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"Science fiction is the very literature of change. In fact, it is the only such literature we have."
- Frederik Pohl

Time-Space Television  
  A device for seeing into the past.  

IT was no ordinary darkness, this sharply outlined circle of obscurity, but a complete obliteration of light. Utter absence of wave motion of any sort. The annihilation of space, time, and matter. It was as if Ridge looked through and into a vast cosmic void.P<> And then, as his eyes accustomed themselves to the strange blackness, misty shapes took form in the area. Brilliant light points came to stud the velvet blackness. A great heavenly body rushed out of the ebon vastness. A familiar body, with bright encircling rings — Saturn. With mad speed, they appeared to be hurtling toward it. Ridge gripped the edge of the slab on which he sat as the eerie sensation persisted.

The voice of Bzor seemed to reach him from some immeasurable distance as he spoke swiftly in explanation; “What you observe, oh Reej, are light images akin to those of your own optophones. Here, however, you are looking not only through space itself but into the past as well. We do this by capturing wave motion equivalents of light and sound long since released but still adrift in the immensity of the etheric cosmic. Hundreds of generations into the past we see and hear — now.”

The time-space television went blank and the crystal-walled room once more flooded with rosy light.

From Water-Bound World, by Harl Vincent.
Published by Amazing Stories Quarterly in 1932
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