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"[Science fiction is] an integration of the mood and attitude of science (the objective universe) with the fears and hopes that spring from the unconscious."
- Gregory Benford

Prosthetic Robotic Arm (Thought-Attuned)  
  A detachable robotic arm, controlled directly through neural linkage.  

“What’s this?” The inspector’s voice registered shock.

“Haven’t you ever seen a prosthetic arm? I lost mine in combat, and this is my spare.”

The inspector’s eyes narrowed. “How come you’re not wearing it, then?”

“It’s thought-attuned. It’s controlled directly from my neural centers, and the linkage isn’t completely smooth yet. It takes time to learn how to use one of those things, and it’s a strain learning. I don’t wear the arm all the time.”

Technovelgy from Bleekman's Planet, by Ivar Jorgensen.
Published by Imagination in 1957
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Wouldn't you know, it's an essential plot element!

Half a dozen times in the last thirty minutes he had cursed the frustrating necessity of fighting with only one hand. Even the prosthetic would do, the steel-thewed robot hand that he controlled with his mind. But for the present he’d have to manage with one hand...

Beads of perspiration sprang out on Thornwald’s forehead. His neural network leaped out, made contact with the nerve-mesh of the arm. He was just five feet away from Henderson. That was close enough to activate the prosthetic. Now! he thought.

The arm suddenly came alive in Henderson’s hands. Before he could do anything, the fingers spread, grasped, reached upward, and wrapped themselves around Henderson’s fleshy neck in an iron grip.

(Thought-Attuned Robotic Arm
from 'Bleekman's Planet' by Ivar Jorgensen

Compare to the hypo arm from Simulated Trainer (1958) by Harry Harrison and the bionic arm from Cyborg (1972) by Martin Caidin.

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