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" fifty years, do you believe that people will be recognizably human?"
- Greg Bear

Transfer Cable  
  Move between two ships in space.  

This is an early description of a way to move between two ships in space - string a cable between the ships, don spacesuits and off you go.

...a heavy magnetic anchor leaped from its catapult toward the passing ship, dragging its cable. It struck the liner's hull, clung fast.

Like a silver fish, the Bellatrix plunged and darted for a time upon the line. But the smaller station held her adroitly, giving her opportunity neither to ram nor to break the cable. And steadily the ships were drawn together as the cable was wound upon its drum.

(Transfer cable from 'Dead Star Station' by Jack Williamson)

Five minutes later, the eleven of us were dragging ourselves across between the ships in clumsy, inflated suits, laden with weapons. As weird a journey as can be imagined, it was. Eleven swollen giants, climbing by their hands along a cable between two vessels in the void. For background, the flaming streamers of the Great Nebula, and the malign black disk of the Dead Star.

Technovelgy from Dead Star Station, by Jack Williamson.
Published by Astounding Science Fiction in 1933
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Here's a somewhat mechanized version of this same idea, a ship-to-ship passage in 2010: The Year We Make Contact:

(Passageway between ships in 2010 (movie))

Compare to the tubular space-gangway from The Star Roamers (1933) by Edmond Hamilton and the space tunnel from The Man Who Bought Mars (1941) by Polton Cross.

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