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Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke was born in Somerset, England in 1917 and died in his second home of Sri Lanka in 2008, where he moved in 1956. Best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey and Childhood's End. He has also been honored by scientists; he developed the idea of the geosynchonous satellite.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

The Dawn Of Orbiting Manufacturing In 2020?
   'It can be mass-produced only in the orbiting factories.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Terminator Tether - EDT Solution To Space Debris Update
   Studies have shown that low Earth orbit is not a limitless resource and should be managed more carefully. Some sort of debris-mitigation measures are needed to solve the problem of old, unusable satellites and space junk.
Robots and Emotion: Tetchy the Turtle Meets HAL-9000
   In 2001: A Space Odyssey and in I, Robot, robots had the ability to understand human emotion. Affective Media, based in Scotland, is working on it now.
Dyson Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Is Self-Diagnosing
   James Dyson has added a new feature to his vacuum cleaners - they can tell service personnel exactly what the problem is. All you need to do is "phone home" - that is, call the service center.
Reduce Global Warming By Blocking Sunlight
   At a conference last year on global warming, distinguished astrophysicist and sf author Gregory Benford pointed out that the various measures proposed to stop global warming will not do the job soon enough.
Scientists Succeed At (Cryogenically Enhanced Magneto-Archimedes) Levitation
   Scientists at the University of Nottingham have succeeded in (Cryogenically-Enhanced-Magneto-Archimedes) levitating some of the heaviest elements in nature, including lead and platinum.
In-Flight Wi-Fi Gives Me Clarke Moment
   Actually, yes, Arthur C. Clarke's vision of checking the news on a tablet computer while in flight can be improved upon...
Carbon Nanotube Ribbon For Space Elevator
   An amazing development - real hyperfilaments just like Clarke described for building a space elevator.
Liftport Closer To Space Elevator Goal
   Liftport Group has moved closer to making a working space elevator this past week.
Sony Reader Electronic Paper Book
   Sony tries again with the Sony Reader - much improved DRM over its lockdown predecessor the LIBRIe.
XPod Activity And Emotion Aware Mobile Music Player
   A sensitive iPod? These researchers have a player that knows what you want before you do.
NanoTerminator Prevents Annoying Space Debris Build-Up
   The journal Science puts out more predictions on space junk; manga author already has the answer.
Multi-Touch Interaction Overlord Control Screen
   Use both hands and all your fingers with this interface, just like Earths' Overlords.
News E-Papers From Plastic Logic
   Newspads and mediatrons, science fiction staples, are now making the prototyping rounds.
Space Elevator Downer
   Space elevators going up, or going down - read this article and its references and decide for yourself.
Tsunami Warning System Working In Asia
   Humans depended mostly on aliens for help in Clarke's 1953 novel Childhood's End. Other alternatives are now available around the world.
Undergrad Proposes Asteroids As Radiation Shields
   Excellent idea from a 19 year-old undergrad - and Arthur C. Clarke - could get astronauts to Mars more safely.
Optimus OLED(Not!) Keyboard Chameleon
   This keyboard changes its colors (or its keys) for every occasion.
Robotic Cable Inspection System
   This unique robot operates under very difficult and constrained conditions; we need one of these for the space elevator program, too.
Debris Cloud From Chinese ASAT A Menace To Space Lanes
   Arr, best keep a weather eye for Chinese weather satellite debris whilst passing through the debris cloud...
Computerized Lip-Reading Crime Fighters
   Interesting project to teach computers how to lip-read automatically.
Sony DataTiles Inspired By What SF Movie?
   The cool Sony DataTiles are back in the news, and they were inspired by a particular science fiction movie.
Big Brother To Read Lips Like HAL
   The British are at it again, taking a technology designed to deal with criminals, and applying it to everyone.
HAL-Buffett 9000 To Make 50 Percent Of Trades By 2010
   The computers are taking over at Wall Street firms this year.
Clarke's Inflatable Lunar Habitats Now NASA's
   Arthur C. Clarke calls another one in his early novel A Fall of Moondust.
STriDER Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot
   Surely this is what Arthur C. Clarke imagined in his 1972 novel Rendezvous With Rama.
Kuka Robot Bible Calligraphy
   Can a robot benefit from performing a devotional task?
Near-Miss Asteroid Is Found To Be Artificial
   Astronomers about to announce one of the closest near-misses by an asteroid in history, make an amazing discovery.
Huge Crustacean From 400 Million B.C.
   Scientists are staggered by the size of this behemoth from 400 million B.C.
zeroHouse Self-Sufficient In Power, Water
   This unusual house design results in a dwelling that is not limited to placement on the 'grid' - you could live practically anywhere.
Frustration-Detection System Patented By Microsoft
   I seem to recall an earlier, science-fictional solution to this problem.
Arthur C. Clarke v1.0 Dead At 90
   Arthur C. Clarke will be missed; I've put together his 90th birthday video along with about thirty of his ideas and inventions.
MAHEM Metal Jets Like Clarke's Stiletto Beam
   This idea amazed me the first time I read about it, in Arthur C. Clarke's excellent novel 'Earthlight.'
SEMAINE Project For Sensitive Artificial Listener (SAL) Robots
   It looks like these real-life computer scientists are trying to follow in the footsteps of the fictional Dr. Chandra - they're trying to create SAL 9000.
Sealed Goldfish Chain Would Disturb Titan Colonists
   This unique novelty item from China has a terrible secret.
MEDUSA Controls Crowds By Talking Inside Their Heads
   Device uses microwave audio effect in a manner similar to that proposed by the Overlords from Clarke's Childhood's End.
Moon Base Two Inflatable Lunar Habitat
   Very nice drawings of an inflatable lunar base concept; but I think that Clarke's verbal description fifty years ago is better.
Hexapod Emotional Spider Robot Sees Your Face
   Crawly, but not creepy - that's Hexapod the emotionally expressive robot spider.
This Alien Earth
   Where do you think the most alien environment on Earth can be found?
Yotify Scouts Work The Web For You
   Nifty application site offers 'google alerts on steroids' which sf fans will certainly recognize from some of their favorite novels.
JALURO Lunar Robot - 2-Wheeled Open Source
   The Team FREDNET lunar robot offers a unique two-wheeled design; is it stable? See a picture and judge for yourself.
Nanny Robot Senses Emotions Of Autistic Children
   This robot may be able to use its emotion-sensing abilities to take over for people in the care of autistic children.
'Virtual Cocoon' Virtual Reality Helmet
   When you think virtual reality, whom do you think of? Clarke, Bradbury, Dick, Roddenberry? This helmet engages all five senses.
Space Debris Cleanup Suggestions Ignored
   It's not like writers didn't do everything they could to sound the alarm - and suggest solutions.
Roomba Detects Emotions Like HAL-9000
   Just wait until this device is used to control more powerful technology. Let sleeping Krell lie, I say.
Ballutes Studied For Hypersonic Space Vehicles
   HyperCMST will simulate the use of ballutes in space missions. However, take a look at this video clip from the movie 2010 to really get a feel for ballute deployent.
Machine Dispenses Snacks When Economy Goes Bad
   This device responds to bad economic news by dispensing comfort food. Would HAL have done better to offer Dave Bowman some nice snacks rather than a stress pill?
Lunar Spider-Bot Swarm By Team Italia
   Bold concept (with at least one functional prototype) by Team Italia, in search of Xprize rewards.
'Try Zero-G' From JAXA Totally Unlike SciFi Movies
   No wonder so many people believe that man never walked on the moon; popular tv and movie versions of space flight never show what actual weightlessness looks like in an orbiting ship.
Rotopod Rotational Legged Locomotion Robot
   This robot was directly inspired by the tripedal 'spider' robots described by Arthur C. Clarke in Rendezvous With Rama in 1972.
ESA Space Claw To Grab Space Junk
   Now, where have I seen this idea before?
Computer Learns Sign Language From TV
   Human beings just don't have that many ways to communicate basic (ie, life-sustaining) ideas in ways that are outside the realm of a computer's understanding. Now, another safety barrier falls.
Buying a Tablet Computer?
   I think that tablet computers might just make it this time around. Here's why.
NASA's Spring Tire For Improved Lunar Mileage
   The tires on the original Lunar Roving Vehicle were fantastic; however, plans to drive the LRVs of the future for thousands, not merely hundreds, of kilometers means we need better tires.
Robots Learn To Lie
   What are the consequences for humanity if we encourage robots to learn how to lie? What are the consequences for the robots?
Computers Now Lip Read Like Humans
   Remember that very far-fetched scene in 2001 where a computer reads lips? Not so far-fetched anymore.
Instant Housing
   Haven't you ever found a spot with a view so great, you'd just like to plunk a house down right there, and enjoy it right now? Now you can.
Europa May Support Life
   Is there life on Europa? SF author Arthur C. Clarke popularized the idea in a book and a subsequent movie. There is a liquid ocean - but is there enough oxygen?
Lev, Theremin-Playing Robot
   Pretty cool DIY robotic device reprises a classic song from the 1950's, the same ere during which the theremin dominated sf movie soundtracks.
Are Black Hole Starships Possible?
   Fascinating paper makes fascinating reading, particularly as an adjunct to the early fictional work done by Arthur C. Clarke.
Samurai CCTV System Targets Suspicious People
   And you used to be concerned about human beings watching you on CCTVs, looking for suspicious behavior.
Nokia Feel Emotional Recommendation Engine
   Is Nokia really this far behind Apple in the cellphone business?
Laser Thruster 'Tractor Beams' For Space Junk
   Here's a suggestion for removing space junk; is it more or less far-fetched than some of the ideas of sf writers?
SASI Sarcasm Recognition A Really Useful Invention
   Better watch what you say around automated voice recognition systems the next time you call customer service.
EPI Life First ECG Mobile Phone
   The world's first cell phone with a built-in ECG monitor.
Italian Scientists Who Failed To Predict Quake Indicted For Manslaughter
   Is quake prediction still in the realm of science fiction? Italian prosecutors don't think so, apparently.
Did Arthur C. Clarke Predict GPS?
   'But as for details of frequencies and powers, I'll have to leave that to the experts to work out; I'll get on with my science fiction and wait to say -I told you so!'
Murdoch To Create Digital News-Paper
   In which Rupert Murdoch demonstrates his mastery of future technology.
Brian Robot Reads Your Emotions, Then Creeps You Out
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset.'
DEMON UAV Has No Moving Flaps
   Successful demonstration of 'flapless flight' in this unmanned aerial vehicle.
Computer Recognizes Human Emotions From Conversation
   What are the practical applications of a computer that can correctly infer emotions from speech?
Space Junk-Eating Pod-Craft
   Some day, a solution to the problem of orbital debris will get off the ground.
Robot Pianist Is Self-Correcting
   This little robot is just starting out, but it can listen and learn from its own mistakes.
iRing Lunar Flex-Wheel
   Might these wheels also work on Earth? Lunar expeditions are somewhat chancy these days.
EDV-01 Instant Self-Sufficient House
   'There was nowhere on the planet where science and technology could not provide one with a comfortable home...'
Antenna Repairmen In Fact And Fiction
   'I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly.'
Voice Stress Detection In Emergency Callers
   Take two stress pills and call me in the morning.
Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2 vs. Clarke's Newspad
   What a world we live in; science-fictional devices are readily available.
AliveCor Claims Apple Watch Infringes ECG Patents
   '...a sweet mezzo-soprano voice remarked in a conversational tone: "I think you should sit down and rest for about ten minutes.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
DARPA's Sarcasm Detector Totes Gets Your Drift
   'TARS, what's your sarcasm setting?' '100 percent.' - from Interstellar.
Samsung Cites 'Space Odyssey' Newspad Against iPad In Patent Suit
   Should a science fiction movie be used as 'prior art' in a patent dispute?
Space Habitat Has Inflatable Loft
   Tested in a pretty good substitute for Mars, the moon and even asteroids, found right here in the USA.
SLS Robot Spider 'Daddy Longlegs'
   I'm hoping they make these available in kit form.
Computer Knows You're Mad, Chills You Out
   Those irritating computerized voice recognition systems may make you less annoyed.
Kinect 2 Could Read Lips - Like HAL
   Don't talk about disconnecting your Kinect 2 in front of your Kinect 2.
CleanSpace One Goal: De-Orbit Space Debris
   OK, earthlings: Let's get rid of space debris once and for all!
Japanese Company To Build Space Elevator?
   Establish an elevator system linking Earth to space!
Carbon Nanotube Knife Like Cheese Slicer
   Fascinating development in materials science, predicted by Clarke thirty years ago for sf fans.
Speechjammer To End Your 1st Amendment Rights
   Try to express yourself now; it's technology with intended consequences.
Wavii Follows Your Selected News
   SF writers have been fascinated with the idea of personalized news for a long time.
MIT Smile Research Knows Your Real One
   'Why don't you take a stress pill and get some rest?'
China Carries Out Automated Space Docking
   China's space capabilities continue to evolve.
Winbot Scrubs Your Windows
   'There were the window cleaners... who were apparently polishing their way...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972
Space Debris Cleanup - Use Harpoons Or Gas Clouds?
   '...satellites of all shapes and sizes... had been accumulating in Earth orbit... Now it had to be located, and somehow disposed of.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
RASC-AL Lunar Wheel Design Challenge Is ON!
   ' tanker rolled on the peculiar flex-wheels which had proved one of the best all-purpose ways of getting around on the Moon.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968
Arthur C. Clarke Describes PC, Internet - In 1974
   A remarkable statement about the future.
Tiny Bio-Bots Take Big Steps Forward
   'If the biological robots were not living creatures, they were certainly very good imitations.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Deceptive Robots Learn Lying From Squirrels
   'HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Could You Kill A Robot With Human Characteristics?
   'My mind is going... I can feel it...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Ecovacs Winbot 7 Window-Cleaning Robot
   'There were the 'window cleaners,' with large padded feet...', Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Could Ground-Based Lasers De-Orbit Space Junk?
   'Then their lasers vaporized the smaller satellites...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Sony's A4-Sized Flexible Digital Paper Notepad
   '...he would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit and scan the latest reports...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Squid Vs. Whale Diorama Liked By Humans, Aliens
   'Everything was ready, awaiting the Overlords' pleasure...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1953.
Computer Simulates Daydreaming
   Perhaps you will dream of HAL, just as I often do.- Arthur C. Clarke, 1982.
Australians To Zap Space Junk Ala Arthur C. Clarke
   '[They] could easily pinpoint the debris of the early Space Age.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Auto Emotion Detector Lets Your Car Know Your Mood
   'Why don't you take a stress pill and get some rest?'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Tabbot Robot Inspired By Spiders (And Clarke?)
   'Each leg in turn acted as a pivot around which the creature whirled its body...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
First 3D Printer In Space?
   'It can be mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Tracking Spinning Space Junk
   'Loose nuts and bolts... had been accumulating in Earth orbit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Visual Speech Recognition - When Will HAL Read Lips For Real?
   Will computers be able to read lips?
Diamond Nanothreads For Space Elevators?
   'Continuous pseudo-one dimensional diamond crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke.
Should You Put Your Virtual Assistants In Your Will?
   'The most important was the design of the Personal Interest Profile.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
'Diamond Nanothreads' Now, Someday Space Elevators?
   'It is a continuous pseudo-one dimensional diamond crystal'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Students! NASA Wants To 3D Print Your Tool Design In Space!
   'Mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1979
Do You Want A Tablet Computer? Or, Fad Over?
   'He would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Neuroscientist Works Toward Virtual Immortality ala Clarke
   'Nothing will be left of Jeserac but a galaxy of electrons frozen in the heart of a crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
Data Mining Computers Detect Your Emotions
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Super Ball Bot Tensegrity Robot For Solar System Exploration
   'Each leg in turn acted as a pivot around which the creature whirled its body...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Zap Space Debris With Telescope Laser On ISS
   '... their lasers vaporized the smaller satellites...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
LightSail Solar Sail Deploys
   'This was the first time any solar yacht had ever attained it...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1964.
Google AI 'Deep Dreams' Kubrick's 2001
   'I was only trying to do what I thought best....' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Canada's Inflatable Space Elevator Tower
   "...establish an elevator system linking Earth to space?"- Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Tesla Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2018
   It's been a criminal offense for at least a hundred years to drive manually on a public highway.- Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Tesla's New Autopilot, With Test Drive Video
   'As the beautiful old car cruised in almost perfect silence under the guidance of its automatic controls...'
Tesla Autopilot Road Trip 2995 Miles, 57 Hours
   'The beautiful old car cruised ... under the guidance of its automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Microsoft's Surface Book Is Part Clipboard
   'Floyd sometimes wondered if the Newspad, and the fantastic technology behind it, was the last word in man's quest for perfect communications...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Fully Autonomous Vehicles In 2 Years - Musk
   'The beautiful old car cruised... under the guidance of its automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976
Autonomous Cars In Snow? Ford, University Of Michigan Say Yes!
   'Under the guidance of its automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976
Twitter Sarcasm Detected By Computer
Pothole Detection Technology Expands
   'It would adapt its shape and diameter to the terrain...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Computers Learning To Read Lips
   No, it's safe, HAL can't read your lips now...
IBM Tone Analyzer - Like HAL 9000
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Chris Brewer Speaks at Michigan Robotics
   'As the beautiful old car cruised in almost perfect silence under the guidance of its automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Bigelow To Offer Inflatable Lunar Bases
   Arthur C. Clarke would be thrilled.
Google Working On A 'Cutoff Switch' For AI
   'A remote control, so you can pull the plug on Hal whenever you want to.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1982.
Jeff Bezos Wants Orbiting Factories (Clarke-style)
   'Only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
China Bans Self-Driving Car Testing
   Innovation hits some bumps.
Robots That 'Feel' Real Emotions
   How do you feel about emotional robots and computers? No, really, you should share.
Juno Gets Close To Jupiter, Fiction Gets Closer!
   Amazing Juno spacecraft cozies up to the biggest planet in our solar system.
New Laser Space Debris Clearing More Subtle Than Clarke's
   Rather than nudge them up, nudge them down.
Carbyne, The Ultimate Form Of Carbon
   'A continuous pseudo-one dimensional diamond crystal...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Space Elevator Planned By Obayashi Corp
   'And so to establish an elevator system linking Earth to space?' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Will Astronauts Get iPads In Space?
   'He would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
AI Lip Reading Better Than Human, Like HAL 9000
   Nothing to worry about, until computers control most vital systems.
Childhood Dreams Of Space Realized! Space Junk Problem Solved!
   'Give the noble daydreams a rest, you preachy rookie. Astronauts are wage slaves like everyone else!' - Planets, 2003.
Dilbert Writer Scott Adams Plans For Immortality
   'Nothing will be left of Jeserac but a galaxy of electrons frozen in the heart of a crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
Researchers Say 'Biohybrid Robot' - Clarke Said 'Biot'
   '... The biological robots were not living creatures.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972. - To Skype With The Dead
   'Nothing... left of Jeserac but a galaxy of electrons frozen in the heart of a crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
LipNet Reads Lips - Until Disconnected, That Is
   'We'd have to cut his higher brain functions... I'm not sure what [HAL} would think about that.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
3D Print Tiny Bio-Bots
   '... biological robots were not living creatures.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Amazing Tesla Autopilot Video
   'As the beautiful old car cruised in almost perfect silence under the guidance of its automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
Archinaut Orbiting Robotic Factory
   'Mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Drones Will Transform Cities
   Where we're going, we don't use roads.
SINTEF Robot Cleans Solar Panels
   'The window cleaners, with large padded feet...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
An 'Ethical Black Box' For Robots?
   Explored by science fiction authors.
Siri Now Smoother, Perkier (Thanks, Deep Learning!)
   'Good morning, Dr. Chandra. This is Hal.' - Arthur C. Clarke
Nifty New SDS Space Debris Sensor For ISS
   'Their radars... could easily pinpoint the debris of the early Space Age.' Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Made In Space To Manufacture Optical Fiber In Orbit
   'Mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Will You Live To See EM Pulse Scattering By Ships Nearing Light Speed?
   '...half a million kilometers away, the Stardrive went on.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1953.
Elon Musk Tweets Versions Of Clarke's Operation Cleanup
   'Fortunately, the old orbital forts were superbly equipped for this task.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Researchers Create Bowls, Coils, Ripples Of Living Tissue
   '... biological robots were not living creatures.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
When Robots Beg For Their Lives
   "Just what do you think you're doing... Dave.'
Sleeep PRO Earplug For Maximum Rest
   'Merton... placed the electrodes of the sleep-inducer on his forehead.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1963.
Testing The Single-Person Spacecraft
   '...the lower part of the suit was simply a rigid cylinder.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1952.
Yandex Self-Driving Taxi Is Very Smooth
   'The big car was slowing down, its computer brain sensing an exit ahead.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
New Lifelike Material Powered By Artificial Metabolism
   '... The biological robots were not living creatures.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Datagrid Model Generation Perfect For Eternal Cities Of Science Fiction
   '... there was enough flexibility to allow for wide variation. - Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
Is There Extraterrestrial Life Here In The Solar System
   'How fast is it moving? meter per minute.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1982.
Orbital Manufacturer 'Made in Space' Gets $73 Million NASA Contract
   'Mass-produced in the orbiting factories...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
Clarke Was Right, Artificial Intelligences DO Dream
   'Of course you will dream. No one knows why." - Arthur C. Clarke, 1984.
Powdered Regolith Propulsion
   '... filling their great tanks with the finely divided dust which the ionic rockets would spit out in electrified jets.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1951.
Space Hero Inc. Offers Trip To ISS As Reality Show Prize
   'This is Elmer Schmitz, presenting to you the finalists in our Aviation Quiz Program...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1952.
Starlink Satellites Leading Edge On-Orbit Debris Mitigation
   Propulsion-assisted orbital decay, brought to you by SpaceX.
First Lunar Water, Then... Monolith?
   'It looks brand new, doesn't it?' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
3D Printed 'Blisk' Manufactured In Orbit
   'It can be mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978.
BladeBUG Robots Clean Massive Wind Turbine Blades
   'There were the cleaners, with large padded feet, who were apparently polishing their way the whole length...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Space Construction Tools For Large Structures By OAC
   'Mass-produced in the orbiting factories...'
Solar Powered Robot Cleans Up Solar Panels For Free
   '... with large padded feet, who were apparently polishing their way the whole length of Rama's six artificial suns.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Worlds With Underground Oceans More Conducive To Life
   'There is life on Europa.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1982.
Adjust Earth Temp With A Bazillion Solar Sunshades
   ' the sun passed the meridian at Cape Town-it went out.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1953.
The Details Of Teslaís FSD Full Self-Driving
   'As the beautiful old car cruised in almost perfect silence under the guidance of it's automatic controls...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1976.
American Astronaut Will Return With Fellow Russian Crew
   A most difficult announcement
Giant Telescope Lenses Made In Space
   '...a cyclopean beast living among the asteroidal rubble of some distant sun.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1953.
Back In The Office? Relearn To Smile
   'I must, therefore, overrule your authority, since you are not in any condition to exercise it intelligently.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.
Google Engineer Convinced LaMDA Chatbot Is Sentient, Is Sent Home
   'Whether we are based on carbon or silicon should make no difference.'
Sierra Space Inflatable LIFE Habitat Burst Pressure Test
   'It was like being inside a balloon...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1961.
Alien Eyes - Here On Earth!
   '...a picture of a cyclopean beast living among the asteroidal rubble of some distant sun.' - Arthur C. Clarke
Tsunami Forecasts Improved By Ionosphere Signals
   'Swifter than any tide could ebb, the water was receding from the shore.'
Can Artificial Intelligences Be Stopped?
   'What is it?... A guillotine for mice?' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1982.
SpaceHopper Microgravity Robot Lands On Its Feet
   '...a slender-legged tripod surmounted by a spherical body no larger than a football.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Solar Panel Cleaning Robots
   '... polishing their way the whole length of Rama's six artificial suns.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1972.
Splendid View Of Eclipse From Orbit Visualized And Repurposed By Arthur C. Clarke
   'The area affected was five hundred kilometres across, and perfectly circular.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1953.



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