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Goldene - A Two-Dimensional Sheet Of Gold One Atom Thick

Researchers in Sweden have succeeded in creating sheets of gold foil just one atom thick - goldene!

(Supercell model used in AIMD simulations at 300 K. The crystallographic axes are relative to an Au(111) monolayer. The length of visible AuĖAu bonds is ≤3.6 Ň.)

The synthesis of monolayer gold has so far been limited to free-standing several-atoms-thick layers, or monolayers confined on or inside templates. Here we report the exfoliation of single-atom-thick gold achieved through wet-chemically etching away Ti3C2 from nanolaminated Ti3AuC2, initially formed by substituting Si in Ti3SiC2 with Au. Ti3SiC2 is a renown MAX phase, where M is a transition metal, A is a group A element, and X is C or N. Our developed synthetic route is by a facile, scalable and hydrofluoric acid-free method. The two-dimensional layers are termed goldene. Goldene layers with roughly 9% lattice contraction compared to bulk gold are observed by electron microscopy. While ab initio molecular dynamics simulations show that two-dimensional goldene is inherently stable, experiments show some curling and agglomeration, which can be mitigated by surfactants. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy reveals an Au 4f binding energy increase of 0.88 eV. Prospects for preparing goldene from other non-van der Waals Au-intercalated phases, including developing etching schemes, are presented.

Science fiction authors love to go to extremes when creating the ideas in their books, and the idea of a material just one atom thick is attractive. Consider the gauzy, a monomolecular tent that is both tough and feather-light, from This Immortal, by Roger Zelazny, published in 1966.

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