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"I identify with the weak person; this is one reason why my fictional protagonists are essentially antiheroes."
- Philip K. Dick

Protolectric Gun  
  Fires twin beams of protons and electrons.  

You know you're in good hands with Campbell:

Two streams of nearly invisible fire reached out in lines as straight as a linear equation toward the two Patrol cruisers.

They just don't write them like that anymore.

"...their ships have a weapon we have not been able to duplicate — the protolectric gun,” replied the officer, turning smartly and walking away. Markham chuckled. The Lane Patrolman had retired in poor order.

The E. R. C. [Eugenics Research Colony] was a sore spot on the Lane Patrol’s otherwise spotless record. Thanks to a mechanism capable of projecting twin beams of highly dangerous electrons and protons from a “gun”, their ships had beaten off patrol cruisers time and again.

Technovelgy from Electronic Siege, by John W. Campbell.
Published by Wonder Stories in 1932
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Here's the effect that they have:

Two enormous brilliant pipes of blue-green fire leaped out and spattered against the ship. Instantly it was wreathed with an aura of shooting flame from the waste energy of the beams. The four-foot armour of the ship was glowing white-hot in a fraction of a second. In a second it was bellying out in gusts of flaming gas; in five seconds a great hole was gaping in the ship’s wall...

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