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Spacesuit Testing
A device and method for testing spacesuits.
(From The Shot Into Infinity [1929] by Otto Willi Gail)
Charted Planetoid Mines
Charting the planetoids and minor bodies for mining purposes.
(From The Day We Celebrate [1941] by Nelson S. Bond)
False Animal Repairman
A specialized roboticist who repaired robotic animals.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K. Dick)
Space Placers
Miners who use placer mining techniques adapted from Earth geology.
(From The Day We Celebrate [1941] by Nelson S. Bond)
A drug with the side-effect of virtually eliminating hunger.
(From The Traitor [1941] by Karl von Rachen)
Electric Kitchen
Food preparation in space requires safe equipment.
(From The Shot Into Infinity [1929] by Otto Willi Gail)
Pneumatic Suit
An airtight spacesuit.
(From The Shot Into Infinity [1929] by Otto Willi Gail)
Rewriting History
Use of sophisticated technology to continuously rewrite the historical record.
(From 1984 [1948] by George Orwell)
Harvesting Saturn's Rings
Mining the rings for industrial purposes.
(From The Computer Connection [1974] by Alfred Bester)
Abbreviation for "atomic bomb".
(From Sixth Column [1941] by Anson MacDonald)
Epileptigenic Ray
Ray causes uncontrollable spasms in human subjects.
(From Sixth Column [1941] by Anson MacDonald)
Inertial Bracelet
Device to still hand tremors.
(From Psychohistorical Crisis [2001] by Donald Kingsbury)
Commute Disk
Flying autonomous commuter vehicle.
(From The Chromium Fence [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
A durable form of magnesium.
(From The Cave of Horror [1930] by S.P. Meek)
A form of adaptive camouflage gear.
(From Matadora [1986] by Steve Perry)
A set or series of universes in parallel with our own.
(From The Sundered Worlds [1963] by Michael Moorcock)
Death Projector
Wide angle Ray of death!
(From The Stolen Mind [1930] by M.L. Staley)
Killer Robot
An autonomous robot made for the express purpose of killing living creatures.
(From Rust [1939] by Joseph E. Kelleam)
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