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Comments on US Company Implants Chips In Workers
Well, it's finally happened - US workers get chipped like dogs. (Read the complete story)

"Why would anyone want to have one of these chips stuck in him? It would prevent accidental loss, of course, but if somebody wanted to steal one he would have to cut you open or cut off your arm. One use that the government might make of these chips is to implant them in imprisoned terrorists and then let them "escape".When they return to their terrorist organization then we will be able to locate it."
(William Mayes 2/16/2006 2:17:16 PM)
"Also it helps big business keep their slaves under control.What is happening to freedom& democracy????"
( 4/26/2006 1:00:54 PM)
"Like the bible says, the mark of the beast were no man can buy or sell unless he has the mark(implant)!!!"
( 4/26/2006 1:55:05 PM)
"666 the Devils number in the right hand or the forehead. That's what this is going to evolve into."
( 5/1/2006 6:09:21 PM)
"People with any sense of biblical knowledge would do well to avoid this implant(RFID). Read Revelation Chapter 13 Verses 16 and 17. The means are possible for this science to be used for negative purposes as well. There are enough restrictions to ours freedoms as it is."
(Steve B. 5/3/2006 1:13:11 PM)
"Hey,DUMMY doesnt the BIBLE say something about this in Revelations?Watch your a_ s boy its gonna get burnt!!!!!"
(JBK 5/4/2006 4:56:36 AM)
"you have got to be kidding me right? NO WAY!!!"
(slave 5/12/2006 2:25:06 PM)
"i know a spot you can implant your chip you yuppie geeks!"
(redneck red 5/12/2006 2:26:33 PM)
"well for all you non beleivers out there another prophesy coming true yet you all call it technology i call it the sign of the times or should we say the antichrist you all question the bible yet you are blind to the truth i pray that in time you will be allowed to see the whole picture im not going to preach at you for you probably already know all i can do is say a silent prayer for you and wish you the best time on your venture into hell may god have mercy on your soul your opening the gates of hell and the worst part about it you dont realize your doing it"
( 5/27/2006 8:20:26 PM)

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