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Incinerates everything in its path.
(From Parasite Planet [1935] by Stanley G. Weinbaum)
Radio Meteor Detector
A device carried by space ships that could detect meteors in space early enough to avoid them.
(From Islands of Space [1931] by John W. Campbell)
A device that combines picture with sound for personal communication.
(From Islands of Space [1931] by John W. Campbell)
Normal Space
As opposed to hyperspace.
(From Islands of Space [1931] by John W. Campbell)
Flame Pistol
A hand-held weapon that incinerates opponents.
(From The Empress of Mars [1939] by Ross Rocklynne)
Bee Wing
A flapping wing aircraft in use on Mars.
(From Slacker's Paradise [1941] by Malcom Jameson)
Flat Photo
A two-dimensional pictorial representation of a three-dimensional real space. A picture.
(From Hyperion [1989] by Dan Simmons)
The workspace of console cowboys - the matrix.
(From Hyperion [1989] by Dan Simmons)
Model the Universe
A computer capacious enough to contain a representation of the entire universe.
(From The Cyberiad: Fables for the Cybernetic Age [1965] by Stanislaw Lem)
A group of artificial intelligences with vast resources and the entirety of human dataspheres to access.
(From Hyperion [1989] by Dan Simmons)
Project Scoop
A space craft feature that collects dust for study.
(From The Andromeda Strain [1969] by Michael Crichton)
Structural Scanning
Essentially, a whole-object camera, that would take a detailed picture of the structure of an object.
(From Assassin [1978] by James P. Hogan)
A poorly formed 3D printed copy, with an interior that was a mass of malformed material.
(From Pay for the Printer [1956] by Philip K. Dick)
Deposition (3D Printing)
A method for creating any object, molecule by molecule.
(From Assassin [1978] by James P. Hogan)
Cranial Amplified Programming CAP
An aid to learning, which you apply directly to your skull.
(From Killing Titan [2015] by Greg Bear)
A teleportation device.
(From Eye of Cat [1982] by Roger Zelazny)
A sentient computer partially built with magic.
(From Blood of Amber [1986] by Roger Zelazny)
UHF Shower
And ultra high frequency shower, which do used energy instead of water to wash off.
(From Eye of Cat [1982] by Roger Zelazny)
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