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Acceleration Shell Haldeman, Joe (1974) 
Aerial Telegraph Serviss, Garrett P. (1898) 
Air-Restorer Capsule Gallun, Raymond Z. (1961) 
Air-Tight Suit - air-tight dress Serviss, Garrett P. (1898) 
Altitude Suit Campbell, John W. (1930) 
Anti-Acceleration Engine For Space Suits van Vogt, A.E. (1939) 
Artificial Gill Outfit Dick, Philip K. (1966) 
Artificial Gravity - first mention Cummings, Ray (1930) 
Artificially Grown Organs Niven, Larry (1968) 
Atmosphere Tester Schachner (w. AL Zagat), Nat (1931) 
Atomic-Powered Lifting Suits Campbell, John W. (1938) 
Audiphone Cummings, Ray (1936) 
Automated Surface Measurement - 100 years before cgi needed it Wells, H.G. (1899) 
Breathing Dresses Griffith, George (1901) 
Bubble Armor Space Suit Schmitz, James (1949) 
Catchpocket Herbert, Frank (1965) 
Chin Plates - hands-free controls Heinlein, Robert (1958) 
Clothing Size Scanner Foster, Alan Dean (2006) 
Computer Vision (Artificial Eye) Hamilton, Edmond (1926) 
Contragravity Suit Piper, H. Beam (1952) 
Cylinder Space Suit Clarke, Arthur C. (1952) 
Darkened Glass Face Plate Gallun, Raymond Z. (1940) 
Datacase - a status-thin briefcase for electronics Herbert, Frank (1984) 
Dirigible Space Armor (Working Space Suits) Williamson, Jack (1942) 
Diveskin - wetsuit for the deep rift Watts, Peter (1999) 
Dog Suit - costumes for aliens that work Zelazny, Roger (1976) 
Dr. Smile - psychiatrist in a suitcase Dick, Philip K. (1965) 
Electrical 'Tether' Serviss, Garrett P. (1898) 
Emergency Air-Suit Cummings, Ray (1938) 
Emergency Space-Suit Schachner, Nat (1932) 
E-Suit (Environmental Suit) McDevitt, Jack (2002) 
Exoskeleton - a military exoskeleton Sterling, Bruce (1999) 
Face-Plate Smith, E.E. 'Doc' (1930) 
Flash Suit - laser game suit Card, Orson Scott (1985) 
Flexible Armor Suit - now you're Superman Niven, Larry (1966) 
General Products Hull - impervious key to space travel Niven, Larry (1966) 
Hand-Rocket Hamilton, Edmond (1938) 
Hands Free Helmet - chin up Heinlein, Robert (1959) 
Heat-Suit Leinster, Murray (1955) 
Hinged Mittens (for Space Suit) Gilmore, Anthony (1932) 
Impact Suit - shear-thickening armor Gerrold (w/L, Niven), David (1971) 
Individualized Clothing Manufacture - clothes just for you Wells, H.G. (1899) 
Inflatable Living-Globe Leiber, Fritz (1961) 
Insosuit Asimov, Isaac (1942) 
Laser Finger Haldeman, Jack C. (1974) 
Lightweight Vacuum Armor Gallun, Raymond Z. (1938) 
Mimetic Polycarbon Suit - urban camouflage Gibson, William (1984) 
Mobile Armor Tomino, Yoshiyuki (1979) 
Mobile Suit Tomino, Yoshiyuki (1979) 
Monomol Mesh Armor - chain (molecule) mail Bear, Greg (1990) 
Moon Moth - a plain and timid mask Vance, Jack (1976) 
Motion Capture Suit - lifetime motion capture Gibson, William (1999) 
Needlecast - tightbeam transmission of being Morgan, Richard (2003) 
Nullfield Varley, John (1977) 
Null-Suit Varley, John (1977) 
Optical-Effect Suit Laumer, Keith (1964) 
Osprey Space Armor Williamson, Jack (1933) 
Platform Flyer Vance, Jack (1964) 
Pneumatic Suit Gail, Otto Willi (1929) 
Polycarbon Exo - a military exoskeleton Gibson, William (1988) 
Powered Armor (or Powered Suit) - military exoskeleton Heinlein, Robert (1959) 
Powered Suit with Trauma Maintenance Haldeman, Joe (1974) 
Pressure-Suit Smith, E.E. 'Doc' (1928) 
Pseudogravity Heinlein, Robert (1941) 
Radiation-Proof Oxygen Suit Long, Jr., Frank Belknap (1936) 
Reaction Attachment Jones, Neil R. (1931) 
Reaction Pistol - zero gee maneuvering Bell, Stanley D. (1932) 
Scramble Suit - instant anonymity Dick, Philip K. (1977) 
Self-Cleaning Gym Suit Atwood, Margaret (2003) 
Self-Propelled Space Suit Zagat, Leo (1937) 
Self-Propulsive Space Suit Gilmore, Anthony (1932) 
Sensory Skinsuit Niven (w/S. Barnes), Larry (1981) 
Shiftsuit Perry, Steve (1986) 
Skin Suit - a second skin Laumer, Keith (1971) 
Skinsuit Varley, John (1983) 
Skintight Bear, Greg (2014) 
Smarter People Having Fewer Children Kornbluth, C.M. (1951) 
Solar Beam Smith, George O. (1944) 
Space Armor Blish, James (1957) 
Space Overalls - easier than space suits Wellman, Manly Wade (1941) 
Space Suit - early reference Schachner (w. AL Zagat), Nat (1931) 
Space-Suit Rockets Kelly, Frank K. (1933) 
Spacesuit Testing Gail, Otto Willi (1929) 
Spray-on Surgical Gloves Morgan, Richard (2003) 
Stillsuit - when you want water retention Herbert, Frank (1965) 
Stillsuit Desert Boots Herbert, Frank (1969) 
Stilltent - a tent that distills water Herbert, Frank (1965) 
Stimsuit Cherryh, C.J. (1991) 
Straightening the Earth's Poles Verne, Jules (1889) 
Suit Designer Gibson, William (1988) 
Suitcase Airplane Skinner, E.D. (1929) 
Suit-Phone Hamilton, Edmond (1931) 
Suit-Radio - space suit comm Smith, George O. (1944) 
Suit-Shield Fabric - protective mesh Dick, Philip K. (1954) 
Telespectroscope Hamilton, Edmond (1936) 
Tiny Atomic-Power Drive Unit - compact power of the atom Campbell, John W. (1938) 
Tractor Boots Gallun, Raymond Z. (1938) 
Transfer Cable Williamson, Jack (1933) 
Transkin Weinbaum, Stanley G. (1935) 
Transparent Dome Helmet Wertenbaker, G. Peyton (1926) 
Vac Suit Brackett, Leigh (1942) 
Vacuum Armor Smith, E.E. 'Doc' (1930) 
Vacuum Suit Wertenbaker, G. Peyton (1926) 
Virtual Reality Ceremony - serving up VR Besher, Alexander (1994) 
WAGD Germ Detector - handy hand-held Bear, Greg (2007) 
Watertube Herbert, Frank (1965) 
Whale Waldo Brin, David (1979) 

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  Story Name and Description
 HOAP-2 Robot Masters Sumo And Linux. RoboShiko!
This robot performs moves from the Chinese martial art taijiquan; it also does Sumo wrestling stances. All that and it's Linux-based!
(10/12/2004re: Roger Zelazny)
 Three Dimensional Flat Panel Screen Announced
On October 13, 2003 Sharp Electronics released the first laptop computer capable of 3D images without needing to use special glasses, the Actius RD3D.
(10/13/2003re: Robert Heinlein)
 Smart Home Provides Elder Care
The University of Florida has created what they call "an assistive environment" which goes far beyond the assistive devices that we are used to hearing about.
(11/21/2003re: Ray Bradbury)
 DARPA's BigDog Robot And Bradbury's Mechanical Hound
In his chilling 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury created the mechanical hound, a robot that accompanied the firemen and helped with their work... DARPA has made a multi-million dollar investment in the soldier of the future's best friend - Big
(3/10/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 9X Media Video Wall: Bradbury's Parlour Walls Come To Life
The 9X Media Video Wall, a massive flat panel video display, is probably too expensive to buy on a fireman's salary, but they come very close to the parlour walls from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
(3/22/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Bradbury's Green Bullet Made Possible With Bluetooth
The new Nextlink Bluespoon 5g cell phone headset is so small, Captain Beatty may not notice it if you wear it while driving the salamander back to the firehouse.
(4/2/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Bradbury: Missions To Moon And Mars Will Inspire Humanity
Science Fiction Grandmaster Ray Bradbury spoke before a presidential commission reviewing American space policy - specifically, missions to Mars.
(4/18/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 A Smart Home With Cyber Crumbs - Bradbury's Happylife Home?
In his 1951 short story collection The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury wrote about the Happylife Home, which took care of the people who lived in it. Today, researchers work to create a smart home with cyber crumbs.
(5/26/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Electrolux Trilobite: Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The Trilobyte 2.0 is the new version of their self-propelled robot vacuum cleaner. It has more going for it than it's metallic silvery-green color - you can program it.
(6/1/2004re: William Gibson)
 VeriTouch iVue: Fun, Fashionable Media Player With Military-Grade Encryption
Finally, someone has announced the features that all of us consumers have been looking for in a digital media player - military-grade encryption and biometric security.
(6/6/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Kaori Web: Odorophonics Comes To A PC Near You
Kaori web creates odorophonics - a science fiction idea of the fifties.
(8/7/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Boudreaux - Extra Vehicular Activity Robotic Assistant
It seems that mankind has always sought the companionship of a faithful canine, particularly when venturing into unexplored lands.
(10/1/2004re: Isaac Asimov)
 Dragon Runner Robot Always Lands On Its Feet
Enough about dog-like robots - the more feline Dragon Runner always lands on its feet.
(10/13/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Holo-Dek - A Unique Real-World Virtual Venue
The Holo-Dek center in Hampton, New Hampshire, may not quite have the same features as the holodeck from Star Trek - but when you see your favorite computer games unfold at human scale, you might just buy into their business.
(11/25/2004re: Gene Roddenberry)
 Burj Tower In Dubai To Be World's Tallest Building
What is the tallest building in the world? Right now, it is the TFC 101 building in Taiwan - 509 meters tall. Not for long, though; Emaar Properties has awarded a contract to Samsung for $847 million to build the Burj Tower.
(12/10/2004re: Isaac Asimov)
 Imagine The Future Of The Space Elevator
Here's your chance to help science meet fiction. The 2005 Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction competition has just been announced by the European Space Agency's Technology Transfer and Promotion office.
(12/14/2004re: Arthur C. Clarke)
 The Loneliest Whale and Ray Bradbury
In 1989, a very unusual set of whale calls were noticed in the North Pacific basin; the calls have been consistently recorded since 1992.
(12/31/2004re: Ray Bradbury)
 Sega idog Robot Puppy (Update)
Sega unleashed its newest creation in Tokyo; a robotic dog called idog that can compose, play and dance to music.
(1/28/2005re: Ray Bradbury)
 Grand Odyssey Futurecast System - You Star!
Space Child Adventure Grand Odyssey, an animated film showing at the Aichi Expo 2005, has a very special star - you! Visitors to the Mitsui-Toshiba Pavilion get a full-face high resolution digital scan; these faces are edited into that perform
(3/26/2005re: Ray Bradbury)
 Making A Living From Space Junk
In an unusual act of generosity, the Soviet space program has been showering valuable metal scraps on the villages surrounding the Plesetsk Cosmodrome for more than forty years.
(5/18/2005re: George Lucas)
 Siemens Working On Stephenson's 'Mediatron'
Siemens has lowered the price of thin, flexibles displays enough to bring the mediatron, a flexible, updatable newspaper, into reality.
(10/14/2005re: Neal Stephenson)
 AMouse: Bradbury's Robot Mice Get Real Whiskers
At last, Ray Bradbury's robotic cleaning mice are coming closer - this bot has real mouse whiskers.
(11/25/2005re: Ray Bradbury)
 Soldiers Trained To Obey Odors With Scent Delivery Device
Soldiers must obey their odors - yes, that's right, odors. Maybe they should call them 'oders'.
(1/15/2006re: Frank Herbert)
 BigDog Quadruped Robot Update
Good progress on Ray Bradbury's mechanical hound from Fahrenheit 451.
(3/6/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 Eco-Be! Mini Robot From Citizen
Tiny mechanical mouse-like robots straight out of the 1940's created from watch parts.
(3/7/2006re: Maurice A. Hugi)
 Philips 100-Inch TV Parlor
Ray Bradbury warned us about big TVs; you can just about get one now.
(3/8/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 Robot Nanny - The Fact, The Fiction
SF writers have been thinking about robot nannies (and other forms of automated child care) since at least WWII. This fall, Korea will have some in the home.
(4/11/2006re: Philip K. Dick)
 HIPerWall Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Wall
Think you like your current display? This one might wrap all the way around your dorm room.
(4/22/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 Big Brother TV Or Distributed Citizen Action?
Big Brother or entertaining reality TV taken to a whole new level - you be the judge.
(6/2/2006re: William Gibson)
 No Runts In BigDog Robot Litter
Watch out - those DARPA robots are running in packs now.
(6/29/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 Mr. T Pities The Fool Who Won't Turn Left
Mr. T pities the fool who won't turn left; and he don't take no back talk, sucka!
(7/4/2006re: Various)
 Lethal Frisbee UAV Robots
Modular Disc-Wing (Frisbee) Urban Cruise Munitions are on their way, thanks to the USAF.
(9/7/2006re: Various)
 Shiva The Riding Mechanical Lion
This retro mechanical lion has at least one feature that DARPA's BigDog robot doesn't have...
(10/18/2006re: Various)
 SunTracker One Brings The Sun Inside
Very cool device to bring a significant amount of light inside your house or building regardless of the sun's direction.
(10/27/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 World's Highest Resolution Seamless Display Has 60M Pixels
Not just a hi-res display, this is a means of having an arbitrarily large high resolution display. Sixty million pixels is just the beginning.
(11/2/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 RoomRender Futuristic Smart Room
The smart room has moved beyond prototype to a product that is now available.
(12/10/2006re: Ray Bradbury)
 Sniffer Robot With Infotaxis Algorithms On The Hunt
New algorithms bring Ray Bradbury's hunting mechanical hound closer - do you know who has your olfactory combination on file?
(1/26/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Space Robot Knows Your Mood
The space is the robot - just the thing for those long meetings.
(2/18/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Ubiko Robot A Fireman's Friend
This catlike robot is a better friend to firemen than that organic Dalmatian creature they use.
(2/22/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 World's Largest Tablet PC From Sharp
Forget about packing this one under your arm.
(3/16/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Space Junkyard in North Hollywood
Space tech can be had cheap for pennies on the dollar at this space-age junkyard.
(3/26/2007re: Various) On The Watch
This website gives you the chance to report suspicious activities of all kinds, 24x7.
(6/3/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Spice Girls Live Digital Enhancement
Technology marches on, this time helping bring the Spice Girls up to their usual standard. Such as it is.
(6/29/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Martians To Receive Great SF On CD
Mars now has some reading material, in the event that you should have some down time while exploring there.
(8/6/2007re: Various)
 HIPerSpace Offers Highest Display Resolution
The engineers at UCSD are at it again, creating the world's highest resolution display.
(8/23/2007re: H.G. Wells)
 Caltech Electronic Nose: The Lewis Group Smells Success
The electronic nose knows; the Lewis group has created an olfactory sensor remarkably like yours, and just the thing for a certain mechanical hound.
(10/24/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Ray Bradbury: Your Parlor TV Walls Are Almost Ready
Can you dance faster than the White Clown, shout louder than 'Mr. Gimmick' and the parlor families? Better start practicing, because the TV parlor is just about ready.
(11/2/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 'Paranormal State' Ad Billboard Makes You Hear Voices
Advertisers are now using an 'audio spotlight' to put their message right into your ears.
(12/13/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 Digital Billboards Fighting Crime 451-Style
Digital billboards are being used for more than just pushing consumer junk.
(12/24/2007re: Ray Bradbury)
 BIOTACT Whiskered Robot Rat
Nature may have figured out the best way of sensing the immediate environment in poorly-lit, cluttered places.
(2/18/2008re: Ray Bradbury)
 Electronic Taster Has A Nose For Coffee
There are more than 1,000 different volatile chemicals that create the taste and aroma of coffee. Can a machine equal human judgement?
(2/21/2008re: Ray Bradbury)
 Roll-to-Roll Processing OLEDs And Video Wallpaper
This is a very cool technology, one that could provide us with several different sfnal devices in the not-too-distant future.
(4/18/2008re: Vernor Vinge)
 Smart Buoys Say 'Slow Down, Whale Crossing'
Fascinating example of interspecies communication and cooperation. Right here on Earth.
(4/29/2008re: Various)
 Cellphone Tracking Can Track Your Habits
Study shows how a pattern of our movements can be created; our habits make predicting our movements child's play.
(6/9/2008re: Ray Bradbury)
 Robot Nanny Makes Poor Role Model For Children
PaPeRo, iRobi, Jupiter, Qrio - are these excessively cute robots the roboticists answer to Mary Poppins? Or a danger? You be the judge.
(6/11/2008re: David H. Keller)
 Hexapod Robot CNC Router
I'd never look at a six-legged robot and think to myself 'This thing would make a great CNC router.' But Matt Denton did, and you'll be glad he did.
(6/13/2008re: Jack Vance)
 Micro-Mouse Robots With Grippers Tournament
New development at the 29th All Japan micro-mouse games held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center. Now, they have arms.
(12/24/2008re: Eric Frank Russell)
 Newspapers Doomed - SF Writers
Do you think that newspapers have a future? SF writers aren't so sure; Cory Doctorow is just the latest.
(2/24/2009re: Cory Doctorow)
 'Virtual Cocoon' Virtual Reality Helmet
When you think virtual reality, whom do you think of? Clarke, Bradbury, Dick, Roddenberry? This helmet engages all five senses.
(3/5/2009re: Arthur C. Clarke)
 ApriAttenda Robot Nurse For Aging Japan
Three main factors are pushing the Japanese into creating these robotic servants, which they will then market around the world.
(3/27/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Fukitorimushi Floor-Cleaning Robot - An Inchworm Dust Mop
This unique cleaning robot crawls along on its belly like an inchworm, shining it's blue-white searchlight upon your floor, looking for grime.
(5/8/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Cell Phone-Based Epidemiology For H1N1 Flu
Test will use cell phones to track your location; did you cross paths with anyone who was infected? I smell a new kind of fee from your cell phone provider...
(5/19/2009re: Various)
 RF Cochlea Chip 'Seashell Radio'
This unique device draws on the marvelous human ear for its capabilities, which can be described as a 'universal or cognitive radio' much faster than any existing RF spectrum analyzer.
(6/4/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Psikharpax Le Robot Rat
Avoid human beings and feed - just the sort of behaviors that robotic rats need.
(6/10/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Chewing Robot Hailed By Would-Be Flesh-Eating Bots
Finally, a way to perform meaningful clinical trials of dental materials. And equip robots with chewing, gnashing teeth.
(6/30/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 SCRATCHbot Robot Rat Whiskers Video
This is a pretty good video showing progress in the almost sixty year-old idea of whiskered robots.
(7/2/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 WellAWARE Passive Sensor Monitoring Of Elderly
This monitoring system doesn't go as far as its sfnal predecessors, but we're getting there.
(7/16/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Robot Resorts In 50 Years?
Can robots run hotels better than people? We may find out, says tourism expert.
(8/18/2009re: Richard Morgan)
 Yes, Internet Eyes Is A 'Snooper's Paradise'
New UK (where else?) website will let you, the anonymous snitcher, surveil your fellow citizens in the comfort of your own home.
(10/11/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Dish Washing Robot Arm
Watch this video of a one-armed dish bandit! Only a prototype, but I still think that Heinlein was on to something when he wondered about dishwashing robots.
(10/19/2009re: Robert Heinlein)
 XT-1 Micro Mouse With Blazing Speed
It's amazing how fast autonomouse robots are getting; watch this micro mouse robot zoom through a maze.
(11/13/2009re: Maurice A. Hugi)
 Interactive TV Patent From Sony
Sony brings us one step closer to the TV parlors from Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Thanks, Sony.
(11/15/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Mini Robot Swarms
Why shouldn't robots work in swarms - open source swarms?
(11/21/2009re: Ray Bradbury)
 Burj Khalifa Tallest Building At 828 Meters
And do you know the three measures for height accepted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat? Burj Khalifa is the tallest by all three.
(1/4/2010re: Isaac Asimov)
 HAMLeT Hazardous Material Localization And Person Tracking
This system can actually track the movement of a person carrying a banned material; can you name the movie that used a similar system?
(1/14/2010re: Jim Thomas)
 Make Way For The Padloids
Sure, we've been shown the high-concept version of news on a tablet computer. But what about bringing the real news stand into the digital age?
(2/21/2010re: John Varley)
 Korean Robot Teaching Assistants
Ready or not, Korea is rolling out robot help in the classroom.
(2/23/2010re: Isaac Asimov)
 'Retina Display' SFnally Perfect (Almost)
Just how good is Apple's retina display Does it meet the needs of science fiction writers?
(6/9/2010re: Ray Bradbury)
 EggTorte Mini Micromouse
I really like the speed of this little learning robot.
(8/27/2010re: Maurice A. Hugi)
 MovieReshape Like Bruce Sterling's Video-Manicuring
Impressive video shows what can be accomplished with image manipulation.
(10/11/2010re: Bruce Sterling)
 Active Stereo Nose Finds The Source
Another biomimetic robot, this one imitates dogs and crayfish to find sources of chemical clouds and plumes.
(2/4/2011re: Ray Bradbury)
 Kilobot Robot Swarm
Someday, we'll find robots organized like this underfoot.
(6/18/2011re: Ray Bradbury)
 Bioelectronic Nose To Have Biomimetic Chemical Sensors
How many uses can you think of for a bioelectronic nose?
(8/3/2011re: Michael Crichton)
 BookTrack Adds Sound To Books
I really don't think this is a very good idea. Readers?
(8/26/2011re: Philip K. Dick)
 PIGORASS Pneumatic Quadruped Robot
'The mechanical Hound slept but did not sleep...'
(9/3/2011re: Ray Bradbury)
 Basement Holodeck With Playstation Move And EyeToy
'Almost every home had its dimensino room, rigged with the apparatus which picked up the weird, alien impulses...'
(12/6/2011re: Ray Bradbury)
 Shrewbot Uses Whiskers As Sensors
See the video for a good example of how biomimicry can lead to uncanny mechanical imitations of nature.
(1/25/2012re: Ray Bradbury)
 HyQ Four-Legged Robot From Italy
'He admired the fast-plodding, articulated legs, so necessary since roads had degenerated...'
(5/16/2012re: Anthony Boucher)
 Artificial Noses For Disease Diagnostics
'...Set the ticking combinations of the olfactory system of the hound...'
(6/8/2012re: Ray Bradbury)
 Ten SF Houses Of The Future
Ten science fiction classics from ten science fiction authors.
(9/11/2012re: Various)
 Microsoft Patents Immersive Display
'Almost every home had its dimensino room...' - Clifford Simak, 1961.
(9/13/2012re: Clifford Simak)
 LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV
'But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlor?'- Ray Bradbury, 1953
(10/26/2012re: Ray Bradbury)
 Mr. Bradbury, Your TV Parlor (Reality Deck) Is Ready
'But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlor?'- Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(11/21/2012re: Ray Bradbury)
 RoboBee Swarm Replaces Pollinating Insects?
'With a buzz that any uninformed person would have mistaken for that of a beetle, it started out on its journey.'- Raymond Z. Gallun, 1936.
(3/15/2013re: Raymond Z. Gallun)
 Take An Infinite Walk In Flexible Spaces
'The walls began to purr and recede into crystalline distance, it seemed, and presently an African veldt appeared...'- Ray Bradbury, 1951.
(4/15/2013re: Ray Bradbury)
 Personal Sniffer Robots
'...The ticking combinations of the olfactory system of the hound.'- Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(5/13/2013re: Ray Bradbury)
 TrackingPoint Smart Rifle
Not your typical 'smart bullet' approach.
(5/16/2013re: Various)
 Robot To Detect The Source Of Odors
'The Electric Hound snuffed down the last trail, silent as a drift of death itself...'- Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(6/29/2013re: Ray Bradbury)
 WildCat Runs Faster Than You, Untethered
'...moving with such drifting ease that it was like a single solid cloud of black-grey smoke blown at him in silence.' Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(11/7/2013re: Neal Stephenson)
 NASA Gives Away Rocket Code - For Dads
'The rocket thundered and leaped. The children danced in their hammocks, screaming.'- Ray Bradbury, 1952.
(4/4/2014re: Ray Bradbury)
 Time For Bradbury's 'Smart Home'?
'This house which clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them...' - Ray Bradbury, 1951.
(6/24/2014re: Ray Bradbury)
 Microsoft RoomAlive - Your Basement Is The Game
'Enoch walked over to a panel ... and thumbed a tumbler, then stepped quickly out into the center of the room... '- Clifford Simak, 1963.
(10/4/2014re: Clifford Simak)
 Lumo Projector Turns Kids Rooms Into Bradbury's Veldt
'The walls began to purr and recede... and presently an African veldt appeared...'- Ray Bradbury, 1951.
(4/8/2015re: Ray Bradbury)
 UK's Self-Repairing Cities
'The city was divided into two sections, a section of many strata where machines functioned smoothly...' - John W. Campbell, 1934.
(10/16/2015re: John W. Campbell)
 Robotic Guide Dogs May Displace Fido
'The mechanical Hound slept but did not sleep, lived but did not live...' - Ray Bradbury, 1953
(12/30/2015re: Ray Bradbury)
 Cortana Clip - The New In-Ear Wearables
'And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight...' - Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(4/2/2016re: Ray Bradbury)
 Face2Face Is Bradbury's Spot-Wavex Scrambler
'A special spot-wavex scrambler also caused his televised image... to mouth the vowels and consonants beautifully.' - Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(4/6/2016re: Ray Bradbury)
 Turing's Nose - Was That Scent Real Or Artificial?
'Rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender...' - Aldous Huxley, 1932.
(4/29/2016re: Aldous Huxley)
 OMG! DIY Arduino Robot Vacuum Cleaner Like Bradbury's Mice
'Out of warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted.' - Ray Bradbury, 1950.
(5/11/2016re: Ray Bradbury)
 Bradbury's Method Used In Search For Bombing Suspect
'He imagined thousands on thousands of faces peering into yards, into alleys...' - Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(9/3/2016re: Ray Bradbury)
 MicroTug Is A Micro Robot Beast
'And it had been dragging something...' - Maurice A. Hugi (Eric Frank Russel), 1941.
(10/3/2016re: Maurice A. Hugi)
 Your 'Odortype' Is Unique!
'But we had his olfactory classification...' - Ray Cummings, 1935.
(12/10/2016re: Ray Cummings)
 Autonomous Robots Navigate Like Rats
'Out of warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted.' - Ray Bradbury, 1950.
(6/6/2017re: Ray Bradbury)
 X2-VelociRoACH Cooperates To Launch Tiny Drones
Little robots cooperating can do big tasks. Eventually.
(8/2/2017re: Isaac Asimov)
 Dream Of Building Your Own Rocket?
Fiorello Bodoni, you inspire all of us.
(11/22/2017re: Ray Bradbury)
 SpotMini Robot Dog, Autonomous And On Sale In 2019
Great, an autonomous slamhound.
(5/15/2018re: William Gibson)
 Fuli Bad Dog Robot Is 'Auspicious Raccoon Dog' Bot
Bad dog, Fuli. Bad dog.
(6/23/2018re: Ray Bradbury)
 Augmented and-or Virtual Reality Shoes From Google
'The auto-treadmill's bumps and gullies matched whatever terrain the goggles showed me...' - David Brin, 1994.
(11/11/2018re: David Brin)
 Researchers Make You Say Anything in Videos
'[It] caused his televised image... to mouth the vowels and consonants beautifully.' - Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(5/17/2019re: Ray Bradbury)
 Metaverse Hardware - Run And Flail Like A Maniac, Or Lie Quietly?
'Holodeck 4 was waiting to be programmed...' - David Gerrold, 1987.
(9/5/2022re: David Gerrold)
 Scent-Identifying Robot Uses Machine Learning
'It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetrahydrocarbons...' - Michael Crichton, 1985.
(2/21/2023re: Michael Crichton)
 Modern App Provides Video Technology From Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451'
'A special spot-wavex scrambler also caused his televised image, in the area immediately about his lips, to mouth the vowels and consonants beautifully.' - Ray Bradbury, 1953.
(3/9/2023re: Ray Bradbury)
 LG Smart Home AI Agent
'...this house which clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep.' - Ray Bradbury, 1951.
(1/10/2024re: Ray Bradbury)

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Book Name Author
Cities in Flight James Blish
Flight of Exiles Ben Bova
The Flight of the Horse Larry Niven
Accidental Flight W.F. Wallace
Sunward Flight Leo Zagat
Flight of the Eastern Star Ed Earl Repp
Flight of the Typhoon Clifton B. Kruse

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The Ringworld Throne Larry Niven
World of Ptavvs Larry Niven
The Flight of the Horse Larry Niven
At the Bottom of a Hole Larry Niven
The Soft Weapon Larry Niven
There is a Tide Larry Niven
Neutron Star Larry Niven
Death by Ecstasy Larry Niven
Limits Larry Niven
A World Out of Time Larry Niven
Handicap Larry Niven
The Woman in Del Rey Crater Larry Niven
Protector Larry Niven
The Fourth Profession Larry Niven
A Gift From Earth Larry Niven
Crashlander Larry Niven
Grendel Larry Niven
The Warriors Larry Niven
Flash Crowd Larry Niven
Ringworld Larry Niven
Rammer Larry Niven
Cloak of Anarchy Larry Niven
Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven
The Best of all Possible Wars Larry Niven
Niven's Laws Larry Niven
The Ethics of Madness Larry Niven
The Jigsaw Man Larry Niven
The Mote in God's Eye Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle)
Footfall Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle)
Gripping Hand Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle)
The California Voodoo Game Larry Niven (w/S. Barnes)
Dream Park Larry Niven (w/S. Barnes)
Saturn's Race Larry Niven (w/S. Barnes)
Oath of Fealty Jerry Pournelle (w/L. Niven)
The Flying Sorcerers David Gerrold (w/L, Niven)
Fallen Angels Larry Niven w/Pournelle, Flynn
Fleet of Worlds Larry Niven (w/E.M. Lerner)

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