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"the [science fiction] writer should be able to convince the reader (and himself) that the wonders he is describing really can come true...and that gets tricky when you take a good, hard look at the world around you."
- Frederik Pohl

  A building material, too good to be true, with hidden properties.  

Richard ran a hand through his hair. “The Bulero Complex outside Chicago is falling apart. All three tiers are—well, glowing strangely, as if burning inside.”

“The whole three-thousand-foot pyramid?” Sam asked, trying to imagine the event.

“Yes. There are a lot of electromagnetic phenomena. There’s smoke. Everyone has been evacuated.” Richard took an unsteady step forward.

“It must be on the evening news,” Sam said, looking around for the remote control.

“No! Listen—we don’t have time. It’s the bulerite—it’s unstable. When our two ore haulers were destroyed in space…we found the same kind of ash in Jack’s yacht and around his disintegrated coffin. When they refloated what was left of the yacht, the bulerite statuettes of Prometheus were gone, together with all the bulerite on the vessel.”

Sam saw fear in Richard’s tired eyes, as if something of Jack had taken possession of him.

Jack killed himself, Sam thought, feeling a guilty satisfaction.

“Earth-moon,” Richard said softly, “it’s all built up with bulerite. All our major cities and hundreds of lesser ones, sea-bed communities, the magma and geothermal taps—patients walking around with bulerite hearts and bones.” He looked at Sam with despair. “Even if we could take it all apart by tearing it loose at the adherence joints, which we don’t know how to do easily, what could we do with the stuff? It would take years to ferry it off-planet.”

Technovelgy from Macrolife, by George Zebrowski.
Published by Harper and Row in 1979
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