Flight of the Eastern Star by Ed Earl Repp:
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"IF the old Romans could come back and compare their galleys with the present trans-Atlantic greyhounds of some 60,000 tons capacity, they probably could not believe their own eyes.

So we of today, looking at our great airplanes, find it difficult to realize how puny they will seem when compared with the aircraft of the future.

There is no question that the future airliner will be as big as our biggest ocean greyhound of today; and even bigger, when the secrets of aero-dynamics, aerial navigation and all that goes with them have been mastered.

With such a future realized our well-known author has recounted an exciting voyage of a great airliner.

To be sure, an ocean voyage on a steamer is a prosaic affair today: but every once in a while we have miraculous adventures — such as when the '‘President Roosevelt" saved the crew of a freighter during a storm in mid-ocean. You will find plenty of such excitement and adventure in our author's latest effort."

('Flight of the Eastern Star' by Ed Earl Repp)

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Position Locator Display
Screen shows the position of hundreds of aircraft;

Rescue Nets
Nets raised around the circumference of a vast air transport.


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