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"The writing is clicking away in my head and piling up, and unless I get it on paper somehow it's going to create uncomfortable pressure in my skull."
- Isaac Asimov

Diagnostic Type Sense Transmitter  
  Allows the doctor to directly feel the same sensations that the patient feels.  

Aother man was carried up and the head surgeon of Number Two battleship bent over him a moment. Quickly he applied electrodes to the body and, with connections through a small box of meters and dials to his own body, the doctor, after three seconds spent in careful adjustments of the dials, and sitting with his back to the injured man, gave orders to the other surgeons.

“Trephine the skull four and three-tenths centimeters above the left auditory orifice for a blood clot due to concussion. Open the abdomen over the appendix, there seem to be ruptured intestines. Four ribs are pulled away from the spine and the left femur is broken in two places."

[Addison] wondered what manner of careless surgeon ftis might be who gave orders of this serious nature without even touching the patient, to say nothing of a careful examination...

“That box is what we call a Diagnostc Type Sense Transmitter. When those connections are made the pains of the patient are transmitted to the body of the surgeon and he can feel just what the patient feels. To keep from being rendered unconscious by the pain as is the patient, the surgeon varies the intensity of the sensations transmitted to his own person by adjusting one of those dials. Again, if the pain is intense enough to feel quite general, the operator can gradually reduce the intensity until the pain in the sympathetic area falls below the threshold and only the pain from the true injury is perceptible, thereby enabling the operator to locate the true source of pain better than the patient who feels the discomfort over an apparently large area. The instrument is especially valuable in working with unconscious people and with infants. Aside from the diagnostic purposes, the instrument has led to some of the most amazing discoveries in physiology and psychology. The principle was discovered when a scientist was experimenting with the body capacity effect on short-wave radio receiving sets.”

Technovelgy from The Sky Maniac, by Henri Dahl Juve.
Published by Air Wonder Stories in 1929
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This same technology has applications in court rooms:

They were now, in the course of the picture, presented with a court-room scene. He became intensely interested in the fact that the judge and each of the jury was supplied with a pair of electrodes as was the accused.

“Why the wiring ?”

“That is another application of the sense transmitter. The judge and jurymen are enabled through its use to experience all of the emotions and thoughts of the defendant and are thus enabled to judge accurately as to the disposition of the case. Most of our criminals are sent to the psychopathic hospital for treatment, since most of the crimes committed are the result of some psychic abnormality.”

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