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"At its best, SF is the medium in which our miserable certainty that tomorrow will be different from today in ways we can't predict, can be transmuted to a sense of excitement and anticipation, occasionally evolving into awe."
- John Brunner

  Special craft for journeys through the atmosphere of a gas giant planet.  

This created word is a portmanteau of Šnemos (wind) and pteron (wing). Just for fun, see the origin of the term gas giant.

The boat-like anemopter that Valadez had sent for them had a cruising speed of just less than the speed of sound, which in this part of Skyís atmosphere meant about nine hundred kilometers per hour. The speed, Bianca thought, might have been calculated to bring home the true size of Sky, the impossible immensity of it. It had taken the better part of their first dayís travel for the anemopterís point of departure, the ten-kilometer, billion-ton vacuum balloon Transient Meridian, to drop from sightóthe dwindling golden droplet disappearing, not over the horizon, but into the haze. From that Bianca estimated that the bowl of clouds visible through the subtle blurring of the anemopterís static fields covered an area about the size of North America...

She followed it forward to the anemopterís rounded prow. The naturalist, Erasmus Fry, was already there, resting his elbows on the rail, looking down.

From Finisterra, by David Moles.
Published by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 2007
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Compare to the kite-copter car in The Kokod Warriors (1952) by Jack Vance.

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