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"Evolutionary success ... is going to absolutely require mobility on, at a minimum, an interplanetary scale. We either go or we die out."
- Richard Morgan

Space Fleet  
  A group of mighty ships capable of space travel - and fighting.  

As far as I know, the first use of this handy phrase.

"...when Air-Admiral Richer, who had accompanied us on our trial flight, was introduced by Baldwin, a deep silence fell.

“Senator Biggs is wrong,” he thundered savagely... "As for their space flyers — I, too, have seen them, and as Doctor Halpin advocates, we must give them battle! To do so we must go through the curtain with a fleet of space flyers. There is no other way. We must do this or perish!”

Things moved quickly after that. In the short space of twenty-four hours a bill authorizing the immediate construction of twelve more space flyers modeled after the Space King was hustled through both houses of Congress, and was immediately signed by the President.

The next two months were times of feverish toil and heartbreaking anxiety. Every factory in the nation that could in any way contribute its mite was pressed into service and run day and night. Every man whose labor could possibly be used to advantage was employed. Meanwhile the deadly bombs still fell intermittently, but fortunately most of them struck in isolated sections and the loss of life was comparatively small.

At last the great space fleet was ready. The momentous word was passed from lip to lip and then radioed around the world. Halpin and I made a personal inspection of the great vessels to make sure that nothing was left undone to insure the success of our coming adventure. Although the ships had been hastily constructed, each was staunchly built, and each was an exact duplicate of the Space King in size and equipment.

Technovelgy from Through the Meteors, by L.H. Morrow.
Published by Air Wonder Stories in 1930
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