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"Concepts of religion may now be goals of science and engineering."
- Bart Kosko

Optic Television  
  An eye that "sees" more than just its surroundings.  

There is a lot to see in the future world of this novel; so much that ordinary vision may not suffice. Nikolai had a few modern innovations installed to keep up with current events.

It was astonishing how much room there was in an eye socket, when you stopped to think about it. The actual visual mechanisms had been thoroughly miniaturized by Mechanist prostheticians. Nikolai had some other devices installed: a clock, a biofeedback monitor, a television screen, all wired directly to his optic nerve. They were convenient, but difficult to control at first. His wife had to help him out of the hospital and back to his apartment, because the subtle visual triggers kept flashing broadcast market reports.
From Twenty Evocations, by Bruce Sterling.
Published by Interzone in 1984
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It's interesting to me that he needs to learn to use it; that he inadvertently gets more information than he can readily assimilate or control.

Be sure to see the entry for Tleilaxu Eyes, from Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert.

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