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Dyson Zone Face Filter-Mask May Have A Point After all

Is the Dyson Zone sound-deadening headphones and face mask combo the most ridiculous product ever? Marques Brownlee thinks so:

And then the "dark days" (as forest fire smoke pollution in cities has been described since before the founding of America) came to New York!

New York Cityís air quality is currently among the most dangerous in the world as smoke from Canadian wildfires has laid an orange-colored haze across the parks and skyscrapers. With an alarmingly apocalyptic blanket of smoky air, Iím glad to have found a good use for the Dyson Zone.

The Dyson Zone air-purifying and noise-cancelling headphones didnít work so great for me when I wore them on a recent cross-country flight. But outside, in an urban area experiencing high AQI readings (with anything over 150 considered unhealthy), I couldnít get the Zone on my head fast enough.

When powered on, the Dyson Zoneís air purification system feeds filtered air through a magnetically attached visor to the userís nose and mouth. This meant on my commute to work, I breathed better-quality air than I would have otherwise. Given the circumstances, I felt grateful to have had the device with me as part of an on-going review process.

(Via TomsGuide)

Fans of John Brunner's dystopian classic The Sheep Look Up recall the filter-masks that were ubiquitous in the future:

(The Sheep Look Up)

He got that much said before he doubled over in another fit of coughing. The acrid air ate at the back of his throat; he could imagine the tissues becoming horny, dense, impermeable. If this job's likely to involve me in frequent trips to LA I'm going to have to buy a filter-mask. And the hell with looking sissy. Saw on the way here it isn't only girls who wear them any more.

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