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"This is a predictive tool I've used: There are goals we've sought for ten thousand years, and we'll go on seeking them. Instant transport and travel, immortality (or at least longevity and miracle cures.), instant learning "
- Larry Niven

Express Dolphin  
  A most agreeable means of locomotion under the waves.  

Our travelers looked, but couldn't see anything in front of them. "You're looking for the boat?" Said the professor with a smile; "but it's there in the right place for a dolphin."

"What! Under the water?" Maurice asked.

"Under the water!" Repeated M. Atout. "For a long time, it was thought that a boat must operate on the surface; but new research has changed all that nowadays some of our ships, travel underwater, just as some of our roads are underground. You'll come to realize there are advantages to both methods. The express dolphins, when they are beneath the waves, fear, neither the wind, nor lightning, nor boarding parties, nor pirates. As for their construction, you can judge for yourselves."

He led them to the end of the landing stage, where there was a diving bell to take them down to the submarine.

The shape was borrowed from the fish for which it was named. It was a huge dolphin, it was tails, and fins were driven by steam. Instead of scales, it had a gleaming row of little windows; and the air was drawn into the interior through tubes, the ends of which floated on the surface of the seat.

Technovelgy from Le Monde Tel Qu'il Sera (The World As It Shall Be), by Emile Souvestre.
Published by Michel Lvy Brothers in 1846
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