunlight (re: George Lucas) Engineering
9/3/2019 Capitalist Big Brother Co-Opts Regular Big Brother (re: George Orwell) Surveillance
9/1/2019 A Floating Cosmodrome (re: Otfrid von Hansten) Space Tech
8/29/2019 First Artificial Memory Formed In Animals (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
8/27/2019 Maintain Your Megastructure (re: Various) Robotics
8/25/2019 Venezuelans Teaching Your Self-Driving Car (re: Amitav Ghosh) Artificial Intelligence
8/23/2019 Robothread Robotic Worms Crawling Through Your Brain (re: Harry Kleiner) Medical
8/21/2019 Vantablack BMW X6 Is Douglas Adams Approved (re: Douglas Adams) Vehicle
8/19/2019 Humanoid Robot's Muscles Biomimic Ours (re: HG Wells) Robotics
8/17/2019 Animatronic Robotic Baby Exposed (re: Henry Slesar) Robotics
8/15/2019 Beijing HaiDiLao Robotic Hotpot Restaurant Now Flavored By Artificial Intelligence (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Food
8/13/2019 Plants of the Future - What Should They Be Like (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
8/11/2019 China Deploys Robot Traffic Police (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
8/9/2019 Better Than Dune Chromoplastic? This Guy Might Have Done It (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
8/7/2019 Gather, An AI Warehouse Inventory Drone Startup (re: James P. Hogan) Engineering
8/5/2019 China's Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Education (re: James Blish) Culture
8/3/2019 Orbital Manufacturer 'Made in Space' Gets $73 Million NASA Contract (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
8/1/2019 Soli Gesture Tech Will Be In Google Pixel 4 (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
7/27/2019 Uber Eats Pairs Cars With Drones (re: Denis Villeneuve) Food
7/25/2019 Space-Based Solar Power Roundup (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
7/23/2019 Lost Language Meanings Found By Machine Learning (re: Larry Niven) Communication
7/21/2019 'Aerogel' Sheets For Martian Gardens (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Space Tech
7/19/2019 France's 'Red Team' Of Science Fiction Authors (re: Niven and Pournelle) Culture
7/17/2019 Dim The Sun With Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
7/15/2019 Mashambas Skyscraper Farm Design Wins (re: Poh and Kornbluth) Agriculture
7/13/2019 Self-Driving Tractors From China Plan Ahead (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Agriculture
7/11/2019 Jet-Powered Hoverboard Works! (re: Clifford Simak) Vehicle
7/9/2019 Nobe 3-Wheel Electric Vehicle Parking Like I, Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
7/7/2019 Michelin Self-Sealing Tires On Ford's Explorer (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
7/5/2019 Mushroom Eats Plastic, Saves Planet (re: Michael Crichton) Biology
7/3/2019 Juggalo Face Paint Disrupts Facial Recognition (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
7/1/2019 Mojipic Smart Voice Vehicle Emojis (re: Various) Vehicle
6/29/2019 Unusual Twist On Woman Dates Robot (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Robotics
6/27/2019 BrainNet Triple Telepathic Gaming Threat (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
6/25/2019 AVAS Noisemakers Required For EVs By EU (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/23/2019 Pun Generation Via Neural Nets (re: William Tenn) Artificial Intelligence
6/21/2019 Blood Battery Robotic Fish (re: Michael Swanwick) Robotics
6/19/2019 Lightyear One Solar-Powered Electric Car (Design By Heinlein) (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/17/2019 'Agression Detectors' Don't Work When Spying On Students (re: Anne McCaffrey) Surveillance
6/15/2019 Mining Of Golden Asteroid Foretold In 1898 Science Fiction (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
6/13/2019 Miners! NASA Wants To License RASSOR Excavator (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
6/11/2019 Bee+ Robobee Now With Four Wings (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
6/9/2019 CNSILK Robotic Spider Builder (re: Charles Sheffield) Manufacturing
6/7/2019 Starshade Will Help Space Telescope To Search For Exoplanets (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
6/5/2019 Tiny LEDs Developed For Dust-Sized Computers (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
6/3/2019 Is There Extraterrestrial Life Here In The Solar System (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
6/1/2019 Can We Comprehend Deep Learning Systems? (re: Lewis Padgett) Artificial Intelligence
5/29/2019 Skin Electronics Can Show Electrocardiogram (re: Chen Qiufan) Medical
5/27/2019 Chinese Fern Helps Remediate Arsenic Soil (re: Gregory Benford) Biology
5/25/2019 Skai Air Taxi Costs The Same As Uber (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
5/23/2019 Neurodevices For Consumers? Neuroethicists (And Philip K Dick) Say 'Caveat Emptor' (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
5/21/2019 NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge Won By AI SpaceFactory (re: John W. Campbell) Manufacturing
5/19/2019 The Future Of Elon Musk's Neuralink (re: Richard Meredith) Communication
5/17/2019 Researchers Make You Say Anything in Videos (re: Ray Bradbury) Communication
5/15/2019 Jeff Bezos Tries Waldoes (Robotic Hands) (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
5/13/2019 Asimov and Musk - Boring Company Tunnel vs. Street Race (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
5/11/2019 Project Dylan - Amazon's Voice-Activated Wearable That Recognizes Human Emotions (re: Shoji Kawamori) Culture
5/9/2019 Tesla Diagnoses Itself, Sends Part Request (re: WF Wallace) Robotics
5/7/2019 Lilium Electric Air Taxi Prototype (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
5/5/2019 Swedes Premiere T-Pod Driverless Electric Truck (re: 2695) Vehicle
5/3/2019 HEL TVD Laser System To Be Built By Dynetics Lockheed Martin (re: HG Wells) Weapon
5/1/2019 Alcarelle Synthetic Alcohol Like Star Trek Synthehol (re: Harry Harrison) Food
4/29/2019 Datagrid Model Generation Perfect For Eternal Cities Of Science Fiction (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
4/27/2019 Kazahk Ironist Protester Arrested For Blank Sign Protest (re: Larry Niven) Culture
4/25/2019 Bitcoin Surges Again, To $7,000 (re: Bruce Sterling) Culture
4/23/2019 China Develops Taste Testing Robots (re: Anthony Boucher) Food
4/21/2019 North Sea Stone Age Reconstruction And Philip K Dick (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
4/19/2019 Tesla Robotaxis Will Automatically Recharge Themselves (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
4/17/2019 New Lifelike Material Powered By Artificial Metabolism (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
4/15/2019 Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
4/13/2019 Elon Musk Foretells Tesla Sans Steering Wheel (re: David Keller) Vehicle
4/11/2019 Adversarial Patches Trick Computer Vision (re: William Gibson) Surveillance
4/9/2019 Amazon Warehouse Computer Can Fire People Now (re: Marshall Brain) Culture
4/7/2019 BrainEx Restores Some Activity To Severed Pig Head (re: Edmond Hamilton) Medical
4/5/2019 Yes, But Do Astrobees Have Lasers For Lightsaber Training? (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
4/3/2019 'Young Razorbacks Before Their Katanas Grow In' (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
4/1/2019 A New Way To Run Into Things (re: Jack Vance) Display
3/28/2019 'Metallic Wood' Strong Like Titanium, Floats In Water (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
3/25/2019 Seabreacher, H.G. Winter's 1932 Torpoon (re: HG Winters) Engineering
3/22/2019 Abundant Robotics Autonomous Apple Harvester Robot (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Robotics
3/19/2019 Charging An Electric Car In 2019 (Video), 1912 (Photo) And 1894 (Fiction) (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicles
3/16/2019 Japan Uses Explosives On Asteroid (re: EC Tubb) Space Tech
3/13/2019 Get Your Speeder Flying Motorcycle From Jetpack Aviation (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
3/11/2019 FLIR Black Hornet 3 Palm-sized Drone (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Surveillance
3/9/2019 Dockworkers Protest Driverless Trucks (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
3/7/2019 Flying Car Concept By Kash Sirinanda (re: Neal Stephenson) Vehicle
3/5/2019 Unfurl The Future! Huawei Mate X versus Galaxy Fold (re: William Gibson) Display
3/3/2019 Amazon Echo And Google Home Should Have Morality Software (re: Kendall Foster Crossen) Artificial Intelligence
3/1/2019 China Building Robot Wives (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
2/27/2019 China Social Credit System Like State-Run Whuffie (re: Cory Doctorow) Culture
2/25/2019 Project Soli Radar Gesture Chip Now FCC Approved (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
2/23/2019 Stan, Robot Valet, Will Drag Your Car Away (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
2/21/2019 Jibo Home Robot Says Goodbye, Is Killswitched (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/19/2019 Johns Hopkins Says Asteroid Deflection Will Be Difficult (re: Miles Breuer) Space Tech
2/17/2019 Fabric Automatically Cools Or Insulates Based On Environment (re: Frank Herbert) Clothing
2/15/2019 Deepfakes From OpenAI GPT-2 Algorithm (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
2/13/2019 John Deere Self-Driving Tractor (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Agriculture
2/11/2019 North Focals Smart Glasses Provide Augmented Reality In Style (re: Charles Stross) Display
2/9/2019 Tesla Driver Caught Napping Behind The Wheel (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/7/2019 Hayabusa 2 To Begin Asteroid Mining (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
2/5/2019 Ionocraft Drone Powered By Electrohydrodynamic Thrust (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
2/3/2019 Purdue Pharma Ready To Profit From OxyContin Use Or Addiction Recovery (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
2/1/2019 BloxVox Mutes Cellphone Convos (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
1/29/2019 Superfast Replicator: Volumetric Additive Manufacturing (re: Gene Roddenberry) Manufacturing
1/27/2019 DNA May Contain Malware (re: Alastair Reynolds (w/S. Baxter)) Biology
1/25/2019 I Can't Resist Worm Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/23/2019 Rplate Digital License Plates Now Legal In Michigan (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
1/21/2019 Can Musk Starship Astronauts Use Magnetic Boots? (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
1/19/2019 Giant Dolphin Spotted On Jupiter! (re: Various) Space Tech
1/17/2019 Musk's Starship An SF Fan's Dream Come True (re: Raymond Quiex) Space Tech
1/15/2019 TinyMobileRobots Are Sewer Sentinels (re: Various) Robotics
1/13/2019 Fishy Facial Recognition Now Possible (re: Frank Herbert) Artificial Intelligence
1/11/2019 Spicy Tomatoes Created With Genetic Engineering (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
1/9/2019 Driverless Hotel Rooms Predicted In 1828 (re: Jane Webb Loudon) Living Space
1/7/2019 Yandex Self-Driving Taxi Is Very Smooth (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
1/5/2019 Shrimp Actually Made Of Algae Is A New Wave Food (re: James Blish) Food
1/3/2019 Cosplay Style Wings Could Work On Moon (re: Robert Heinlein) Entertainment
1/1/2019 Tesla Model 3 Has Outside Speaker Grille (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
12/29/2018 Arizona Luddites Attack Self-Driving Vehicles (re: Various) Transportation
12/27/2018 Organaut! Russians 3D Print Living Tissue In Space (re: Larry Niven) Medical
12/25/2018 WINE Spacecraft To Extract Water From Asteroids (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
12/23/2018 Japanese Swordsmiths Take On Asteroids (re: E.C. Tubb) Space Tech
12/21/2018 Saturn's Rings To Vanish, Let's Mine Them While We Can (re: Nelson S. Bond) Space Tech
12/19/2018 Humans Could Take Up A LOT Less Space (re: Louis Tucker) Living Space
12/17/2018 Implosion Fabrication Shrinks 3D Objects To Nanoscale (re: Isaac Asimov) Engineering
12/15/2018 GMO Houseplant Cleans Your Air (re: Gregory Benford) BIology
12/13/2018 Nova Meat Can 3D Print Your Dinner (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
12/11/2018 MIT Scientists Create 'Peek-a-Boo Prober' From Jetsons (re: Various) Medical
12/9/2018 Wound Healing With Wearable Nanogenerators (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
12/7/2018 Flying Dragon Robot Transforms In Mid-Air (re: Various) Robotics
12/5/2018 Negative Matter Fluid Theorized In New Paper (re: Robert Forward) Space Tech
12/3/2018 Grow Structures Upon Planetfall - Myco-Architecture (re: Greg Bear) Space Tech
12/1/2018 MXene Hydrogel Skin For Robots Flexes And Senses (re: J.G. Ballard) Robotics
11/30/2018 EXPLORER, The First Total-Body Scanner (re: Jack Williamson) Medical
11/29/2018 UK Police AI To Stop Criminals Before They Strike (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
11/28/2018 Sonitus Audio Interface Positioned Beyond The Noise (re: Hugo Gernsback) Communication
11/27/2018 Volvo's Self-Driving Mining Trucks (re: Philip K. Dick) Transportation
11/26/2018 Audi Pop.Up Autonomous Electric Flying Car (re: James Blish) Vehicle
11/25/2018 Music Not Impossible (MNI) Vibrotactile Wearable Experience (re: Aldous Huxley) Entertainment
11/24/2018 Chinese Face Recognition Mistakes Bus Ad For Jaywalker (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
11/23/2018 A Look Back At Apollo's Emergency Escape Vehicle (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
11/22/2018 InMotion Glide 3 Electric Unicycle For The Last Mile (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
11/21/2018 China's Social Credit System - A Facebook-1984 Mashup (re: Jack Vance) Surveillance
11/20/2018 Musk Declares Tesla Supercharger Capacity Will Double By Next Year (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Transportation
11/19/2018 Drywall Robot Looking For Sheetrock (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
11/18/2018 Ford's Autonomous Cabs 'Transportation As A Service' (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
11/17/2018 Sex In Driverless Cars? Updated With Video! (re: David H. Keller) Culture
11/15/2018 Amazing Kepler Space Telescope Decommissioned By NASA (re: Doc Smith) Space Tech
11/13/2018 ODYSSEUS Solar-Powered Stratospheric Plane Flies Forever (re: EB White) Engineering
11/11/2018 Augmented and-or Virtual Reality Shoes From Google (re: David Brin) Entertainment
11/9/2018 Soon, Your Tesla Will Follow You Like A Pet (re: John Brunner) Vehicle
11/7/2018 Chinese Watrix Gait Recognition Watching You Always (re: Cory Doctorow) Surveillance
11/5/2018 FlexPai Foldable Phone By Royole (re: William Gibson) Communication
11/3/2018 Oh Yes, We're Building The Rotating Tower In Dubai (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
11/3/2018 Bioreactor Helps Legless Frogs Get Their Jump Back (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
11/1/2018 Xinhua AI Anchor Puts CGI Face To Automated News (re: William Gibson) Culture
10/30/2018 Wirewax Watching You Watch, Adjusting Your Experience (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
10/29/2018 LawGeex AI Beats 20 Top Lawyers (re: Greg Egan) Artificial Intelligence
10/28/2018 ROAM Robotics Skiing Exoskeleton (re: Robert Heinlein) Lifestyle
10/26/2018 MIT Headset Lets You Communicate Without Speaking (re: David Brin) Input Device
10/24/2018 Exploring Oceans Across The Solar System (re: Michael Swanwick) Space Tech
10/22/2018 SWEEPER Robot Peter Piper Picking Peppers (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Agriculture
10/20/2018 Oil from Algae - Can It Be Done? (re: Hal Clement) Biology
10/18/2018 Moving Whole Planets, Revisited (re: EE Doc Smith) Space Tech
10/16/2018 Disney Keeps Backups Of Star Wars Franchise Actors (re: William Gibson) Culture
10/14/2018 Farming In Space Starts With Mycorrhiza (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
10/12/2018 Jaguar I-Pace Audible Vehicle Alert System For EVs (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/10/2018 Autonomous 'Fiberbots' Weave Large Structures (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
10/8/2018 Birds Aren't Real - Wake Up, California! (With Bird Watching Guide) (re: Philip E. High) Surveillance
10/6/2018 Self-Healing Material Pulls Carbon Out Of The Air (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
10/4/2018 IRL Glasses Block Screens, Limit Vision To Real Life (re: John Varley) Lifestyle
10/2/2018 Testing The Single-Person Spacecraft (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Ship
9/29/2018 Shapeshifting Materials Transform By Light (re: Philip K. Dick) Material
9/27/2018 Fully Automated Farm Iron Ox Hydroponics (re: Maria Moravski) Agriculture
9/25/2018 BrainNet Social Network Of Brains (re: Pournelle and Niven) Communication
9/23/2018 Phil Nuyttnn's City Under The Sea (re: Andre Laurie) Engineering
9/21/2018 IONITY Opens First 10 Fast-Charging Stations (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
9/19/2018 Superstrong Multilayer Metal-Graphene Composite Material (re: Frank Herbert) Material
9/17/2018 Deepfakes Imperil Democracy (George Orwell, Right Again) (re: George Orwell) Culture
9/15/2018 String Art Courtesy Of Robot Artist (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
9/13/2018 Still Wondering If You'd Work For A Robot Boss? (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
9/11/2018 World's First Autonomous Tram In Germany (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
9/9/2018 Sleeep PRO Earplug For Maximum Rest (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Medical
9/7/2018 Inspired By Japan, Nap Pods For Hajj (re: Larry Niven) Culture
9/5/2018 Amphibio 3D Printed Gill Shirt (re: Philip K. Dick) Material
9/3/2018 How Do You Put An Asteroid Into Earth Orbit? Carefully! (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
9/1/2018 PD Aerospace Space Plane By 2023 (re: Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr) Space Tech
8/29/2018 Foldimate Folds Your Clothes Perfectly (re: Philip K. Dick) Clothing
8/27/2018 Robots Help People Get Dressed, As Predicted In 1931 (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
8/25/2018 International Space Station Leak Plugged - With Finger (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
8/23/2018 Robot Snake Flies, Fights Fires (re: Emmett McDowell) Robotics
8/21/2018 IPAL Chinese Robot Babysitter (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/19/2018 ZKZM-500 LASER Assault Rifle (re: Poul Anderson) Weapon
8/17/2018 LA Subway Scanner, As Seen In 'Total Recall' (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
8/15/2018 Sion Electric Car Covered With Solar Panels (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
8/13/2018 PAL-V Liberty Flying Helicopter Car (re: Jack Williamson) Vehicle
8/12/2018 Space Drones - UK's Effective Space To Launch Rocket Tugs (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
8/11/2018 DIY Autonomous Robot Detects Trash (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
8/10/2018 Ancient Russian Walking Excavator Would Be Perfect RV (re: Jack Vance) Vehicle
8/9/2018 ELROI Satellite 'License Plate' (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
8/7/2018 When Robots Beg For Their Lives (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
8/5/2018 Do You Still Want A Folding Screen Phone? (re: William Gibson) Display
8/3/2018 'Snapchat Dysmorphia' Now A Thing, Say Plastic Surgeons (re: Bruce Sterling) Culture
8/1/2018 Quiet Electric Cars Law Finalized By US Transportation Department (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
7/29/2018 Drone Assassin Fails To Kill Venezuelan President (re: Daniel Suarez) Weapon
7/27/2018 Stick-On Tape Speakers, As Predicted By Bruce Sterling (re: Bruce Sterling) Engineering
7/25/2018 Bezos Invites You To New Life In Off-World Colonies (re: Ridley Scott) Space Tech
7/23/2018 Amazon's Rekognition System Sees Criminals In Congress (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
7/21/2018 Build Your Own Space Suit For Cheap (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
7/19/2018 CIMON Space Sidekick For Weary Astronauts (re: Philip Frances Nowlan) Artificial Intelligence
7/17/2018 SRI MicroFactory Of Microrobots Recalls Dick's Autofac (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
7/15/2018 Embark Autonomous Trucks Still Need Humans (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
7/13/2018 Rolls Royce 'Cockroach-Sized' Repair Robots To Crawl Inside Engines (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
7/11/2018 Bot Tweets Venmo Drug Transactions (re: John Brunner) Culture
7/9/2018 'Power Clothing' - The Seismic 'Super Suit' (re: Robert Heinlein) Clothing
7/7/2018 Rolls Royce eVTOL Flying Car (re: James Blish) Vehicle
7/5/2018 Ontario Starts Guaranteed Minimum Income (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
7/3/2018 Is There Life In Outer Space? Will We Recognize It? (re: Frank Herbert) Space Tech
7/1/2018 Space Traumapod For Surgery In Spacecraft (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
6/29/2018 Tesla Augmented Reality Hypercard (re: Neal Stephenson) Work
6/27/2018 A Space Ship On My Back (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
6/25/2018 Biomind AI Doctor Mops Floor With Human Doctors (re: Larry Niven) Artificial Intelligence
6/23/2018 Fuli Bad Dog Robot Is 'Auspicious Raccoon Dog' Bot (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
6/19/2018 Las Vegas Humans Ready To Strike Over Robots (re: John Twelve Hawks) Robotics
6/18/2018 You'll Regrow That Limb, One Day (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
6/16/2018 Elon Musk Seeks To Create 1941 Heinlein Speedster (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/14/2018 Somnox Sleep Robot - Your Sleepytime Cuddlebot (re: Larry Niven) Robotics
6/12/2018 Real-Life Macau or Ghost In The Shell (re: Masamune Shirow) Living Space
6/10/2018 Has Climate Change Already Been Solved By Aliens? (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
6/9/2018 First 3D Printed Human Corneas From Stem Cells (re: Larry Niven) Medical
6/7/2018 VirtualHome: Teaching Robots To Do Chores Around The House (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
6/5/2018 Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) Workshop (re: Jules Verne) Communication
6/3/2018 Nanorobots Roam Your Bloodstream, Cleaning It (re: Isaac Asimov) Medical
6/1/2018 Galini 3D Printed Sleeping Pod Tiny Houses (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
5/29/2018 MIT Boffins Create Psychopath AI On Purpose (re: Roger Zelazny) Artificial Intelligence
5/27/2018 Skin Electronics 3D Printed (re: Paul Di Filippo) Engineering
5/25/2018 Artificial Sensory Neurons For Prosthetics, Robots (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
5/23/2018 China Uses Artificial Intelligence To Grade Student Papers (re: James Blish) Artificial Intelligence
5/21/2018 Electronic Tongues Will Rule The Kitchen (re: Anthony Boucher) Food
5/19/2018 Self-Healing Circuits From Carnegie Mellon (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
5/17/2018 Swarm Of Mindless Robots Works Together (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
5/15/2018 SpotMini Robot Dog, Autonomous And On Sale In 2019 (re: William Gibson) Robotics
5/13/2018 RoboFly Is Laser-Powered, Adorable (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/11/2018 MSG Sphere Las Vegas, ala Star Wars (re: Samuel R Delany) Entertainment
5/9/2018 Tetraplegics Dominate Avatar Races (re: Pournelle and Niven) Computer
5/7/2018 MIT Ampli Blocks Build Biomedical Devices (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
5/5/2018 UberAIR Asks For Skytaxi Landing Prototypes (re: Various) Transportation
5/3/2018 Boring Tunnel Almost Ready (re: Various) Transportation
5/1/2018 Handheld Human Skin Printer (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
4/30/2018 Healthy Fast Food Courtesy Of Robot Chefs (re: Elizabeth Bellamy) Robotics
4/27/2018 Mass Production Of In Vitro Meat From One Sample (re: Larry Niven) Food
4/24/2018 Amazing 'Hybrid' Solar-Powered Sea Slug Does Photosynthesis (re: Gene Roddenberry) Biology
4/21/2018 Retinal Prosthesis Uses Organic Printing Inks (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
4/18/2018 Should You Submit Your DNA To A Database? (re: Andrew Niccol) Biology
4/15/2018 Squid-Like Robots Soon To Be 3D Printable (re: Rucker/Sterling) Robotics
4/12/2018 Humans Evolve Deep Diving Abilities (re: Irwin Allen) Biology
4/9/2018 Researchers Create Bowls, Coils, Ripples Of Living Tissue (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
4/6/2018 IBM's Grain Of Sand Computer (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
4/5/2018 Liquid Metal Shape-Changing 'Soft Robotics' (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/4/2018 The Hammock Caravan And Italo Calvino's Octavia (re: Italo Calvino) Lifestyle
4/3/2018 Super-Resolution Microscopy Provides '4D' Views (re: James Hogan) Engineering
4/2/2018 Have I Seen The Tesla Roadster Story Before? (re: Theodore Sturgeon) Vehicle
4/1/2018 Watch 'Do You Trust This Computer' For Free Today (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
3/30/2018 Self-Driving Car Ticketed (re: Various) Vehicle
3/28/2018 Elon Musk Tweets Versions Of Clarke's Operation Cleanup (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
3/26/2018 Burner Generates Temporary Phone Numbers (re: John Varley) Communication
3/24/2018 Walmart’s Autonomous Robot Bees (re: Various) Robotics
3/22/2018 EA Created AI That Taught Itself To Play Battlefield (re: Keith Laumer) Artificial Intelligence
3/20/2018 Is Teleportation A Death Sentence? (re: Clifford Simak) Transportation
3/18/2018 New Brain Scanner Lets You Move Around (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
3/17/2018 Can An Entire Brain Be Simulated In A Computer? (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
3/16/2018 Physicists Try To Turn Light Into Matter (re: John W. Campbell) Engineering
3/15/2018 Save Your Brain's Connectome, Upload Yourself Elsewhere (re: Richard Morgan) Culture
3/14/2018 TMS Decreases Belief In God, Increases Belief In Immigrants (re: Edmond Hamilton) Culture
3/13/2018 Loomo Mini Transporter Robot Companion You Ride On (re: Christopher Stasheff) Vehicle
3/12/2018 Soft Robotics - Now With 3D Printed Sensors! (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
3/11/2018 AI Tool Lynx Insight And The Cybernetic Newsroom (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
3/10/2018 Espresso Telescope Searches For Exoplanets (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
3/9/2018 Dune Fans! Metal-Organic Frameworks Make Science Fiction Real (re: Frank Herbert) Material
3/8/2018 Manned Maneuvering Unit From 1984 (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
3/7/2018 Astronaut Gets Younger In Space (re: Neil R. Jones) Space Tech
3/6/2018 Blockchain Used To Verify Election Results (re: John Brunner) Culture
3/4/2018 IJOP Integrated Joint Operations Platform China's Minority Report? (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
3/3/2018 HushMe Bluetooth Device Reinvents The Hush-A-Phone (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
3/2/2018 Ultrathin Brain Needle Developed At MIT (re: Larry Niven) Medical
3/1/2018 Tesla Semi Truck Now At Work (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
2/26/2018 Illustris: The Next Generation Of Universe Simulation (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
2/24/2018 Scaly Yet Soft Robotic Snake (re: Emmett McDowell) Robotics
2/20/2018 Cool Tinsley Lunar Unicycle Update (re: Various) Vehicle
2/18/2018 NASA's 'Armstrong' Soft Wearable Upper Extremity Garment (re: Samuel R. Delany) Medical
2/16/2018 Kuri Robot Roams Your Home, Taking Pictures (re: Niven and Pournelle) Surveillance
2/16/2018 Tiny Rubbery Robot To Take 'Fantastic Voyage' (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
2/14/2018 Svalbard Seed Vault (aka Doomsday Vault) Gets Upgrades (re: John Varley) Biology
2/12/2018 Disney Vyloo Robots With Personality (re: Douglas Adams) Robotics
2/10/2018 'Princess Leia Project' Images That Float In The Air (re: George Lucas) Display
2/8/2018 Americans! Stay Indoors To Save Energy (re: EM Forster) Lifestyle
2/6/2018 Self-Healing Skin For Robots (re: James Cameron) Robotics
2/4/2018 A 'Genuine Nanorobotic Production Factory' (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
2/3/2018 Neuromorphic Computer Offers Non-von Neumann Architecture (re: Isaac Asimov) Computing
2/2/2018 Evorus Your Crowd-Powered Conversational Assistant (re: Frank Herbert) Artificial Intelligence
2/1/2018 Mealworms Food Of The Future (re: David Brin) Food
1/22/2018 Alibaba's AI May Read Better Than You (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
1/21/2018 Musk's Boring Flamethrower (re: John Brunner) Weapon
1/20/2018 Humanity Star LEO Advertisement? (re: Jules Verne) Space Tech
1/19/2018 Nissan ProPILOT Slippers Are Self-Parking, Autonomous (re: Terry Prachett) Lifestyle
1/18/2018 Atomristors - Atomic Memristors - Using Thin Nanomaterials (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
1/17/2018 Bigelow Prepares Inflatable Lunar Hotel (re: Car Sagan) Space Tech
1/16/2018 Drunk Driver Of Tesla Claims Autopilot Was In Charge (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
1/15/2018 Medical Exoskeleton From Cyberdyne Gets FDA Approval (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
1/14/2018 Fungi-Infused Concrete Repairs Itself (re: J.G. Ballard) Material
1/13/2018 Shiftwear Display Shoes (re: Bruce Sterling) Clothing
1/12/2018 NASA SEXTANT First With X-Ray Nav In Space (re: Harry Harrison) Space Tech
1/11/2018 GM Introduces Cruise AV With No Steering Wheel (re: David H Keller) Vehicle
1/10/2018 Subsurface Martian Ice Slabs Piece Of Cake For Miners (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
1/9/2018 LG Rollable Version Of Niven's Poster TV (re: Larry Niven) Display
1/8/2018 Multi-Robot Farming On Highly Sloped Land (re: Larry Niven ) Agriculture
1/7/2018 Aeolus Robot Brings Jetson's Rosie Closer (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
1/6/2018 Sony's New, Cuter Aibo Robot Puppy (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
1/5/2018 Earth-1 Transformer Gundam Car (re: Various) Vehicle
1/4/2018 Self-Driving Domino's Pizza Car (re: Various) Food
1/3/2018 I Want Massive Space Freighters! (re: Edwin K. Stoat) Space Tech
1/2/2018 When Will The Feds Ban Human Drivers? (re: Isaac Asimov) Vehicle
1/1/2018 Our World Formed In A Bubble? (re: Philip K. Dick) Space Tech
12/11/2017 Will You Live To See EM Pulse Scattering By Ships Nearing Light Speed? (re: Arthur C Clarke) Space Tech
12/10/2017 Jabil Integrated Textile Heart Monitoring (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
12/9/2017 Made In Space To Manufacture Optical Fiber In Orbit (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
12/8/2017 Dune Fans! Power Your Devices With Sweaty Shirts (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
12/7/2017 Orwell's Memory Hole Looms Larger Thanks To Nvidia (re: George Orwell) Artificial Intelligence
12/6/2017 Pipefish Robot Checks Pipes Cheap (re: Various) Robotics
12/5/2017 Nifty New SDS Space Debris Sensor For ISS (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
12/4/2017 NanoRacks Space Station Module Concept Validated (re: David Brin) Space Tech
12/3/2017 Nuclear Drones Could Fly For Years (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
12/2/2017 SciFiQ Science Fiction Writing Aid (re: George Orwell) Artificial Intelligence
12/1/2017 Robot Only Faster, Not Better, At Recycling (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
11/24/2017 Poland Starts With 1000 Warmate 'Suicide Drones' (re: Neal Stephenson) Weapon
11/22/2017 Dream Of Building Your Own Rocket? (re: Ray Bradbury) Spacecraft
11/21/2017 Zero Mass 'Vaporators' Pull Drinking Water From The Air (re: George Lucas) Engineering
11/20/2017 Elon Musk Fears A 'Fleet-Wide Hack' Of Autonomous Vehicles (re: Daniel Suarez) Artificial Intelligence
11/16/2017 China Melts Tibetan Permafrost To Plant Forest (re: Niven, Pournelle, Flynn) Biology
11/15/2017 iFlytek Doctor Robot First To Pass Medical Exams (re: Larry Niven) Medical
11/14/2017 Slaughterbot AI KIller Quadcopter Drones (re: Neal Stephenson) Warfare
11/13/2017 Do We Really Want Backflipping Robots? (re: Various) Robotics
11/12/2017 RNA-Based Biocomputing Device (re: Greg Bear) Computer
11/11/2017 Seasteading Floating Cities (re: Otfrid von Hanstein) Living Space
11/10/2017 Tesla Semi 'Electrotruck' Unveiled (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
11/9/2017 Watch What People Are Seeing Via Brain Scanning (re: Cordwainer Smith) Medical
11/8/2017 Integrated Circuits Printed Right Onto Fabric! (re: Margaret Atwood) Engineering
11/7/2017 Interstellar Asteroid Visits Our Solar System (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
11/6/2017 PRIMA Bionic Vision Restoration (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
11/5/2017 Audi Traffic Jam Pilot Knows If You're Sleeping (re: Harry Harrison) Vehicle
11/4/2017 UM Hall Thruster Breaks Records (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
11/3/2017 Ionity Ultra-fast Charging Station Network (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
11/2/2017 VAuth Voice Security Wearable From University of Michigan (re: Gosho Aoyama) Various
11/1/2017 Ubiquiti FrontRow Camera Records Your Life (re: Roger Zelazny) Communication
10/30/2017 Ancient Ocean On Ceres? (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
10/29/2017 SmileCloud Bubloons Are Custom Clouds (re: Alan Nelson) Communication
10/28/2017 Cassie 'Halfbot' Best Half (Lower) Of Humanoid Robot (re: Various) Robotics
10/27/2017 Autonomous Concrete Floor Finishing Robot (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
10/26/2017 Musk Tweets A Boring Tunnel Pic (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
10/25/2017 AI Terrifies Thanks To Reddit's Nosleep (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
10/24/2017 Lunatix Lunar Rover Will Accept YOUR Commands! (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
10/23/2017 Tesla Electric Automatobus Prototype Spotted? (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
10/22/2017 E-Fuso eCanter Electric eTruck (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
10/21/2017 SpaceX BFR Lands $41M From USAF (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
10/20/2017 Mmm, Tasty Duck From A Petri Dish (re: David H. Keller) Food
10/19/2017 Drones Guided By The Mind Alone (re: Clifford Simak) Engineering
10/18/2017 effie Automated Ironing Appliance (re: Mikhail Mikheev) Robotics
10/17/2017 BabyX AI Real Enough For You (re: Robert Heinlein) Virtual Person
10/16/2017 We Could Downgrade Puerto Rico - And Thereby Save It (re: John Brunner) Culture
10/15/2017 Pegasus, Nvidia Supercomputer For Autonomous Driving (re: Isaac Asimov) Vehicle
10/14/2017 Loihi Chip Mimics Human Brain's Neurons And Synapses (re: Robert Heinlein) Computer
10/13/2017 Self-Assembling Bacteria Build A Pressure Sensor (re: Unknown) Manufacturing
10/12/2017 3D Printed Artificial Muscles Are Stronger Than Yours (re: Martin Caidin) Engineering
10/11/2017 Fog Computing (AKA Edge Computing) Ad Hoc Networks (re: Vernor Vinge) Communication
10/10/2017 Dubai Scorpion Police Hoverbike Ready To Pull Young Kirk Over (re: Gene Roddenberry) Vehicle
10/8/2017 HEXA Robotic Help For Plants (re: Vernor Vinge) Robotics
10/8/2017 Korean Tesla Model S Video 'Excelsior' Is Indeed Our Motto (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Vehicle
10/7/2017 DIY Robot Shoots You In The Face (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
10/6/2017 A Bayesian Approach to Safe Imitation Learning For AIs and Robots (re: Anthony Boucher) Artificial Intelligence
10/5/2017 Qoobo Headless Robotic Therapy Cat Was Anne McCaffrey's Idea (re: Anne McCaffrey) Robotics
10/4/2017 Autonomous Cars Talk To Each Other At MCity (re: Isaac Asimov) Vehicle
10/3/2017 PUFFER Robots - From Philip K DIck's Second Variety? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/2/2017 Russian Space Garden (re: Harley S. Aldinger) Space Tech
10/1/2017 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training For 'Downloading Skills' (re: Various) Medical
9/30/2017 U of M's MCity To Feature Asimov's Automatobuses (re: Isaac Asimov) Vehicle
9/28/2017 Crazyflie Drone Swarm Technology (re: Bruce Sterling) Engineering
9/26/2017 Our GodBot, Who Art In Cyberspace (re: Gene Roddenberry) Artificial Intelligence
9/24/2017 easyJet Short-Haul Electric Jets (re: John W. Campbell) Transportation
9/22/2017 Meet Assist-e Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
9/20/2017 Kalashnikov's One-Seater Hovercraft (re: Various) Vehicle
9/18/2017 L16 Revolutionary Optics Spells End For Ordinary DSLRs? (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
9/16/2017 Biggest HiSeas 'Mars Mission' Problem? No Internet (re: Harry Gore Bishop) Communication
9/14/2017 Clever Electric Truck Generates More Power Than It Uses (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
9/12/2017 Eden-ISS, Greenhouse In Antarctica (re: Barbara Hambly) Food
9/10/2017 Make Space Tools On The Spot (Like Moties) (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
9/8/2017 Will Robots Be Moral If We Raise Them Like Our Children? (re: Henry Slesar) Artificial Intelligence
9/6/2017 Foldable Galaxy Phones, I Swear They're Coming (Maybe) (re: Larry Niven) Display
9/4/2017 Bacteria Behave Differently In Space (re: Bruce Sterling) Space Tech
9/2/2017 Brain Connected To Internet - ‘Brainternet' (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
8/22/2017 Artificial Spider Silk (re: Robert Heinlein) Manufacturing
8/21/2017 MIT Tunes Ions For Frictionless Surface - Superlubricity! (re: L. Sprague de Camp) Engineering
8/20/2017 Seiko Astron Always Knows Your Time Zone (re: Robert Heinlein) Lifestyle
8/19/2017 Robot Buddhist Priest Chants, Drums (re: James Blish) Robotics
8/18/2017 Koniku Kore, Mouse Brain-Based Chip, Detects Explosives (re: Cordwainer Smith) Computer
8/17/2017 CNH Industrial Autonomous Tractor Concept Video (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
8/15/2017 The Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker For Lucid Dreaming (re: Peter Watts) Culture
8/14/2017 Siri Now Smoother, Perkier (Thanks, Deep Learning!) (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
8/13/2017 China's Drone Fleet Flies In Formation (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
8/12/2017 Neuralink, The Latest Elon Musk Passion (re: Pournelle and Niven) Computer
8/11/2017 RFly Drones Rule The Warehouse (re: James P. Hogan) Engineering
8/11/2017 Will The FDA Approve This Antiaging Drug? (re: James Blish) Medical
8/10/2017 Rule Of Humans By Software Not Transparent (re: Miles Breuer) Artificial Intelligence
8/9/2017 SpaceX Spacesuit Design Transmitted By Elon Musk (re: Schachner and Zagat) Space Tech
8/8/2017 Will A Steel Umbrella Stop Russia? (re: EB White) Space Tech
8/7/2017 EVE Artificial Womb For Lambs (For Now) (re: Aldous Huxley) Medical
8/6/2017 TIKAD Armed Drone Ready To Fight (re: 309) Weapon
8/5/2017 Bees Royal Jelly Helps Wounds Heal Faster (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
8/4/2017 NASA Wants To Make Oxygen On Mars (re: Greg Bear) Space Tech
8/3/2017 Hackers Insert Malware Into DNA (re: Barbara Hambly) Biology
8/2/2017 X2-VelociRoACH Cooperates To Launch Tiny Drones (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
8/1/2017 'Do Not Pay' Chatbots To Replace Law Firm Associates? (re: David Brin) Culture
7/30/2017 MULTI Model Of Star Trek Turbolift (re: Various) Engineering
7/29/2017 A Look Into The Future Of Spacecraft! (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
7/28/2017 An 'Ethical Black Box' For Robots? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
7/27/2017 Dadbot Digital Immortality (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
7/26/2017 Should We Permit Computers To Create Their Own Language? (re: Frederik Pohl) Artificial Intelligence
7/25/2017 Breakthrough Starshot Sprites Yearn For Alpha Centauri (re: Niven and Pournelle) Space Tech
7/24/2017 Kino Project Roaming Personal Fashion Robots (re: Robert Forward) Robotics
7/23/2017 Astronaut Exercise Video, Predicted By SF Writers (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
7/22/2017 First Crewless Ship? Umm (re: Various) Robotics
7/21/2017 RFID Chipped Employees Of Three Square Market (re: John Twelve Hawks) Surveillance
7/20/2017 JAXA's Int-Ball Drone To Follow Astronauts In Space Station (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
7/19/2017 Amazon Patents Annoying Robot That Follows You (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
7/18/2017 Hand Gestures And Body Poses Control Devices (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
7/17/2017 Rovable Robots Crawl Across Your Body (re: Robert Forward) Robotics
7/16/2017 Sansar Social Virtual Reality Platform In 2017? (re: Vernor Vinge) Communication
7/16/2017 Temi Robotic Telepresence Roommate (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
7/15/2017 Cellphone Harvests Power From Ambient Radio Signals And Light (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
7/14/2017 Desktopography Makes Virtual Desktops Real (re: Orson Scott Card) Computer
7/13/2017 LaWS Laser Can Take Out Rogue Drones (re: Michael Crichton) Weapon
7/12/2017 Moon Express Lunar Robot Mining: Shine On, Harvest Moon (re: Pournelle and Niven) Space Tech
7/11/2017 Liquid Body Armor For TALOS Exoskeleton (re: Larry Niven) Armor
7/10/2017 Hyperloop One Video Shows It Works! (re: Harl Vincent) Transportation
7/9/2017 Chairless Chair Exoskeleton By Sapetti (re: Edmond Hamilton) Engineering
7/8/2017 Publishing Technologies In Science Fiction (re: Various) Communication
7/7/2017 Russia Working On Military Exoskeletons (re: Robert Heinlein) Warfare
7/6/2017 3D Printed Bionic Chinese Skin (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
7/5/2017 Flexup Tire Design Good For Tumblebugs (re: Neal Stephenson) Transportation
7/4/2017 3D Printed Graphene Aerogel - So Light! (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
7/3/2017 Asteroid Deflection With DART (re: Miles Breuer) Space Tech
7/2/2017 Translate One2One From IBM's Watson Your Communication Solution (re: Douglas Adams) Culture
7/1/2017 News Now Philip K. Dick's Bailiwick (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
6/8/2017 Autonomous BADGER Robot Drilling Machine (re: Paul Ernst) Engineering
6/7/2017 TALOS Exoskeleton Development Proceeding (re: Robert Heinlein) Warfare
6/6/2017 Autonomous Robots Navigate Like Rats (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
6/5/2017 SINTEF Robot Cleans Solar Panels (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
6/4/2017 Pangorin Restaurant Service Robots (re: George Lucas) Food
6/3/2017 Drug Creates Real Melanin Tan (re: Larry Niven) Medical
6/2/2017 Medical Drones Hover Like Angels Near You (re: Frederik Pohl) Medical
6/1/2017 SkEye Amazing Israeli Gigapixel Drone (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Surveillance
5/30/2017 How Rude! DARPA Wants Robots To Behave More Like Threepio (re: George Lucas) Robotics
5/29/2017 'Liquid Light' Flows Around Corners (re: George Lucas) Engineering
5/28/2017 Unrolling The Filmy Materials Of Space Tech (re: Jack Vance) Space Tech
5/27/2017 Buddy Companion Robot Your Bulbous Friend (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/26/2017 Poli-X1 Prototype Bee Pollinator (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/25/2017 Bake in Space Bake-Off... In Space! (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
5/24/2017 DeepMind AI Baffled By Homer Simpson, Needs Human Help (re: Harry Harrison) Artificial Intelligence
5/23/2017 Does Earth's Middle Mantle Hold Oceans Of Water? (re: Stephen Baxter) Engineering
5/22/2017 Vaccine Blocks Heroin High (re: William Gibson) Medical
5/22/2017 Deep Learning Creates New Faces (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
5/21/2017 Design Your Own Robot (Carefully) (re: Maurice Hugi) Robotics
5/20/2017 Worms Eat Plastic Now (re: Michael Crichton) Biology
5/19/2017 The Largest Virtual Universe! (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
5/18/2017 Cyborg DragonflEye At Your Command (re: John Twelve Hawks) Surveillance
5/17/2017 The Ring Clock IS Heinlein's Finger Watch (re: HB Fyfe) Lifestyle
5/16/2017 Xiaoice AI Now A Poet (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
5/15/2017 Dubai Mall Hires Robocop (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
5/14/2017 Ambrosia Start-Up Offers New Blood For Old 'Caper' (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
5/13/2017 Prodrone Dual Arm Drone PD6B-AW-ARM As Predicted In 1960 (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/12/2017 Artificial Intelligence Software Predicts Lifespan (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
5/11/2017 BlessU-2 Robot Priest Celebrates 500th Reformation Anniversary (re: Robert Silverberg) Robotics
5/10/2017 Free-Floating Planet Capture Not Rare, Says Paper (re: Balmer and Wylie) Space Tech
5/9/2017 Tiny Tertill Autonomous Weeding Robot (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
5/8/2017 Used Dragon Cargo Spacecraft Will Fly Again (re: Robert Heinlein) Spacecraft
5/7/2017 Spider Flyer Walker Space Suit For Mars Astronauts (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
5/6/2017 Anti AI AI Wearable Detects Artificial Voices (re: Various) Engineering
5/5/2017 Drones Will Transform Cities (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
5/4/2017 Orbital Space Tourism For $1M (re: William Gibson) Space Tech
5/3/2017 Prynt Pocket Prints AR Pix Right In Your Hand (re: John Brunner) Engineering
5/2/2017 3D Printed Stretchable Skin For Robots AND You! (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
5/1/2017 Bat Bot Robotic Flapping-Wing Drone (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
4/30/2017 NASA's Astronaut Rescue Ball (re: Doc Smith) Space Tech
4/29/2017 ARM Wants To Build Brain Chips (re: William Gibson) Computer
4/28/2017 Sky Fence - A Drone-Proof Shield Created Over Prison (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
4/27/2017 Geoengineering The Atmosphere For Climate Change (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Engineering
4/26/2017 Archinaut Orbiting Robotic Factory (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
4/25/2017 Cryonic Preservation - The Last Perk You'll Ever Need (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Medical
4/24/2017 Computers Understand Humans By Watching And Modeling Them (re: Anthony Boucher) Artificial Intelligence
4/23/2017 NASA Asks For Moon To Earth Delivery Ideas (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
4/22/2017 Musk Tunnels Wisely Restrict Drivers (re: Schachner and Zagat) Transportation
4/21/2017 Robot Swarms Controlled With Augmented Reality (re: Daniel Suarez) Computer
4/20/2017 MIT's C-LEARN Helps Robots Transfer Learning To Other Robots (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
4/19/2017 Mini-Brains In A Dish (re: Peter Watts) Biology
4/18/2017 Rapid Automated Search For Habitable Planets Needed (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
4/17/2017 WatchSense Perfect For Fat-Fingered Smartwatch Owners (re: Douglas Adams) Display
4/16/2017 Digital Construction Platform Robot 3D Prints A Building (re: Charles Sheffield) Manufacturing
4/15/2017 Bionic Eye-Hand Combo Robot Grasps Objects On Its Own (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/14/2017 Earth's 7,000 Languages Soon Machine Translatable (re: Gene Roddenberry) machine translation deep learning
4/13/2017 FarmBot, Your Personal Robotic Farmer (re: Philip K. Dick) Agriculture
4/12/2017 NASA's Prototype Lunar Greenhouse For Mars And Moon (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Biology
4/11/2017 Fukushima Plant Needs Radiation-Proof Scorpion Robots (re: Mari Wolf) Robotics
4/10/2017 NASA's Meteorite-Resistant Fabric Perfect For Space Armor (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
4/9/2017 How Deep Learning And AI Will Affect Health Care (re: Gordon R. Dickson) Medical
4/8/2017 Amazing Tesla Autopilot Video (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Transportation
4/7/2017 3D Print Moon Dust Bricks (re: John W. Campbell) Manufacturing
4/6/2017 Cattle Avoidance Feature In Indian Autonomous Cars (re: Allan Dean Foster) Vehicle
4/5/2017 Project KOVR Fashion Protection From Infosphere (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/4/2017 Twist Bioscience High Density Digital Data On DNA (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
4/3/2017 'We're Not Creating A Terminator' Say Russians About Gun-Wielding Robot Fedor (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
4/2/2017 Vantablack Now IMMEASURABLY Black (re: Doc Smith) Material
4/1/2017 Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Taxi Fleet In 3 Years (re: Alan Dean Foster) Transportation
3/30/2017 Is 'The Pulsar Positioning System' Evidence For SETI? (re: Harry Harrison) Space Tech
3/29/2017 Someday, You Might Like VR Enough To Move In (re: Stephen Baxter) Virtual Person
3/28/2017 Humans Use Mental Power For Turtle Slavery (re: Robert Silverberg) Engineering
3/27/2017 Solar-Powered Moisture Vaporator (re: George Lucas) Engineering
3/26/2017 DxtER! Tricorder Prize Won By Final Frontier Medical Devices (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
3/25/2017 President Trump's Wall As Otra Nation Hyperloop (re: Harl Vincent) Transportation
3/24/2017 Pickup Lines From Artificial Intelligences (re: Steven Spielberg) Artificial Intelligence
3/23/2017 Pooper Scooper Drone Robot Watchdog 1 (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
3/22/2017 Cassie Robot Brings AT-ST Walker To Life (re: George Lucas) Robotics
3/21/2017 Hundreds Of Robot Lawnmowers Invade Texas Town (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
3/20/2017 Smartflower Solar Panel Unfolds In Video (re: David Brin) Engineering
3/19/2017 3D Printed Prosthetic Coral (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
3/18/2017 Chowbotics Salad Robot, Sally (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Food
3/17/2017 Flying In An Ironman Suit (re: Various) Transportation
3/16/2017 Are Observed Radio Bursts An Alien Propulsion Technology? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
3/15/2017 Caltech's ET Laboratory Looks For New Earths (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
3/14/2017 Wink To Magnify View (re: Various) Engineering
3/13/2017 Shh! USAF's Secret X-37B Space Plane Breaks Record (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
3/12/2017 Artificially Intelligent Poster - Advert That Writes Itself (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
3/11/2017 3D Print Tiny Bio-Bots (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
3/10/2017 Aequoreas Floating Village 3D Printed From Ocean Junk (re: Edmond Hamilton) Living Space
3/9/2017 PassivDom 3D Printed House - What If You Could Live Anywhere? (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
3/8/2017 Breakthrough In Manufacture Of Red Blood Cells (re: Various) Medicine
3/7/2017 Caihong Solar-Powered Drone 'Atmospheric Satellite' (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
3/6/2017 NASA Wants Low Earth Orbit Wifi (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
3/5/2017 Is Genetic Testing At Businesses A Bad Idea? (re: Andrew Niccol) Surveillance
3/4/2017 Wearable Smart Jacket (re: Murray Leinster) Clothing
3/3/2017 Store One Bit On One Atom (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
3/2/2017 Fluorescent Bacteria Fashion (re: J.G. Ballard) Clothing
3/1/2017 Keith Laumer's Bolo Autonomous Tanks Right On Schedule (re: Keith Laumer) Weapon
2/28/2017 When Computers Develop Their Own Language, Will They Talk To Us? (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
2/27/2017 LipNet Reads Lips - Until Disconnected, That Is (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
2/26/2017 - To Skype With The Dead (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
2/25/2017 Wearable MRI Is Former Occulus/Facebook Exec's New Project (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
2/24/2017 Ford Stratasys Infinte Build 3D Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
2/23/2017 The Space Suit As Personal Spaceship (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
2/22/2017 Dune Fans! Your God Emperor Is Ready (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
2/21/2017 Robot Strolls Field, Examines EVERY Plant (re: John W. Campbell) Robotics
2/20/2017 Sweden Outlaws Drones (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Surveillance
2/19/2017 Wear Your Self-Powered Generator (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
2/18/2017 TITAN-III Spider Robot Is WAY Too Quick (Video) (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
2/17/2017 Bill Gates Suggests Tax On Robots (re: John Twelve Hawks) Robotics
2/16/2017 Handle, New Wheeled Hopping Robot (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
2/15/2017 Matrix Sentinel Ancestor, The Pipe Inspector Robot From Krakow (re: Wachowskis) Robotics
2/14/2017 Auto-Focus Smart Glasses Have Liquid Lenses (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
2/13/2017 Robotic Physician Assistant Has Steady 'Hands' (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
2/12/2017 Roboy 3DPrinted Humanoid Robot (re: Henry Slesar) Robotics
2/11/2017 Robird Flapping Wing Drones Keep Airports Safe (re: Greg Bear) Robotics
2/10/2017 3D Printed Fashion - Plastirobes And Transdresses (re: Niven and Barnes) Lifestyle
2/9/2017 Robotic Lawn Mower Powered By Sun, Arduino (re: Clifford SImak) Robotics
2/8/2017 Google Perfects 'Blade Runner-style' Photo Details (re: Ridley Scott) Engineering
2/7/2017 Pokerbot Libratus Learns To Lie (Bluff) (re: Various) Artificial Intelligence
2/6/2017 Otto Autonomous Robot Trucks Run Into... Legal Snag (re: Miles J. Breuer) Robotics
2/5/2017 Tiny Drones With Sticky Feet Pollinate Flowers Now (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
2/4/2017 ThreeForm 3D Scans And Digitally Simulates Customer Fashion (re: Harry Harrison) Lifestyle
2/3/2017 CloudFisher - Moroccan Fog Farmers Harvest Moisture From The Air (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
2/2/2017 Piaggio Gita Personal Robot Porter (re: John Brunner) Robotics
2/1/2017 Ardu McDuino, Bagpipe Robot (re: Herbert Goldstone) Robotics
1/30/2017 Not Quite Self-Replicating Robots, Franka Emika (re: Maurice Hugi) Robotics
1/29/2017 H-MEX Helpful Exoskeleton From Hyundai (re: John W. Campbell) Medical
1/28/2017 New Paper - Write With Light Erase With Heat (re: Greg Bear) Material
1/27/2017 Sewbo Robot Perfect For Heinlein's Bespoke Kilts! (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
1/26/2017 Safilo Brain-Sensing Eyewear (re: Philip K Dick) Lifestyle
1/25/2017 The In Situ Fabricator Construction Robot (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
1/24/2017 Researchers Say 'Biohybrid Robot' - Clarke Said 'Biot' (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Biology
1/23/2017 51 Percent Of Job Activities Could Be Automated (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
1/22/2017 Use Your Brainwaves As A Password (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
1/21/2017 Dilbert Writer Scott Adams Plans For Immortality (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
1/20/2017 Software Learns To Design Software (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
1/19/2017 3D Skin Printer Helps Burn Victims (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/18/2017 Tesla Autopilot's 40 Percent Crash Reduction (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
1/17/2017 Pent-Up NASA Scientists Simulate Life On Mars (re: David H. Keller) Space Tech
1/16/2017 China Now Has Robot Journalists (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
1/15/2017 Relationship-Practicing Robot From Turing Robot (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
1/14/2017 Cormorant Flying Car (re: James Blish) Vehicle
1/13/2017 ElliQ Robot To Help Israel's Grandmas And Grandpas (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
1/12/2017 EU Debates Kill Switches For Robots (re: Philip K. Dick) computer kill switch european union
1/11/2017 Scotland Set To Implement Basic Income (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
1/10/2017 Sales Robots More Persistent Than Humans (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
1/9/2017 AI Identifies Suicidal Behavior With 93 Percent Accuracy (re: James Blish) Artificial Intelligence
1/8/2017 Razer Project Valerie Laptop Unfurls (re: William Gibson) Computer
1/7/2017 Can Virtual Reality help People Cope With Pain? (re: Roger Zelazny) Medical
1/6/2017 Dust Movement On The Moon, Saturn's Rings Solved (re: Hal Clement) Space Tech
1/5/2017 Largest Micro-Drone Swarm Release Successful (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
1/4/2017 Robot Motion Planning 10K Times Faster (re: William Gibson) Robotics
1/3/2017 Reconfigured Graphene 10X Strong, 5 Percent Dense, As Steel (re: Hugo Gernsback) Material
1/2/2017 Axiom - The World's First Private Space Station? (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
1/1/2017 DataTraveler Ultimate Generation 2 Terabyte Flashdrive (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
12/30/2016 HyperFace Aims To Foil Facial Recognition (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
12/29/2016 MIT's aeroMorph Technology (re: Samuel R. Delany) Material
12/28/2016 Woolim DPRK Surveillance Tablet And Doctorow's 'Schoolbook' (re: Cory Doctorow) Surveillance
12/27/2016 Google Home Continues Implementation Of Pohl's Joymaker (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
12/26/2016 The Sheep Look Up In Beijing (re: John Brunner) Lifestyle
12/25/2016 Festo's eMotionButterfly, AirJelly And AirPenguin Robots (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
12/24/2016 Griff 300 Octocopter Carries You And Friend (re: James Blish) Transportation
12/23/2016 Talkspace Anonymous Therapy App (re: John Brunner) Medical
12/22/2016 Dr. McCoy, Your 'Salt Shaker' Scanner Is Ready (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
12/21/2016 Actors Reject, Makers Embrace, Posthumous Movie Resurrection (re: Robert Heinlein) Entertainment
12/20/2016 Robot Animals Set To 'Spy in the Wild' (re: Philip K. DIck) Robotics
12/19/2016 Star Wars Speeder Bikes! On Water, By Jetovator (re: George Lucas) Vehicle
12/18/2016 'Living Bandage' For Knee Injuries (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
12/17/2016 Ad Astra! JPL's Autonomous Undersea Drones (re: Murray Leinster) Robotics
12/16/2016 Korea's Avatar Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
12/15/2016 Moon's Huge Lava Tubes Perfect For Heinlein's Bat Wings (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
12/14/2016 ChainFORM Robot For Your Wrist (re: Abraham Merritt) Robotics
12/13/2016 Galaxy Note 7 Kill Switch? (re: Various) Engineering
12/12/2016 Sketch Robot At World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit (re: Various) Robotics
12/11/2016 Gatebox Virtual Girlfriend Perfect For Budding Salaryman (re: William Gibson) Virtual Person
12/10/2016 Your 'Odortype' Is Unique! (re: Ray Cummings) Surveillance
12/9/2016 Planet Buster Dead Star Vaporizes Mini-Planet (re: Kendall Foster Crossen) Space Tech
12/8/2016 Veebot Robotic Blood Drawing ala Andromeda Strain (re: Michael Crichton) Medical
12/7/2016 Solar Geoengineering Spray Cools, Heals (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
12/6/2016 New Startup 'Improbable' To Model Our World (re: Stanislaw Lem) Computer
12/5/2016 The Hands-Free Hectare (re: Larry Niven) Agriculture
12/4/2016 Pay For The 3D Printer - NexD1 Kickstarter (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
12/3/2016 Just Two Tricorder Xprize Finalists Remain (re: Gene Roddenberry) Medical
12/2/2016 Space-Based Sustainable Energy Policy (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
12/1/2016 Honda To Offer Car With Emotions (re: Douglas Adams) Vehicle
11/30/2016 Just Eat And Starship Bring You Food Via Robot (re: Bruce Sterling) Robotics
11/29/2016 Life In Detroit's 'Agrihood' - The First In The U.S. (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
11/28/2016 Artificial 'Hairs' To Enhance Senses Of Robots (re: Ray Cummings) Robotics
11/27/2016 The Point Of View Of An Autonomous Car (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
11/26/2016 You Can't Lose The Travelmate Autonomous Suitcase - It Follows You (re: John Brunner) Lifestyle
11/25/2016 ibotn Toddler-Care Mini-Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/24/2016 Nuclear Batteries Based On Diamonds Last Millennia (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
11/23/2016 Eighth Sense Emotion-Responsive Cloak (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
11/22/2016 British Airways To Offer An Ingestible Sensor To Passengers (re: Various) Transportation
11/21/2016 Unique DNA To Foil Parts Counterfeiters (re: Philip K. DIck) Biology
11/20/2016 MIT Researchers Predict The Future From Still Photos (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
11/19/2016 Mini Robot Uses 2 mm Surgical Tools (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Medical
11/18/2016 Childhood Dreams Of Space Realized! Space Junk Problem Solved! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
11/17/2016 Writhing Robotic Tentacle Uses Laser To Chop Nuke Hardware (re: HG Wells) Robotics
11/16/2016 LBNP Device Not Quite 'Artificial Gravity' (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
11/15/2016 China's XPNAV 1 To Use X-Ray Pulsars For Navigation (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
11/14/2016 Artificial Muscle Material Is Self-Healing, Super Stretchy (re: Various) Engineering
11/13/2016 Google Zero-Shot Translation Gives Star Trek Fans Hope (re: Gene Roddenberry) Artificial Intelligence
11/12/2016 Moley Kitchen Robot Ready By 2018 (re: Elizabeth Bellamy) Robotics
11/11/2016 Tricking Cells Into Making Silicon Chips (re: Unknown) Computer
11/10/2016 AI Lip Reading Better Than Human, Like HAL 9000 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
11/9/2016 PLEN2 DIY Robot Cleaner Steals Your Heart (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
11/8/2016 Disney Hopping Robot, From Disney Research (re: Bruce Sterling) Robotics
11/7/2016 DURUS Robot Walks Like You Do, Maybe To Work (re: Daniel Keyes) Robotics
11/6/2016 Will Astronauts Get iPads In Space? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
11/5/2016 Uber's Robotics Plans Could Use Advice From SF Authors (re: Charles Stross) Robotics
11/4/2016 Feeling A Poke On Your Robotic Hand (re: George Lucas) Medical
11/3/2016 Arctic Cities Crumble As Permafrost Melts (re: Robert Silverberg) Engineering
11/2/2016 Double Charging Textile Obviates Clunky Dune Stillsuit Boots (re: Frank Herbert) Lifestyle
11/1/2016 Autonomous Oz Weeding Robot (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
10/30/2016 Deep Brain Stimulation Soon Without Surgery (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/29/2016 Rosemont Hotel Dubai Has Lobby Rainforest (re: Paolo Bacigalupi) Living Space
10/28/2016 Sip From Your Ford When Catchpocket Shows Dewsparkle (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
10/27/2016 Drowning? Lifeguard Drones Overhead! (re: Frederik Pohl) Surveillance
10/26/2016 Elections In Science Fiction (re: James Blish.) Computer
10/25/2016 When Did Chess Computers Seem Unbeatable? (re: Clifford Simak) Artificial Intelligence
10/24/2016 Hurdl PIXL Wearable Helps Fans Connect With Stars (re: Various) Communication
10/23/2016 Will Future Games Require Hallucinogens ala Phil Dick? (re: Philip K. Dick ) Entertainment
10/22/2016 DARPA Drone Distinguishes Soldiers And Civilians (re: Various) Robotics
10/21/2016 Robo-Dolphin Demonstrates Porpoising (re: Michael Swanwick) Engineering
10/20/2016 Vahana, The Airbus Flying Taxi (re: James Blish) Transportation
10/19/2016 Dubai Considers Robocop (re: Harry Harrison) Surveillance
10/18/2016 GyroGlove Idea For Parkinson's Was Suggested In 1926 (re: Ellis Parker Butler) Medical
10/17/2016 Otto Self-Driving Truck Kit Delivers Budweiser Beer (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
10/16/2016 Airnest Drone Flight Logging Tool (re: Jack Williamson) Surveillance
10/15/2016 Untethered Drone Gets Wireless Power (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
10/14/2016 ESA Plans Akon Projectile To Europa ala Jules Verne (re: Jules Verne) Space Tech
10/13/2016 Transparent OLED TV By Panasonic (re: HG Wells) Display
10/12/2016 Shape-Memory Metal Transforms Millions Of Times (re: Samuel R. Delany) Materials
10/11/2016 Advertising Drones Hover Over Traffic In Mexico (re: Jeff Noon) Communication
10/10/2016 How Can Amazon Patent A Voice-Controlled Drone? (re: Karen Traviss) Engineering
10/9/2016 'North Sense' Wearable Piercing From Cyborg Nest (re: Samuel R. Delany) Engineering
10/8/2016 proCover Smart Sock Prosthetic Limb Enhancement (re: Roger Zelazny) Clothing
10/7/2016 Robots And AIs Will Replace Humans At 7 Percent Of U.S. Jobs (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
10/6/2016 Human Doctors Still Better Than Computers (re: Larry Niven) Medical
10/5/2016 FEDOR Humanoid Robot To Join Russians In Space (re: Various) Robotics
10/4/2016 BMW Self-Balancing Motorcycle - Never Put Feet On Road (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
10/3/2016 MicroTug Is A Micro Robot Beast (re: Maurice A. Hugi) Robotics
10/2/2016 Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel (LEAP) - It's A Hopping Robot (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
10/1/2016 Smart Glove Controls 3D Printed Robotic Arm (Waldo!) (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/30/2016 Wearables For Animals Totally A Thing (re: William Gibson) Engineering
9/29/2016 Tomatoes From Sun And Seawater (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Food
9/28/2016 Hadrian X Construction Robot From Fastbrick Robotics (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
9/27/2016 Confirm 100 Exoplanets At Once! (With Video) (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
9/26/2016 Blue Origin Tests 'Escape Pod' Capability (re: George Lucas) Space Tech
9/25/2016 3D Printed Car Can Launch POV Drone (re: Michael Crichton) Vehicle
9/24/2016 Japanese AI Forms Suicidally Depressed Personality (re: Douglas Adams) Artificial Intelligence
9/23/2016 Duoskin Control Tattoo (re: John Varley) Engineering
9/22/2016 Space Elevator Planned By Obayashi Corp (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
9/21/2016 Robot Deltu Is Ready To Play With You (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
9/20/2016 Luigi The Sewer Inspection Robot From MIT (re: Various) Robotics
9/19/2016 Smart Fabric Can Harvest Energy From Sunshine And Motion (re: Alastair Reynolds) Clothing
9/18/2016 IBM's Neuromorphic Chip (re: Roger Zelazny) Computer
9/17/2016 Russia's Protective Ferrite Fabric (re: Philip K Dick) Material
9/16/2016 MiniMed 670G - First 'Artificial Pancreas' Approved By FDA (re: Philip K Dick) Medical
9/15/2016 iPal Nanny Robot Will Raise Your Kids (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
9/14/2016 NVIDIA's DAVE2 Autonomous Car Learns From Drivers (re: Anthony Boucher) Vehicle
9/13/2016 Robots Don't Need To Be Humanoid (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
9/12/2016 Tractor Beams? They're Working On It (re: EE Doc Smith) Engineering
9/11/2016 Hi-Yo Modobag! Away! (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
9/10/2016 Snap Specs - Snapchat Spectacles - Are Video Glasses (re: David Brin) Surveillance
9/9/2016 Reading A Scroll Burned To Charcoal (re: James P. Hogan) Engineering
9/8/2016 Robot Arrested In Moscow (re: Various) Robotics
9/7/2016 Oh Great, Fence-Climbing Robots (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
9/6/2016 Software Agents Fight Unseen On The Web (re: John Brunner) Computer
9/5/2016 Sandisk 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card Surfaces (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
9/4/2016 Carbyne, The Ultimate Form Of Carbon (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Material
9/3/2016 Bradbury's Method Used In Search For Bombing Suspect (re: Ray Bradbury) Surveillance
9/2/2016 New Laser Space Debris Clearing More Subtle Than Clarke's (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
9/1/2016 Robots Learn To Swarm Safely (re: Bruce Sterling) Robotics
8/30/2016 Samsung's Smart Ring (re: HB Fyfe) Engineering
8/29/2016 Proposal To Use Lasers To Analyze Asteroids (re: EC Tubb) Space Tech
8/28/2016 Autonomous Sumo Robot Wrestling Video (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
8/27/2016 Fashion Needs To Step Up Technology Education (re: Various) Clothing
8/26/2016 Youbionic 3D Printed Hand A Dark Knight Masterpiece (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
8/25/2016 Robots Now Know How To Cause Pain (re: Harlan Ellison) Robotics
8/24/2016 Once A Jolly Swagbot Camped By A Billabong (re: Larry Niven) Agriculture
8/23/2016 Juno Gets Close To Jupiter, Fiction Gets Closer! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
8/22/2016 NASA Submarine For Titan (re: Michael Swanwick) Space Tech
8/21/2016 Sketching Robots May Displace Starving Artists (re: Various) Robotics
8/20/2016 Three Clues To Limb Regeneration (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
8/19/2016 Soft Caterpillar Robot Powered By Light (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
8/18/2016 Converting Low Temp Waste Heat To Electricity (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
8/17/2016 Flex Robot Surgeon - Let's Hope You're Sedated (re: Various) Robotics
8/16/2016 Liquid Metal Terminator Development Hums Right Along (re: Philip K Dick) Material
8/15/2016 Kiwi Dominos Drone Pizza Delivery (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
8/14/2016 MIT Robot Helps Out In Delivery Room (re: George Lucas) Robotics
8/13/2016 Self-Healing Textiles! Say Goodbye To Torn Jeans (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
8/12/2016 Fleets Of Ford Autonomous Cars In 5 Years (re: Allan Dean Foster) Transportation
8/11/2016 Electric Head Patch Helps PTSD Patients (re: Robert Sheckley) Medical
8/10/2016 MEDi Robot Calms The Nervous Patient (re: Anne McCaffrey) Medical
8/9/2016 NASA's Interplanetary Internet DTN (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
8/8/2016 Superior Morals For Autonomous Cars (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
8/7/2016 Housekeeping Robots Easy To Imagine, Tough To Make (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
8/6/2016 Augmented Reality On Construction Sites (re: Niven and Barnes) Engineering
8/5/2016 Moorebot Personal Assistant Robot (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
8/4/2016 One-Shot Gene Therapy Cure $665K (re: Various) Medical
8/3/2016 Laser 'Autonomous Target Selection' Now Available To Curiosity Rover (re: Various) Robotics
8/2/2016 Ultrasonic Wireless ‘Neural Dust’ Sensors For Medical Monitoring (re: Vernor Vinge) Medical
8/1/2016 Breathable Carbon Nanotube Membrane For 'Smart Uniforms' (re: Peter Watts) Material
7/30/2016 Record 1007 Robots Dance In Harbinger Of Doom (re: Various) Robotics
7/29/2016 Cicret Makes Your Skin Into A Display (re: John Varley) Display
7/28/2016 Tesla's To Eye Future With New Sensors? (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
7/27/2016 Industrial Robot Tattoo Artist Is World's First (re: Various) Robotics
7/26/2016 Festo's AquaJellies 2.0 (re: Rucker/Sterling) Engineering
7/25/2016 SPIDER Repair Robots From Lockheed Martin Blimps (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
7/24/2016 Io's Sulphur Dioxide (re: Fritz Lieber) Space Tech
7/23/2016 Would You Converse With Your Autonomous Car? (re: George Lucas) Artificial Intelligence
7/22/2016 Would Movable Houses Make Cities Better? (re: Jane Webb Loudon) Living Space
7/21/2016 Drone 100, Coordinated Drone Performance Team (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
7/20/2016 Tethers Unlimited Satellite Mini-Thrusters (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
7/19/2016 Sophie, Your Virtual Assistant (re: Frederik Pohl) Virtual Person
7/18/2016 Satellite Surveillance Reveals Guerrilla Drug Trade (re: Jack Williamson) Surveillance
7/17/2016 Aerochromics Shirt Makes You An Air Quality Monitor (re: William Gibson) Clothing
7/16/2016 Robots That 'Feel' Real Emotions (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
7/15/2016 In Vitro Meatballs For SciFi Spaghetti (re: David H. Keller) Food
7/14/2016 NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Looks Nearby (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
7/13/2016 Jackrabbit, The Polite Robot (re: Various) Robotics
7/12/2016 Mobility Scooters Go Offroad (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
7/11/2016 RAMST - Robotically Assembled Modular Space Telescope (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
7/10/2016 Terminal Snooping At Bloomberg (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
7/9/2016 Will There Be A Digital Afterlife? (re: Samuel R. Delany) Computer
7/8/2016 ROCKY - Resistive Overload Combined With Kinetic Yo-Yo (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
7/7/2016 China Bans Self-Driving Car Testing (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicles
7/6/2016 Robotic Lawnmower Fulfills SciFi Homeowner's Dreams (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
7/5/2016 7-Eleven Drone Delivers Chix Sandwich And Slurpee (re: H. Beam Piper) Food
7/4/2016 Beta-Ti3Au Titanium-Gold Alloy Hardest Tissue-Compatible Metal (re: Various) Material
7/3/2016 Solar Plane Circles The Globe (re: Roger Zelazny) Engineering
7/2/2016 Audiobooks - Fastest Growing Format In Publishing (re: Stanislaw Lem) Communication
7/1/2016 SuperMeat - Crowdfunding Pohl/Kornbluth's Chicken Little (re: Pohl - Cornbluth) Food
6/30/2016 Martian-Grown Food Might Be Fine (re: Andy Weir) Food
6/29/2016 MARLO Robot Attempts Wave Field (re: Henry Slesar) Robotics
6/28/2016 3RDiTEK Lifeblogging Headband Camera (re: Charles Stross) Culture
6/27/2016 3D-Printed Biohybrid Is A Tissue-Engineered Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robot
6/26/2016 Steerable Locusts Detect Explosives (re: Thomas A. Easton) Biology
6/25/2016 No Human Drivers By 2040 - Israel (re: Isaac Asimov) Transportation
6/24/2016 Graphene Ultracapacitor Airships For Heavy Lifting (re: George Griffith) Vehicle
6/23/2016 Uber Hires Robot Security Guard (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
6/22/2016 Mind-Altering Drugs Administered Deep Into The Brain (re: Greg Bear) Medical
6/21/2016 Are There Diamond Planets? (re: Frank Stockton) Space Tech
6/20/2016 Robot Lawyers And Robot Judges Now Everywhere (re: Frederik Pohl) Culture
6/19/2016 Roam-e Flying Selfie Drone Cam (re: Karen Traviss) Culture
6/18/2016 Chemputer To Grow Bespoke Drones Through Chemistry (re: Greg Bear) Manufacturing
6/17/2016 Walmart Shopping Cart Robots Will Follow You (re: John Brunner) robotics
6/16/2016 DoNotPay Lawyer Program Contests Parking Tickets (re: David Brin) Culture
6/15/2016 Real Leather Without Cows Modern Meadow Biofabrication (re: ) Biology
6/14/2016 City Made Of Bone (re: Larry Niven) Living Space
6/13/2016 SpotMini Robot Pierson's Puppeteer-Style (re: Larry Niven) Robotics
6/13/2016 Brick By Brick, Building Martian Bases (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
6/12/2016 Elon Musk et. al. OpenAI Household Robot (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
6/11/2016 BRUISE Smart Injury Detection Suit (re: Orson Scott Card) Medical
6/10/2016 Tesla Model S Is Also A Boat (Sort Of) (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
6/9/2016 Promobot, The Runaway Russian Robot! (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
6/8/2016 Rowbot Small Autonomous Farm Robot (re: Larry Niven) Agriculture
6/7/2016 Amazon's Alexa To Recognize Emotions (re: ) Artificial Intelligence
6/6/2016 Cool 'Single-Person Spaceships' Have Better SF Name (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
6/5/2016 First Robot Suicide Has Science Fiction Roots (re: Eando Binder) Robotics
6/4/2016 First US Clinical Trial For Wearable Artificial Kidney (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
6/3/2016 Open Bionics To Produce Deus Ex Prosthetic Designs (re: Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal) Medical
6/2/2016 Human-Carrying Drone Taxi 184 Approved For Test Flights (re: James Blish) Transportation
6/1/2016 Skating On Mars' Frozen Pools (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
5/29/2016 Google Working On A 'Cutoff Switch' For AI (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
5/28/2016 Vi Artificially Intelligent Personal Trainer (re: Manga Clamp) Artificial Intelligence
5/27/2016 Bigelow To Offer Inflatable Lunar Bases (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
5/26/2016 Space Station Room Inflated! (Time-Lapse Video) (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
5/25/2016 Jeff Bezos Wants Orbiting Factories (Clarke-style) (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
5/24/2016 Autonomous Cars: The Year Of Driving Dangerously (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
5/23/2016 Kuka Robots Mastering Tennis Now (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
5/22/2016 Skingun Now More Advanced, Apparently (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
5/21/2016 Railguns For Surface Ships (re: John W. Campbell) Weapon
5/20/2016 Six Amazing Surgical Robots In One Video (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
5/19/2016 Ignition Interlock Devices Stopped 1.7 Million Drunken Tries (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicles
5/18/2016 Man Filmed Sleeping In Tesla On Autopilot (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
5/17/2016 Otto Self-Driving Truck Kits (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
5/15/2016 Humans Help Robots Identify Recyclables (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
5/14/2016 Is This Robotic Hand As Quick As Yours? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/13/2016 DARPA's XS-1 Spaceplane (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
5/12/2016 Douglas Adams Your Babel Fish Is Ready - The Pilot By Waverly (re: Douglas Adams) Communication
5/11/2016 OMG! DIY Arduino Robot Vacuum Cleaner Like Bradbury's Mice (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
5/10/2016 NASA Culturing ISS Walls For Microbes (re: Michael Crichton) Space Tech
5/9/2016 Siemens 3D Printing Robot Spiders (re: Charles Sheffield) Manufacturing
5/8/2016 Implants Melt In Your Brain, Not In Your Hands (re: Greg Bear) Medical
5/7/2016 Baby Boomers Will LOVE Autonomous Cars (Trust Me!) (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
5/6/2016 ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet Tests His Suit (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
5/5/2016 DIY Method To Summon Tesla With Amazon Echo (re: Schachner and Zagat) Vehicle
5/4/2016 AI Lawyer 'Ross' Gets First Job (re: Greg Egan) Artificial Intelligence
5/3/2016 MIT's Second Skin Enhances Original Skin (re: John Varley) Medical
5/2/2016 CommU Robot Children Scare Me (re: Brian Aldiss) Robotics
5/1/2016 VelociRoACH Insect Robots Cooperate (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/30/2016 Best Surgeon? The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
4/29/2016 Turing's Nose - Was That Scent Real Or Artificial? (re: Aldous Huxley) Engineering
4/29/2016 Xian'er Buddhist Monk Robot (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
4/28/2016 AnBot Security Robot WILL Tase You, Bro (re: Michael Crichton) Robotics
4/27/2016 A Baker's Dozen Of Autonomous Car-Related Revolutions (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
4/27/2016 Hover Camera - Unfold Drone, Shoot Selfie (re: Karen Traviss) Robotics
4/26/2016 Would You Date A Robot? 1 in 4 Say 'Yes'! (re: Manly Wade Wellman) Robotics
4/26/2016 Sophia, The Personable Robot From Hanson Robotics. (re: Fritz Lieber) Robotics
4/25/2016 Swimming, Slithering Snake Robot (re: Various) Robotics
4/24/2016 The First 'Drone Cafe' Started By Dutch Students (re: H. Beam Piper) Engineering
4/23/2016 Astronaut Tim Peake Completes Space Marathon (re: Murray Leinster) Space Tech
4/22/2016 Aerojet Rocketdyne 'Ion Drive' To Reach The Asteroids? (Update!) (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
4/21/2016 Beatie Wolfe's Album Is A Deck Of NFC Cards (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
4/20/2016 Is Social Media Saving Space Travel? (re: Michael Swanwick) Space Tech
4/19/2016 iBubble Scuba Drone Follower (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
4/18/2016 Ironing Robot May Fulfill Russian Science Fiction Dreams (re: Mikhail Mikheev) Robotics
4/17/2016 Organic Photonic Skin Display (re: John Varley) Display
4/16/2016 The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module Attached to ISS (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
4/15/2016 Hydrogen Leak Detection By HySense (re: Leo Zagat) Space Tech
4/14/2016 All Your Prior Art Are Belong To Us (re: Jonathan Swift) Culture
4/13/2016 The Next (Computer) Rembrandt (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
4/12/2016 3D Cocooner From Festo Spins Web In Mid-Air (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
4/11/2016 Cost Effective Smart Windows To Replace Curtains? (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
4/10/2016 Breakthrough Starshot Sends Chip Craft To The Stars (re: Larry Niven ) Space Tech
4/9/2016 SpaceX Falcon Water Landing Presaged By Russian Sci-Fi Film (re: M. Karzhukov/A. Kozyr) Space Tech
4/8/2016 Asteroid Cleaner Robot To Sweep Up Dust Around The Solar System (re: Michael Crichton) Space Tech
4/7/2016 Samsung Patent For Smart Contact Lens Camera Granted (re: Vernor Vinge) Display
4/6/2016 Autonomous Tractor Harvest-Ready (re: Harry Harrison) Engineering
4/6/2016 Face2Face Is Bradbury's Spot-Wavex Scrambler (re: Ray Bradbury) Communication
4/5/2016 Chris Brewer Speaks at Michigan Robotics (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
4/4/2016 AgileQuad Object Avoidance Drone (re: Various) Engineering
4/3/2016 Artificial Skin Grows Hair (re: WF Wallace) Medical
4/2/2016 Cortana Clip - The New In-Ear Wearables (re: Ray Bradbury) Communication
4/1/2016 Tesla Unveils Affordable Model 3 Electric Car (re: John Jacob Astor) Vehicle
3/31/2016 One Third Of Young Canadians Prefer Robot Boss (re: William Gibson) Culture
3/29/2016 Epigenetic Memory's On/Off Switch Found (re: Barbara Hambly) Biology
3/28/2016 Lit Motors C-1 Gyro-Stabilized 2-Person Motorbike (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
3/27/2016 Picobug Robot Flies, Runs And Grabs (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
3/26/2016 Comedian Robot Named Data (re: William Tenn) Culture
3/25/2016 Is Space In The Brain Limited? (re: Robert Heinlein) Culture
3/24/2016 Here's Your Man-Made Quake Danger Map (re: Various) Engineering
3/23/2016 Scanify 3D Scanner For You! (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
3/22/2016 Textiles Self-Cleaning In Sunlight (re: Neal Stephenson) Clothing
3/21/2016 Virtual Reality Therapy Helps Patients With Depression (re: Roger Zelazny) Medical
3/20/2016 IBM Tone Analyzer - Like HAL 9000 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
3/19/2016 'Eye In The Sky' Movie Borrows 35, 80 Year-Old SF (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
3/18/2016 FingerIO Active Sonar Smartphone Finger Tracking (re: Samuel R. Delany) Engineering
3/17/2016 Computers Learning To Read Lips (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
3/16/2016 Metal That Morphs (re: Philip K Dic13k) Material
3/15/2016 Chromat Misfit Shine Tracks Health And Glows (re: Nolan and Johnson) Medical
3/14/2016 3D Modeling And Virtual Reality Tech Patents For Body Labs (re: HG Wells) Clothing
3/13/2016 Experimental Flying Wing (re: EE Doc Smith) Engineering
3/12/2016 Tay, Microsoft Chatbot, Offline To 'Absorb It All' (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
3/11/2016 3D Printing Dinner (re: Larry Niven) Food
3/10/2016 The Remotely-Operated Cold Atom Laboratory (re: James Blish) Space Tech
3/9/2016 Closer To An Artificial, Organic Heart (re: Philip K Dick) Medical
3/9/2016 Meet Hugh, Your Robot Librarian (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
3/8/2016 FlexEnable OLED Bracelet SmartPhone Concept (re: Roger Zelazny) Communication
3/7/2016 Cyborg Cardiac Patch Combines Organics And Electronics (re: Philip K DIck) Medical
3/6/2016 Nadine Robot Cares For Dementia Patients (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/5/2016 Robot Science Fiction Calms Older Adults (re: Various) Robotics
3/4/2016 Human Academics Recommend AIs As Teachers (re: James Blish) Culture
3/3/2016 Google Engineers Not Sure What Google RankBrain AI Is Doing (re: Philip K. Dick) Artificial Intelligence
3/2/2016 Military Implants To Boost Memory (re: William Gibson) Medical
3/1/2016 Bionic Fingertips Would Have Improved Anakin's Experience (re: George Lucas) Robotics
2/28/2016 Eagle-360 Spherical Wheel Concept (re: Various) Vehicle
2/27/2016 Smart Clothing From Finland (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
2/26/2016 Lab-Grown Human Eyeball Tech Advances (re: Ridley Scott) Medical
2/25/2016 AlphaGo AI Defeats Go champion Lee Sedol (re: Ambrose Bierce) Artificial Intelligence
2/24/2016 Archinaut 3D Printing Autonomous Space Manufacturing System (re: Charles Sheffield) Space Tech
2/23/2016 Volcanoes Terraformed Mars? (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
2/22/2016 Ready For Your Halting State Driverless Drone Future? (re: Charles Stross) Vehicle
2/21/2016 Snow Crash And Domino's DXP Pizza Delivery Vehicle (re: Neal Stephenson) Vehicle
2/20/2016 R2D2's Friend TUG: Hospital Robot By Aethon (re: George Lucas) Robotics
2/19/2016 Crowdfunded Russian Beacon Satellite Is An Orbital Mirror (re: Theodore Sturgeon) Space Tech
2/18/2016 Teleportation: How Might The Brain Handle It (re: Alfred Bester) Medical
2/17/2016 Cheap Electronic Skin For Robots! (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
2/16/2016 ANYmal Quadruped Robot Trots On (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
2/15/2016 Voice-Recognition Door DIY (re: Clement Fezandi) Surveillance
2/14/2016 3D Printed Replacement Tissue (re: Jack Williamson) Medical
2/13/2016 Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
2/12/2016 CRAM Cockroach Robots Flatten On Demand (re: Steven Spielberg) Robotics
2/11/2016 Rabbit's Brain Cryogenically Frozen Successfully (re: Edward Page Mitchell) Biology
2/10/2016 NTT Docomo To Create 'Ghost In The Shell' Technology (re: ) Engineering
2/9/2016 Pothole Detection Technology Expands (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
2/8/2016 Data Crystals Offer Eternal Storage (re: Stanislaw Lem) Data Storage
2/7/2016 Joy For All Companion - Robot Pet (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
2/6/2016 The Eye Is Watching! Samsung Gear 360 Camera (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
2/5/2016 Artificial Muscles To Power UAV Drone Wings (re: HG Wells) Engineering
2/4/2016 Denisovans, Neandertals... And Us? (re: Larry Niven) Biology
2/3/2016 Patented! Google's Autonomous Delivery Trucks (re: Miles J. Breuer) Vehicle
2/2/2016 3 Parent Embryos Approved By Bioethicists (re: William Tenn) Medical
2/1/2016 DIY Armed UAV (Toy) (re: Larry Niven) Weapon
1/30/2016 Tired Of Speeders On Your Block? DIY Speed Tracker! (re: John Jacob Astor IV) Surveillance
1/29/2016 Centriphone Whirling Selfie Camera (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
1/28/2016 Eagles Vs. Drones (re: ) Surveillance
1/27/2016 SCiO Scanner Wants You To Be Spock (re: Amitav Ghosh) Engineering
1/26/2016 Self-Adapting Composite Heals Itself (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
1/25/2016 Rigid Clothing, Or Wearable Furniture? (re: Edmond Hamilton) Work
1/24/2016 Swarming Intelligent Aquatic Surface Robots Ahoy! (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
1/23/2016 SuitX Cheap Medical Exoskeleton (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
1/22/2016 Harvesting Energy From Internal Resonance (re: John Jacob Astor) Engineering
1/21/2016 Sticker Harvests Energy From Your Skin (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
1/20/2016 Twitter Sarcasm Detected By Computer (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
1/19/2016 Myo-Controlled Prosthetic Arm (re: Harry Harrison) Medical
1/18/2016 Self-Driving Trucks For Netherlands' Ports (re: Poul Anderson) Vehicle
1/17/2016 Google Should Name Roads After Science Fiction Authors (re: David H. Keller) Vehicle
1/17/2016 Apple Ring: Finally, Engineers Want To Make My Finger Watch (re: HB Fyfe) Culture
1/16/2016 First Flower Grown In Space Is Edible (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
1/16/2016 Get Your Own 64 Channel, Dry-Electrode Brain-Computer Headset! (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/15/2016 Biggest Drone Swarm Sets World Record (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
1/14/2016 ATLAS Robot Now Does Housework! (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
1/13/2016 LG's Rollable Display Video Is Amazing (re: EC Tubb) Display
1/12/2016 Asteroids Threaten Earth? New Study Details Laser Ablation Method (re: Gene Roddenberry) Space Tech
1/11/2016 EHang 184 AAV Passenger Drone Future Of Commuting? (re: James Blish) Vehicle
1/10/2016 VIDIUS Smallest First Person View (FPV) Drone (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Surveillance
1/9/2016 Autonomous Cars In Snow? Ford, University Of Michigan Say Yes! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
1/8/2016 Martian Concrete, Rich In Sulphur, Made After Arrival (re: John W. Campbell) Space Tech
1/7/2016 XYZprinting 3D Pen Used, Reviewed By Terrible Artist (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
1/6/2016 ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Tech Expands Coverage (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
1/5/2016 Israel Working On Tunnel Detection Snake Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/4/2016 Livescribe 3 Black Edition Smartpen (re: Various) Computer
1/3/2016 The 'Internet Of Touch' For Telemedicine (re: EM Forster) Communication
1/2/2016 LG's Rollable Newspaper Display (re: EC Tubb) Display
1/1/2016 Robotic Suitcase Follows You (re: John Brunner) Robotics
12/30/2015 Robotic Guide Dogs May Displace Fido (re: Ray Bradbury) Robotics
12/29/2015 Will OpenAI Have High Ethical Standards? (re: Keith Laumer) Artificial Intelligence
12/28/2015 Tokyo Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid (re: William Gibson) Living Space
12/27/2015 Nima Portable Gluten Tester (re: Frank Herbert) Food
12/26/2015 LONald 'Contract Robot' First In UK (re: Frederik Pohl) Computer
12/25/2015 My Basic Income (Mein Grundeinkommen) (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
12/24/2015 Islamic State Now Organlegging? (re: Larry Niven) Medical
12/23/2015 Kollektomat Tithing Machine (re: Roger Zelazny) Culture
12/22/2015 Strong Metal, Light Metal - Same Metal! (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
12/21/2015 The Secret of Longevity? (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
12/20/2015 Deep Speech 2: Mandarin and English Recognized (re: Frank Stockton) Communication
12/19/2015 Robots Will Learn From Each Other (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
12/18/2015 Bionic Eyes Coming Up In Australia (re: Various) Medical
12/17/2015 Army Wants Invisibility Cloaks (re: Ray Cummings) Engineering
12/16/2015 Fully Autonomous Vehicles In 2 Years - Musk (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
12/16/2015 Can Bacteria Provide Food In Space? (re: Bruce Sterling) Food
12/15/2015 NASA Wants To Grow Potatoes On Mars (re: Andy Weir) Food
12/14/2015 Mattel Bug Racer Driven By Live Cricket (re: Vernor Vinge) Vehicle
12/13/2015 Netflix Smart Socks Know When You Doze Off (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
12/12/2015 Do You Really Want Your Car To Talk To Pedestrians? (re: Philip K Dick) Vehicle
12/11/2015 XSTAT 30 - Plugs Wounds In 15 Seconds! (re: Clifford Simak) Medical
12/10/2015 Microsupercapacitors Make Wearable Electronics Disappear (re: Rudy Rucker) Clothing
12/9/2015 NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
12/8/2015 Can You Give A Robot A Conscience? (re: Various) Robotics
12/7/2015 California Proposes Ban On Driverless Vehicles (re: Larry Niven) Vehicle
12/6/2015 3D Printing Microparticles (re: Ridley Scott) Manufacturing
12/5/2015 Drone Catches Drone! In Japan (re: Neal Stephenson) Surveillance
12/4/2015 Space Synthetic Biology Grand Challenges (re: George O. Smith) Space Tech
12/3/2015 The Time-Traveling Quantum Computer (re: Stephen Baxter) Computer
12/2/2015 Robots Should Start Out As Babies (re: David H. Keller) Robotics
12/1/2015 Internet Needs 'Hate Spell Checker' - Eric Schmidt (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
11/30/2015 Hybrid Chips: Solid-State Device With Integrated Biological Cells (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
11/29/2015 Electrochromic FIlm For Smart Windows (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
11/29/2015 Aerial Assault Drone Looking For Padme's Apartment (re: ) Surveillance
11/28/2015 Store Electricity In Paper - Next Stop, E-Paper! (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
11/27/2015 Guide A Telepresence Robot With Your Mind (re: Clifford Simak) Robotics
11/26/2015 MIT 3D Scanner - 1000x Improvement? (re: Jack Vance) Engineering
11/25/2015 'It Feels Like Robocop - Without A Weapon (re: Fritz Leiber) Medical
11/24/2015 Naviator Drone Flies - And Swims (re: Irwin Allen) Surveillance
11/23/2015 Niven's King's Free Park - In Toronto (re: Larry Niven) Culture
11/22/2015 'Ingestibles' Are Medical Devices You Can Swallow (re: Various) Medical
11/21/2015 Solowheel Xtreme Heinlein Tumblebug Video (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
11/20/2015 Algorithm Predicts Marriage Success (HAL 9000 Will See You Now) (re: Philip K Dick) Computer
11/19/2015 Denmark Island Earth (Verdenskortet ala Ringworld) (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
11/18/2015 Humai Startup To Implant Your Brain In Robot Body (re: Otis Adelbert Kline) Medical
11/17/2015 Blue Origin Reusable Rocket's Vertical Landing (re: Various) Space Tech
11/16/2015 X125 Snake-Arm Inspection Robot Video (re: HG Wells) Robotics
11/15/2015 Super-Thin Smart Glazing Displays (re: EC Tubb) Display
11/14/2015 Have Scientists Found A Parallel Universe Leaking Into Ours (re: Philip K Dick) Space Tech
11/13/2015 Active Wellness Smart Car Seat (re: Philip K Dick) Vehicle
11/12/2015 Tech Tats Prototype Sfnal Devices (re: Brian Aldiss) Medical
11/11/2015 ANNABELL AI Can Learn English From Scratch (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
11/10/2015 Tesla Suit Gives Haptic Hugs (re: Frederik Pohl) Communication
11/9/2015 Surgically Implantable Artificial Kidney Starts Testing (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
11/8/2015 Self-Filling Water Bottle Is Beetle-Based (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
11/7/2015 Senate Passes Space Mining Legislation (re: Nat Schachner) Space Tech
11/6/2015 Microsoft's Surface Book Is Part Clipboard (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
11/6/2015 Police Use Predictive Maps ala 'Minority Report' Routinely (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
11/5/2015 Tesla Autopilot Road Trip 2995 Miles, 57 Hours (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
11/4/2015 The 'Marching Mountains' Of Pluto (re: Edmond Hamilton) Space Tech
11/3/2015 Graphene Thermopile May Grant Predator Heat Vision To Humans (re: Various) Surveillance
11/2/2015 BitDrones Flying Microbots Model Programmable Matter (re: Abraham Merritt) Engineering
11/1/2015 Starship Turbolift Elevators Coming From ThyssenKrupp AG (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
10/30/2015 LineFORM MIT's Shape-Changing Interface (re: Philip K. Dick) Computer
10/29/2015 LM3D Swim First 3D-Printed Production Car (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
10/28/2015 Protopiper Lets You Sketch Full-Size Objects In Real Space (re: Murray Leinster) Manufaturing
10/27/2015 AI Trainers: Assisting Artificial Intelligences (re: Amitav Ghosh) Artificial Intelligence
10/26/2015 New Glass Tough As Steel (re: Olaf Stapledon) Material
10/25/2015 FORTIS Exoskeleton Not Quite Ripley's Alien-Fighting Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Robotics
10/24/2015 Kirobo Mini - Your Dashboard Droid (re: George Lucas) Robotics
10/23/2015 RF-Capture Lets MIT Boffins See Through Walls (re: Nat Schachner) Surveillance
10/21/2015 Reduce Hurricanes By Altering The Atmosphere (re: Niven and Pournelle) Engineering
10/20/2015 Second Skin Clothing By Biologic Changes With You (re: JG Ballard) Clothing
10/19/2015 Skin Sensor Signals Brain (re: Roger Zelazny) Engineering
10/18/2015 Blackest Black? New Disordered Nanostructured Material (re: Doc Smith) Material
10/17/2015 3D Printed Soft Robotic Tentacle May Grab You (re: Rudy Rucker) Robotics
10/16/2015 UK's Self-Repairing Cities (re: John W. Campbell) Living Space
10/15/2015 Gene-Edited Muscle Dogs From China (re: John Brunner) Biology
10/14/2015 Sprint Wants Sales Robots (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
10/13/2015 3D Printed Pluto And Charon, For Imperial Collectors (re: Frank Herbert) Space Tech
10/12/2015 Tesla's New Autopilot, With Test Drive Video (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
10/11/2015 Do You, Human, Take This Robot...? (re: Alice W. Fuller) Robotics
10/10/2015 Boeing Creates Lightest Metal Ever (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
10/9/2015 MIT's Microwave Camera Sees Through Walls (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Surveillance
10/8/2015 A Solar System Swept Clean - For A Dyson Swarm (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
10/7/2015 QRoSS Robot Inspired By Star Wars Droidekas (re: George Lucas) Robotics
10/6/2015 Will The Dashboard Disappear From Autonomous Cars? (re: James Blish) Vehicle
10/5/2015 Nifty 3D Printed Flexible Robotic Finger (re: HG Wells) Robotics
10/4/2015 Harvard's Robobees Now 'Fly' Underwater (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Robotics
10/3/2015 ADEPT Heat Shield Works For Mars (re: EE 'Doc' Smith) Space Tech
10/2/2015 Ultralight Origami Crane UAV Flexes Its Wings (re: Roger Zelazny) Surveillance
10/1/2015 UM Solar Car Now Also With IBM Research Power (re: Robert Heinlein) Engineering
9/30/2015 Robot-Based Trash Collection (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
9/28/2015 Warrior Web Exoskeleton For Soldiers Undergoes Tests (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/26/2015 Tesla Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2018 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
9/24/2015 Light Molecules (And Maybe Light Sabers, Someday) (re: John W. Campbell) Material
9/22/2015 Telepresence In The Office (re: Niven and Pournelle) Robotics
9/20/2015 Piper, Google's 2 Billion Line Code Repository, Needs A Cool Display (re: Isaac Asimov) Computer
9/18/2015 WEpod Driverless Vehicle On The Netherlands Roads (re: Larry Niven) Transportation
9/16/2015 Robot Evolution Needs Mass Extinction Events (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/16/2015 Computer Predicts Psychosis Better Than Psychiatrists (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/14/2015 Lab-Grown Kidneys Implanted Successfully - In Animals (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/12/2015 Korean Lab Ready To Clone Your Dog (re: Various) Biology
9/11/2015 DARPA NeuroTech Hand With Natural Sensation (re: George Lucas) Robotics
9/10/2015 Nuke Mars To Terraform It, Says Elon Musk (re: Olaf Stapledon) Space Tech
9/9/2015 Texas-Sized Ice Slab Found On Mars (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
9/8/2015 Invisible Drones Will (Not) Appear Over Your Town (re: EE 'Doc Smith) Material
9/7/2015 Transwheel Drone Robotic Delivery Vehicle (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/6/2015 Cool Chaac Ha Dew Collector Video (re: Frank Herbert) Food
9/5/2015 NASA Turns To Museum Space Shuttles For Parts (re: Niven & Pournelle) Space Tech
9/4/2015 Ecocapsule - Simak's Dream Of A Prefab House (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
9/3/2015 New Super Slippery Surface Better Than Nature's (re: Frank Herbert) Material
9/2/2015 Killer Robot COTSBot Stalks Starfish (re: Joseph E. Kelleam) Robotics
9/1/2015 Heart-In-A-Box Saves Organ For Later (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/29/2015 MultiFab 10-Material 3D Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
8/27/2015 Chaac Ha Dew Collector ala Dune (re: Frank Herbert) Food
8/25/2015 Digital Immortality For Your Personality (re: William Gibson) Computer
8/23/2015 Robots Take Our Jobs By Reading Our Instructions (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
8/21/2015 Surgery In Space (re: Larry Niven) Medical
8/19/2015 Flimmer Navy Drone Flies And Swims (re: Irwin Allen) Security
8/17/2015 Taser Drones Now Legal In North Dakota (re: Roger Zelazny) Weapon
8/15/2015 Growing Metal In The Shape You Want (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
8/13/2015 Self-Healing Materials For Spacecraft (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
8/11/2015 World's First Full-Colour, Flexible Thin-Film Reflective Display (re: EC Tubb) Display
8/9/2015 Jazz AI Compliments Of DARPA (re: Herbert Goldstone) Artificial Intelligence
8/7/2015 Tasty Space Lettuce! (re: Gregory Benford) Food
8/5/2015 See LG OLED Wallpaper - Amazing Video (re: Larry Niven) Display
8/3/2015 Canada's Inflatable Space Elevator Tower (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
8/1/2015 Ekso Works Industrial Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Manufacturing
7/29/2015 Mother Robot Evolves Her Children (re: Maurice A. Hugi) Robotics
7/27/2015 Cheetah 2 Robot Now Leaps Obstacles To Get You (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
7/25/2015 Xiaoice Will Text You And Be Your Friend (re: Robert Heinlein) Artificial Intelligence
7/23/2015 Synthetic Coral To Clean The Seas? (re: Neal Stephenson) Biology
7/21/2015 Organoids Galore! (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
7/19/2015 Artificial Gravity? Why Not? (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
7/17/2015 Hackers Can Take Control Of Cars From Anywhere In The World (re: Keith Laumer) Vehicle
7/13/2015 Armed Drone Opens Fire (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
7/11/2015 Robotic Exoskeleton Releases Man From Wheelchair (re: Fritz Leiber) Robotics
7/9/2015 Oh, Just Let Robots Run Airports (re: John Brunner) Robotics
7/7/2015 How Smart Should AI's Be Allowed To Get? (re: William Gibson) Artificial Intelligence
7/5/2015 NASA Misses $5Trillion Funding Boost (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
7/3/2015 Kuwait Creates Mandatory DNA Database For Citizens (re: Andrew Niccol) Surveillance
7/1/2015 Please, Please Let There Be Regenerated Teeth (re: William Gibson) Medical
6/29/2015 Google AI 'Deep Dreams' Kubrick's 2001 (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
6/28/2015 The BLITAB: First Tactile Tablet for Blind People (re: Various) Display
6/27/2015 Why, Oh Why, Must We Develop Robots That Run Faster Than I Do? (re: Neal Stephenson) Robotics
6/26/2015 Golf Robot Putts Out (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
6/25/2015 Computer Finds Cancer Doctors Miss (re: Larry Niven) Computer
6/24/2015 Would Robot Taxis Ease Carbon Emissions? (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
6/23/2015 Brainwaves As Biometric Identification (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
6/22/2015 What-If Machine Concocts Creative Premises (re: George Orwell) Artificial Intelligence
6/21/2015 Underwater Balloon Gardens (re: Gregory Benford) Food
6/20/2015 Storing 1 Zettabyte In 10 Grams (re: Robert Heinlein) Data Storage
6/19/2015 Laser-Powered Spacecraft To Explore The Solar System (re: Niven/Pournelle) Spacecraft
6/18/2015 Skin Chair For That 'Sitting On A Fat Guy' Feeling (re: Frank Herbert) Lifestyle
6/17/2015 Pneumatic Micro-Tentacles Kidnapping Ants (re: H.G. Wells) Robotics
6/16/2015 Bee Narcs To Perform Drug 'Stings' (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
6/15/2015 3D Printed Spherical Flying Machine (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
6/14/2015 Airbus E-Fan All-Electric Plane Now Ready (re: John W. Campbell) Transportation
6/13/2015 Robot Swarms Improve Culture By Forgetting (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
6/12/2015 Melomics Avant Garde Computer Musician (re: Herbert Goldstone) Computer
6/11/2015 Nanotech Used To Create Custom Water Filters In Tanzania (re: Paolo Bacigalupi) Engineering
6/11/2015 Samsung's Transparent Display Finally As Big As HG Wells' (re: HG Wells) Display
6/11/2015 This Robot Swordmaster: Yaskawa Bushido Project (re: Frank Herbert) Robotics
6/10/2015 Thync Mood-Changing Wearable Device (re: Philip K. Dick) Lifestyle
6/9/2015 What Science Fiction Inspires Russia's New Robot? (re: Various) Robotics
6/8/2015 LightSail Solar Sail Deploys (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
6/7/2015 Living Concrete Repairs Itself (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Material
6/6/2015 HEL MD Laser Weapons Will Sound Like Star Wars, Star Trek (re: Niven/Pournelle) Weapon
6/5/2015 And The Quest For A Digital Personal Assistant (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
6/4/2015 First Biolimb Grown In Lab (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
6/3/2015 Suit Up! Fifty Years Of Spacewalks Video (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
6/3/2015 Do Mutant Chickens Offer 'Maximum, Diabolical Meatiness'? (re: Margaret Atwood) Food
6/2/2015 Google Project Soli - Control Devices With A Gesture (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
6/1/2015 SoundCloud's Hound Provides Conversational Interface (Video) (re: John W. Campbell) Artificial Intelligence
5/29/2015 Robot Swarm Performs Colonoscopy And Biopsy (re: Neal Stephenson) Medical
5/27/2015 Autonomous Cars: Who Is Responsible For Driving? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Vehicle
5/26/2015 Rotating Domespace House Is Amazing (re: Frank Herbert) Living Space
5/25/2015 Vertical Farms? Still Waiting, But Concepts Abound (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Agriculture
5/24/2015 Vat-Grown Burgers Getting Cheaper (re: William Gibson) Food
5/23/2015 Self-Driving Truck Corridor From Manitoba To Mexico? (re: Miles J. Breuer) Transportation
5/22/2015 Electronic Tongue Knows Beer Better Than You (re: Anthony Boucher) Food
5/21/2015 NASA's Robotic Mining Competition (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
5/20/2015 Should Humanity Switch To Robotic Pets? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/19/2015 L'Oreal To 3D Print Human Skin (re: Robert Heinlein) Medical
5/18/2015 LG Display Creates OLED Wallpaper (re: Larry Niven) Display
5/17/2015 Cool Foldable Mini-Quadcopter (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
5/16/2015 NASA's Subvocal Speech System (re: David Brin) Engineering
5/15/2015 Cicada UAV Dropped In Swarms (re: Robert Silverberg) Surveillance
5/14/2015 AI's Now Being Taught Anger (re: Isaac Asimov) Artificial Intelligence
5/13/2015 Cicret Interactive Skin Display Prototype (re: John Varley) Displays
5/12/2015 Lily Camera Video Sport Selfie Drone (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
5/11/2015 Metal Composite Floats Your Boat (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs) Material
5/10/2015 Six Terabyte Solid State Drive Just 2.5 Inches (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
5/9/2015 Israeli 'Food Replicator' Inspired By Star Trek (re: Gene Roddenberry) Food
5/8/2015 Robotic Trash Can Wants Your Garbage (re: Bruce Sterling) Engineering
5/7/2015 Microbes To Terraform Mars? (re: Jack Williamson) Space Tech
5/6/2015 NASA FINDER To The Rescue In Nepal (re: Frank Herbert) Medical
5/5/2015 NailO Thumb-Mounted Mouse Needs John Varley's Help (re: John Varley) Computer
5/4/2015 Surreal iPhone Ad Video Parody Channels Dick, Heinlein (re: Robert Heinlein) Communication
5/3/2015 Walker Robot Helps The Elderly (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
5/2/2015 What's Another Word For The Army's Handheld Ray Guns? (re: Nictzin Dyalhis) Weapon
5/1/2015 Tyson Says Asteroid Miners Will Be First Trillionaires (re: Garrett P. Serviss) Space Tech
4/24/2015 Zap Space Debris With Telescope Laser On ISS (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
4/23/2015 Moran Cerf, When Will We Get Neuro Tech For Ourselves? (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
4/17/2015 Velkess Energy Storage System (It's A Flexible Flywheel!) (re: Paolo Bacigalupi) Engineering
4/16/2015 Performance Enhancing Drugs - In Gaming? (re: Various) Medical
4/15/2015 Automated Treadmill Adjusts To Your Pace (re: David Brin) Lifestyle
4/14/2015 Mr. Anderton, Beware This Long-Range Iris Scanner (re: Steven Spielberg) Surveillance
4/13/2015 Mini Statues Of You From 3D Images (re: Jack Vance) Manufaturing
4/12/2015 'Forever' Camera Powered By Its Own Images (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
4/11/2015 Robot Chef Makes Thousands Of Dinners (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
4/10/2015 Revault Wearable Private Cloud Is Too Vaporous (re: Dan Simmons) Data Storage
4/9/2015 Spacex Sticks Landing! But Neglects Lateral Forces (re: Various) Space Tech
4/8/2015 Lumo Projector Turns Kids Rooms Into Bradbury's Veldt (re: Ray Bradbury) Culture
4/7/2015 Ground Control Space Beer (re: Michael Crichton) Food
4/6/2015 Google Wants To Give Orders To Robot Armies (re: George Lucas) Robotics
4/5/2015 Gestures Control Spider Robot Army (re: Steven Spielberg) Robotics
4/4/2015 Hologram Protest World's First (re: RF Starzl) Culture
4/3/2015 SoSITE: US Pilots To Command DARPA Drone Army (re: Daniel Suarez) Weapon
4/2/2015 Asterank Database Identifies Profitable Asteroids (re: Nelson S. Bond) Space Tech
4/1/2015 Pepper Spray Drones Do Crowd Control For Indian Police (re: Larry Niven) Surveillance
3/30/2015 Man-Made Earthquakes Now A Reality (re: Various) Engineering
3/29/2015 Love That Shear Thickening Fluid Body Armor (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
3/28/2015 SpiderFab Spider Robots To Weave Space Structures (re: Charles Sheffield) Robotics
3/27/2015 Zoom Contact Lenses (re: Niven and Barnes) Engineering
3/26/2015 Kirobo The First Companion Robot In Space (Guinness) (re: Various) Robotics
3/25/2015 Budgee Robot Carries Your Bags (re: John Brunner) Robotics
3/24/2015 Will Google Autonomous Cars Have Advertisements? (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
3/23/2015 China Plans Orbiting Solar Power Station (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
3/22/2015 Autonomous Vehicle By Delphi Goes Coast-to-Coast (re: Philip K. Dick) Vehicle
3/21/2015 NASA's VestaTrek - Visit Asteroid Vesta (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Space Tech
3/20/2015 Periscope App Signals End Of Journalism (re: Larry Niven) Communication
3/19/2015 Rollkers Walking Skates (re: Hugo Gernsback) Transportation
3/18/2015 Google Patents Douglas Adam's Genuine People Personalities For Robots (re: Douglas Adams) Robotics
3/17/2015 Fix Michigan Roads, Or Get Hovercars? (re: Clifford Simak) Transportation
3/16/2015 eMotionButterfly Ultralight Robot From Festo (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
3/15/2015 Graphene Cytobot - Cyborg Bacterial Spores May Help Astronauts (re: Philip K. Dick) Engineering
3/15/2015 XM82 Personal Flamethrower Now In Development (re: Alfred Bester) Weapon
3/14/2015 Delightful Plen2 Mirror Robot - The Anti-Terminator (re: Various) Robotics
3/13/2015 LiquiGlide Will Be Everywhere (re: Larry Niven) Material
3/12/2015 US Customs Now Doing Facial Recognition At DC Airport (re: Schachner and Zagat) Surveillance
3/11/2015 How Many Systems In That Galactic Empire Now? (re: Isaac Asimov) Space Tech
3/10/2015 Petman Robot Pushes Itself To The Limit (re: Frederik Pohl) Robotics
3/9/2015 Coleus LED 'Skylight' Dispenses Natural Sunlight Indoors (re: Stanislaw Lem) Engineering
3/8/2015 UR3 Robot At Work On Copies Of Itself (re: Raymond Z Gallun) Robotics
3/7/2015 3D Printing 'Terminator T-1000-Style' (re: Various) Manufacturing
3/6/2015 Bridge-MINDER Repair Robot (re: Stanislaw Lem) Robotics
3/6/2015 Super Ball Bot Tensegrity Robot For Solar System Exploration (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Robotics
3/6/2015 Norlin Shoe Drone Robot UAV In-Store Delivery Thing (re: Philip K Dick) Culture
3/5/2015 iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors (re: John Varley) Engineering
3/5/2015 Britain To Build Spaceport, First In Europe (re: Breuer and Williamson) Space Tech
3/5/2015 MC10 Electronics Skin Stickers (re: David H. Keller) Medical
3/4/2015 Robot Brains Improved By Darwinian Evolution (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
3/3/2015 Self-Deployable Habitat For Extreme Environments (re: Clifford Simak) Living Space
3/3/2015 Audi's Chairless Chair Lower Body Exoskeleton (re: Edmond Hamilton) Manufacturing
3/2/2015 CreoPop 3D Pen Draws In Midair (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
3/1/2015 Seattle Police Body Cams, Ala Stross, Ala Dick (re: Charles Stross) Surveillance
2/28/2015 Autonomous Cars Will Own Themselves (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/27/2015 World's First 3D Printed Villa (re: Murray Leinster) Living Space
2/27/2015 Hyperloop Track Starts Next Year (re: Harl Vincent) Transportation
2/26/2015 Brainflight Brain-Controlled Drone (re: Various) Surveillance
2/25/2015 Students Control Lab Experiments Remotely Via App (re: James Blish) Communication
2/24/2015 ROBEAR Nursing Care Robot (re: Katsuhiro Otomo) Robotics
2/23/2015 Testing New Spacesuits In 1929 And 2015 (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
2/22/2015 Space Station Kitchens 1929 and 2015 (re: Otto Willi Gail) Space Tech
2/21/2015 Volvo's 'Drive Me' Program Offers Autonomous Cars In 2017 (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
2/20/2015 Squad X Core Technologies For Infantry (re: Robert Heinlein) Weapon
2/19/2015 Neptune Duo Smartwatch Wearable Wristband (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
2/18/2015 FAA Drone Rules Beta Ready For Comments (re: EB White) Robotics
2/17/2015 'Cortical Modem' Latest On DARPA's Wishlist (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Biology
2/16/2015 The Martians Are On Their Way! (re: HG Wells) Surveillance
2/15/2015 GuardBot Robotic Sphere Of War (re: Various) Robotics
2/14/2015 Sony Aibo Robotic Dog Now With No Repairmen (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
2/13/2015 Autonomous Car Outperforms Professional Race Driver (re: Daniel Suarez) Vehicle
2/12/2015 Vint Cerf's 'Digital Dark Age' Vs. George Orwell's (re: Frank Herbert) Computer
2/11/2015 GimBall Indoor Search Drone From Flyability (re: Larry Niven) Robotics
2/10/2015 Meet Spot, The Electric Quadrupedal, Er, Robot Dog (re: Philip K Dick) Robotics
2/9/2015 Meet Samsung's SmartTV Telescreen (re: James Blish) Surveillance
2/8/2015 Sea Slug Feeds On Sunlight With Genes From Its Food (re: John Scalzi) Biology
2/7/2015 Emoti-Chair Lets You Hear Through Your Skin (re: Aldous Huxley) Entertainment
2/6/2015 Forget Longevity, How About Super-Intelligence? (re: Philip K. Dick) Biology
2/5/2015 The Poet Is A Computer (re: Stanislaw Lem) Artificial Intelligence
2/4/2015 Minister Wants To Convert Artificial Intelligences To Christianity (re: Robert Silverberg) Artificial Intelligence
2/3/2015 Robots Learn Cooking By Watching Videos - Foreseen In 1943 (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
2/2/2015 Bigelow Gets FAA Backing For Moon (re: Philip K. Dick) Space Tech
2/1/2015 Henn-na Robot Hotel (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
1/30/2015 Will We Mine The Moon For Ice? (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
1/29/2015 RFID Chip Implants Required In Epicenter Office Block In Sweden (re: John Twelve Hawks) Surveillance
1/28/2015 Data Mining Computers Detect Your Emotions (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
1/27/2015 DJI Phantom Drone Now With GPS Blocking (re: Greg Bear) Surveillance
1/26/2015 OMOTE Face Hackers At Work Video (re: Bruce Sterling) Communication
1/25/2015 Vroom! Your Car Or Truck's Engine Noise Might Be Fake (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
1/24/2015 Care-O-Bot 4 Personal Service Robot (re: Stanton Coblentz) Robotics
1/23/2015 Skin Wearable Harvests Power With Triboelectric Effect (re: Frank Herbert) Engineering
1/22/2015 EDSAP Wearable Stroke Detection (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/21/2015 Brand Killer Helmet Blocks Real-Life Ads (re: John Varley) Culture
1/20/2015 In Vivo Micromotors Powered By Stomach Acid (re: Isaac Asimov) Medical
1/19/2015 Synthetic 'Squid Skin' For Camouflage On The Way (re: Gordon R. Dickson) Material
1/18/2015 3D Printer 'Teleports' Objects Like Simak's Way Stations (re: Clifford Simak) Manufacturing
1/17/2015 Laser Etching Makes Metal Super-Hydrophobic (re: Frank Herbert) Materials
1/16/2015 Patient Walks Out With Fully Artificial Heart (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
1/15/2015 Radisens' Gemini Instant Blood Tests (re: Larry Niven) Medical
1/14/2015 Nonhuman Artist Collective Keeps Robot Artist Earnings Until Legal (re: Various) Robotics
1/13/2015 Argentine Orangutan Receives Basic Human Rights (re: H. Beam Piper) Culture
1/12/2015 Elon Musk, Google To Extend Internet Into Earth Orbit, Then Mars (re: George O Smith) Space Tech
1/11/2015 Range R Lets Police See Into Your House (re: Nat Schachner) Surveillance
1/10/2015 Thync Mood Alteration Like PKD's Mood Organ (re: Philip K. Dick) Culture
1/9/2015 Atlas DRC Robot Now Untethered (re: Alice Fuller) Robotics
1/8/2015 VirtualGreen Putting Simulator Like Brin's Needle-Gym (re: David Brin) Culture
1/7/2015 VW Golf R Touch With Gesture Control (re: Douglas Adams) Vehicle
1/6/2015 The Bioengineered Uterus (re: Aldous Huxley) Biology
1/5/2015 3Doodler 2.0 Create A 3D Object With A Pen (re: Murray Leinster) Manufacturing
1/4/2015 Cambrian Genetics Says 'Print Your Own Genetically Unique Creature' (re: HG Wells) Biology
1/3/2015 Meet 'Ross', Your Watson-Based Legal Researcher (re: Greg Egan) Culture
1/2/2015 Lizard Squad, Nihilistic Technofetishists For Hire (re: William Gibson) Computer
1/1/2015 DARPA Video Highlights Fast Lightweight Autonomy Drones (re: Ray Cummings) Surveillance
12/21/2014 BMW's Remote Valet Parking Assistant (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
12/20/2014 HAVOC Over Venus ala Bespin (re: Fritz Leiber) Space Tech
12/19/2014 Neuroscientist Works Toward Virtual Immortality ala Clarke (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Engineering
12/18/2014 Smart Window Tints, Powers Itself (re: Frank Herbert) Display
12/18/2014 A Basic Income TED Talk (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
12/17/2014 What Can Magic Leap Expect From New 'Chief Futurist' Neal Stephenson? (re: Neal Stephenson) Display
12/17/2014 Should SETI Talk To Molecular Cloud Barnard 68? (re: Fred Hoyle) Space Tech
12/16/2014 LikeAGlove Smart Garment Knows Your Size (re: HG Wells) Clothing
12/16/2014 EXACTO Bullets Change Course In Mid-Air (re: Philip E. High) Weapon
12/15/2014 Button-Pushing Robots Have Taken Our Jobs, Thankfully (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
12/14/2014 Puls 'Smart Watch' Replaces Your Cell Phone (re: HG Wells) Display
12/13/2014 Small Molecule Walker Takes First Steps (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
12/12/2014 US Navy Laser Ready For Use (re: HG Wells) Weapon
12/11/2014 Fast Lightweight Autonomy Indoor Drones For DARPA (re: Raymond Z. Gallun) Surveillance
12/10/2014 Ninebot One Self-Balancing Wheel (re: Robert Heinlein) Transportation
12/9/2014 FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator And Psychohistory (re: Isaac Asimov) Culture
12/8/2014 Stellar Navigation Based On Network Analysis (re: Clifford Simak) Space Tech
12/7/2014 New 'Smart-Skin' Senses Pressure, Humidity, Heat (re: Roger Zelazny) Robotics
12/6/2014 Mimo Baby Monitor (re: David H. Keller) Medical
12/5/2014 RocketSkates Motorized Skates (re: Hugo Gernsback) Transportaion
12/4/2014 Colloidal Quantum Dots Make Spray-On Solar Cells Possible (re: Larry Niven) Engineering
12/3/2014 Flying Robot Waiters From Infinium Robotics (re: H. Beam Piper) Robotics
12/2/2014 Law Firms To Undergo 'Structural Collapse' Due Artificially Intelligent Systems (re: David Brin) Artificial Intelligence
12/1/2014 Eel Robots Ideal For Naval Warfare (re: Murray Leinster) Robotics
11/30/2014 MULTI First Cable-Free Elevator Like Turbolift (re: Gene Roddenberry) Living Space
11/29/2014 Secrets Of Charismatic Speakers Revealed (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
11/28/2014 3D Printing Of LED Display Contact Lenses (re: Niven and Barnes) Display
11/27/2014 Race Into The Future With Bionic Boots (re: Neal Stephenson) Engineering
11/27/2014 Oak Ridge To Pay For The (Giant, Superfast 3D) Printer (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
11/26/2014 Linux Robot Masters Automatic Charging (re: Stephen Barr) Robotics
11/25/2014 PR2 Robot Dominates In Laundry Room (re: Philip k. Dick) Robotics
11/24/2014 Do You Want A Tablet Computer? Or, Fad Over? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Computer
11/23/2014 First Person Video Flying Parrot Bebop Drone Video (re: Ray Cummings ) Surveillance
11/22/2014 XPrize's Diamandis Implants RFID Tag In Hand (re: John Twelve Hawks) Lifestyle
11/21/2014 Lightpaper Way Thinner Than OLED (re: Isaac Asimov) Engineering
11/20/2014 Foodini 3D Printer (re: Larry Niven) Food
11/19/2014 Parrot Bebop Drone Pairs With Your Smartphone (re: Ray Cummings) Surveillance
11/18/2014 SCRIBE Enables Distributed Genomically Encoded Memory (re: Barbara Hambly) Data Storage
11/17/2014 Artisanal 3D Printing By Martha Stewart (re: William Gibson) Manufacturing
11/16/2014 Knightscope Robot Security Guards Ready (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
11/15/2014 Bullet-Proof Kevlar Woven Electronics (re: Niven and Barnes) Clothing
11/14/2014 USAF 'BATMAN' Wrist Display (re: Roger Zelazny) Display
11/13/2014 CoBots - Collaborative Robots Ask Humans For Help (re: Harry Harrison) Computer
11/12/2014 Shape-Shifting Carbon Fiber (re: Philip K. Dick) Material
11/11/2014 'Digital Drugs' (Like Herbert's Semuta?) Dismays Saudis (re: Frank Herbert) Culture
11/10/2014 Mind Control Of Gene Expression In Mice (re: Robert Heinlein) Biology
11/9/2014 Nixie Wrist-Ready Flying Selfie-Cam Drone (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
11/8/2014 DARPA Wants Airborne Launch Facility For Drones (re: Daniel Suarez) Engineering
11/7/2014 Lit Motors Self-Balancing Motorcycle (re: Bruce Sterling) Vehicle
11/6/2014 Neuromorphic Brain-Chip Takes Flight (re: Peter Watts) Computer
11/5/2014 What Are Robots Thinking? (re: James Cameron) Robotics
11/4/2014 Competing With Blue Collar Robots (re: Harry Harrison) Robotics
11/3/2014 Robot Bartenders At Sea (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
11/2/2014 SETI Workshop On Communicating Across The Cosmos (re: James Blish) Communication
11/1/2014 SEL 3-Fold OLED 9 Inch Display Is Pocket-Sized! (re: William Gibson) Display
10/30/2014 Time For A Universal Basic Income? (re: Philip Jose Farmer) Culture
10/29/2014 Don't Let A Robot Take Your Job Without Compensation (re: John Twelve Hawks) Robotics
10/28/2014 Ginger the LOLbot (re: William Tenn) Robotics
10/27/2014 OSHbot, Lowe's Robotic Shopping Assistants (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/26/2014 The Living Tree House (re: Jack Vance) Living Space
10/25/2014 Flying Defibrillator Ambulance Drone (re: Frederik Pohl) Medical
10/24/2014 High Fidelity Produces More Expressive Avatars! (re: Neal Stephenson) Communication
10/23/2014 Physicists Build Repulsor / Tractor Beam (re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith) Engineering
10/22/2014 Will You Upload Your Mind Anytime Soon? (re: Richard Morgan) Culture
10/21/2014 Students! NASA Wants To 3D Print Your Tool Design In Space! (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
10/21/2014 Amazing ARES Augmented Reality Sandbox (re: Stanislaw Lem) Display
10/20/2014 '3D Light Sculpture' Projected Directly Onto Retina (re: Pohl and Kornbluth) Display
10/19/2014 3D Printer Vending Machine Dispenses Dreams (re: William Gibson) Manufacturing
10/18/2014 Why Not Nurse Grandma With A Robot? (re: David Keller) Robotics
10/17/2014 Flock Of Minisats Will Image The Earth (re: Robert Silverberg) Space Tech
10/16/2014 Robert Heinlein, Your Self-Driving Car Is Almost Ready! (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
10/16/2014 Should Robots Have Civil Rights? (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/15/2014 The Manned Maneuvering Unit Story (re: Gordon A. Giles) Space Tech
10/15/2014 Scheherazade, An Open Story Generator (re: JG Ballard) Artificial Intelligence
10/14/2014 Sample The In Vitro Meat Cookbook (re: Robert Heinlein) Food
10/13/2014 Erased Memories In A Flash Of Light (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/13/2014 'Diamond Nanothreads' Now, Someday Space Elevators? (re: Arthur C Clarke) Material
10/12/2014 'Artificial Spleen' Cleans The Blood (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
10/11/2014 Raffia, The Google Streetview Camel (re: George Lucas) Lifestyle
10/10/2014 Leia Display System - Our Only Hope? (re: John Varley) Display
10/10/2014 It's Boonta Eve! You Can Podrace With Drones (re: George Lucas) Entertainment
10/9/2014 A Bloody Rare Vegan Burger (re: Various) Food
10/8/2014 Bigelow's Inflatable BEAM Module Ready For ISS In 2015 (re: Larry Niven) Space Tech
10/7/2014 Toshiba's Lifelike Communication Android (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
10/6/2014 Bullied UK Student Uses Sunglass Video For Case (re: David Brin) Surveillance
10/5/2014 Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitats Sleeping Your Way To Mars! (re: Robert Heinlein) Space Tech
10/4/2014 Microsoft RoomAlive - Your Basement Is The Game (re: Clifford Simak) Entertainment
10/3/2014 Blahtherapy - You Vent Anonymously To Strangers (re: John Brunner) Culture
10/2/2014 Most Advanced Robotic Hand? (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
10/1/2014 Tesla 90 Percent Autonomous Car By 2015 - Elon Musk (re: Robert Heinlein) Vehicle
9/30/2014 Should You Put Your Virtual Assistants In Your Will? (re: Artificial Intelligence) Artificial Intelligence
9/29/2014 PrintAlive Bioprinter 3D Printed Skin Grafts Video (re: Philip K. Dick) Medical
9/28/2014 New Video Of Arducorder Mini Open Source Science Tricorder (re: Gene Roddenberry) Engineering
9/27/2014 E-Delicious Machine A Food-Tasting Robot (re: Anthony Boucher) Robotics
9/26/2014 Nexus 6 Phone Vs. Nexus-6 Android Comparison (re: Philip K. Dick) Communication
9/25/2014 Robot Handwriting Via App Better Than Yours (re: Isaac Asimov) Robotics
9/24/2014 MIT's Latest Biosuit For Fashionable Astronauts (re: Randall P. Serviss) Space Tech
9/23/2014 Diamond Nanothreads For Space Elevators? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Material
9/22/2014 3D Printing With Moon Regolith Simulant (Moon Dust) (re: John W. Campbell) Manufacturing
9/21/2014 Liquid Metal Technology Now Exists (re: John Cameron) Material
9/20/2014 Virtual Nurse Will See You Soon (re: Larry Niven) Medical
9/19/2014 China's Crab Walker Robot Tank In Firing Mode (re: Jack Vance) Weapon
9/18/2014 'Hello, Computer!' Intel's Core M Catches Up To Scotty (re: Gene Roddenberry) Computer
9/17/2014 Visual Speech Recognition - When Will HAL Read Lips For Real? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Artificial Intelligence
9/16/2014 MIT's Robotic Cheetah Runs Free - And Frolics In The Grass (re: William Gibson) Robotics
9/15/2014 Flying Robot Has An Arm (re: Philip K. Dick) Robotics
9/14/2014 Strati 3D Printed Car (re: Philip K. Dick) Manufacturing
9/13/2014 Tracking Spinning Space Junk (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Space Tech
9/12/2014 Baidu Kuaisou Dune Poison Snooper Chopsticks (re: Frank Herbert) Food
9/11/2014 Crystalized Light Created At Princeton (re: John W. Campbell) Material
9/10/2014 The Amazing Gravity-Assisted Journey Of Rosetta (re: Ray Cummings) Space Tech
9/9/2014 AirDog Auto-Follow Drone Captures Your Awesomeness (re: Karen Traviss) Surveillance
9/8/2014 Dell's Venue 8 7000 Tablet With RealSense Depth-Mapping (re: Ridley Scott) Display
9/7/2014 Google's Cartographer Backpack For Indoor Mapping (re: Jack Williamson) Travel
9/6/2014 T-Mobile Sues Huawei Over Button Pushing Robot Idea From The 1930's (re: Schachner and Zagat) Robotics
9/5/2014 Hayabusa-2 Asteroid Cannon Strategy From 1950's SF Novel (re: EC Tubb) Space Tech
9/4/2014 Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner (re: Robert Heinlein) Robotics
9/3/2014 First 3D Printer In Space? (re: Arthur C. Clarke) Manufacturing
9/1/2014 Google's Project Wing Will Find You (re: Philip K. Dick) Surveillance
8/30/2014 3D Printed Space Pizza For Astronauts (re: Various) Food
8/28/2014 World's First Rapid 3D Nanoscale Printer (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)