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"Tokyo homeless people reiterate the whole nature of living in Tokyo in cardboard boxes, they're only slightly smaller than Tokyo apartments, and they have almost as many consumer goods. It's a nightmare of boxes within boxes."
- William Gibson

Tracked Vehicle  
  A heavily armored vehicle, typical of those in use, with a remarkable agility.  

This remarkable vehicle apparently required both hands and feet to operate properly. Dosadis were a notoriously violent group; they would plunder an open vehicle without mercy.

McKie glanced at the machine. It was an obvious war device, heavily armored with slits in its metal cab, projectile weapons protruding at odd angles. It looked squat and deadly.

It was about six meters long with heavy tracks, plus other wheels faintly visible within the shadows behind the tracks. It sported a conventional antenna at the rear for tapping the power transmitter in orbit beneath the barrier veil, but there was a secondary system which burned a stinking fuel. The smoke of that fuel filled the air around them with acridity...

Bahrank turned and led the way swiftly, clambering up over the tracks and into a shadowed cab. McKie followed, found the interior a tightly cluttered place full of a bitter, oily smell. There were two hard metal seats with curved backs higher than the head of a seated Human or Gowachin. Bahrank already occupied the seat on the left, working switches and dials. McKie dropped into the other seat. Folding arms locked across his chest and waist to hold him in place; a brace fitted itself to the back of his head. Bahrank threw a switch. The door through which they'd entered closed with a grinding of servomotors and the solid clank of locks.

Bahrank put them through a series of dazzling speed changes and turns for no apparent reason.

From The Dosadi Experiment, by Frank Herbert.
Published by Berkley Putnam in 1977
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It also has the capacity to pick its metal treads up and run on rubber wheels when silence (or the road surface) demanded it.

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