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"I think a lot of kids whose mental growth outruns their maturity gravitate to science fiction."
- Dan Simmons

Television Sheet  
  A large, flat screen television set.  

Very early description of this idea; it appears to be complete in itself (the picture does not require a projector to put the image onto the sheet),

"You have a good room here. Have you tried your television sheet? Probably did not know you had one, did you? Here it is over on this apparently blank wall. Let me turn off the lights and tune in for you. Do you like opera? I can get some good heavy opera from Berlin, or, perhaps, you rather see the Follies or a good Burlesque show. How about it? They are playing cricket over in Australia and I can get that for you.”

Let’s see a good song and dance show for the tired business man,” suggested Haggard. “I hear that the show, “ADAM NEEDS A MADAM,” is worth seeing.”

Drach turned off the lights and tuned in on the musical comedy. And for the next two hours the chorus girls pranced and danced and sang, and they were seen and heard just as well in the hotel room as they would have been in the best seat of the old time theater.

Technovelgy from The Threat of the Robot, by David H. Keller.
Published by Science Wonder Stories in 1929
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Even college undergrads preferred to watch events on television:

Why, even the undergraduates do not come out to support their team, but prefer to see the game in their rooms or frat houses.

What was the end result of giving people no reason to leave their homes?

You destroyed the best there was in sport, took away the pleasure of attending amusement in a mass, and, by placing all entertainments in the home, you turned mankind into a selfish, introverted, anti-social animal, who cared for little save his own entertainment.

This prediction is all the more amazing when you consider what television with just 30 scan lines of resolution looked like in the 1920's:

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