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"Science Fiction is speculative fiction in which the author takes as his first postulate the real world as we know it, including all established facts and natural laws."
- Robert Heinlein

  A force opposed to gravity.  

This is the earliest use of this word in a strictly science fiction magazine. See antigrav boots for the earliest use of the abbreviated version of that word, as far as I know.

But the antigravity apparatus will have to be capable of generating a greater repulsive force than is required for ordinary interplanetary conditions.
Technovelgy from The Vanguard of Neptune, by J.M. Walsh.
Published by Wonder Stories in 1932
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An earlier use of "anti-gravity" can be found in a short story in a publication called The Scrap Book, published in 1906:

As I passed the window of his workshop, I looked in. What I saw there puzzled me exceedingly.

Hanging on a level with my eyes was a pair of feet in tan shoes... As I stared in wonder at the dangling feet, they gradually receded, in a gliding manner, until they had faded from view...

"...bending down he twisted the handles on two metal rods that were strapped to his legs, like pole-climbers' irons.

Immediately, to my consternation, he rose in the air until his head touched the ceiling...

It's ridiculously simple, this new force. A piece of platinum and a piece of copper coated with - but that's the real secret of it all. I'll say nothing of that just now. A disk of platinum coated with my new preparation, in which, I may say, radium plays some part, has a propelling power of immense force.

...For want of a better name I am temporarily referring to it by the ridiculous and wholly inadequate name of "Anti-Gravity". The power of this strange agenc y is the greater the larger the superficial area of the metal exposed. A cover of rubber-coated copper neutralizes the force. On the instep of my shoes I have a disk of the prepared platinum fastened, together with a cover of copper that can be turned on or off at will by means of these connecting rods...

(From The Man in the Air, by Frederick R. Keates)

Note also that the idea of a force that acts in opposition to gravity can be found in the description of "apergy" found in Percy Greg's 1880 novel Across the Zodiac:

" I needed a repulsion which would act like gravitation through an indefinite distance and in a void..."

The use of antigravity is also seen in the spindizzy from James Blish's 1957 novel Cities in Flight.

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