Science Fiction Dictionary: Ideas, Terms and Technology
( 3883 Inventions Available)

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Device Name Book/Story Author Date
P-120 Reconnaissance Robot
A multi-legged robot built for speed and silence.
A Season for Slaughter Gerrold  1992
Pacification Drones
Surveillance drones that emit calming notes.
The Breach Hill  2020
A tawdry news publication on a PDA, or notepad, device.
Steel Beach Varley  1992
Padre Booth
Device that provides religious aid and comfort on demand.
Galactic Pot-Healer Dick  1969
Paid Avoidance Zone
An area where the inhabitants agree, for a government-paid fee, to live without sophisticated services.
The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Pail of Air
A small bucket filled with (liquid) air.
A Pail of Air Leiber  1951
Pain Box
A small box which induced pain into the nerves of the hand.
Dune Herbert  1965
Pain Canopy
Pain by nerve induction improves interrogation.
Gather, Darkness! Leiber  1943
Pain Ray
Creates pain by nerve induction.
Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Painted Respirator Masks
Children choose to decorate otherwise uniform equipment masks.
Red Planet Heinlein  1949
Paint-to-Order Robot Artist
A robotic mechanism that could produce a unique picture, given subject and artistic style.
The Music Master Wallace  1953
A thin piece of digital paper.
The Mountain in the Sea Naylor  2022
Palm Flower
It's like a life clock.
Logan's Run Nolan (w/G.C. Johnson)  1967
Palm Lock
A lock or seal which can be opened only by contact with the palm of the human hand to which it has been keyed.
Dune Herbert  1965
Palm Plate
A device that scanned for a palm print prior to opening a door.
The Mechanical Monarch Tubb  1958
Palm Scan
A means of positive identification, in this case, for an ATM machine.
All Tomorrow's Parties Gibson  1999
A device that modifies human dna to ensure survival in harsh alien environments.
Surface Tension Blish  1952
Panic Alarm
Alarm senses intruders and instills mindless panic.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Panoramic Viewer
Permits observation at a distance, as well as the projection of a holographic image.
Childhood's End Clarke  1953
Panther Modern
Cyberterrorists for hire.
Neuromancer Gibson  1984
Paper Steel
Specially treated paper that forms material as hard as steel.
Robur-the-Conqueror Verne  1866
A beam of energy that paralyzes the victim.
The Mechanical Monarch Tubb  1958
A very specialized compass that makes use of local magnetic anomalies.
Dune Herbert  1965
Artificial gravity.
Collision Orbit Williamson  1942
Parallel Universe
An entirely separate realm or universe that exists along with our own; it may be wildly different or vary from ours by only a tiny degree.
Men Like Gods Wells  1923
Paralysis Bomb
A device like a hand grenade that released paralyzing radiation.
If This Goes On... Heinlein  1940
Paralysis Ray
A special ray that produces paralysis.
Satellite Five Barnes  1938
Paralyzing Blast
A red Ray of light that freezes those it falls upon.
The Exile of Time Cummings  1931
Paralyzing Cone
A device that paralyzes the muscles.
The Atomic Conquerors Hamilton  1927
Paralyzing Eye
False eye contains mechanism for causing brief paralysis.
The Best-Laid Scheme de Camp  1941
Paralyzing Gun
Renders senseless any human in its path.
The Achilles Heel Gallun  1940
Paralyzing Ray
Stops body motions.
Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
Paralyzing Ray (Bolar Current)
A beam that forces a person to remain rooted to a particular spot.
Blood of the Moon Cummings  1936
A computer operating system that deliberately obscures the activities of the user.
Little Brother Doctorow  2008
Means of completely eliminating injury in vehicles during crashes.
Return from the Stars Lem  1961
Parent Drone
A drone platform that launches smaller drones.
Kill Decision Suarez  2012
Parenthood Lottery
A means of restricting population growth.
Super-Toys Last All Summer Long Aldiss  1969
Parking Orbit
An orbit from which access to the planet's surface via a small auxiliary vessel is quick and uncomplicated.
Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Parlor Wall (TV Parlor)
The original "big screen TV" takes up an entire wall of a room.
Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury  1953
Passenger-Carrying Mortar
A unique way of crossing a river, without a boat or a bridge.
Le Monde Tel Qu'il Sera (The World As It Shall Be) Souvestre  1846
Patient Bath Robot
Robot gives patient a bath.
Roujin Z Otomo  1991
Pay Per View TV
The broadcast of games and matches to private televisions for a fee.
The Threat of the Robot Keller  1929
A kind of stilt-like leg extenders; take longer strides, get there faster. Extreme sports gear.
The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
A device that unlocked the dreams and fantasies inherent in the user's brain.
Shadow World Simak  1957
Pencil Beam
A thin tube-like laser beam weapon.
Vulcan's Hammer Dick  1960
Pencil Heat Ray
An offensive, man-portable heat ray.
Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
A synthetic substance that is opaque unless penetrated by infra-red.
Redmask of the Outlands Schachner  1934
Penfield Wave Transmitter
A device that directs some sort of energy wave into a person's brain, allowing them to experience a chosen (dialed) mood.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Pent House
An island in the sky - a hermetically sealed skyscraper isolated entirely from its surroundings.
The Pent House Keller  1932
Pentavalent Nitrogen
A high explosive formed from nitrogen.
Spacehounds of IPC Smith  1931
A fixed mode of transporting people outside; and, they get to sit down.
Wetware Rucker  1988
A device able to sort human beings with incredible speed.
Millenium Varley  1983
Perfect Voice Modulation
Artificially creating the perfect human singing voice.
Prima Donna 1980 Brown  1931
Perky Pat Layout
A very special playset into which adults could project their very being.
The Days of Perky Pat Dick  1963
Protects ships from the hazards of space.
Fugitives From Earth Bond  1939
Permanent Skywriting
Non-wispy skywriting letters.
Soap Opera Nelson  1953
Perpetual Train
A vast machine that lays its own tracks as it moves forward.
Iron Council Mieville  2004
Personal Cache
An online data repository used to store personal data.
Earth Brin  1990
Personal Capsule
An impenetrable device containing information for your eyes only.
Foundation Asimov  1951
Personal Force-Shield
A portable force-shield small enough to be carried by a single man.
Foundation Asimov  1951
Personal Interest Profile (PIP)
A set of topics about which you would like to hear the latest news; known today as Google News Alerts.
The Fountains of Paradise Clarke  1978
Personal Metallic Record Disc
A stamped metal record that contains all of a person's data in a convenient form.
The Ancient Brain Stangland  1929
Personal Rocket Jet
A small, handheld jet pack that can be used to maneuver freely in space.
Space Cadet Heinlein  1948
Personal Smelter
A device used to reduce metallic objects (like coins, pots, cables) to an ingot with known value.
The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Personal Solar Plant
A single-home solar-powered energy source.
Ring Around the Sun Simak  1952
Personality Alteration
Permanent alternation of personality, the tools of the trade.
Gather, Darkness! Leiber  1943
Personality Death
Punishment leaves the body intact.
Robot Justice Harrison  1959
Personality Simulator
A device which, when fed enough data about a person, simulated their personality allowing the user to predict behavior in stated circumstances.
The Dosadi Experiment Herbert  1977
Personality Simulator (Virtual Person)
A computer program that presents the appearance of being a person.
True Names Vinge  1981
Personality-Construct (Lazarus)
A chip providing a robotic body with the attributes of the selected person.
Killing Gramps Schwader  1988
Personalized Fashion Display
A set of displays that show you dressed in different uniforms.
Bill the Galactic Hero Harrison  1965
Personalized News
First reference to news that is customized to the needs of each individual subscriber.
Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Device secured to a person that ensures compliant behavior by threat of force.
Storm Thief Wooding  2006
Phantomatic Generator (Virtual Reality)
A computer-generated experience.
Summa Technologiae Lem  1964
Phantoscope (phenomenoscope)
A device that provides you with a computer-operable display; can be worn or surgically implanted right on your own eyes.
The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Phased Acoustical Array
An music system implanted right on your eardrum.
The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Philips Squeeze Gun
A handheld railgun
Altered Carbon Morgan  2003
Phone-Grid Transex Network
Addictive network-enhanced sexuality.
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said Dick  1974
Phonographic Locks
Doors that open using voice recognition.
A Journey to the Year 2025 Fezandie  1921
A means of transmitting and receiving both voice and picture for a personal conversation.
In the Year 2889 Verne  1889
Photic Borer (Artesian Ray)
A ray of energy that illuminates a cross-section of Earth as it goes through solid earth and rock.
The Great Stone of Sardis Stockton  1897
Photo Crystal (Cube)
A small handheld display for a picture
Foundation and Empire Asimov  1952
Photoelectric Course Warning
A means of keeping a spaceship on course using a selected star and a photoelectric cell.
Out Around Rigel Wilson  1931
Photo-Electric Mosaic
A means of capturing astronomical images.
Beyond Which Limits Schachner  1937
Photoelectric Telescope (Photoelectric Eyes)
An astronomical telescope that uses the photoelectric effect to gather light, and then to present the finished image on a screen.
The Cometeers Williamson  1936
Photograph of Earth from Space
An aerial photograph from outside the atmosphere.
The Prince of Space Williamson  1931
Photomnemonic Tablet
A device that both records and displays images with the same element.
Anathem Stephenson  2008
Photonic Sail
A sail that uses light pressure for propulsion.
Think Blue, Count Two Smith  1962
A program that strips out the digital noise signature from a picture file.
Little Brother Doctorow  2008
A device that provided a view of the other booth.
The Planeteer Flint  1918
Photosensitive Pigment
Special paint that stays 'blank' until exposed to a scene.
Cry Hope, Cry Fury! Ballard  1966
An automotive device that automatically follows a painted white line on the roadway, letting the car drive itself.
The Sign of the Tiger Nourse (w/Meyer)  1958
Photo-Voltaic Robes
Outerwear made from material that absorbs sunlight and outputs electricity.
Snow in the Desert Asher  2002
A robotic physician.
Wanted in Surgery Ellison  1957
Physiognomic Template
A method for changing the appearance of your face at will.
Ubik Dick  1969
A small telephone that has a screen to show pictures.
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said Dick  1974
A transgenic pig, bred to grow replacement organs for humans.
Oryx and Crake Atwood  2003
Pilot Beam
A signalling device that space craft in orbit descending to Earth could home in on and land.
Methuselah's Children Leinster  1941
The piloting gear of a space tug.
Collision Orbit Williamson  1942
A huge cannon that shot shells filled with sulfur high into the atmosphere for the purpose of geoengineering a change in climate.
Termination Shock Stephenson  2021
Thimble-sized photonuclear bomb.
The Game of Rat and Dragon Smith  1953
Pizzled (Semantic Garble)
Use of nonsensical statements to deliberately confuse an artificial intelligence.
Autofac Dick  1955
Placental Decanters
Perfect human bodies with control implants for remote use.
The Girl Who Was Plugged In Tiptree, Jr.  1974
Planck Juice
A continuous pre-quark force-medium with no distinguishing characteristics (it's mostly gluons)
Master of Space and Time Rucker  1984
Planet Buster
A bomb so powerful it could destroy a planet.
Assignment to Aldebaran Crossen  1953
Planet City
A planet the surface of which is entirely covered over, forming one single city.
The Message From Space Speaker  1930
Planet Rules
Regulations governing the behavior of the away team on a new planet.
Drop Dead Simak  1956
Planetary Computer Network
A global data net.
Dialogues Lem  1957
Planetary Engineering
Remaking or modifying an entire planet.
The Cometeers Williamson  1936
Planetary Globe
A craftsman's model of a planet.
Star of Wonder May  1953
Planetary ID Card
Identification for every person on every planet in the solar system.
Doom Over Venus Hamilton  1940
Planetary Propulsion-Blasts
Devices capable of moving and steering planets to new orbits or new stars.
Thundering Worlds Hamilton  1934
Planetary Telegraphing
A method for communicating with dwellers on other planets in the solar system.
In the Deep of Time Lathrop  1897
Planet-Busting Bomb
A munition with sufficient power to destroy an entire planet.
Testing Ferrat  1956
Making a landing on a planet from space.
Quicksands of Youthwardness Jameson  1940
Huge vehicle for planetary surface transport.
The Slave Ship to Andrigo Rocklynne  1951
Planets Made Habitable
A plan to "terraform" a planet to improve its habitability by human beings.
Last and First Men Stapledon  1930
Devices capable of destroying an entire planet.
Propagandist Leinster  1947
Transparent and light and has the tensile strength of steel!
Crystalized Thought Schachner  1937
A form of "faster than light" travel allows for interstellar travel.
The Game of Rat and Dragon Smith  1953
Artificial Skin
Star Rangers (The Last Planet) Norton  1953
Extremely tough form of steel, stabilized with stravidium fibers grown into its crystal.
Dune Herbert  1965
A combination of plaster and latex, it allows houses to change shape for you.
The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista Ballard  1962
A squeezable drink container.
The Proud Robot Padgett  1943
Plastic Constructor (3D Printer)
A 3D printer - for spaceships.
Things Pass By Leinster  1945
Plastic Igloo
A heavy plastic shelter for use in airless environments.
Love Among The Robots McDowell  1946
Plastic-Eating Bacteria
Mutated bacteria able to 'eat' or dissolve rubber and plastic.
The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Holds a prisoner motionless.
The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Used to seal large leaks in space craft.
Collision Orbit Williamson  1942
A dress that varies in opacity by distance.
Sales Pitch Dick  1954
Artificial human skin to cover prosthetics.
Unforeseen Graham  1949
Artificial flesh.
Accidental Flight Wallace  1952
False skin disguise.
Menace From Vega Randall  1958
A fabric that cannot be stained.
Foundation Asimov  1951
Platform Flyer
A small craft suitable for journeys close to the ground.
The Star King Vance  1964
Platinum Alloy Disc
A silvery disc used for data record storage.
Triplanetary Smith  1934
Pleasure Cap
A device that delivers amps of pleasure directly to the brain.
A Planet Named Shayol Smith  1961
Pleasure Planet
A vast world devoted to enjoyment.
After World's End Williamson  1939
A means of disguise.
A Spaceship Named McGuire Garrett  1961
Tiny plastic balls that seal leaks on spacecraft.
Passage at Arms Cook  1985
Pneumatic Bumpers
An inflatable bumper system for ground-based motor vehicles.
The Brain Pirates Campbell  1938
Pneumatic Suit
An airtight spacesuit.
The Shot Into Infinity Gail  1929
Pneumatic Tube Station
Passengers are sealed into a narrow cylinder that is shot through a pressurized tube to their destination.
Exiles of the Moon Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Pneumatic-Tube Zone
The portion of a city that is served by direct tubes to each dwelling.
Mechanocracy Breuer  1932
Pants that make you look beefier.
The Proud Robot Padgett  1943
Pocket Computer
A pocket-sized computer.
The Feeling of Power Asimov  1958
Pocket Display Projector
A pocketsized projector capable of displaying high resolution images so they can be viewed by a group of people.
The Anome Vance  1971
Pocket Dome
Handy easy-to-set-up shelter.
Chindi McDevitt  2002
Pocket Gravity Nullifier
Personal device stops gravity's effect.
The Sky Maniac Juve  1929
Pocket Nucleo-Bulb
A nuclear-powered pocket-sized flashlight.
Foundation Asimov  1951
Pocket Phone (or pocketphone)
A telephone that is not hard wired to the network; a mobile or cell phone.
Assignment in Eternity Heinlein  1953
Pocket Projector
A personal device for replaying media.
Foundation and Empire Asimov  1952
Pocket Receiver
An early visualization of the smartphone.
The Magellanic Cloud Lem  1955
Pocket Scanner
A device that scans for the codes that will open a vehicle's door on command.
Sagramanda Foster  2006
Pocket Universe
A created, separate space within the normal space of the universe.
Pocket Universes Leinster  1946
Pocket wireless phone
An entirely portable, pocket-sized, telephone.
John Jones's Dollar Keeler  1915
Private communication device that fits in your pocket.
The Worlds of Tomorrow Wellman  1940
An asteroid.
The Duel on the Asteroid Miller (w/D. McDermott)  1932
Pocket-Sized Ad-Blocker
A device that prevented targeted advertisements from reaching you.
Sagramanda Foster  2006
Individual powered flight.
A Journey to the Year 2025 Fezandie  1921
A living chair, grown by the Iszc to perform its function.
The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
Poison Snooper
A device that checked food and drink for poisons.
Dune Herbert  1965
Poison Space Cloud (Etheric Poison)
A deadly cloud of gas large enough to envelop the solar system.
The Poison Belt Doyle  1913
Poison Tongue Dart
Weapon surgically implanted in the tongue.
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick  1965
Poison-Bearing Invisible Glove
Membranous apparel for the hands, used to dispense poisons.
Lies, Inc. Dick  1964
A device tied into a good will network.
Maneki Neko Sterling  1998
Polar Ice
Water ice at the poles of the Moon.
The Ring of Charon Allen  1990
Polarization Apparatus
A device that caused a space ship to repel the Earth and send a space ship on its way.
Slaves of Mercury Schachner  1932
Polarized Window
Rather than curtains, use the window to control the light.
The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
Polaron Beam
A unique beam of energy that scatters some of its light at right angles to the direction of propagation.
Earthlight (Novella) Clarke  1951
A window-sized polarizer filter that allows changes in light intensity and color.
The Godmakers Herbert  1972
Ability to sense life.
The Saga of Pelican West Russell  1937
Police Control-Override
A device that allows police officers to take control of an otherwise normal vehicle.
The Hounds of Hell Laumer  1964
Police Detection Robot
An automated evidence-gathering robot.
The Unreconstructed M Dick  1957
Police Robot
A fully autonomous, man-shaped robotic police officer.
Arm of the Law Harrison  1958
Police Sketch Artist Software
A tablet-style computer with sketch pad software to help identify suspects.
Runaway Crichton  1985
Polycarbon Exo
Exoskeleton made of a strong, lightweight material.
Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Polycarbon Phone Screen
A telephone that provides videophone capability using a very thin screen that is folded away when not in use.
Count Zero Gibson  1986
Polyceltron Iconoscope Televisor
A portable camera and microphone setup that could broadcast on-the-spot news.
Newscast Vincent  1939
Polyfrequency Neutralizer
Dissolves projected solidographs (holograms).
Gather, Darkness! Leiber  1943
An android body imprinted with the personality of a Master Nanny.
Kiln People Brin  2002
Pork Tree
A plant that produces an analog to animal meat.
The Ophiuchi Hotline Varley  1977
Portable Atomic Heater
Compact source of energy.
Misfit Heinlein  1939
Portable Ident-Plate
A small, thin device that will capture biometric data from a person's finger.
Earth Brin  1990
Portable Telephone
The essence of a cell phone.
Space Cadet Heinlein  1948
Sensory experience of a data network.
True Names Vinge  1981
Porter Televox-Robot
A robot that carries your bags through the passageways of space liners.
On Board the Martian Liner Breuer  1931
Position Locator Display
Screen shows the position of hundreds of aircraft;
Flight of the Eastern Star Repp  1929
Positive Ray Propulsion (Ion Drive)
An ion drive.
The Prince of Space Williamson  1931
Positron Beam
Vast numbers of positrons, the antimatter counterpart of the electron, are beamed around the Earth.
The Great Thirst Schachner  1934
Positronic Brain
A computer CPU with the capacity to rival a human brain.
Reason Asimov  1941
Positronic Motor
A combination of motor and brain; an engine with a cerebellum and a carburetor.
Sally Asimov  1953
Post Office
A vault used to store time capsules left by travelers to the past; not your usual delivery service.
Millenium Varley  1983
Criminal activities after they have actually happened.
The Minority Report Dick  1956
Poster TV
This display gives new meaning to the term "flat screen."
A World Out of Time Niven  1976
Powdered Alcohol
Alcohol in non-liquid form.
The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge Harrison  1970
Power Holster
Puts the sidearm right in your hand.
Deathworld Harrison  1960
Power Planet
A satellite that supplies the Earth with power.
The Power Planet Leinster  1931
Power Stilts
Platforms that push inundated cities ever higher.
The Human Blend Foster  2010
Powered Armor (or Powered Suit)
An armored suit that magnifies the power of the soldier's muscles, along with other weapons.
Starship Troopers Heinlein  1959
Powered artificial exoskeleton
A robotic device designed to support someone too weak to comfortably move in high gravity.
Between Planets Heinlein  1951
Powered Print-Book
Part computer, part book.
Prelude to Foundation Asimov  1988
Powered Suit with Trauma Maintenance
A powered suit (or powered armor) that is set up to save as much of your body as possible in worse case scenarios.
The Forever War Haldeman  1974
A directed energy weapon.
Hammer's Slammers Drake  1979
Wagon powered by muscular creature from Etamin 9; uses carbohydrate syrup for fuel.
The Last Castle Vance  1967
A kind of energy receiver that could retrieve a soul from the radiation belt surrounding a planet.
Lord of Light Zelazny  1967
A device that would offer prayers in exchange for a few coins properly deposited.
Lord of Light Zelazny  1967
Filtration system to remove dust and other particulates from the atmosphere in space stations.
The Beat Cluster Leiber  1961
A person with precognitive ability (can predict the future).
The Minority Report Dick  1956
Precog (v)
To see the future.
Police Operation Piper  1948
Precrime Analytical Wing
Contains the precognitives and the machinery need to hear and analyze their predictions of future crimes.
The Minority Report Dick  1956
Predator Wrist Display
A wrist bracelet with a variety of useful functions.
Predator McTiernan  1987
Predictable Crime
A criminal act that computers were able to foresee in advance.
All the Troubles in the World Asimov  1958
Predictions Registry
An organization that keeps track of predictions made by individuals.
Earth Brin  1990
Capable combining and projecting hundreds of complex curves into the future.
Futility Meek  1929
Preserved Brains
Preserving a brain, and then communicating with it.
Murder in the Void Hamilton  1938
Preserving Machine
A device that would create a unique animal from a piece of classical music.
The Preserving Machine Dick  1953
Pressor (Pressor Beam)
A force-field beam that pushes, rather than pulls.
Spacehounds of IPC Smith  1931
Pressor Field
A force field that pressed against anything that encountered it.
The Forever War Haldeman  1974
Pressure Curtain
A force field that creates a barrier that people can pass through but air cannot - an airlock in a spacecraft.
The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
A pressurized suit for use in the airless void of space.
Skylark of Space Smith  1928
Pressurized Penthouse
A stratospheric perch - if buildings are tall enough, you'll need this.
Bread Overhead! Leiber  1958
The ability to predict the future in a routine perceptual manner.
The Golden Man Dick  1954
Prime Directive
The first and most important rule; usually protective.
With Folded Hands Williamson  1947
Prime Radiant
A projector that puts all of a vast collection of writings on the wall of a special conference room. You could interact with it by writing on the wall; changes were stored.
Second Foundation Asimov  1953
A special software program that teaches basic language skills.
The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
You’ve seen them.
Prelude to Foundation Asimov  1988
Prism Window
A device for getting a better view of the ground from inside an airplane.
The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Privacy Screen
A device that shields occupants from all possible forms of electronic intrusion and surveillance.
Neuromancer Gibson  1984
Private Flyer
A privately-owned air vehicle that used no control surfaces for maneuvering.
Childhood's End Clarke  1953
Private Space Cruiser
A fully space-worthy ship under private ownership.
Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Probability Time Wave Tube
A device that allows the user to see every possible event.
Elimination Campbell  1936
Probe Screen Hood
A device that blocks attempts to see into the contents of the brain mind.
The Hood Maker ('Immunity') Dick  1955
Procreative Stump
A woman's torso, kept alive for the purpose of using the womb as an incubator.
Hellstrom's Hive Herbert  1972
Product Prescription
A file that can be used to reproduce an object.
The Magellanic Cloud Lem  1955
Profile Sniffers
A software device that sifts Internet access records for patterns associate with particular personality types.
Distraction Sterling  1998
Project Scoop
A space craft feature that collects dust for study.
The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Project X
A device that produces sound rays that are intolerable to living things.
Atlas Shrugged Rand  1957
A projectile, or shot, capable of enclosing passengers and being safely hurled to the moon by an enormous cannon.
From the Earth to the Moon Verne  1867
A means of projecting your image to a distant place.
The Computer Connection Bester  1974
Projection Commercials
A three-dimensional advertisement that is placed in your path in a public place like a bar.
The Computer Connection Bester  1974
Projection Rig
A portable holographic projector.
Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Propulsion Gun
What can you push against in space?
Venus Mines, Incorporated Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Proselytizing Robot
A robotic preacher; designed for use where believers are unwelcome.
Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Prosthetic Robotic Arm (Thought-Attuned)
A detachable robotic arm, controlled directly through neural linkage.
Bleekman's Planet Jorgensen  1957
Prosthetic Yachting Gloves
Robotic gloves for sailors.
Mare Nostrum Sterling  2022
Protective Energy Halo
A device that cast a hemisphere of protective beams.
The Scarab Gallun  1936
Protective Field (Safety Field)
An static energy field used to protect a city.
The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Protective Shield
An energy shield for one person.
Triplanetary Smith  1934
A mutant algae that can be engineered to look and taste similar to normal food.
Solar Lottery Dick  1955
Protolectric Gun
Fires twin beams of protons and electrons.
Electronic Siege Campbell  1932
Proton Pack
The business end of a mobile particle accelerator.
Ghostbusters Ramis  1984
Proton Pistol (Proton Beam)
A device that unleashed a 'protonic storm' of energy.
A Menace in Miniature Gallun  1937
Radioactive fuel for spacecraft.
Twelve Hours To Live Williamson  1931
Protophason Amplifier
Detects brain activity of those in half-life.
Ubik Dick  1969
Artificial life, tougher than protoplasm.
Dawn of the Demigods Gallun  1954
A medication that makes the user 'untired' - not just more awake.
When the Devil Dances Ringo  2002
A special drug that promotes wakefulness in troops.
A Hymn Before Battle Ringo  2000
Proxy Robot
A remote-controlled floating telepresence robot, for use by aliens who cannot share an atmosphere.
Hotel Cosmos Gallun  1938
Pry-Vie (Robotic Detective)
A robotic private eye; autonomic detection services.
Clans of the Alphane Moon Dick  1964
Meat (protein) that is produced apart from an animal; great steaks without rumination.
Whipping Star Herbert  1969
Gravity produced by artifice, rather than by a suitably large mass.
Common Sense Heinlein  1941
Pseudo-Insects (Synsects)
A swarm of self-guided, programmed microarmies.
One Human Minute Lem  1984
Psychic Probe
A device capable of discerning truthful information in a living human brain.
Foundation and Empire Asimov  1952
A device that enables communication by thought alone.
The Infinite Enemy Williamson  1938
Branch of mathematics describes the behavior of human beings en masses.
Foundation Asimov  1951
The application of psychology to historical data.
Beyond All Weapons Russell  1941
Psycho-Lease Encephalic Gadget
A device that provided the conviction that a faked scene was, in fact, real.
Galactic Pot-Healer Dick  1969
A device that allows the user to tune their mind to a future reality - a time-traveling device.
The Mechanical Mice Hugi  1941
A device that recorded and played back the thoughts of the user.
A Biological Experiment Keller  1928
Psychophonic Nurse
A child-care robot - a nanny bot.
The Psychophonic Nurse Keller  1928
Get to the truth.
Satellite Five Barnes  1938
A device capable of taking impressions, feelings and memories from living brains; it can be used on animals as well.
Propagandist Leinster  1947
Psychotropic House
Buildings designed to sense, and mirror, the psychological state of their owners.
The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista Ballard  1962
A way of gathering and recording mental impressions.
Earth Made of Glass Barnes  1998
P-Terminal Implant
A device consisting of implanted power pack, control and electrodes placed near pleasure centers of the brain.
The Terminal Man Crichton  1972
Public Eye
A floating, free-roaming surveillance camera.
Friday Heinlein  1982
Public Iris Scanner
A device that uses iris-scanning for identification, and does not require subject awareness.
Minority Report (Movie) Spielberg  2002
Public Urine Collection
Arcologies offer public latrines, then collect for reclamation.
The Water Knife Bacigalupi  2015
Public Vehicle Tube
Underground transportation tubes.
The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
A poorly formed 3D printed copy, with an interior that was a mass of malformed material.
Pay for the Printer Dick  1956
Puff (Puff Balls)
Material that is used to help Skyrines dropped to the surface of Mars get rid of some of that excess velocity.
War Dogs Bear  2014
Pipe with lighting built in.
Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 Heller  1930
A watch that uses your visual cortex for a read-out device.
Heretics of Dune Herbert  1984
Punishment Sphere
Used to bring disruptive elements of society into line.
Alpha Centauri Meier  1999
Purple Wage
Guaranteed subsidy paid to every citizen.
Riders of the Purple Wage Farmer  1967
Purza the Pukha
A toy with sensors used to monitor children in hospitals.
The Rowan McCaffrey  1990
An independent rocket motor that can attach itself to an object bound for space.
Space Tug Leinster  1953
A thermonuclear explosive that is detonated by thought alone.
The Stars My Destination Bester  1956

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