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'Electric Sheep' Runs On Real Grass - EATR Robot
An 'electric sheep' that actually runs on biomass? (re: Philip K. Dick)

'Precrime' Parole System In Philadelphia
A machine learning system in Philly tries, with considerable success, to predict which inmates should be paroled. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Interplanetary Internet - Disruption Tolerant Network
Let's get astronauts on the 'Net by 2011. In space, no one can hear you tweet. (re: George O. Smith)

Unemployed Robots Should Seek Work Autonomously
For now, robots just stand idle when humans stop giving them work. SF writers have some suggestions, though. (re: Harry Harrison)

Digital Booth Babe Display 3mm Thick
Fascinating display created for trade shows; I wonder if the creators of this display saw Young Sherlock Holmes twenty-five years ago. (re: Steven Spielberg)

Spherical Robot Lego Mindstorms NXT-Based
I just like spherical robots; this very nicely implemented bot uses a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit as the basis for the locomotive power. (re: Various)

Nano-Particle Field Extraction Thruster
A nanoFET is essentially a micro-thruster; a postage stamp-sized rocket engine. Great flexibility combined with long operational life make it perfect for small devices on long missions. (re: Murray Leinster)

Robot Learns To Smile
Machine learning is the way they've been teaching an Einstein robot to smile. Grad students approve. (re: Stephen Barr)

DustCart Robotic Trash Can From DustBot
This idea is a half-century old, but it's still a good one. The Italians press on in the area of urban hygiene. (re: Harry Harrison)

Robo-Bat Has Shape Memory Alloy Joints
Cutting edge materials used for bones, joints and muscles make this robotic bat as light as possible. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

SHUTi - Automated Online Insomnia Treatment
A recent clinical trial has demonstrated that an automated online system can provide treatment for insomnia that is at least as effective as that provided by human therapists. With video. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Smile Machines Scan and Rank Workers Daily
Message from your mechanized boss - 'I'm afraid your smile has fallen off from a 91 to an 83. Bring up the corners of that mouth, won't you?' (re: Various)

Tongue Drive System Validated In Clinical Trial
The Tongue Controller has come through its clinical trial with flying colors; this is good news for people with high-level spinal chord injuries. (re: Alfred Bester)

Dream Cat Venus An Android's Dream
This is starting to sound a bit more like the electric animals from the PKD novel. Particularly the vidlenses. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Precisely Crafted Artificial Organs Via Stereolithography
Interesting technique provides another way to create an artificial organ that is not just biologically compatible, but a perfect three-dimensional fit. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Robotic Obama Not Ready To Lead Nation
SF fans hoping for an autonomous robotic leader were a little disappointed by the animatronic Obama; however, compare a video of the Obamabot with a video of an sfnal CGI leader (re: Various)

Limb Regeneration Grows Closer
Frank Herbert suggested that an axolotl tank might be useful in tissue regeneration; scientists are now teasing out the salamander's secrets. (re: Frank Herbert)

Self-Portrait Machine - Robotically Compelled Art
Art project prototype puts the use of machines into sharp perspective. (re: Various)

SCRATCHbot Robot Rat Whiskers Video
This is a pretty good video showing progress in the almost sixty year-old idea of whiskered robots. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Responsive Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
A special display lets users see themselves in two different sets of clothing at the same time. (re: Harry Harrison)

AcceleGlove Open-Source Data Glove
This device was developed at great expense by your government, and now you can have one at a very reasonable price; developers use Java to program it. (re: Steven Spielberg)

Mars Robot Takes Up Stargazing
Robots with time (and energy) on their hands need tasks to perform. How about spending time looking up, and not just down, at a planetary surface? (re: Larry Niven)

Chewing Robot Hailed By Would-Be Flesh-Eating Bots
Finally, a way to perform meaningful clinical trials of dental materials. And equip robots with chewing, gnashing teeth. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Google Earth Typography
What do aliens see when they look at Earth from afar? Maybe letters. (re: Jules Verne)

Domed Cities - For Earth?
Is it really time to start thinking about whether or not we need to start covering Earth cities to protect them (and us) from the rest of our own planet? (re: Ray Cummings)

Robotic Microsurgery Instrument Goes Anywhere
The idea of robotic micro-surgical instruments has a longer history in sf than in medicine. This powerful TED talk displays the latest devices. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Hero Dog From 9/11 Cloned 5X
Although not all the clones are exact duplicates, it's a remarkable process. (re: Various)

Cleaning Up Chernobyl With Beets
Another interesting scheme to try to cut the amount of time that tens of thousands of kilometers of countryside must lay fallow due to radioactive fallout. (re: Gregory Benford)

Hovering Levi-Table
Furniture that floats - that's the future - at least of the office - according to Kurt Vonnegut. (re: Kurt Vonnegut)

Toyota i-Real Personal Transport Now In Use
Sit up straight if you want to look pedestrians in the eye, then recline for speed. With video. (re: Various)

AltaRock's Quake-Inducing Geothermal Energy Search
People need alternative energy sources in California; are there any ways of getting what we need that are free of consequences? (re: LucasArts)

Shrapnel-Locating Autonomous Robot
This autonomous robotic arm uses a biopsy needle and a special technique to find bits of shrapnel as small as 2 mm needle fragments in the body. (re: Larry Niven)

Underwater Mine Detection Robots Vs. Wabbler
The Navy is trying to create a smarter mine hunting robotic system. I think I can predict the logical countermove. (re: Murray Leinster)

Optogenetics - Fiber Optic Brain Control
Possibly a cure for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and epilepsy. Also, possibly a way to selectively control the behavior of any individual. (re: Vernor Vinge)

Air Bag Jacket Saves Life Of Motorcyclist
Although this is an old story, it's a pretty good call by an sf writer. (re: Neal Stephenson)

Bowlingual Translates Canine Speech
Just in time to be tied into a major motion picture, this upgrade to a classic device now lets your dog speak at last. (re: Murray Leinster)

Online Virtual Medical Training
This sim is the first step to having an emergency medical hologram. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Rotopod Rotational Legged Locomotion Robot
This robot was directly inspired by the tripedal 'spider' robots described by Arthur C. Clarke in Rendezvous With Rama in 1972. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

AIs Take DEFCON-Based 'Turing Test'
What kind of money does it take to convince human programmers to vie for the honor of training SkyNet? Five hundred bucks. (re: John Badham)

AMOLED E-Passport W/Rotating Mugshot
This active matrix organic light emitting diode is no mere digital hokey-pokey; it's a three-dimensional driver's license photo, or (as Jack Vance might call it) a tri-type record. (re: Jack Vance)

Robotic Catcher's Hand Does Not Need Mitt
This robotic catcher can pull baseballs out of the air with uncanny accuracy. (re: Various)

Will Japan Abolish Cash?
What are the political implications of a cashless society, in which every transaction is recorded? (re: Edward Bellamy)

Cyborg Insect Comm System Planned By DARPA
Ever listened to the calls of insects in the evening, or in a meadow on a summer day? They might be talking in a special language devised by DARPA. About you. (re: Various)

Flexible Polymer Fiber Camera
This technology could be used to create a foldable telescope or a camera that is integrated into clothing. (re: Larry Niven)

Saser - Sonic Equivalent Of Laser
It appears that this is the first working prototype of a device long theorized; it is the first device to produce coherent sound waves in the terahertz frequency range (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Human-Injectable Satellite Tracking Chip
Unfortunately, someone has tried to patent a fifty year-old idea of Jack Vance's; we could all live without it, even as Vance's character would have preferred in the novel. (re: Jack Vance)

Pooktre Living Garden Chair
Why not just grow your furniture? Forget all that tedious sawing and polishing. (re: Jack Vance)

DEKA 'Luke' Prosthetic Arm Gains VA Funding
This remarkable video shows just how far the science of prosthetics has come. A bionic arm, like that of the Six Million Dollar Man? We're getting pretty close. (re: Martin Caidin)

Lunar Ice Debate's Two NASA Probes
Space scientists are holding their collective breath to see if two moon missions scheduled for this week will result in the discovery of water ice on the Moon. (re: Robert Heinlein)

U.S. Winds Slowing Down?
Sometimes, there's an interesting story in science fiction authors predicting a future - with the opposite result. (re: J.G. Ballard)

Rat Brain Robot Gets Upgrades
Yes, it's a real cyborg - only the brain is used. (re: Peter Watts)

Transmission Spectrum Of Inhabited Planet Identified
Well, it's about time we figured out what the transmission spectrum of an inhabited planet should look like. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach
If you want to know more about your sleep patterns, but don't want to spend and uncomfortable night in the sleep lab, try Zeo. (re: Satoshi Kon)

Book-Reading Robot Reads Aloud
This book reading robot had better put its game face on if it thinks it can take away one of my favorite activities - reading books to my children. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Flame Jet Drill To Bore 10 Miles Into Our Planet
Didn't I see this done from orbit in the last Star Trek movie? Take a look a the video of a prototype device that can drill quickly and efficiently in search of geothermal power. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

InfoChemistry And Self-Folding Origami
DARPA is moving right along on their programmable matter project. (re: Samuel R. Delany)

'Try Zero-G' From JAXA Totally Unlike SciFi Movies
No wonder so many people believe that man never walked on the moon; popular tv and movie versions of space flight never show what actual weightlessness looks like in an orbiting ship. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Sushi Robot Digs Uncanny Valley Deeper
Is this really more repulsive than, for example, a Terminator-style full human skin covering a metal endoskeleton? (re: Various)

Psikharpax Le Robot Rat
Avoid human beings and feed - just the sort of behaviors that robotic rats need. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Inflatable Space Tower Prototype Assembled
A twenty-foot prototype of an inflatable tower that could potentially reach out of the atmosphere has fans of David Brin's Sundiver interested. (re: Davin Brin)

Negev Moisture 'Vaporators Planned W/ Solar Power
Hopefully, these devices to condense water out of the air on a vast scale will not require special droids that speak the binary language of moisture vaporators. (re: George Lucas)

iPlant Brain Implant Advocated For Self-Improvement
If you could affect your own mood by simply pressing a button, would you use it? Would you use it to improve yourself? (re: Larry Niven)

Battlefield Robot Snake For Israel Defense Force Video
This video of a robotic snake to be used in the battlefield is pretty impressive. I particularly like it when it rears up and sees over things. (re: Various)

NewsXperiment Combines All Your News
Why monitor hundreds of tedious newsfeeds when you can read them all in one blog post? (re: Various)

Orwell's Telescreen Now Available
Initially, this device could be used to create wearable displays that also offered eye tracking. However, it's basically a display that both presents an image and takes pictures at the same time. (re: George Orwell)

GPS Shoes Track Alzheimer's Patients
Keeping track of people with Alzheimer's will get easier once GTX and Aetrex have embedded GPS locators in their shoes. (re: Jack Williamson)

ECoG Reads The Brain's Surface
This is a new approach to using a sensor grid to detect brain signals and make it possible to control an external device with brain power alone. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

RF Cochlea Chip 'Seashell Radio'
This unique device draws on the marvelous human ear for its capabilities, which can be described as a 'universal or cognitive radio' much faster than any existing RF spectrum analyzer. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Stealthy, Persistent Perch and Stare UAVs
Yet another DARPA program that proves they've been reading great science fiction from the Thirties (and beyond). (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Terminator Swimming Snake Robot Already Here
Those slithering swimming snake-like robots from Terminator Salvation are already under development. With video. (re: Various)

Terminator Salvation Motorcycle Robot Like Ghostrider
Those neat motorcycles from Terminator Salvation have a real world development predecessor, as well as a science fictional predecessor. (re: Bruce Sterling)

Bipedal Walking Robot For Unstructured Urban Environments
This interesting bipedal robot is designed to work in exactly the same conditions as those wrought by SkyNet in the latest Terminator Salvation movie. (re: Various)

Facial Expression And Mannerism 'Cloning' By Computer
The cloning of facial expression and mannerisms can now be accomplished in real time; better be careful who (or what) you are doing that video chat with. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Healing With Light Like Trek Protoplaser
Another healing technology that would have seemed sfnal a generation ago - and was presented as such in the 1960's. (re: Cogswell and Spano)

Touchy Feely Trigger Point Mouldings
If you've ever desired a more intimate relationship with the walls of your apartment or business, I've got just the thing for you. (re: J.G. Ballard)

ViRob Microrobot Crawls Inside You
Got the creepy-crawlies? Maybe its just ViRob, the friendly internal robot. (re: Various)

Mice Now With Human Language Gene
Sfnal or Disneyesque? (re: Various)

Google Wave Tide Of Collaboration Now Ashore
Google introduces a new kind of computer mediated conversation today in San Francisco. (re: Frederik Pohl)

HTC Magic Smartphone At Google IO
Take a look at what they gave us at Google IO 2009; maybe the most remarkable pocket-sized computer you ever owned. (re: Niven and Pournelle)

TV-B-Gone Hoodie
I've been at the Google I/O conference this week, and this was just one of the cool devices featured at their after party. (re: Murray Leinster)

Google Holodeck Now Operational
Who knew Google had a holodeck? (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Rotating Space Elevator
Striking concept may sound similar to sfnal technologies used by Forward and Pohl. (re: Various)

Ethical Governor For Battlefield Robots
Is it possible for military robots to know when to fire? What will restrain them? (re: Keith Laumer)

KOBIAN Emotionally Demonstrative Robot
There have been physically demonstrative robots in science fiction; but most of them follow a common path. (re: Various)

Water Purity Detection In Real Time
'Will someone try chaumurky tonight - poison in the drink?' Not if Professor Katzir has anything to say about it. (re: Frank Herbert)

Geek Saints
In worshipful adoration, we humbly present our saints for worship. (re: Neal Stephenson)

Sneaky Robots Are Right Around The Corner
Although this is undoubtedly useful behavior for guard robots, is 'sneakiness' a trait we want to see in robots? (re: Philip K. Dick)

Voice Interactive Alarm Clock By Moshi
Hello Moshi - now haven't we all spoken to our alarm clocks at one time or another? (re: Frank Herbert)

U-Met Utility Helmet For First Responders
This helmet would be of use in a variety of situations, from disaster response to ordinary police work. (re: Davin Brin)

Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System
This device hovers over the urban battlefield, directed remotely (using a modified Xbox controller), with significant armament. (re: Larry Niven)

The Longest Story Ever Told?
Updated with interview. This story will take many generations of human beings to believe and yet it fits on the cover of a standard magazine. (re: Various)

Silver-Based Epoxy Makes Electronics Thinner
Interesting technique for making memory packages smaller - I'm pretty sure I read about this idea more than thirty years ago. (re: Niven and Pournelle)

WolframAlpha Is Not A Search Engine
I see the WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine in two science-fictional ways, but their engineers might be seeing another. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Rity Software Agent Has 'Genomic' Personality
The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation may own the patent on this idea; this software agent is back in the news with a much more complex personality. (re: Douglas Adams)

Cell Phone-Based Epidemiology For H1N1 Flu
Test will use cell phones to track your location; did you cross paths with anyone who was infected? I smell a new kind of fee from your cell phone provider... (re: Various)

Let's Pizza Robotic Pizzeria
More tasty food made by robotic minions is on the way; take a look at the video to see if Let's Pizza meets your standards. (re: Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Bacteria Helpless Slaves To Nanobot Master
Watch the video and see swarms of bacteria maneuver a nanobot in a dish; a trick someday to be performed in your own blood stream. (re: Various)

iVisit SeeScan Cell Phone 'Seeing Eye' Camera For Blind
This remarkable demo video shows some very impressive object recognition; very useful for the blind or people with low vision or other visual impairment. (re: Various)

iRobot Ember Crawling Microbot
Paperback book-sized microrobot will serve as a mobile platform for a variety of applications, including ad hoc networks. Just toss and boot up. Video included. (re: Various)

Navman Spirt TV Satellite Navigation Dashboard TV
So how come I can't watch TV on the display in my hybrid car? What's wrong with having a dashboard TV? (re: Philip K. Dick)

OLEDs Connected In Stretchable Display
Why not just print a watch onto your sleeve? With this device from Takao Someya and colleagues, you can do it now if you want. (re: Niven/Barnes)

Silent Talk 'Telepathy' For Soldiers
DARPA seems determined to provide soldiers with the ability to communicate with thoughts alone. (re: L.F. Stone)

Cloud Cities: Our Green Jovian Future
Updated! It's a little bit round-a-bout, but it's possible that our green future is out there in a gas giant. Now with more science, at reader request. (re: George Lucas)

Brain Scan Biometric Security
Philip K. Dick proves once again that he had the future sussed; it appears that your brain scan can be used as a 'fingerprint'. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Lunar Spider-Bot Swarm By Team Italia
Bold concept (with at least one functional prototype) by Team Italia, in search of Xprize rewards. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Venus Sensor And Portable Monitor For Dr. McCoy
The team at the National Space Biomedical Research Institute is trying to make this amazing device even smaller; it obviates the need for needle sticks in orbit. But will it be as small as the sensor in the video? (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Ripsaw MS1 Like Laumer's Bolo
This unmanned tank can do speedy maneuvers and zip along at up to sixty mph. It's not autonomous - yet. (re: Keith Laumer)

D_Shape 3DPrints Houses, Rocks, Temples
All you need is a CAD file - use it to print out conventional houses - are you kidding? Print out Mayan temples or Planet of the Apes houses! (re: Larry Niven)

HIRO Human Interactive Robot
Just how close do you want to work with robots? This robot can help roboticists find the answers. (re: Issac Asimov)

Electric Cars To Make Noise By Law?
A quarter-century ago, an SF writer thought that it might be cool to give silent cars real engine sounds. Now, you might be forced to - and no way to turn it off. (re: Robert Heinlein)

Saya Humanoid Robot Teacher
Did you think that 'no more teacher's dirty looks' would prevail in the era of the robotic teacher. Au contraire. (re: Issac Asimov)

On/Off Luminescent Ink Prints On Fabric
Not just glow in the dark; you can selectively illuminate pixels for that sleeve watch that Niven and Barnes got you all worked up about a couple of decades ago. (re: Niven/Barnes)

MIT Conversation Shielding Like Cone Of Silence
Keeping those office conversations private needs serious technology. MIT researchers are there with the goods. (re: Robert Heinlein)

PharmaSat Nano-Satellite Orbiting 'Lab'
Interesting experiment exapnds the role of very small, autonomous experimental 'labs'. (re: Michael Crichton)

Fukitorimushi Floor-Cleaning Robot - An Inchworm Dust Mop
This unique cleaning robot crawls along on its belly like an inchworm, shining it's blue-white searchlight upon your floor, looking for grime. (re: Ray Bradbury)

Brush Up On Star Trek Tech Made Real
So much Star Trek technology has been brought into being - at least partly - that I'm wondering what new worlds are left to conquer, technologywise, in the new Star Trek movie. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Facebot Ibn Sina Robot On Facebook
It appears that no one - not even robots - can resist the allure of social networking. (re: Various)

Underwater Robot With Touch Sensitive Skin
Divers with active imaginations may want to stay topside while this robot goes down below. (re: Murray Leinster)

Amazon Kindle DX XL E-Reader
Amazon finally unveils its new, large screen version of an e-reader. (re: Stephen Spielberg)

Bendable, Self-Healing Concrete
This engineered cement composite can not only bend, it can heal itself without any intervention from human beings. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Atomic Layer Deposition Like Wolverine's
This technique could also toughen other biomaterials. Like possibly an X-man's skeleton and claws? (re: Various)

RAPHaEL Robotic Hand Air-Powered
Thumbs up for this unique robotic hand, created by undergraduates. Compressed air is all you need to run it. (re: George Lucas)

DIY Robochess Robot From Iran
This do-it-yourself chess-playing robot was created by an 18 year-old Iranian student; it includes a mechanism for moving the pieces on the board. (re: Ambrose Bierce)

Bacteria Guided Through Bloodstream W/Magnetic Fields
Rather than building nanomachines (or building a shrink ray!), how about using actual bacteria as the 'robots' to move material through the bloodstream to a desired spot. (re: Issac Asimov)

Brain-Controlled Wheelchair
Take a look at this video of a wheelchair controlled by the brainwaves of the user. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Machine Dispenses Snacks When Economy Goes Bad
This device responds to bad economic news by dispensing comfort food. Would HAL have done better to offer Dave Bowman some nice snacks rather than a stress pill? (re: Arthur)

Robots Should Replace Cafeteria Ladies, Say Students
School children across the US are demanding an end to fallible cafeteria ladies - and a bold future of robot chefs! With videos. (re: Anthony Boucher)

Software Tools Design Anti-Viral Cities
Can software tools design cities to prevent the spread of disease? J.G. Ballard thought so, and so do modern computer scientists. (re: J.G. Ballard)

Talkie Toaster AI Website - Would You Like Some Toast?
Project seeks to create the obsessive toaster from the Red Dwarf TV series; visit the chatbot site and judge for yourself. (re: Various)

Green Box 'Futuristic' Pizza Box
Take a look at the video showing how to use this attractive, recyclable pizza box. But futuristic? I think Snow Crash has set the standard for the smart pizza box. (re: Neal Stephenson)

KASPAR Robot W/RoboSkin Teaches Autistic Kids Interaction
This well-developed robot platform is being given new, sensor-laden skin to further help autistic children. (re: Brian Aldiss)

Read/Write Brain Electrodes Handier Now
Prototypes can simultaneously read and stimulate brain neurons - smart neurological implant systems coming right up. (re: Frank Herbert)

Digilegs - Digigrade Leg Extensions
Sure, we've all wanted to trot like animals through the park. But Kim Graham has gone one step further and created wearable satyr leg extensions. (re: Various)

Programmable Lab-On-A-Chip
This important development will lead to much more useful portable biosensors and other analysis tools; it would be useful to have a device that detected swine flu from a simple needle stick. (re: Greg Bear)

Walking Gel Caterpillar Like The Blob!
Didn't I just write an article on squishy robots? Looks like these researchers are way ahead of the curve. (re: Various)

Lunar Oasis Greenhouse 2012
That plant will need a space suit to survive on the surface of the moon. And that's what the Lunar Oasis is. With video. (re: Raymond Z. Gallun)

Flexpeaker Paper Thin Speakers
Can you imagine a movie poster - that plays the movie soundtrack - right off the surface of the flat paper movie poster? Well, get to work on it. With video. (re: Larry Niven)

robuLAB10 Healthcare Roomba
This little bot is just a prototype, but imagine if you will a little household medical robot that follows your elderly mother-in-law around the house. (re: David H. Keller)

Power Generating Shoe Instructions
Don't let the power from walking go to waste - start gathering up that energy now with these DIY parasitic power harvesting shoes. (re: Frank Herbert)

Face Mining Star Trek For Kirk, 7-Eleven For You
Face mining and facial recognition are getting some real face time with their fans on the Internet. Take a look at what Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been up to. (re: Joseph E. Kelleam)

Shimon Robot Improvisational Jazz Sideman
Sure, the humans had some great sidemen, but now the robots can root for Shimon, the robot marimba player. (re: Various)

Multimode Directed Energy Armament System
I suppose calling this a 'ray gun' might be going too far, since I doubt it's portable. With proper miniaturization, maybe. (re: Harold Ramis)

Photo-Veil Camo Digi Military Wrap
Gather ye your images from divers sources, then place on a mesh to confuse thine enemies. Dick, Gibson, Martin - of whom does this remind you? (re: George R.R. Martin)

Allosphere Display Like X-Men Cerebro
Unique spherical display looks like something from the movies. X-men movies. (re: Various)

Smart Phone-Based Tricorder Tech
It's just a prototype, but it illustrates very nicely how the computing power and graphics of a smartphone can be married to existing small medical probes. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Automated Mammalian Training Devices
There must be a better way to train animals to do our bidding, reasons DARPA. (re: Frederik Pohl)

Sky-Terra Towers Blot Out Sky
'Centuries ago, Stratos was built by leaders that gave their word... that all inhabitants would live there.' Identify that quote. (re: Various)

Walk-In Cocktail Available In London
What appears to be the first walk-in cocktail is now available in a pub in Britain. (re: Frank Herbert)

Precision Urban Hopper Robot Must 'Stick' Landings
This robot has a piston actuated foot that lets it jump up to 25 feet in the air. And, yes, it was predicted by science fiction writers. (re: Bruce Sterling)

Universities Irrelevant By 2020
A Brigham Young University professor foresees the end of the university as we know it. But will it come soon enough? (re: Isaac Asimov)

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