Science Fiction in the News Articles
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Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago in 1928; he died of heart failure in 1982. He won the Hugo for The Man in the High Castle and the John Campbell award for Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said. Many of his short stories have been made into movies; Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (Bladerunner) and We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Total Recall).

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Xian'er Buddhist Monk Robot
   'Getting to his feet he crossed the waiting room to the Padre booth...' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Airbnb Has AI Psychiatrist Looking At Your Facebook
   'It's illegal to hold back information during a psyche test.'
New Technique Detects False Memories
   Recent research indicates that it may be possible to distinguish between a false memory and a memory of actual events.
DNA Authenticators: Anti-Counterfeiting Proposed by Philip K. Dick
   A security measure proposed by Philip K. Dick in 1964 is now being used to use DNA technology to authenticate consumer products.
Secom Robot X Security Guard Works For Less
   The Secom Robot X security guard, which can be controlled remotely or pre-programmed, will not be sold to customers; it will replace human security guards for half the cost.
Biomimetic Robot Animals - Not All Are Cute
   Sure, they've got robot lobsters, elephant trunks and even big dogs. But what about robotic lamprey parasites?
Is Your Candidate Human?
   In San Francisco they've been testing candidates for mayor with the Voight-Kampff empathy test from Bladerunner. I think they detected a politician...
Northwestern Researchers Can Remember It For You Wholesale
   Researchers are working on making Rekal, Inc. a reality - false memory research is progressing.
RepRap: Self-Replicating Rapid Prototyping
   A self-replicating, rapid prototyping machine developed at the University of Bath in England could transform the nature of manufacturing. People could produce everyday household objects in their own homes and put them together.
Philip K. Dick's Bubblehead Brainiacs
   Over-expressing the protein CPG-15 in rats gives them bigger brains; these enlarged brains have grooves and furrows like evolved mammalian brains with larger surface areas.
Self-Replicating Modular Robots
   Cornell scientists have been working on machines that replicate themselves. Their strategy is to use small modules that attach to each other with electromagnets.
Philip K. Dick Robot Unveiled At NextFest 2005
   The eerie robotic Philip K. Dick unveiled today at the NextFest 2005 event in Chicago is almost an objectification of Dick's fascination with what really makes people human.
Precrime Computer (Minus Precogs) Predicts Robbery
   Police in Yonkers use a computer to predict a robbery - and it worked.
Himawari Homotropic Sunflower Robot
   This robot shows real progress toward what Philip K. Dick called 'homotropic' machines - robots that seek out and follow people.
3D Printer Used To Make Transplant Jawbone
   A permanent replacement was printed for reconstructive surgery.
bebionic3 Myoelectric Robotic Hand
   'At the moment Eldritch made use of the five-finger humanoid manual extremity...'- Philip K. Dick, 1965.
IfIHadGlass - I'd Make PKD's Cephscope
   'in Bob Arctor's living room his thousand dollar custom-quality cephscope crafted by Altec...'- Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Lower Limit For Nanobot Size Discovered
   Scientists and science fiction writers must accept new limits to imagination, thanks to a remarkable first-ever measurement.
Air Warrior Microclimatic Cooling Garments Tested By Army
   The Army is testing personal cooling vests for soldiers in Iraq; Philip K. Dick suggested them in the sixties.
'Electric Sheep' Gaining On Real Pets
   Cute, cuddly robotic pets bring humans some of the same benefits as real pets. Electric sheep, anyone?
PKD's Scramble Suit In A Scanner Darkly Movie Trailer
   The new trailer for Philip K. Dick's novel has some cool views of one of my favorite items - the scramble suit.
Robot Nanny - The Fact, The Fiction
   SF writers have been thinking about robot nannies (and other forms of automated child care) since at least WWII. This fall, Korea will have some in the home.
Thor Shield Energy Weapon-Proof Fabric
   An engineer with an interest in lightning protection systems comes up with a way to foil taser weapons and cattle prods.
Russians Enjoy 'Total Recall'-Style Fake Vacations
   Philip K. Dick fans will enjoy the story of this Russian tour agency that takes a page from We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.
PaPeRo Robot Childcare In Japan
   Phil Dick's robot nanny could beat up this childcare robot - but PaPeRo actually exists and is working with children today.
First Chinese Security Guard Robot
   This security bot is able to avoid obstacles, follow a predesignated route and send images of trouble.
'Precrime' Database For London Homicide Prevention Unit
   London's Metropolitan Precrime ... I mean, Police Homicide Prevention Unit are looking for people who will one day commit crimes.
Hack Your Reality The Virtual Way
   Yet another way for us to manipulate ourselves; and for others to manipulate our internal worlds, perhaps.
EveR2-Muse Robot's Many Faces
   The latest incarnation of the EveR2-Muse entertainment fembot now includes the latest feminine emotions.
Desktop Nanofactory Video
   Excellent visualization of how it might work; not really news, but worth watching.
The Wisdom Door Knows You
   Clever use of biometrics to identify those who may pass.
Banryu Guard Dragon Home Robot
   This great-looking quadruped robot walks like a dragon, sniffing the air and taking pictures.
Could Robots Use A Little Down Time?
   Can robots actually benefit from a dream-like state? Dr. Christoph Adami wonders.
Hitachi Brain Scanner Fun Toy
   Hitachi lets you look deep into the brain in this fun toy for the family.
Mad-Croc Power Peppermint Energy Gum
   Why do people in today's world want to go faster, when they should go slower?
Amnesia Drugs: Bad Memories Blocked
   Researchers may have found a way to block or even delete bad, unpleasant memories. Imagine the possibilities.
Stink Bullets And PKD's Sheep Dip Isolator
   Philip K. Dick always thinks up the ultimate version of everything.
Paper Four Video
   Excellent video really shows off cool display technology.
LED Incapacitator And The Minority Report Game
   A bit of reader help on this one, if possible.
Phil Dick, Your Electric Cat Is... Not Quite Ready
   This can may not quite be up to PKD's high standards, but you can see that we're getting close.
Roving Robotic Reporter
   This story is a little old, but I just discovered it. Philip K. Dick was only off by a couple of years on this one.
Sales Robot IRI-Millennia Opens Gates Of Hell
   Oh, sure, when there are lots of you and just one of them - like at a tradeshow - you'll think they're cute. Just wait.
Scarab Lunar Prospecting Robot
   The Scarab robot provides a test-bed for all kinds of thinking about lunar prospecting.
Jinsei Ginko Life Bank Brings Virtual Prosperity
   This nifty little piggy bank lets your virtual family live in virtual luxury - if you can pay the price.
'Electronic Mufti' May Issue Machine Fatwas
   A machine intelligence - an artificial intelligence apparatus - could look through thousands of examples to guide individuals.
Claytronics: Robot Swarm-Based 3D Shape-Shifting Objects
   This is pretty much a blue-sky project, but I did like the video; any help remembering the sf reference would be appreciated.
RobuCAB Robotic Taxi
   RobuCAB looks kind of cute, and it doesn't need space for a driver. What writer could think of a good personality for a robot cab driver?
Tmsuk Robot Babysitter Knows Your Kid
   Tmsuk's new mechanical babysitter is starting to catch up with those sfnal robot nannies.
EEG Headset Is Parasitic Cephscope
   Now here's a product with multiple uses; entertainment is just as important as medicine. And, there's a PKD-licious bonus feature.
Strawberry Picking Robot In Japan
   Although I like going out and picking strawberries for an idyllic hour, tasting as I go, I don't think I'd want to do it for a living. Robot task? Yes. With video.
UK Plans Massive Phone, E-Mail Database
   It's so tedious to pick and choose when surveilling citizens; why not just keep track of everything?
We All See The Future Like Dick's 'Prethink'
   Mind-blowing idea about human cognition makes Philip K. Dick's prethink more thinkable.
Ikea Stuff Packs For Sims 2 'Perky Pat' Layouts
   You may not be able to afford the furniture, or an apartment with enough space to put it, but you can have your Ikea furniture in your Sims 2 'microworld.'
Untethered Microrobots Dance, Form Self-Organized Structures
   Now people'll be saying that the robots can outdo the angels, dancing on the head of a pin, an' all.
Hexapod Robot CNC Router
   I'd never look at a six-legged robot and think to myself 'This thing would make a great CNC router.' But Matt Denton did, and you'll be glad he did.
Let's Hear It For The Vague Blur!
   Would you feel better if you were a mere blur to the security forces that monitor our nation's security cameras?
Robot Teddy Bear Chats With Drunk Drivers
   If you think that getting into an argument with your car over drinking and driving is a bit surreal, you're right. But, bear knows best.
AMP Robot Chases You With Tunes
   Being chased by robots through your house is not always a positive experience, but AMP will banish those nightmares in which you are pursued by bots.
'Brain Breathalyzer' For Astronauts
   Tiny brain scanner uses special technology to sense despondency, depression and mental fatigue in astronauts.
Wikipedia Encyclopedia And Dick's Book Of The Kalends
   This book is exceptional not just because of the number of articles or its concept. Phip K. Dick fans might find the general idea familiar.
E-Ink Cover For Esquire Magazine
   This September, you should see the first example of e-ink paper on the cover of a magazine. Not the last, I'm sure.
RoboStool Homotropic Furniture
   Great idea from Norris Labs; I think Philip K. Dick might have recognized it - I especially like the newspaper angle in the video.
Heart Robot Wants To Feel Your Love
   I'm not sure whether or not this robot crosses the uncanny valley, but I think it's part way through creepy valley. Also, Spielberg should get a cut of any royalties.
Memory-Erasing Chemical
   Interesting advance may make an old PKD idea into a reality, coincidentally, to help people with drug-related problems.
Draganflyer X6 Helicopter Has HD Camera
   Now, that's some stylish surveillance gear; the included video should push all your buttons.
Future Attribute Screening Technologies Precrime Detector
   You'd better be thinking nice thoughts the next time you go anywhere that DHS has a portable precrime detector handy - the FAST M2.
Shape-Shifting Bomber In Need Of Plowsharing
   Unfortunate budget cuts for DARPA may signal an opportunity for the rest of us to think of peacetime uses for cool military stuff.
DARPA Gandalf Project And Philip K. Dick
   The ability to target a single individual is one of Philip K. Dick's personal nightmares; he had a very special understanding of the military mind.
'Hug And Kiss' Baby Ankle Monitor
   This handy pair of devices keep mothers and children together in crowded hospitals.
Selective Memory Deletion In Mice
   New technique demonstrates how specific memories can be blocked in mice; sf writers and movie makers have been predicting this one for decades.
Artificial Heart Beats Like Yours
   Remarkable new mechanical heart may give you even more choices.
Injectable Ice Slurry To Cool Organs
   Fascinating technique may soon allow doctors to selectively cool individual organs, improving the chances for surgical success.
Precrime CCTV Cameras Now In Britain
   Portsmouth now sports a CCTV camera system that can detect crimes before they happen - sometimes.
Thought-Screen Helmets A Classic American Craft
   Fashionable, practical and above all, home made. I also have some new materials to recommend.
Portable MRI Scans For Psychopathy Like Voight-Kampff
   As scientists try to understand psychopathy, their use of machines and images seems almost phildickian.
Tetris Reduces Emotional Scars
   No wonder people in advanced technological societies have been playing so much Tetris - and no wonder it was invented in the former Soviet Union.
T-34 Security Robot Throws Nets Spidey-Style
   This humble robot packs an unusual weapon - a net to cast over intruders.
Sweatbot SAM - Sweating Agile Manniquin
   Handy industrial research robot or metaphor for our consumer culture? You be the judge.
Robot Brain Grows As It Learns
   New technique - an incremental evolutionary algorithm - lets this robot add layers to its physical brain.
Precision Agriculture: Robot Gardeners Serve Plant Network
   Interesting project by MIT postdoc Nikolaus Correll runs up against a future that Herbert, Dick, Gibson and Crichton all thought about.
Grapevine Pruning Robot
   Do robots deserve a day of rest? New robot prototype perform pruning chores cheaper than people.
Brain Wave Patterns Predict Mistakes
   If we work on this a bit more, we might even be able to prethink. Just a little.
Living Robot Has Biological Brain
   Recent developments and more details about these robots with reorganized living rat neuron brains. A first step toward swibble-culture, Mr. Dick?
Flat Flexible Loudspeakers From Warwick Audio
   The development of this technology will make possible devices by authors like Ellison, Dick and Sterling.
Air Conditioned Coffins
   I doubt that an air conditioned coffin would keep you cooler for eternity - but maybe for a more comfortable half-life.
PETMAN Humanoid Robot
   This robot will be used for product testing of protective gear by the US Army. Better it than thou.
Brain Scan Biometric Security
   Philip K. Dick proves once again that he had the future sussed; it appears that your brain scan can be used as a 'fingerprint'.
Navman Spirt TV Satellite Navigation Dashboard TV
   So how come I can't watch TV on the display in my hybrid car? What's wrong with having a dashboard TV?
Sneaky Robots Are Right Around The Corner
   Although this is undoubtedly useful behavior for guard robots, is 'sneakiness' a trait we want to see in robots?
Book-Reading Robot Reads Aloud
   This book reading robot had better put its game face on if it thinks it can take away one of my favorite activities - reading books to my children.
Smellicopter Combines Live Moth Antenna With Mechanical Drone
   'The organic tissue is inserted in the master tank and then sealed.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Precisely Crafted Artificial Organs Via Stereolithography
   Interesting technique provides another way to create an artificial organ that is not just biologically compatible, but a perfect three-dimensional fit.
Dream Cat Venus An Android's Dream
   This is starting to sound a bit more like the electric animals from the PKD novel. Particularly the vidlenses.
SHUTi - Automated Online Insomnia Treatment
   A recent clinical trial has demonstrated that an automated online system can provide treatment for insomnia that is at least as effective as that provided by human therapists. With video.
'Precrime' Parole System In Philadelphia
   A machine learning system in Philly tries, with considerable success, to predict which inmates should be paroled.
'Electric Sheep' Runs On Real Grass - EATR Robot
   An 'electric sheep' that actually runs on biomass?
Face Recognition Now Sees Through Disguises
   Just when you thought your fake mustache and horn rim glasses were enough, clever software designers march on.
EATR Robot Is A Vegetarian
   It turns out that reports of, well, ghoulish behavior on the part of Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot were completely unfounded. Not surprisingly.
Screamers - PKD's Claws - The Robotic Research Begins
   Research on how sandfish lizards manage to both run and burrow under the sand is being touted as an aid to robotic research. I thought that Philip K. Dick's robots evolved on their own.
Perky Pat-Style Unemployment Layout
   If you don't like your present circumstances, and long to return to the life of an employed cubicle-dweller, take this tip from Philip K. Dick.
Soldiers Learn To Trust Robots
   Can robots be trusted to 'have your back' in urban combat situations? Soldiers are learning about different robotic platforms, and how they can be used in urban combat.
Robot Cats Perfect For Older Britons
   Ah, those engineers at the Royal Academy. They've been getting into the science fiction section of the library again, eh?
Magazine To Have Video-In-Print
   Integration of video into print magazines creates bizarre hybrid; augurs newspaper-sized displays.
Organovo Organ Printing Future Video
   Very nicely done video shows the near, no longer entirely science-fictional future of medicine.
Handbot Climbs Shelves, Has Rope Launcher
   This robot has two remarkable features that I've never seen on any other robot. This is exactly what I need for my sf library.
Toyota Ignition Breathalyzer Lock
   Philip K. Dick told us this was coming almost fifty years ago. Like so many other things.
'Mechanical Tumor' Meatspace Expression Of Computer Stress
   Would you really want to visualize your computer's level of activity in terms you can really, I mean viscerally, understand?
Security Patrol Robot With ATV Base
   This all-terrain robotic security guard was created by students for autonomous premise surveillance.
'Niiu' Custom Newspaper Is PKD's Homeopape
   You say 'niiu' but I say 'pape - homeostatic newspaper, that is.
LongBox Plus Apple Tablet Equals Digital Comic Books?
   Philip K. Dick helps you imagine the possibilities of a battery-powered comic book in a story from the mid-Sixties. Thanks, Phil.
Commercial Flies Sport Tiny Banner Ads
   Phil Dick must be rolling over in his grave; buzzing advertisements are something I could live without.
Spray-On Skin For Burns From ReCell Kit
   Spray-on skin prepared from a patient's own skin cells may be the perfect choice for even severe second-degree burns.
Facilitated Communication With Coma Man Bogus?
   When does facilitated communication with the disabled actually work?
iRobiQ Nanny Robot
   Philip K. Dick saw this one coming more than fifty years ago. Imagine that. With video showing how iRobiQ will interact with your family.
DARPA Cyborg Insects With Nuclear-Powered Transponders
   Now that the 'spy flies' are coming along, we need the power source for minned receptors and recording spools. DARPA, what would we do without you?
Nexus One? Nexus Six Is Google Phone You Want
   It has 'ten million possible combinations of cerebral activity'. Now, that would be a smart phone.
RUTH Robot Is 'Inspecting' Your Car
   This robot is taking your place in evaluating new cars. What else might this robot be able to do?
3D Bioprinter Now In Production
   That's right, Dick fans, your artiforgs will be ready soon.
Robovie Robot Gives The Sales Pitch
   'When I go shopping they follow me in clusters. All talking at once.'
Life Dress Plays Game Of Life
   Interesting designer fashion displays the game of life while the wearer mingles, playing the game of life herself.
Epoc Headset Brainwave Controller
   Who could have predicted that EEG would become a popular consumer device. Philip K. Dick - who else?
ENON Upgraded To Sales Robot
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing, pleading, shrilling...' Philip K. Dick, 1954. With video.
Security Robots Mujiro And Ligurio
   These bots from the recent past have retractable 'capes' that conceal their helpful robotic arms.
Panopticlick Browser Ident-Key You Didn't Know You Had
   If your device fingerprint is unique, every web page you access can be tracked. Which sf author saw this problem coming almost fifty years ago?
Does PETA Dream Of Electric Groundhogs?
   SF fans have a tender spot in their hearts for robotic animals; as it turns out, PETA's wish has already come true.
BeBionic Robotic Hand With Powered Wrist
   This remarkable prosthetic also has advanced silicone skin which will be available in 19 colors and custom fitted nails.
Can Brains Erase Memories?
   Do human beings have the capacity to actively erase memories, rather than simply letting them dim over time?
Paparazzi Bots Get The Picture
   This news-gathering robot has the tools for persistent robotic reporting.
Robosoft Kompai Robot Assistant For Elderly
   Sounds like one of Philip K. Dick's robants.
Robotic Underground Munitions
   I think that if you want to destroy enemies in bunkers, you go with claws or robotic earthworms, courtesy of Philip K. Dick and Harry Harrison.
Robot Journalist Provides Autonomic News Coverage
   Philip K. Dick, your autonomic interviewer is just about ready.
Armed Robots Bad Idea
   Many, but not all, sf writers agree that armed robots are a bad idea. Can you think of exceptions?
PR2 Laundry-Folding Robot
   Very practical robot develops very practical skills.
Marvel's iPad Battery-Powered Comic Book
   SF fans, at least, are not surprised or unprepared by Marvel's new comic book app for the iPad.
Winscape Plasma Monitor Windows
   Amazing display is almost totally convincing; Phil Dick made sure you were convinced, in his version.
Nanopatch Delivers Vaccines
   Interesting new way to deliver vaccines may solve problems using much less active agent.
Family Nanny Robot
   We're still waiting for helpful nanny robots - it's been more than fifty years already.
Spray-On Skin With Skin Cell Spray-Transplantation
   Remarkable research may make Philip K. Dick's 'art-derm' possible for use with burn victims.
Invisible Dress: Your Fashion Future
   Essential couture for the technologically fashion-minded.
3D Printing In Ceramics - The Vitraglyphic Process
   A new way to fabricate glass and ceramic objects.
Autofac - Real-Life Nanoscale Assembly Line
   Remarkable experiment demonstrates that a nanoscale assembly line can actually work.
PoBot Has Your Back - For 25 Cents
   PoBot is happy to perform its nominal functions for you. For a small fee, of course.
Google Adjustable Television
   Google wants you to have the greatest possible freedom of choice in selecting programming. Philip K. Dick also wanted you to have freedom of choice _within_ programming.
And DARPA Shall SMITE The Wicked
   Predicting future crime is always a bit tricky - especially when you plan to do it without the usual three precogs.
bebionic Myo-Electric Hand Launched
   Can I see a show of hands? Robotic hands? Here's a video to help you make your own show.
Artificial Heart Recipient Goes Home With Freedom Driver
   Take heart, Tin Man. No, really; it's a mechanical heart that is fully portable, thanks to its new power source.
SCRAM Anklet For Lindsay Lohan
   This ankle bracelet uses transdermal alcohol monitoring to keep track of miscreants.
SmartCap Detects Fatigue
   Although I think it needs a buzzer for home use, this device could save lives.
Japan's Humanoid Robot Moonbase Plan
   Now settlers on the moon will have robotic neighbors - a famnextdo.
Aggressive Autonomous Quadrotor UAV Makes Its Moves
   Robots are getting quicker, even the autonomous flying kind.
'Sandfish' Robot Moves Through Sand
   Take a look at this video of a biomimetic sand-burrowing robot.
Fortune-Telling Robotic Vending Machine
   Now updated ! 'He who reads many Technovelgy articles will have a happy life.'
Perching Flying Robot
   This robot can perch until needed, saving energy for the mission. Which is to help people.
Tempwave: Raytheon Plowshares Energy Weapon
   'They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.' And their energy weapons into grape-warmers?
Lung On A Chip - Electronics Plus Human Cells
   This device combines living human cells with electronics; can Philip K. Dick's swibble-culture be far behind?
Canon Wonder Camera Concept
   Why do big companies insist on intruding on the domain of sf writers? Philip K. Dick has this concept beat, hands down.
Computational Journalism The Homeostatic Newspaper
   Philip K. Dick has already plumbed the depths of what computers can do for us in creating (and peddling) the news.
Telenoid R1 Uncanny Telepresence Robotics
   Is this the kind of presence that you want to project teletronically?
Vine Pruning Robots In New Zealand
   'Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thy robot shalt prune thy vineyard.' (Note)
Neurochip A Living Brain On A Silicon Chip
   'The Ganymedean life form ... had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system.'- Philip K. Dick
Vivos Shelter Network Survivalist Luxury
   'A family would be safe, even comfortable, during the most severe H-bomb and bacterial-spray attack.'
Ignition Interlock Required For NY Drunk Drivers
   'It had been a bad night, and when he tried to drive home he had a terrible argument with his car.'
Artificial Kidney Prototype To Be Implantable
   Artificial organs have been a science fiction staple for a long time; perhaps we'll see implantable mechanical organs soon.
Robots Learn To Understand Outdoor Scenes
   Robots like Philip K. Dick's leadies need this kind of capability, if they are to serve on the surface of the wide Earth.
Permanent Mechanical Heart A First For Children
   Philip K. Dick talked about artificial mechanical organs almost sixty years ago.
AutoNOMOS Robotic Taxi Called By iPad App
   This modified VW Passat can be called and controlled with an iPad.
Babies Treat Robots Like Human Beings
   If babies accept expressive robots as friends, would they accept robots as nannies?
Hair Brush Reads Your Mind
   A whole new kind of consumer brain scanning has been opened up today.
Cubelets - Buy A Robot Swarm For $300
   UPDATED with Terrahawks! Now here's a great toy from the future - and you can buy it in time for the holidays!
Rice-Planting Robots Rescue Japanese Farmers
   Rice-planting robots help out in the fields.
Cognitive Enhancement (For Us) Vs. Degradation (For The Enemy)
   Philip K. Dick was also fascinated with the idea of targeted weapons that degraded enemy performance.
Robots In Advertising Mostly CGI, Fortunately
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing, pleading, shrilling.' Thanks for warning us, PKD.
Business Leaders Brain-Scanned
   The world of work will never be the same; business leaders distinguished by brain scan.
Morphy Nanny Robot Teaches, Learns From Babies
   How much longer till we have all of the elements for a nanny robot?
3D Nano Molecular Structures Can Be Built On A Surface
   Working nanotechnology gets a bit closer with this first time development.
Stem Cell Spray For Burn Healing
   Ready for your art-derm spray? It's on trial now at the University of Utah Burn Care Center.
China's Spherical Walking Robot With Retractable Arms
   Updated! Favorite design of supervillains patented! Diagrams show this walking spherical robot with retractable arms.
Romeo Robot A Robant For Elder Care
   Grasping the firm arm of my trusted robot Romeo, I totter into a brave new future.
HyperFace Aims To Foil Facial Recognition
   '...A million and a half physiognomic fraction-representations of various people.' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Sales Robots More Persistent Than Humans
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing,,, shrilling...' - Philip K Dick, 1954.
Philip K. Dick Robot Head Rebuilt Video
   This newly posted video seems to indicate that PKD's robotic head has been rebuilt.
Biotic Video Games Use Living Cells
   'The Ganymedean life form did not experience pain and had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system.'
XWave Apps For iPhone See Brainwaves
   Brainwave sensors for entertainment goes back at least a generation in sf.
Evolutionary Robotics To Design Better Robots
   Robots seem to walk better when they evolve the ability to do so.
Wasp Micro-UAV Used By Texas SWAT
   Tiny surveillance drones are starting to appear over US cities.
Mall Robotic Ad Won't Leave You Alone
   Does this sound familiar, Belgian shoppers? 'Morris pushed wearily past the salesrobot, up the sidewalk toward the residential-block that contained his living-unit.'
Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety By QinetiQ (And PKD)
   Unfortunately, we cannot simply recline in the back seat and let the 'auto-auto mech' drive the car.
Robotic Lettuce Farm Has Green Thumb
   Automated farms take most of the back-breaking work out of growing lettuce.
Skin Cell Gun Video
   Amazing confirmation of the value of Dr. Gerlach's technique - and Philip K. Dick's vision of the future.
Confession App For iPhone Catholic Church Approved
   This app does everything but give you absolution.
Audi Robot Yearns For An Upgrade
   Will the social robots of the future share their anxieties and their yearning for upgrades?
Prospero, Robotic Farmer
   Fascinating new approach to the idea of mechanized agriculture.
SmartBird Robotic Bird In Flight
   Remarkable biomimetic robot from the Festo corporation (not Tyrell).
iPet Companion Provides Remote Kitteh Interaction
   Will your company require you to play with kittens on sanity breaks?
Look Forward: IRS 'Pre-Audit' Would Predict Tax Cheating
   'All day long the idiots babbled, imprisoned in their special high-backed chairs.' No, wait.
Lifelike Robotic Fingers For Social Touching
   These new devices will allow people with prosthetic hands and arms to interact socially in ways that most of us haven't thought about.
Memory Erasure Thanks To Snails
   Is it possible to erase individual memories? This research may give the answer.
Rolling Robot's Helicopter Transformation
   It's sort of like Kipling's Marine...
Dynamic Cloth Folding By High-Speed Multifingered Hands
   Robots flip-fold a towel almost as well as you can.
Newstweek Notification Distorter
   This small device allows the hacker to subtly distort web page information.
Robotic Security Guard Waves You In
   This clever kiosk may be greeting you as you go into work one day. But only if you belong.
Synthetic Trachea From Patient's Own Cells Implanted
   Amazing success in Stockholm; the patient has been discharged from the hospital.
Mobile Devices At Core Of Future Appliances
   Just wait till all of your appliances start talking back.
Amazen ZenBooth Dispenses Serenity At Amazon
   'That's what I get for dialing zen, Joe said to himself.' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Robot Daycare With Robot Nannies?
   Would you turn your young children over to robots?
Micro-Robots Self-Assemble From Tiny Particles
   'The bits were in motion.' Philip K. Dick
BookTrack Adds Sound To Books
   I really don't think this is a very good idea. Readers?
Narrative Science And Phil Dick's Homeostatic Newspaper
   'The structure... was once a great homeostatic newspaper, the New York Times.'
Emotion Detector Like PKD's Voight-Kampff Empathy Test
   This device was predicted by Philip K. Dick forty years ago.
Panasonic Hair-Washing Robot
   It's the extra fingers that make this robot worth upgrading to.
FAST Program AIs Search For Human 'Malintent'
   Passive biometric information gathering, also known as covert sampling, is on the rise.
DARPA's 'Biometrics-At-A-Distance' Knows You By Heart
   Your heart is calling out to DARPA, just like E.T.'s heart called out to the mothership.
Robot Prison Guard From South Korea
   'They are helpers... not Terminators.'
Surveillance Robots Learn To Hide
   This robot listens for the sound of footfalls, and then hides.
Little Printer Like Dick's Homeopape
   SF greats Philip K. Dick and Hugo Gernsback both thought of this idea.
Are We As Smart As We Can Get?
   Can cognition be improved for humans - can we get smarter?
DCS May Extinguish Fearful Memories
   Can memories be erased? Is it possible to remove the fear component from a memory?
Bios Urn Turns Your Ashes Into A Tree
   You can live on, in an environmentally proper way.
Total Recall Security Tunnels Proposed
   'No wonder you're having nightmares, you're always watching the news.'
Slime Is Smarter Than You Think
   Researchers are looking for Lord Running Clam.
IJOP Integrated Joint Operations Platform China's Minority Report?
   'All day long the idiots babbled, imprisoned in their special high-backed chairs...'
Camouflage To Confound Face Recognition
   'The wearer of a scramble suit was Everyman and in every combination.'
SPARX Fantasy Game Helps With Depression
   'And there in the next room by the sofa sat a familiar suitcase, that of his psychiatrist Dr. Smile.'
sFly UAVs Swarm Together For SAR
   Fascinating project from the European Union shows an autonomous 500g UAV.
Korean Robot Prison Guard Is Autonomous
   'Automatic relays clicked as the robot studied the identification clip.'
Hand Gestures And Body Poses Control Devices
   'He waved his hand... the circuit switched...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Amazon Patents Annoying Robot That Follows You
   'The... machine, being homotropic, headed toward them, still bleating...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
The bebionic3 Robotic Artificial Hand
   'At the moment Eldritch made use of the five-finger humanoid manual extremity...'
Spray-On Lithium Ion Battery
   '...the five-year battery-plate contained within the back cover of the mag.'
Ford Smart Car Stops Your Texting
   'Okay,' he said, feeling humiliated. Maybe the car was right...
PredPol Crime-Prediction A Hit In L.A.
   'All day long the idiots babbled...'
CompanionAble Project's Companion Robot Hector
   'Beside her moved a gleaming robant...'
Cyborg Tissues Combine Transistors and Cells
   'Nat Flieger reflexively poured water into a cup and fed the living protoplasm incorporated into the Ampek F-a2 recording system...'
Harvey The Agricultural Robot
   Introducing the Harvest Vehicle HV-100.
Do Swiss Roboticists Dream Of Electric Sheep?
   'He ascended … to the covered pasture whereon his electric sheep grazed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
3D Printing: The End Of Global Supply Chains?
   'Nanofax AG offers a technology that digitally reproduces objects, physically, at a distance.'- William Gibson, 1999.
Measuring Awareness In Comatose Patients
   '...he pressed a portable protophason amplifier ... tuned it, listened at the proper frequency for indication of cephalic activity.'-Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Can Patients In A Vegetative State Communicate?
   '...automatically he ... listened at the proper frequency for indication of cephalic activity.'- Philip K. Dick, 1969
EASE Surveillance Robot Hovering Near You
   'In the hotel room. When that robot tracking device entered and made for him...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Nano Retina Retinal Implant
   'Have a retinal vid-screen installed in your least-used eye...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
3D Printing Is Here - Pay For The Printer!
   'On the concrete platform, in front of the dying Biltong, lay a heap of originals to be duplicated.'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Robotic Dog, Cat For Cornell Sim-Based Veterinarian Hospital
   '... the fakes are beginning to be darn near real, what with those disease circuits they're building into the new ones.'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
PAAL Artificial Lung And Blood Pump Under Development
   'George Walt's corporate existence proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Salamandra Robotica II Crawls Onto Land
   'He's taken the mining worm apart...'- Emmett McDowel, 1946.
SimSensei Plus Kinnect Equals PKD's Voight-Kampff?
   'We know this to be a primary autonomic response...'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Coman Bully-Resistant Robot
   'It makes me wonder if we're not seeing the beginning of a new species... The race to come after man.'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
The i-limb Ultra Revolution Prosthetic Hand
   'This one was of course superior in that it provided a specialized variety of interchangeable hands...'- Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Implantable Bioengineered Rat Kidney Tested
   'Probably Runciter's body contained a dozen artiforgs...'- Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Samsung Smart TVs With Gesture Control
   'He waved his hand and the circuit switched abruptly.'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
CARMAT Bioprosthetic Total Human Heart Replacement
   'George Walt's corporate existence proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Cheetah Cub Robot From PKD's Android Dreams
   'What about an exact electric duplicate of your cat?'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Is Noam Chomsky As Paranoid As Philip K. Dick?
   'I'm Bill Behren... Operator of fly 33408...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Self-Burying Robots - What Could Go Wrong?
   'Some of the little claws were learning to hide themselves, burrowing down into the ash...'- Philip K. Dick, 1953
Self-Building, Self-Tooling, Autonomous Manufacturing
   'The machinery was building a miniature replica of the demolished factory.'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
A Forced Air-Cooled Jacket?
   'He went to the hall closet to get his pith helmet and his mandatory cooling-unit...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Mobiserv Social Companion Robot
   'Behind Norton came a withered old woman. Beside her moved a gleaming robant...'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Living Human Kidneys 3D-Printed In China
   Next thing you know, you'll be able to print your own organs at home...
New Robot Threat - They Make You Love Them
   Have you checked your feelings towards robots lately?
Human On A Chip
   '[The] life form ... had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system.'
RealFace Glamoflage T-Shirt Like PKD's Scramble Suit
   '...a million and a half physiognomic fraction-representations of various people...'- Philip K. Dick, 1977
3D Printing An Entire Car
   "... Almost as good as the original it was printed from."- Philip K. Dick, 1956.
K5 Autonomous Data Machine The Future Of Mall Security
   ''Halt!' A robot guard appeared…'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
France Implants First Artificial Heart
   'The workability of wholly mechanical organs…'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
DIY Taser-Proof Clothing
   'His suit-shield sucked in the energy and discharged it...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Can You Detect The Robot Journalist?
   '... A vast complex electronic organism buried deep in the ground.'- Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Robotic Toaster Sells Itself
   'I'm not yours to order around... I'm to remain with you until you buy me.'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Spray-On Polymer Mats Heal Wounds Fast
   'Over her lacerated right shoulder he sprayed art-derm...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Neither Dead Nor Alive - But Not In Suspended Animation
   '...Can he be brought out of the cold-pack?'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
PredPol Predicting Crime As It Happens
   'All day long the idiots babbled...'- Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Move Like Tiny Gears
   'Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants, smaller than pins, working energetically...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum
   'Chew one of these, Mr. Chip.'- Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Will Autonomous Systems' Self-Preservation Lead To Dangerous Behavior?
   'This, the new types. The new varieties of claws. We're completely at their mercy, aren't we?'- Philip K. Dick, 1953
Amazing Video Shows Chameleon-Like Crystal Display
   'Across the vast impersonal face of metal... a ribbon of fluid letters appeared...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
MorpHex MKII The Unreconstructed Hexapod
   'Its lines wavered, flowed, and then painfully reformed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1957.
Thailand's Chatterbox Social Media App Influences Content
   'He adjusted the n, the r and b knobs, and hopefully anticipated a turn for the better in the dire droning-on of the speech...' Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Pepper, Your Robot Companion
   'She's - she's not like a machine. She's like a person. A living person.'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
x.pose 3D Printed Corset Has Data Transparency
   'I'll put on my new plastirobe, the one I've never had nerve enough to wear.'- Philip K. Dick, 1954
Google Offers Future Prediction In The Cloud
   'Beyond the machinery sat the three precogs, almost lost to view in the maze of wiring...'- Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Spam Autonomous Cars And Philip K. Dick
   'The news vending machine, being homotropic, headed toward them...'- Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Wristify, Your Personal Cooling and Heating Device
   'By law [a mandatory cooling unit] had to be strapped to every commuter's back...'- Philip K. Dick
Robot Journalists Join Associated Press
   'The very news-gathering services of the homeopape had reached into his own life...'- Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Beating Mini-Heart Grown In Lab
   'Runciter's body contained a dozen artiforgs...'- Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Ladybird Agricultural Robot Is Solar-Powered
   'A robot gardener worked over the same patch of grass again and again...'- Philip K Dick, 1955.
India's Commuters Face Philip K Dick's 'Sales Pitch' Future
   'All around him the vague half-defined echoes of ads glittered and gibbered...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
NASA's Highway In The Sky For Drones
   Jeff Bezos may find that there are rules to drones.
CV Dazzle Anti-Surveillance Make-Up
   'Let's hear it for the vague blur!'- Philip K. Dick, 1977.
World's First Android Newscaster (Video)
   'The autonomic TV interviewer, camera in its hand, blocked his path.'- Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Google's Project Wing Will Find You
   'Mechanical entities that flit at the edges of our vision, that can go anywhere, that are in our very midst...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Strati 3D Printed Car
   'You rode in it - you know how good it is.'- Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Flying Robot Has An Arm
   Drones with arms. Well, one arm.
Nexus 6 Phone Vs. Nexus-6 Android Comparison
   'Ten million possible combinations of cerebral activity'- Philip K. Dick, 1968. (Includes a preview of Nexus-7!)
PrintAlive Bioprinter 3D Printed Skin Grafts Video
   'Over her lacerated right shoulder he sprayed art-derm...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Toshiba's Lifelike Communication Android
   Philip K. Dick offered a glimpse into this future in 1968.
'Artificial Spleen' Cleans The Blood
   'The workability of wholly mechanical organs... '- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Erased Memories In A Flash Of Light
   'Someone, probably at a government military-sciences lab, erased his conscious memories...'- Philip K. Dick, 1966.
Should Robots Have Civil Rights?
   'I've seen things... you people wouldn't believe...'- Blade Runner.
OSHbot, Lowe's Robotic Shopping Assistants
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Shape-Shifting Carbon Fiber
   'Its lines wavered, flowed, and then painfully reformed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1957.
Knightscope Robot Security Guards Ready
   'A robot guard appeared, streaking toward them across the field.'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
PR2 Robot Dominates In Laundry Room
   Where are the robots who will pick up discarded clothes?
Oak Ridge To Pay For The (Giant, Superfast 3D) Printer
   'Can your Biltong print for more than a hundred people?'- Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Small Molecule Walker Takes First Steps
   'The bits were in motion.'-- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Thync Mood Alteration Like PKD's Mood Organ
   'I sat down at my mood organ and I experimented...'
Patient Walks Out With Fully Artificial Heart
   'The throb of the robot pump gave him confidence...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
EDSAP Wearable Stroke Detection
   'His Altec cephalochromoscope, around which he had built the pleasure part of his schedule...'- Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Bigelow Gets FAA Backing For Moon
   'Above them a dome of transparent plastic kept the fresh spring-scented air in...'- Philip K. Dick
Forget Longevity, How About Super-Intelligence?
   'It was clearly domelike and oddly fragile-looking...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Meet Spot, The Electric Quadrupedal, Er, Robot Dog
   They still can't roll over, because they avoid being rolled over.
Sony Aibo Robotic Dog Now With No Repairmen
   '...they break down and then everyone in the building knows.'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Autonomous Cars Will Own Themselves
   'The robot drew his cab up before Eric's modest six-room bungalow.'- Philip K. Dick, 1952.
Robot Brains Improved By Darwinian Evolution
   'The new species. Evolution. The race to come after man.'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Norlin Shoe Drone Robot UAV In-Store Delivery Thing
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing, pleading, shrilling.'- Philip K Dick, 1954.
Graphene Cytobot - Cyborg Bacterial Spores May Help Astronauts
   '[It] had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system... '- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Autonomous Vehicle By Delphi Goes Coast-to-Coast
   ''All right, sir or madam,' the MacMillan robot answered...' - Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Will Google Autonomous Cars Have Advertisements?
   'He groaned and shook his head to clear it.'- Philip K.Dick
'Forever' Camera Powered By Its Own Images
   'What I have in this camera is not a record of what you did just now but what will go on here in the next half hour...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Moran Cerf, When Will We Get Neuro Tech For Ourselves?
   If brainwave-sensing consumer products tickle your fancy, try real science!
Walker Robot Helps The Elderly
   'The robant and the tiny old woman entered the control room slowly...'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Should Humanity Switch To Robotic Pets?
   'What about an exact electric duplicate of your cat?'- Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Google Project Soli - Control Devices With A Gesture
   'He waved his hand and the circuit switched...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Thync Mood-Changing Wearable Device
   'Very gently, hypnotically, the electronic pulses throbbed in the frontal lobes of his brain.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1964.
Bee Narcs To Perform Drug 'Stings'
   'Time for a replacement of both Behren and his dipterous insect...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Brainwaves As Biometric Identification
   'The doors of Mr. Lars, Incorporated, shut, tuned as they were to his own cephalic pattern.'- Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Would Robot Taxis Ease Carbon Emissions?
   'He emerged and flagged down a robot taxi...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955,
Organoids Galore!
   'Runciter's body contained a dozen artiforgs...'- Philip K. Dick, 1969.
MultiFab 10-Material 3D Printer
   'On the concrete platform, in front of the dying Biltong, lay a heap of originals to be duplicated.' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Robot Evolution Needs Mass Extinction Events
   'It was small, one of the baby ones.'- Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Computer Predicts Psychosis Better Than Psychiatrists
   'The mechanism which was the portable extension of Dr. Smile...' - Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Sprint Wants Sales Robots
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing, pleading...' - Philip K Dick, 1954.
LM3D Swim First 3D-Printed Production Car
   'Almost as good as the original it was printed from…' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
LineFORM MIT's Shape-Changing Interface
   'For an interval, the device struggled with itself...' - Philip K. Dick, 1957.
Police Use Predictive Maps ala 'Minority Report' Routinely
   '...the data-receptors, and the computing mechanisms that studied and restructured the incoming material.' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Surgically Implantable Artificial Kidney Starts Testing
   'George Walt... proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Active Wellness Smart Car Seat
   'Maybe the car was right...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Have Scientists Found A Parallel Universe Leaking Into Ours
   'Ellis had found a weak point, a shimmer, at which another continuum completely had been visible.' - Philip K. Dick, 1966.
Algorithm Predicts Marriage Success (HAL 9000 Will See You Now)
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset....' - Arthur C. Clarke
Hybrid Chips: Solid-State Device With Integrated Biological Cells
   'Living protoplasm incorporated into the Ampek F-a2 recording system...' - Philip K. Dick, 1966
Internet Needs 'Hate Spell Checker' - Eric Schmidt
   'He adjusted the n, the r and b knobs, and hopefully anticipated a turn for the better...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Do You Really Want Your Car To Talk To Pedestrians?
   'Robots have worse problems than anybody' - Philip K. Dick, 1952.
Get Your Own 64 Channel, Dry-Electrode Brain-Computer Headset!
   'they all relaxed and got mellow....' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Joy For All Companion - Robot Pet
   What about an exact electric duplicate of your cat? - Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Google Engineers Not Sure What Google RankBrain AI Is Doing
   'What lay down there? ...And how far had it spread? Miles?' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Nadine Robot Cares For Dementia Patients
   'The robant and the tiny old woman entered the control room slowly...' - Philip K Dick, 1953.
Cyborg Cardiac Patch Combines Organics And Electronics
   '[It] had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system... '- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Closer To An Artificial, Organic Heart
   Closer to this phildickian future every day.
Metal That Morphs
   'A mimetic poly-alloy.' John Cameron, 1991.
First US Clinical Trial For Wearable Artificial Kidney
   'Wholly mechanical organs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Is This Robotic Hand As Quick As Yours?
   'V-Stephen's surgeon-hand, a self-contained robot of precision quality...' - Philip K Dick, 1955.
Ignition Interlock Devices Stopped 1.7 Million Drunken Tries
   'Maybe the car was right...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Skingun Now More Advanced, Apparently
   'Over her lacerated right shoulder he sprayed art-derm...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Uber Hires Robot Security Guard
   'The robot studied the identification clip.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
3D-Printed Biohybrid Is A Tissue-Engineered Robot
   'The directing neurological tissue that forms the basis of the swibble is alive...' - Philip K Dick, 1955.
Liquid Metal Terminator Development Hums Right Along
   More research is needed - check!
Youbionic 3D Printed Hand A Dark Knight Masterpiece
   'A self-contained robot of precision quality usually joined to his right wrist'
iPal Nanny Robot Will Raise Your Kids
   'Playfully, Nanny caught Bobby's arm with her grapple and drew him to her.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
MiniMed 670G - First 'Artificial Pancreas' Approved By FDA
   'Proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Russia's Protective Ferrite Fabric
   'His suit-shield sucked in the energy and discharged it...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Will Future Games Require Hallucinogens ala Phil Dick?
   'The final packaged product Can-D, made life bearable for over one million unwilling expatriates from Terra...' - Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Deep Brain Stimulation Soon Without Surgery
   'I sat down at my mood organ and I experimented.' - Philip K. Dick, 1968.
MIT Researchers Predict The Future From Still Photos
   'What I have in this camera is not a record of what you did just now but what will go on here in the next half hour...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Unique DNA To Foil Parts Counterfeiters
   '... the only molecule, a unique protein amino acid, which could not be duplicated.' - Philip K. Dick, 1965.
ibotn Toddler-Care Mini-Robot
   'She's not like a machine. She's like a person. A living person.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Life In Detroit's 'Agrihood' - The First In The U.S.
   'countless tiny brown circles in the green fields ...occasional ruins of ancient cities...' - Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Pay For The 3D Printer - NexD1 Kickstarter
   'The works of the tiny Swiss watch were a fused, unformed mass...' - Philip K Dick, 1956.
Robot Animals Set To 'Spy in the Wild'
   '[The electric sheep], sophisticated piece of hardware that it was, chomped away in simulated contentment...' - Philip K. Dick, 1968.
EU Debates Kill Switches For Robots
   'I have a mechanism which our autofac on Mars builds as an... emergency safety...' - Philip K. Dick, 1968.
ElliQ Robot To Help Israel's Grandmas And Grandpas
   'The robant and the tiny old woman entered the control room slowly...' - Philip K Dick, 1953.
China Now Has Robot Journalists
   'A vast complex electronic organism buried deep in the ground, responsible to no one...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
3D Skin Printer Helps Burn Victims
   'Over her lacerated right shoulder he sprayed art-derm...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Use Your Brainwaves As A Password
   'The doors of Mr. Lars, Incorporated, shut, tuned as they were to his own cephalic pattern.'- Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Safilo Brain-Sensing Eyewear
   'they all relaxed and got mellow....' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Ford Stratasys Infinte Build 3D Printer
   'He proudly indicated his Buick... Almost as good as the original it was printed from...' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Wearable MRI Is Former Occulus/Facebook Exec's New Project
   'Your cephalochromoscope... that you always turn on and play when you get home...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Project KOVR Fashion Protection From Infosphere
   '... the entire shroudlike membrane took on whatever physical characteristics were projected at any nanosecond.' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
FarmBot, Your Personal Robotic Farmer
   'A robot farmer was plowing...' - Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Bionic Eye-Hand Combo Robot Grasps Objects On Its Own
   'The crawling, exploring object was V-Stephen's surgeon-hand, a self-contained robot...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Prodrone Dual Arm Drone PD6B-AW-ARM As Predicted In 1960
   'The ultimate horror for our paranoid culture; vicious unseen mechanical entities that flit at the edges of our vision...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Deep Learning Creates New Faces
   'a million and a half physiognomic fraction-representations of various people...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Buddy Companion Robot Your Bulbous Friend
   'Nanny was built in the shape of a sphere, a large metal sphere, flattened on the bottom...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
News Now Philip K. Dick's Bailiwick
   'A vast complex electronic organism... responsible to no one...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
3D Printed Bionic Chinese Skin
   Designer skin for everyone!
Robot Buddhist Priest Chants, Drums
   'He crossed the waiting room to the Padre booth...' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
PUFFER Robots - From Philip K DIck's Second Variety?
   'Across the ground something small and metallic came, flashing in the dull sunlight of midday.' - Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Our World Formed In A Bubble?
   'The Worldcraft bubble glittered, catching the light...' - Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Sony's New, Cuter Aibo Robot Puppy
   Engineered to be adorable.
Drunk Driver Of Tesla Claims Autopilot Was In Charge
   'Mr. Garden, you are in no condition to drive.' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
A 'Genuine Nanorobotic Production Factory'
   'Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants, smaller than pins, working energetically, purposefully - constructing something...' - Philip K Dick, 1955.
AI Tool Lynx Insight And The Cybernetic Newsroom
   'The structure,... was once a great homeostatic newspaper, the New York Times. It printed itself directly below us...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
New Brain Scanner Lets You Move Around
   'In Bob Arctor's living room his thousand dollar custom-quality cephscope crafted by Altec...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Liquid Metal Shape-Changing 'Soft Robotics'
   'A mimetic poly-alloy... 'What the hell does that mean?'' John Cameron, 1991.
Embark Autonomous Trucks Still Need Humans
   ' resembled conventional human-operated transportation vehicles, but with one exception -- there was no driver's cabin.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
SRI MicroFactory Of Microrobots Recalls Dick's Autofac
   'Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants... constructing something...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
DIY Autonomous Robot Detects Trash
   'The search-bug detached itself and rolled forward.' - Philip K. Dick
LA Subway Scanner, As Seen In 'Total Recall'
   'I'm afraid to tell you this Mr. Quaid, but you have suffered a schizoed embolism...'
IPAL Chinese Robot Babysitter
   'But Nanny is different...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Foldimate Folds Your Clothes Perfectly
   Look ma, my room is clean! I can hear you now.
Amphibio 3D Printed Gill Shirt
   '... we can descend and live down there at one of those year-round aquatic resorts.' - Philip K. Dick, 1966.
Shapeshifting Materials Transform By Light
   'Its lines wavered, flowed, and then painfully reformed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1957.
Wirewax Watching You Watch, Adjusting Your Experience
   'He adjusted the n, the r and b knobs, and hopefully anticipated a turn for the better...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Volvo's Self-Driving Mining Trucks
   'A procession of automatic ore carts was racing over the bleak slag' - Philip K. Dick, 1955
UK Police AI To Stop Criminals Before They Strike
   '... the computing mechanisms that studied and restructured the incoming material.' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Purdue Pharma Ready To Profit From OxyContin Use Or Addiction Recovery
   'It may be organic damage. It may be permanent. Time'll tell, and only after you are off Substance D for a long while.' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Jibo Home Robot Says Goodbye, Is Killswitched
   'It resembles an oyster....' Philip K. Dick, 1968.
Project Soli Radar Gesture Chip Now FCC Approved
   'He waved his hand and the circuit switched abruptly.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
Dockworkers Protest Driverless Trucks
   'It resembled conventional human-operated transportation vehicles, but with one exception -- there was no driver's cabin.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
North Sea Stone Age Reconstruction And Philip K Dick
   'Your Dip digs back into antiquity. Rome. Greece. Dust and old volumes.' - Philip K Dick, 1954.
Neurodevices For Consumers? Neuroethicists (And Philip K Dick) Say 'Caveat Emptor'
   'They tried to use it today and it wouldn't work. No colors and no ceph patterns, neither one...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
BrainNet Triple Telepathic Gaming Threat
   'In the gloomy half-darkness the three idiots sat babbling.' Philip K Dick, 1956.
Soli Gesture Tech Will Be In Google Pixel 4
   'I enjoy watching this way, but - He waved his hand and the circuit switched abruptly.' - Philip K Dick, 1955.
First Artificial Memory Formed In Animals
   'Is an extra-factual memory that convincing?' Quail asked. - Philip K. Dick, 1966.
Mindar The Robot Buddhist Priest Offers A Blessing
   'Not working is the hardest work of all.' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Shapeshifter Robot Is Comprised Of Cobots
   'Its lines wavered, flowed, and then painfully reformed. For an interval, the device struggled with itself...' - Philip K. Dick, 1957.
Implanted Memories Provide Songs To Birds
   Finches can't tell the difference.
Tap Strap 2 Now With Air Mouse
   'He waved his hand and the circuit switched abruptly.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
DoD Requests AI Drone Swarm
   'She saw into two glassy mechanical lenses, something with a tubelike body...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
As Big As A Biltong - World's Largest 3D Printer
   'Huge and old, it squatted in the center of the settlement park... On the concrete platform... lay a heap of originals to be duplicated.' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
No Autonomous Trucks? Wait, What?
   ' resembled conventional human-operated transportation vehicles, but with one exception -- there was no driver's cabin.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
reLive Memorial Come Back As A Tree
   'It was time - time to go again. She touched the leaf. She was wanted.' - Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Adversarial Pattern Shirts Confound Object Detection Systems
   Ah, to be a vague blur!
News Mood Filter Web Extension
   'He adjusted the n, the r and b knobs, and hopefully anticipated a turn for the better...'
Google Now Expects Chips To Design Themselves
   'What lay down there? Energy, tubes and pipes, wiring, transformers, self-contained machinery...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Blaux Your Personal Commuter Cooling Unit
   A cooling unit had to be strapped to every commuter's back, by law.
Microscopic Robots On The March!
   'Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants, smaller than pins, working energetically, purposefully...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
EPR Is Quick, Temporary Biostasis
   'The cold-pack was being sucked out greedily by plastic suction tendrils...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
A.I. Jesus Proclaims Machine Gospel
   '... he crossed the waiting room to the Padre booth; inside he put a dime into the slot and dialed at random.' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
'Alexa For Residential' A Landlord's Dream (Tenant's Nightmare?)
   '...unseen mechanical entities... that are in our very midst. One of them following each of us.' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Mushroom Coffin Returns You To Nature, Naturally
   'She touched the leaf. She was wanted.' - Philip K Dick, 1954.
Satoshi Tomizu Creates Pocket Universes And Worldcraft Bubbles In Glass
   'The Worldcraft bubble glittered, catching the light...' - Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Monkey Gets A Bigger Brain, Thanks To Human Gene
   'It's a madhouse! a madhouse!' - Planet of the Apes, 1968.
SpinCare Electrospins And Shoots Wound Dressing
   'Over her lacerated right shoulder he sprayed art-derm...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960
Poisoning Big Tech's Data Well
   Bring on the Civic Notification Distorter.
Sony Pocket Air Conditioner Is Phil Dick's Idea!
   '... he went to the hall closet to get his pith helmet and his mandatory cooling-unit.' - Philip K. Dick, 1965.
Ford's In-Car Ads From Billboards
   'It would soon squeeze in and harangue him in the cranky, garbagey fashion of the Nitz advertisements.' Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Israel Okays Third Covid Shot For Seniors
   'All the vaccination shots up and down his arms, on his thighs and buttocks...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
GIDE AI Tools 'See Days In Advance'
   'what will go on here in the next half hour...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
New Robotic Scanner Does Automated Eye Imaging
   Benefits humans, does not identify replicants.
CGI 'Master Faces' Impersonate Several Identities
   'As the computer looped through its banks, it projected every conceivable eye color, hair color, shape and type of nose...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
'Seabreeze' Apple And UCLA Project To Beat Depression
   'It's illegal to hold back information during a psyche test,' the machine said peevishly.' - Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Poor Humans. Miami Herald Bot Writes Great Real Estate Articles.
   'Nothing of news-interest escape it...' - Philip K. Dick, 1953.
Your Car Will Be Watching You!
   'Mr. Garden, you are in no condition to drive...' - Philip K. Dick, 1963
Burro Robot Follows You And Gets Smarter
   'Oh, there you are! the balloon piped at the amorphous mass of living tissue...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Bioprint Prototype Handheld Bioprinter
   'He turned the little art-derm nozzle...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Artificial, Implantable Kidney Prototype
   'George Walt's corporate existence proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964.
Artificial Intelligence 'Dabus' Listed As Inventor, Granted Patent
   '... new parts invented; superior designs replaced obsolete designs.' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Rivian Actually Making Electric Self-Driving Trucks
   '... there was no driver's cabin.' - Philip K Dick, 1955.
NextSense Earbuds Spy On Your Brain
   'Your cephalochromoscope that cost you nine hundred dollars... colors and ceph patterns...' - Philip K. Dick, 1977.
Musk: Defeat The Bots, Authenticate The Humans
   'I'm not a peace officer,' Rick said. 'I'm a bounty hunter.' - Philip K. Dick, 1968.
OrganEx Revives The Organs In Dead Pig
   'Wakened into half-life activity one hour a month...' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.
In Your Orchard, Do You Want Buzzing Suction Drones, OR Dick's Claw Hand Drones?
   'Something that gleamed, shiny metal, gleamed and clicked as it turned toward her.' - Philip K. Dick, 1960.
Are Craiyon Images Puddinged, ala Philip K. Dick?
   'I stood in line for half an hour for this, and it's just a blob!' - Philip K. Dick, 1956.
Alcohol-Sensing Cars - NTSB Catches Up With Philip K. Dick (1963)
   'Mr. Garden, you are in no condition to drive....' - Philip K. Dick, 1963.
Israel Deploys Sharp Shooter AI-powered Robot Guns
   'They lock onto the target... and do the actual shooting once the target is identified.' - Michael Crichton, 1980.
Thing! Wednesday Robotic Hand (Robot Version)
   'The crawling, exploring object was V-Stephen's surgeon-hand...' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
The Coming Hell Of ChatGPT Salesbots
   'Robot-salesmen were everywhere, gesturing, pleading, shrilling...' - Philip K. Dick, 1954.
Robot Performs 3D Bioprinting Inside The Body
   'Probably Runciter's body contained a dozen artiforgs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1969.



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