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Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977) began writing science fiction in 1924. Along with E.E. "Doc" Smith, he created the space opera genre. He started writing for DC Comics, in their Superman series, in the 1940's. He continued in this activity through the 1960's.

"Entered Westminster College at the ripe age of 14. Three years later the dean summoned me and gently informed me that regular attendance was necessary to an education and that mine had become so irregular he had decided to suspend it altogether. Education over, I did some newspaper work, for a while getting out a most unhumorous humor column. Then because I hated, and still hate, indoor work, graduated to railroading and an assistant-yardmaster’s job.

I sold my first story to a weird magazine in 1925. Thus I started on the downward path. Right now I am tackling fiction as a whole-time proposition.

Height, five feet ten, weight, one hundred and fifty, white and unmarried. Swimming is my favorite amusement, though I like hiking, too. I consider golf and bridge games for dimwits, but like poker."

(Edmond Hamilton)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

A device that shields an object from the effects of gravity.

Crashing Suns (1928)

A graphical representation of gravitational fields.

The Sargasso of Space (1931)

Hall of the Council
An enormous council chamber, fit for a galaxy.

Crashing Suns (1928)

A handheld device that used reaction matter to aid explorers in space suits to move around easily in zero gee.

Murder in the Void (1938)

Heat Transmitter - warmth to outer planets
Device which captures solar energy close to the source and then beams it in concentrated form to outer planets.

Crashing Suns (1928)

Hive Mind
A group mind.

The Face of the Deep (1942)

Interplanetary Passport
Required document for space travelers.

Murder in the Void (1938)

Invasion Gate For Aliens
Using alien instructions to create a gate for alien invasion.

Monsters of Mars (1931)

Invisible Watchmen
Automated 'home security' sentry system that targets and eliminates intruders.

Murder in the Void (1938)

Learning-Cap - for thinking
A special metal helmet for electro-education.

The Knowledge Machine (1948)

Machine Masters
Humans did less and less, and machines did more and more, until machines became the masters.

The Reign of the Masters (1931)

Machine Servant
A wheeled plastic box with universal-joint arms.

The Star of Life (1947)

Matter Transmitter and Receiver
A device that transports matter through space.

Monsters of Mars (1931)

Meteor Warning System - incoming meteor swarm detected
A system that provided rockets in flight with early warning of meteors.

A Conquest of Two Worlds (1932)

Meteorometer - meteors ahead!
A device that warned space ships in flight about oncoming meteors.

Crashing Suns (1928)

A device that probes ahead in space detecting swarms of deadly meteors.

The World With A Thousand Moons (1942)

Maneuver to chase down and destroy meteor showers that threaten celestial navigation.

Crashing Suns (1928)

Micro-Cosmos (Microcosm)
The universe in miniature.

The Cosmic Pantograph (1935)

An astronomical instrument for looking at objects in a miniature universe.

The Cosmic Pantograph (1935)

Miniature Universe
A microcosmic universe created in the laboratory.

Fessenden's Worlds (1937)

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