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Project Your Personality In Photos
'...portraiture reproduced through a shigawire projector that is ... said to convey the ego essence.'- Frank Herbert, 1965. (re: Frank Herbert)

Don't Miss The Planetary Show!
'...the human race was fortunate to have seen such a wonder; it could exist for only a brief moment of time.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

DNA Data Storage Is Robust, Scalable
What knowledge would we seek to pass down the ages, encoded in life's DNA? (re: Barbara Hambly)

Robotic Dog, Cat For Cornell Sim-Based Veterinarian Hospital
'... the fakes are beginning to be darn near real, what with those disease circuits they're building into the new ones.'- Philip K. Dick, 1968. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Deep Space Industries To Mine Asteroids
' a few minutes a hole had been dug in the comparatively light soil of the asteroid.'- Garrett P. Serviss, 1898. (re: Garrett P. Serviss)

Anti-Drone Hoodies And Burqas Counter Surveillance
No, this isn't the citizen you're looking for. (re: Various)

Telescopes With Liquid Mirrors Go Mainstream
'The bowl contained mercury. As the container spun on its perfectly balanced axis, centrifugal force caused the mercury to spread...'- Raymond Z. Gallun, 1934. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Human 'Quadruple Helix' DNA
'Their genetic structure, based on the quadruple sterated octohelix...'- Douglas Adams, 1978. (re: Douglas Adams)

Hybrid Memory Cube Is Speedy And Compact
'One Welton fine-grain memory cube would record all I could say over the next ten years...'- Robert Heinlein, 1973. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Grace, MSU's Energy-Efficient Robofish
'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive.'- Michael Swanwick, 2002. (re: Michael Swanwick)

Superomniphobic Fabrics Are Super Clean
'Most gentlemen's and ladies' gloves nowadays were constructed of infinitesimal fabricules that knew how to eject dirt...'- Neal Stephenson, 1995 (re: Neal Stephenson)

Filabot Turns Dull Plastic Junk To 3D Printed Shiny
'Whenever Nell's clothes got too small for her, Harv would pitch them into the deke bin and then have the M.C. make new ones.'-Neal Stephenson, 1995. (re: Neal Stephenson)

DARPA's Upward Falling Payload Like Leinster's Wabbler
'The Wabbler plunged into the water... It dived swiftly... slowly, it settled downward.'- Murray Leinster, 1942. (re: Murray Leinster)

Precursor To Life Found In Space Cloud
'By and large, one only expects intelligent life to exist in a diffuse gaseous medium...'- Fred Hoyle, 1957. (re: Fred Hoyle)

First Bookless Public Library?
'No longer was it possible to browse among shelves, to weigh volumes in hand, to feel their heft, the promise of ponderous reading.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961. (re: Stanislaw Lem)

Sorry, No Death Star - Obama Administration
''But it's too big to be a space station,' Solo objected.'- George Lucas, 1976. (But don't forget Doc Smith, scientifiction fans!) (re: George Lucas)

ARED Keeps ISS Astronauts Fit
'Joe got out the gravity-simulator harnesses... set for full Earth-gravity simulation.'- Murray Leinster, 1953. (re: Murray Leinster)

'STANDUP' Computer Comedian
'The potentiometers indicated the machine's lyrical capacitance was charged to the maximum...'- Stanislaw Lem, 1965 (re: Stanislaw Lem)

Uploading Minds For Interstellar Travel
'I want him to get her whole life printed...'- Cordwainer Smith, 1962. (re: Cordwainer Smith)

Asteroid To Orbit Moon?
'[Asteroid] Eighty-eight received a series of gentle pats, always on the side headed along her course.' - Robert Heinlein, 1939 (re: Robert Heinlein)

E-Book Reading Up - Print Book Reading Down
'You press this button here you see and the screen lights up giving you the index.'- Douglas Adams, 1979. (re: Douglas Adams)

'Neuristor' Acts Like Your Brain's Neurons
'He had constructed an organ, a brain, of metal, entirely inorganic and lifeless, yet whose atomic structure he claimed was analogous to the atomic structure of a living brain.'- Edmond Hamilton, 1926. (re: Edmond Hamilton)

Can't Wait For My Robot Dragonfly!
'It studied its surroundings, transmitting to its manipulator... all that it heard through its ear microphones and saw with its minute vision tubes.' - Raymond Z. Gallun, 1936. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Below Absolute Zero? Gas Is Negative-Kelvin Material
'From absolute zero, just where can the temperature drop to?'- Alan E. Nourse, 1951. (re: Alan E. Nourse)

Army Wants Black Blacker Than Black
'Well, we have a black coating now thatís ninety-nine percent absorptive...'- Doc Smith, 1940. (re: Doc Smith)

Santa's Robotic Workshop
'a miniature sleigh, with eight tiny robotic reindeer...' (re: Various)

3D Printing Is Here - Pay For The Printer!
'On the concrete platform, in front of the dying Biltong, lay a heap of originals to be duplicated.'- Philip K. Dick, 1955. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Father And Daughter Have Telepathic Talk
'We will add your biological and technological distictiveness to our own...'- The Borg, 1988 (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Swarms Of Ping Pong Ball-sized Robots: Updated!
Sergeant Major Zero and Zeroid 18 salute you! (re: Various)

Robot Fabrication In Architecture RobArch 2012
Robots will build the future -starting with the buildings. (re: Michael Crichton)

iTube Platform Lets You Test Your Food
and the unobtrusive inspections with tiny remote-cast snoopers...- Frank Herbert, 1965. (re: Frank Herbert)

Custom Cartilage Via 3D Printer
Bespoke body parts? Print what you need. (re: Larry Niven)

LCD-based Smart Contact Lens Display
'You've got DreamTime technology in contact lenses? That's not available to the public!'- Niven and Barnes, 1992. (re: Niven and Barnes)

Supercut Helmet Oddity Space Helmet Mashup
'He took the glass-fronted space helmet...'- Manly Wade Wellman, 1931. (re: Edmond Hamilton)

Nano Retina Retinal Implant
'Have a retinal vid-screen installed in your least-used eye...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Deceptive Robots Learn Lying From Squirrels
'HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Pepper The Parrot's Bird Buggy
'Someone had put them on mobile platforms, the skrodes.'- Vernor Vinge, 1992. (re: Vernor Vinge)

Sean Jean 'Fashion Video Name Tag' Fleece
Why not a display to go with your sleeve communicator? Murray Leinster would have been down with it. (re: Murray Leinster)

Fresh Veggies, Fresh Air For Mars
'What better purifying machine is there than a plot of grass?'- George O. Smith, 1942. (re: George O. Smith)

Thumb Kiss On Pair App For iPhone
'What he got was indeed a kiss. It was disconcerting. No kissing lips were visible...'- Frederik Pohl, 1965. (re: Frederik Pohl)

Nanotech Electronic Nose Sniffs Explosives Like Dogs
'It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetrahydrocarbons...'- Michael Crichton, 1985. (re: Michael Crichton)

EASE Surveillance Robot Hovering Near You
'In the hotel room. When that robot tracking device entered and made for him...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Scanadu Smartphone-Based Tricorder
Fans of Dr. McCoy, your time is coming. Soon. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

SABRE Orbital Jet Engine Breakthrough
'They were more airplane than spaceship...'- Robert Heinlein, 1951. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Kuratas Battle Mech Just $1.2M
Yes, you can even order it with a cupholder! (re: Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Military Fabric Like A Smart Second Skin
Now, your dress whites and your NBC suit can be the same outfit. (re: Isaac Asimov)

3D Printer Runs On Moon Dust
Fifties SF leaves engineers in the dust again. (re: John W. Campbell)

Body Scanner May Improve Online Shopping
'...the tailor pulled out a number of slotted arms terminating in little discs...'- H.G. Wells, 1899. (re: HG Wells)

SynergyNet Multi-Touch Classroom
'Ender doodled on his desk, drawing contour maps... then telling his desk to display them in three dimensions from every angle...'- Orson Scott Card, 1985. (re: Orson Scott Card)

Arafat Poisoned With Polonium?
'"This man was poisoned with a super-powerful radium salt," Rab Crane declared...'- Edmond Hamilton, 1938. (re: Edmond Hamilton)

Neuroprosthetic Projects Words Directly Onto Retina
'...soon we'll be testing a system that projects directly on the retina of the eye...' - Pohl/Kornbluth, 1952. (re: Pohl/Kornbluth)

CAPIO Exoskeleton Controls AILA Robot
'Waldo flexed and extended his fingers gently; the... waldoes... followed in exact, simultaneous parallelism.'- Robert Heinlein, 1942. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Mr. Bradbury, Your TV Parlor (Reality Deck) Is Ready
'But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlor?'- Ray Bradbury, 1953. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Tiny Bio-Bots Take Big Steps Forward
'If the biological robots were not living creatures, they were certainly very good imitations.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1972. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Bond's New Smart Gun In Skyfall
Didn't Judge Dredd have these in the 1970's? (re: Various)

LADEE To Investigate Levitating Lunar Dust
'And what, dear student, happens to particles carrying like electrical charges?'- Hal Clement, 1956. (re: Hal Clement)

Can Patients In A Vegetative State Communicate?
'...automatically he ... listened at the proper frequency for indication of cephalic activity.'- Philip K. Dick, 1969 (re: Philip K. Dick)

A Rogue Planet - Right In Our Neighborhood
An interstellar world, nomad planet, free-floating planet or orphan planet. (re: Poul Anderson)

GestIC Gesture Recognition Controller Uses Electrical Fields
' all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope.'- Douglas Adams, 1979. (re: Douglas Adams)

World's First 3D Printing 'Photo Booth'
'On the counter-top appeared a three-dimensional replica of Farr.'- Jack Vance, 1954. (re: Jack Vance)

Transparent Solar Cell Film Has Clear Advantages
'It turns sunlight into electricity... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995. (re: Larry Niven)

Tesla Model S Declared Car Of The Year By Motor Trend
'They can therefore roam over the roads of the entire hemisphere [combining] the sensations of coasting with the interest of seeing the country well.'- John Jacob Astor IV, 1894. (re: John Jacob Astor IV)

Merchants Get Face-Recognition Via The Cloud
'The road you're on, John Anderton, is the one less traveled...'- Steven Spielberg, 2002. (re: Schachner and Zagat)

E-Skin For Robots - And Maybe You
'a creature which could be given the reflexes of an adrenalized cat...' - Roger Zelazny, 1966. (re: Robotics)

Outdoor Testing For Self-Healing Concrete
'I noticed that curious mottled knots were forming, indicating where the room had been strained and healed faultily.'- J.G. Ballard, 1962. (re: J.G. Ballard)

Valerians, Your Heavy Gravity Planet Has Been Found
'...of extraordinary size, strength, and agility because of the enormous gravitation of the planet Valeria'- EE 'Doc' Smith, 1938. (re: EE 'Doc' Smith)

Microsoft Demos Spoken English To Chinese 'Universal Translator'
Researchers at Microsoft Research and the University of Toronto made a breakthrough using a technique called Deep Neural Networks. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Arthur C. Clarke Describes PC, Internet - In 1974
A remarkable statement about the future. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Neil deGrasse Tyson Finds Krypton! (Video)
Tyson, Superman, Krypton, Action Comics - what's not to like? (re: Various)

No Online Voting Yet (How long Did You Wait In Line?)
'...every veephone on the continent would display, over and over, two propositions'- John Brunner, 1975. (re: John Brunner)

bebionic3 Myoelectric Robotic Hand
'At the moment Eldritch made use of the five-finger humanoid manual extremity...'- Philip K. Dick, 1965. (re: Philip K. Dick)

CIROS Robot Makes Your Salad
'Half your time in cooking is wasted reaching around for what you need next.'- Anthony Boucher, 1943. (re: Anthony Boucher)

How To 'Level Up' In Psychotherapy
'THE TIERSIAN THERAPY patients form a small and elite volunteer group...'- Philip Jose Farmer, 1991. (re: Philip Jose Farmer)

Computerized Surveillance Devices Open Their Eyes
'How often... the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork.'- George Orwell, 1948. (re: George Orwell)

Ethiopian Children Learn From Diamond Age Primers
'The book spoke in a lovely contralto, with an accent like the very finest Vickys.'- Neal Stephenson, 1995. (re: Neal Stephenson)

Human Teaches Robot Ping Pong, Then Challenges It
'... it was about the size of a rollerskate and it seemed to be considering what to do next.'- Stephen Barr, 1960. (re: Stephen Barr)

Machine-Generated Fiction In Fiction
'Every one knew how laborious the usual method is of attaining to arts and sciences...'- Jonathan Swift, 1726 (re: Jonathan Swift)

Hopping Robot Stutter-Jumping Saves Power
'Hoppers are probably the most grotesque forms of transportation ever invented.'- Isaac Asimov, 1954. (re: Isaac Asimov)

SF Unleashes Your Inner Asimov, Reading Or Writing
Were you inspired by science fiction to create something? (re: )

Spraytect Self-Defense iPhone Case
'... the joymaker in his hand hissed and sprayed him with something...'-Frederik Pohl, 1965 (re: Frederik Pohl)

LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV
'But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlor?'- Ray Bradbury, 1953 (re: Ray Bradbury)

RASC-AL Lunar Wheel Design Challenge Is ON!
' tanker rolled on the peculiar flex-wheels which had proved one of the best all-purpose ways of getting around on the Moon.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968 (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Pet-Proto Robot Video Stops Bad Terminator Dreams
Not quite relentless pursuit. (re: Frederic Pohl)

Europe's Cheops To Look For Habitable Planets
'I was near enough it now to set my automatic astronomical instruments to searching it for a habitable planet.'- Edmond Hamilton, 1936. (re: Edmond Hamilton)

MIT's New Super Slippery Surface
'The water flowed off those walls without binding tension...' - Frank Herbert, 1965. (re: Frank Herbert)

The Plastic Eaters - Amazon Fungus Lives On Plastic
'the smell of the rotting plastic began to hang permanently in the air...'- Davis/Pedlar, 1971 (re: Michael Crichton)

The Ultimate Wrist Watch Pip-Boy-style
'Mark brushed back ... his upper garment and pressed several buttons on the wide bracelet he wore upon his left wrist... '- Roger Zelazny, 1980. (re: Roger Zelazny)

Boy Banned From School For Bad Genes
'... the Alphas and Betas remained until definitely bottled...'- Aldous Huxley, 1932. (re: Andrew Niccol)

Private Space Flight At 'Inflection Point'
'The travelers could therefore quit their prison at pleasure, as soon as they should reach the moon.'- Jules Verne, 1867. (re: Jules Verne)

Seeing the High Energy Sky
Dramatic videos show how ESA's Integral helps us see the universe in a whole new light. (re: Various)

Measuring Awareness In Comatose Patients
'...he pressed a portable protophason amplifier ... tuned it, listened at the proper frequency for indication of cephalic activity.'-Philip K. Dick, 1969. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Lettuce-Bot Weed-Killing Robot Funded
A new alternative to labor-intensive farming techniques. (re: Michael Crichton)

Could Young Blood Stop Alzheimer's?
'...the blood gets so clogged with the poisons that the scavenging process doesnít take place properly.'- Robert Heinlein, 1941. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Global Crowd Intelligence Needs Your Help
'... while nobody knows what's going on around here, everybody knows what's going on around here.'- John Brunner, 1975. (re: John Brunner)

Tony Stark's Transparent Phone Possible With Graphene?
A nearly unbreakable smartphone - based on graphene. (re: Various)

NASA's X1 Robotic Exoskeleton For Astronauts
'Earth's scientists solved the problem to some extent by devising rigid metallic clothing...'- Edmond Hamilton, 1932. (re: Edmond Hamilton)

Red Bull Stratos' Freefall From 24 Miles High
'He gasped as the air rushed out into near-vacuum...'- EE 'Doc' Smith, 1934. (re: EE 'Doc' Smith)

3D Printing: The End Of Global Supply Chains?
'Nanofax AG offers a technology that digitally reproduces objects, physically, at a distance.'- William Gibson, 1999. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Calligraphy Robot Preserves An Ancient Skill
'...the two pairs of waldoes in the screen followed in exact, simultaneous parallelism.'- Robert Heinlein, 1942 (re: Robert Heinlein)

Who First Suggested Terraforming Venus First?
'In five hundred years, all of Venus might be paradise.'- Poul Anderson, 1955. (re: Poul Anderson)

SpaceX Dragon First Private Craft To Dock With ISS
'Why, the ship wasn't a proper deep-space craft at all.'- Robert Heinlein, 1941. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Smart Bra From First Warning Systems
'...a delicate current is sent ... to an amplifier and a certain sound is made, and the nurse will properly react...'- David H. Keller, 1928. (re: David H. Keller)

'See-Through Prius' Demoed in Japan
You'll think you're driving a glass car! (re: Robert Heinlein)

'Edgy' Grip User Interface For Smartphones
'The congressman took out his pocket computer, nudged the milled edges twice, looked at its face...'- Isaac Asimov, 1958. (re: Isaac Asimov)

The Most Complex Synthetic Biology Circuit
'The earliest biologic strings had been inserted into E. coli bacteria as circular plasmids...'- Greg Bear, 1984. (re: Greg Bear)

Detroit's Urban Agriculture Ordinance
'The survivors tore up the metal plating and sold it... for seed and cattle.'-Isaac Asimov, 1951. (re: Isaac Asimov)

Space Debris Cleanup - Use Harpoons Or Gas Clouds?
'...satellites of all shapes and sizes... had been accumulating in Earth orbit... Now it had to be located, and somehow disposed of.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Do Swiss Roboticists Dream Of Electric Sheep?
'He ascended Ö to the covered pasture whereon his electric sheep grazed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1968. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Robot Fabricates Endless Tools For Itself (Updated)
'It extrudes material like a spider...'- Charles Sheffield, 1979. (re: Charles Sheffield)

Roboroach Slalom Steering Video
'A cable, here, from the controller to the interface plug... wires from that to the brain.'- Thomas A. Easton, 1990. (re: Thomas A. Easton)

Store Extra Energy In Liquid Air
Off-peak energy storage just got another storage option. (re: Various)

Robot Snakes On A Plane!
'in operation it is not unlike the common earthworm.'- Harry Harrison, 1962. (re: Emmett McDowell)

Asteroid Miners Wanted!
'We must dig down, and then doubtless we shall find the metal.'- Garrett P. Serviss, 1898. (re: Garrett P. Serviss)

The Robotic Shopping Cart Of The Future
'...the machine would carry his bag in its soft plastic jaws and follow him as faithfully as a well-trained hound.'- John Brunner, 1975. (re: John Brunner)

Army Seizure Ray Inspired By Pikachu (Updated)
A deliberately-induced epileptic seizure. (re: John Varley)

Self-Driving Cars Ready To Buy In 5 Years Says Sergey Brin
Your autonomous car will drive itself off the lot by 2017! (re: Robert Heinlein)

Beam Yourself To Distant Places
'If he sent out two or three of the small tele-operated devices... Rand could effectively be in several places at once...' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981. (re: Niven and Pournelle)

Seven Inflatable Space Structures From Science Fiction (Updated)
'In another minute John Endlich and his wife were setting up an airtight tent...' - Raymond Z. Gallun, 1951. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Baxter Robot Learns From Fellow Workers
''My whole idea is to get away from a machine with a set of prearranged instructions...' - Stephen Barr, 1960. (re: Stephen Barr)

Hitachi Quartz Glass Memory Lasts Forever
'The books were crystals with recorded contents.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961. (re: Stanislaw Lem)

What Price Warp Drive?
'Every atom of ship... was driven around space... by a direct reaction against the space warp itself.' - Jack Williamson, 1936. (re: Jack Williamson)

Arctic Resource Jackpot An Old Wish
By inducing climate change, new resources are revealed. (re: Jules Verne)

Toyota's Human Support Robot - Your Robot Butler
'Her idea of what a butler-valet combo should look like - sort of in the ancient English tradition...' - William Tenn, 1951. (re: William Tenn)

Lunar Supercomputer Complex
'When Mike was installed in Luna, he was pure thinkum, a flexible logic... a HOLMES FOUR.' - Robert Heinlein, 1966 (re: Robert Heinlein)

BIOSwimmer Robotic Tuna To Patrol Homeland
'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive.' - Michael Swanwick, 2002. (re: Michael Swanwick)

Building A Better Space Suit - The Biosuit
'I had stepped outside the car with Lord Kelvin, both of us, of course, wearing our air-tight suits.' - Randall P. Serviss, 1898 (re: Randall P. Serviss)

The Human Brain - Chemically Fixed And Embedded In Plastic
'Burial is barbaric... [a] remnant of the primitive origins of our culture' - Philip K. Dick, 1969. (re: Cordwainer Smith)

Glowing LumiLor-Coated Cycles From Sith CycleWerks
Electroluminescent paint for your motorcycle. (re: Richard Morgan)

Cryonics Movement Loses Founder (Temporarily)
'Pay for suspended animation while medical science caught up with what was wrong with him...' - Robert Heinlein, 1956 (re: Larry Niven)

DARPA Seeks Science-Fictional Materials
'A metal that was apparently as light as cork and stronger than steel...' - Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1929. (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Winbot Scrubs Your Windows
'There were the window cleaners... who were apparently polishing their way...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972 (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

DARPA LS3 Robot Pack Animal Video
'He admired the fast-plodding, articulated legs...' - Anthony Boucher, 1951. (re: Anthony Boucher)

Microsoft Patents Immersive Display
'Almost every home had its dimensino room...' - Clifford Simak, 1961. (re: Clifford Simak)

'Spray-On Skin' Heals Leg Ulcers
'...she helped the doctor spray on surrogate skin.' - Robert Heinlein, 1951 (re: Robert Heinlein)

Ten SF Houses Of The Future
Ten science fiction classics from ten science fiction authors. (re: Various)

Read My Lips - Computer Interprets Human Emotion
Soon, the emotion chip. (re: Various)

NASA's Robotic Rover Drivers
'Helmuth, after all, was not on Jupiter - though that was becoming harder and harder for him to bear in mind.' (re: James Blish)

Needle Beam Propagates Without Spreading
'Direct needlecast from here into a shielded stack...' (re: Richard Morgan)

Harvey The Agricultural Robot
Introducing the Harvest Vehicle HV-100. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Cheetah Robot Passes 28 MPH (Video)
'The legs are long, curled way up to deliver power, like a cheetah's...' (re: William Gibson)

Rat Dreams Manipulated By Scientists
'Render freed his arm and lifted off his crown of Medusa-hair leads and microminiature circuitry...' (re: Roger Zelazny)

Syrians Ask For Help From Mars
'...enormous figures, drawn in characters of reflecting luminosity...' (re: Jules Verne)

Pre-Bionic Eye Implants Down Under
The Six Million Dollar Man is coming! (re: Various)

Noodle-Shaving Robot Army Invades China
'One of these gorgeous eating places where we were served entirely by mechanical apparatus...' (re: Anthony Boucher)

SketRobo Robot Sketches Anything!
Robots can draw now. (re: Various)

How Smart Should Artificial Intelligences Get?
'...The real smart ones are as smart as the Turing heat lets them get...' (re: William Gibson)

Kinect@home Needs Your Help Identifying Objects
'... whenever a robot finds something it can't identify straight off... it puts whatever it is in the hopper outside your window.' (re: Amitav Ghosh)

RoboDoc Friendly Robot Pulse-Taker
A child-friendly Photoplethysmograph. (re: Michael Crichton)

Arizona Solar Updraft Tower By 2015
'And eventually, an hour later, it reached its glorious one thousand feet of height.' (re: Leigh and Walt Richmond)

Hover Bike Like Star Wars Landspeeder - With Video!
This could be the speeder you're looking for. (re: George Lucas)

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