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Bruce Sterling (b. 1954) is known both for his novels and for the Mirrorshades anthology, which defined the cyberpunk genre for many readers. In 2005 he became 'visionary in residence' at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Berlin Gets Talking Trash Cans
   Next spring, Berlin trash experts will build electronics into some of the city's wastebaskets that will allow them to speak - or even sing! - to the public.<
Gene Expression of Microbes Changes in Low Gravity Bioreactor
   The tiniest astronaut? Easy - the trillions of bacteria that accompany every manned space flight. With talk of moon bases and extended space travel back in the news, NASA again focuses on the question of how microorganisms behave in space.
Ghostrider Robot: Sterling's Smart Motorcycle?
   The Ghostrider Robot (aka Dexterit), an entrant to the upcoming "Grand Challenge" race sponsored by DARPA, is an autonomous self-balancing robotic motorcycle.<
Escapin: Anti-Bacterial Sea Slug Protein Prevents Biofilm Build-Up
   Escapin, an anti-bacterial protein found in the ink of sea slugs, could help marine equipment stay clean enough for golden age science fiction.
Raven - VectraSense ThinkShoe With DigitalDNA
   The Raven ThinkShoe, an atheletic shoe that senses activity levels and adjusts dynamically, is now available from Vectrasense.
The Blind May See - In The Dark
   A number of companies and research laboratories are working on optical prostheses; devices that are actually implanted in the eye of a person who is unable to see. Some allow a patient to see in the far-infrared.
Thump Eyewear: What About Video?
   Thump, the first performance eyewear with internally integrated MP3 storage and playback capabilities will be available this fall.
The Smart Construction Site Of The Future
   The future construction site detailed in Bruce Sterling's Distraction is closer than you think.
Shuffle Master Bets On RFID Poker Chips
   Casinos have sought in vain to accurately track table game bets and rate a player's wagering tendencies - until now. Shuffle Master has acquired two RFID patents that will allow them to track every chip on the table.
Flexible Fabric Speakers Are Coming
   A Korean research firm has announced that it has developed a technology for the mass production of sound speakers that are as flexible as fabric.
Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP Has Maximum Headroom
   Science meets science fiction today as you can finally have the online look you wanted; face manicuring (like Bruce Sterling) or full-on avatar (like Max).
Icuity iWear iPod Video Glasses
   Remarkable realization of the videoshades from the cyberpunk sf era.
Canadian Coins Are Bugged Money
   DoD reports say that contractors have received cash with listening devices - now, where have I read that before?
The Pirate Bay Wants Data Haven On Sealand
   One way or the other, The Pirate Bay wants a place to do data storage without interference from governments.
RFID 'Powder' - World's Smallest RFID Tag
   New tag from Hitachi is incredibly small - truly RFID in powder form.
Unwanted Life Forms Abound In Sick Spacecraft
   You don't want unauthorized life forms growing in the walls of your spacecraft - but there they are!
Muscle Suit Tokyo Exoskeleton Power Workout
   Who cares about carrying patients in hospitals? I want to do 200 pound curls!
Cyber-Warfare Waged on Estonia By Russia?
   Is this the first instance of cyberwarfare between nation-states?
BigBelly Solar-Powered Trash Can - Good/Evil?
   Oh, yes, someone has already thought about solar-powered trash cans.
Prototype Jockey-Ridden Hopping Robot
   A new sport in the process of being born? You be the judge.
Easy With Eve Virtual Teacher Understands Student Emotions
   Easy with Eve is a pretty good match for a standard sf cybernetic teaching system; can you think of a better example than mine?
Sociable Garbabge Can Robot
   This little trash can robot prototype may remind you of an upcoming Pixar film - or a Bruce Sterling novel from twenty years ago.
Google Navy: Water-Based Data Centers
   Avast, there: Google has filed a patent application for a sea-going Internet of sustainable data havens.
Beautification Engine Digital Facial
   This goes way beyond photoshopping away a few wrinkles; and yet, sf authors have led the way on this idea.
Carbon Nanotube Speakers Are Flexible, Transparent
   This material could be an enabler for a variety of science fictional ideas, Update: a reader has found a great precursor to the idea of a flexible speaker.
Precision Urban Hopper Robot Must 'Stick' Landings
   This robot has a piston actuated foot that lets it jump up to 25 feet in the air. And, yes, it was predicted by science fiction writers.
Terminator Salvation Motorcycle Robot Like Ghostrider
   Those neat motorcycles from Terminator Salvation have a real world development predecessor, as well as a science fictional predecessor.
Precision Urban Hopper Leaps Fence Video
   This little leaping robot has a pretty cool video; yet another DARPA inspired project.
'Air Hopper' Robot Grasshopper
   This robot has some leaping ability, for use on uneven terrain.
MovieReshape Like Bruce Sterling's Video-Manicuring
   Impressive video shows what can be accomplished with image manipulation.
Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker Perfect For Data Crypt
   Perfect for 'secure, anonymous, unregulated data storage.'
CyberWar May Require Military Response
   Cyber attacks may lead to combat.
Flexible, Transparent Speakers From Graphene
   See through your speakers, someday.
'Facetime Facelift' Beautifies Video Chats
   Always look your best - on Facetime.
Smartphone Monitoring Trashcans Binned
   'The can intoned. "Galveston appreciates good citizenship.'- Bruce Sterling, 1988.
360Specs Virtual Reality Glasses From Smartphones
   From Ray Latypov, the inventor of the Virtusphere.
MetaPro Holographic Glasses For VR Like Iron Man
   'He passes you a pair of heavy, black-rimmed military spectacles…'- Charles Stross, 2007.
Arcology Now Universal Constructor
   '... the hotel direly wanted to exist.'- Bruce Sterling, 1998.
Google Lobbies For Autonomous Motorcycles
   'He had never ridden any motorized device that lacked onboard steering and balance systems.'- Bruce Sterling, 1988.
Lit Motors Self-Balancing Motorcycle
   'He had never ridden any motorized device that lacked onboard steering and balance systems...'- Bruce Sterling, 1998.
OMOTE Face Hackers At Work Video
   '...a video-manicuring program came on line.'- Bruce Sterling, 1985.
Robotic Trash Can Wants Your Garbage
   'The can pivoted on broad rubber treads and rolled toward her...'- Bruce Sterling, 1988.
Can Bacteria Provide Food In Space?
   At least the scop was improving... - Bruce Sterling, 1988.
BMW Self-Balancing Motorcycle - Never Put Feet On Road
   'He had never ridden any motorized device that lacked onboard steering and balance systems...'- Bruce Sterling, 1998.
Disney Hopping Robot, From Disney Research
   '...vast, unerring, twenty-meter leaps.' - Bruce Sterling, 1994.
Just Eat And Starship Bring You Food Via Robot
   '...its underside was studded with grilled sensors.' - Bruce Sterling, 1994.
Bacteria Behave Differently In Space
   'The Republic struggled to control its Sours...' - Bruce Sterling, 1985.
Meet Assist-e Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle
   'He had never ridden any motorized device that lacked onboard steering and balance systems...'- Bruce Sterling, 1998.
Shiftwear Display Shoes
   'He unlaced her shoe and glanced at its readout.' Bruce Sterling, 1988.
Stick-On Tape Speakers, As Predicted By Bruce Sterling
   Flexible tape speakers, someday.
'Snapchat Dysmorphia' Now A Thing, Say Plastic Surgeons
   'The program raced up the screen one scan line at a time, subtly smoothing, deleting and coloring.' - Bruce Sterling, 1985.
Bitcoin Surges Again, To $7,000
   '... electronic, private cash, unbacked by any government, untraceable, completely anonymous.' - Bruce Sterling, 1994.
Google Commits To Fighting Deepfakes
   'The program raced up the screen one scan line at a time, subtly smoothing, deleting and coloring.' - Bruce Sterling, 1995.
China Delivery Robot Development Quickens During COVID-2019 Outbreak
   'Something very much like a camouflage-painted kangaroo.' - Bruce Sterling, 1994.
Drones Used To Smuggle Contraband Into Prison
   'And some mega chip inside so it never runs into anything and no cop ever sees it.' - Bruce Sterling, 1994.
Yamaha MOTOROiD Living Motorcycle Experiment
   'He had never ridden any motorized device that lacked onboard steering and balance systems.' - Bruce Sterling, 1998.
VToonify Video Manicuring Program
   'The program raced up the screen one scan line at a time, subtly smoothing, deleting and coloring.' - Bruce Sterling, 1985.
'Courier Commons' By Tomorrow Lab, From Karl Schroeder (and Bruce Sterling?)
   'The pokkecon rang again. *The coffee’s for him?* Tsuyoshi said.' - Bruce Sterling, 1998.
Yamaha Motoroid 2 No Handlebars Self-Balancing Motorcycle
   'He rode the bike with an intense lack of physical grace...' - Bruce Sterling, 1998.
Video Manicuring ala Schismatrix
   'The program raced up the screen one scan line at a time' - Bruce Sterling



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