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"I believe in limited government, and the 20th century has been the century of government. The data is uniform. The government has failed at every single task it has set out to do, with the exception of waging war."
- Bart Kosko

Personality-Construct (Lazarus)  
  A chip providing a robotic body with the attributes of the selected person.  

The watery blue eyes stared at her blankly.

“Gramps, you’re dead! You’re a lazarus, a personality-construct chip shoved into a casing of metal and plastic and God knows what. Certainly nothing with a right to run my life."

(Personality-construct from 'Killing Gramps' by Ann K. Schwader)

The eyes did not change expression. Pivoting its ’chair away from her, the lazarus headed for the living room’s front window at a fast walking speed.

Phillipa nearly panicked. If the thing had fritzed, there was no way of stopping it from — what? Biomechanical suicide via the twentieth floor? Maybe a lazarus couldn’t survive being told what it was.

Centimeters away from the window, the lazarus thumbed a remote button on the ’chair’s armrest. One wide pane slid open as ’chair and passenger sailed into a clear afternoon sky, the ’chair’s nullgrav adjusting to the drop.

Cursing under her breath, Phillipa got up to shut the window. Midair exits had been Gramps’ favorite response to any argument — and he’d never bothered to close the pane behind him, either. Just how much personality did a “personality construct” preserve?

Technovelgy from Killing Gramps, by Ann K. Schwader.
Published by Aboriginal Science Fiction in 1988
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