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Comments on Pioneer Space Probes Unexpectedly Slow Down In Deep Space
once Pioneer 10 and 11 passed beyond the orbit of Uranus, the radio signals sent back by the aging craft have been shifted to progressively shorter wavelengths. This implies that they are decelerating slightly; no one knows why this is happening. (Read the complete story)

"Hmm - I think that Phillip Jose Farmer explains in his World of Tiers books that the earth exists in a 'pocket universe' and that there really isn't anything past our solar system - its all faked..."
(Dwight  11/24/2004 11:16:32 AM)
"As I recall, I had a philosophy professor who encouraged us to think of God as "a really big guy just outside the orbit of Pluto.""
(Bill Christensen 11/24/2004 7:42:42 PM)
"I've just read an interesting artical in New Scientist about pendulums behaving unpredictably during solar eclipes,the artical mentioned the pioneer anomoly and a possible flaw in general relativity. Interesting stuff. "
(AC 11/28/2004 3:30:06 AM)
"The suns solar wind may be reaching its limit to push at this point, with or in relation to Pioneer’s position. It is possible that the craft is encountering particles much denser then our sun. With this in mind another probe to study this is to me most important. "
( 12/4/2004 12:42:35 PM)
"very interesting.Kind of scary"
( 12/9/2004 7:35:45 PM)
"Light moves slower as electromagnetic and gravity field density increase. Where is the OBSERVER and where is the spacecraft now? Once they were in similar environments. Not anymore. When the EMITTER (spacecraft) is transmitting from a region of lower density electromagnetic fields toward an OBSERVER in a denser electromagnetic environment -- voila refractive effects. There is also some similar gravity field effects. "
(CJF 3/13/2005 11:37:45 AM)
"hit a gravity field from planetoid?"
( 11/30/2005 6:06:02 PM)
"Intelligent design, with a general quarantine of the solar system may explaine this. who ever designed us may want to keep us inside the fence! "
(Henry cadwallader 1/5/2006 6:05:59 PM)
"there is needed complete history for student reasearch."
(george bush 3/10/2006 10:48:56 AM)
"this website is very gd"
(greg 5/4/2006 5:49:29 AM)
"The Universe is an optical ilussion.The Pioneers will stop at the edge of the Solar System. :) "
(Aleksandar 6/23/2006 3:55:10 AM)
"Dear Sir, I have now solved the pioneer anomaly and also other 5 cosmological blunders of the last 85 years, see the summary page 8, new Newton law page 1, Regards Joseph Nduriri ++33(0)6-31-13-61-55"
(nduriri 8/12/2006 1:37:22 AM)
"No doubt the effect of the "slow down" of the space probes Pioneers and Voyagers is due to the effect of world constant acceleration. However it's not the way theory MOND predicts. In fact, MOND theory is not a theory at all. I made very precise calculations about this "mistery acceleration". Soon I will post in my web-site htpp:// these results and the theory behind. Dr. Kiril Chukanov You can contact me on: "
(Kiril Chukanov 8/22/2006 10:56:07 AM)
"Allais Effect has been solved 1) The pioneer anomaly (hidden matter) 2) The Allais Effect (gravity shield) 3) The galaxy disk shape flatness (no explanation). 4) The spiral form aspiration of matter by the accretion disk (frame dragging, science fiction). 5) The matter bipolar jets trajectory (magneto hydrodynamics theory, incoherent theory since the magnetic field cannot deflect neutral matter = circumstantial theory = confusion). 6) Galaxy rotation curve flatness (dark matter, MOND theory). 7) The source of matter bipolar jets (contradicts event horizon theory, science fiction) See summary page 9 and page 1 for new Newton law "
(nduriri 8/23/2006 11:26:21 PM)
"Was the constant of cosmology the only blunder that Einstein has ever had in his search for gravitomagnetism or is it an iceberg of the biggest blunder on Einstein equation of gravity? Why did astronomers gather circumstantial evidence that massive bodies attract light without taking into account the diffraction of light by matter (the Sun for example)? Is science an ideology, a dogma or a huge business? Are some scientists merchants of science fiction? How does it come that the old guards of relativity have not yet presented a global, coherent and falsifiable gravitomagnetism theory and at the same time continue considering themselves as experts in relativity? Are they the old guards of an immovable past or are they experts in freezing science progress? The old guards are spending huge amounts of tax payers’ money, do they know what they are looking for or are they just speculating on what might be measured? The old guards have not yet developed a falsifiable gravitomagnetism theory, how do we expect them to analyse the data? What went wrong with the mission? Is the data crashed? Should the tax payers ask the old guards to give an account on the money spent in space research? Why are the old guards scared about testing the linear vector gravity with the available data or by simulation? What is behind all this strident silence? Are the old guards of relativity stuck? Time will tell. See "
(nduriri 9/2/2006 9:54:42 AM)
"I know what is causing Pioneers space probes slowdown. Yiu can visit my or E-mail me"
(Kiril Chukanov 9/12/2006 3:48:50 PM)
"By usig the light dynamics, the radiation pressure for any reflective surface can be derived. By using the same approach the light rocket engine thrust equation can be derived. See light dynamics.PDF"
(nduriri 9/23/2006 9:55:24 AM)
"I have now defined the gravitational radiation in new Newton law.PDF page 8. Rectilinear and circular masse particles motions. "
(nduriri 11/10/2006 1:46:56 PM)
"Thanks for your comments. In a two-body problem system, the angular momentum is not constant as stated by the Newton law. The rate of change of momentum (torque) is alternating but due to gravitational waves radiation energy loss, the torque is not symetrical with respect to the perihelion and aphelion line of axis. This explains the mercury perihelion advance. For more details see topic gravitational waves radiation.PDF in"
(nduriri 11/24/2006 9:22:25 AM)
"In my humble opinion, the slow down in due to our perception of time. The Pioneers are not actually slowing down but they are speeding up. Something weird is happening with time dilation. "
(RY 12/6/2006 3:22:29 PM)
"If we put aside the hypothesis of space time curvature and basing our experiment on special relativity, we are designing an experimental tool to generate and detect gravity waves in LAB before the 2010. This experimental tool is based on the amplification of a gravity waves stretch emitter and the detector is being optimized to reduce thermo agitation noise of mobile charges. If all goes we, this will be a major break thru in gravity waves transmitters, this would double the number of telecommunication channels. Joseph Nduriri, FRANCE "
(nduriri 3/29/2007 4:31:03 AM)
"If you want to know what is the reason of this mystery, visit, please, my"
(Kiril Chukanov 4/9/2007 7:27:41 PM)
"Maybe they just baught the materials for the probe from a local D.I.Y store to cut down on cost's. Maybe some/parts ect of the low grade materials have corroded and the probes overall mass has been reduced causing it to slow."
(Will Smith 6/30/2007 4:22:59 PM)
"If gravity warps space and time similar to a sheet with a bowling ball on top. It would stand to reason considering the locations close to the edge of our galaxy of the pioneer space craft they are slowing down because they are traveling uphill."
(lighttraveler 7/5/2007 7:44:52 AM)
"Let me state that we are not claiming to have absolutely solved this anomaly. I will only say for now that we proposed a postulate which has been published, and has garnered interest from other scientists, notably Los Alamos, Brookhaven and NASA. Basically we think that the sun's light curves space time (produces a gravity field like mass, which is already predicted by G.R.) but that the acceleration is quantized, meaning that it depends on the frequency of the sun's light and not the intensity, analogous to the photoelectric effect. We tried this approach because the force was described as being constant with distance. "
(Phil Russell 11/30/2007 2:02:00 PM)
"Could the probes be plowing through snowballs (Oort cloud?) Could "dark matter" be water/ice?"
(mn 2/9/2008 2:35:38 PM)
"Pioneers 10 space probe the mystery of slowdown "Pioneers on the 10th" space probe deceleration problem is that the 21st century physics major world problems. Many scientists put forward many theories to explain this problem, but no one recognized the world theory. However, a physics teacher Zhuyonghuan China has solved the problem, after more than 20 years of testing, Mr Zhu that "pioneers on the 10th" in flight delays and there has been a "vortex of" a direct relationship,Mr Zhu not only proved the existence of such a force, but also that a new formula gravitational F = Fn + Ft To the weight of Fn = GMm / r ^ 2 - Tangential component [of the scroll] Ft = kGMm ω Cos α / r ^ 2 K = 0.4 for one factor, ω is the angular velocity rotating ball, the unit: Band / sec; α to the orbital inclination. With the gravity of this new formula can be explained and calculated "pioneers on the 10th" slowdown issue 1. Qualitative analysis: "Pioneers 10" "pioneers 11" and "Galileo," are in the Earth launched from Earth orbit (GEO scroll) to detect Jupiter, although the scroll from the Earth, but still in the sun Scroll; Near the Earth from the Sun, the Earth's orbit around the sun of the scroll, far from the sun and Jupiter, the Scroll of small. To the Earth's orbit around the turn as a frame of reference to the observation orbit around Jupiter spacecraft felt that the slowdown. 2 quantitative analysis: Earth's rotation velocity ω e = 1.16 × 10 ^- 5 laps / sec. solar rotation period of 25 days Solar rotation velocity ω s = ω e/25 , quality of the mass of the sun and Earth: Ms = 3.3 × 10^5 Me Earth radius Re = 6.4 × 10 ^3km Earth to the sun distance: ds-e = 1.5 × 10^8 km Jupiter distance to the sun: ds-j = 7.78 × 10^8 km To the sun as the center of the earth to orbit near the vortex edge: Ft-e = GMsm ω skCos α / ds-e^2 (Cos α ≈ 1, m for the spacecraft weight, coefficients for k = 0.4) ① In orbit around Jupiter to the sun by the vortex of the Ft-j: (Ft-j / Ft-e) = (ds-e / ds-j)^2 ② To the Earth's orbit around the turn as a frame of reference to the observations of Jupiter, the spacecraft orbit around the deceleration of Ft: Ft = Ft-e-Ft-j =1.o8× 10^-10 Fne Fne surface of the Earth Gravity This conclusion by scientists with the United States is closer to the data. NASA launched the "pioneer of 10" 4 spacecraft slowdown issues since entering the new century the major celestial mechanics, It questioned Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation is accurate and powerful, It proved Kepler's idea of the gravity, the general theory of relativity proved that the "framework gravitational drag" forecast, It also scroll (the tangential component of gravity that is) the accuracy of the formula provide a more precise criteria. Reference: “Scroll of mysterious - gravity partner Profile ”Books Author: Shuyonghuan Publisher: 21st Century Publishing House - China 2005。3 "
(zyh 4/16/2008 1:47:23 AM)
"vortex force Introduction of In the beginning of the last century, Astrophysicists face a problem, Mercury recently at the precession (Newton's theory deviation of: 43 angle seconds per century ), This is the quote the classics scholars can not explain, and it is not Newton's theory of classical mechanics adopted by a storm. Then only 37-year-old in 1916 Einstein published the《〈basis of general relativity〉》,Schwarzschild Metric German mathematician in the field equations of general relativity to the Mercury precession of the mystery,Mercury precession was therefore established the general theory of relativity early as the first major experiment. Later measured the Earth, Venus and other planets has also point precession of the general theory of relativity and the calculation of anastomosis with good results. Mercury precession and in the light deflection in the gravitational field, the gravitational redshift spectra of the three major criterion known as general relativity. In the beginning of the new century, have an astrophysicist at the problems facing the front ,This is NASA launched the "pioneers 10" "Galilean slightly," four spacecraft speed reduction. American scientists through 10 years of observation, found space for the role of a slowdown The effect is tiny - only about one part in 10bn of that due to the Earth's gravity acting on you right now - but it is definitely there. So some scientists questioned Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, However, while some scientists believe that the best flight path is based on the parameters calculated, it is too early to doubt the basic law. We explore the long-term, in 2001, with Cavendish balance is measured not only by gravity to the component (that is, Newton's gravity), but also the existence of the tangential component, and that formula. To our planet, as an example, in addition to the original gravity (ie to the component), with the rotation of the earth, there are around in the vortex force of its (tangential component) the existence of ,The vortex force of (that is tangential component) and the Earth's rotation rate is proportional relationship. In the gravitational theory to elect representatives, it seems that non-Kepler, Newton and Einstein to my mind. It is worth noting that three representatives in the two agree that planets or stars in the rotation around a vortex. Kepler's idea of the same gravity as the car spoke, on the one hand to maintain the planets in their orbits can not run away (ie the components), on the other hand, with the sun's rotation around the sun forced planetary rotation (that is tangential component) . Einstein's general theory of relativity in there is a little-known forecast to be tested, the framework called gravitational drag [frame dragging]. When a planet or star rotation in space, it will drag space-time in its surrounding. This is very like the following example, when you filled with water in the bowl, one ball, and their rotation, the surface will be generated by the friction of water along the direction of rotation drag ball, the ball near the water in the rotation faster, the farther away from the ball, the friction of water drag effect will be weak. Newton's theory does not recognize the planet's rotation a scroll, so could not pass on Newton's theory of the "Mercury precession," this hurdle, a spacecraft can slow down this hurdle, Not only that, in many helpless astronomical phenomena, such as the angular momentum of the solar system, Venus reverse rotation problems…… . Practice is the sole criterion for testing theory, laboratory come to the conclusion also subject to the test of practice can rise to the theory. use of vortex & gravitational force formula, explain and calculate the following questions. vortex force of 12 major criterion [quantitative calculation, high school students can master] 1. Mercury precession 43 "per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) 2. Venus precession 8.4 "± 4.8" per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) 3. Earth's precession 5.0 "± 1.2" per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) 4. "Pioneers 10" four spacecraft speed reduction. ( slowdown by the the acceleration : one part in 10 billion of gravity at Earth's surface ) 5.the moon Away from the Earth (3 cm per year). 6. Cycle of the Earth's rotation slows down. (Per hundred years 0.00164 s] , 7. Coriolis force whereabouts eastward. 8. Around Mars Phobos campaign cycle to slow down the week 0.1 ms 9. Sun-synchronous orbit satellite orbital plane precession; altitude of 900 km polar orbit satellite orbital plane precession of the daily 1 degree. The orbital plane of the vertical scroll relatively static, the situation in order to prove Scroll of the accuracy of the vortex force and an excellent opportunity. 10. Oblate of the Earth , 5 × 10-5m/s2. On the Global Positioning System GPS satellite orbit produces nearly 10,000 meters every day the impact of this phenomenon of vortex theory can be used to explain and calculate. Satellite orbit calculation of the largest perturbation of the - non-perturbation of the ball, not the flat rate from the Earth, but the role of the vortex. 11. Solar wind acceleration: time to reach the Earth, usually in the jet speed of 450 kilometers per second around. 12. With near 20years explore the more than 300 people each repeated verification; used Cavendish torsion balance measured vortex force of existence, and that formula New gravitational formula in the 2001 : F = Fn + Ft To the weight of Fn = GMm / r ^ 2 - Tangential component [vortex force] Ft = kGMm ω Cos α / r ^ 2 K = 0.4 for one factor,the unit: sec/Band ; ω is the angular velocity rotating ball, the unit: Band / sec; α to the orbital inclination. Reference: “mysterious vortex force- gravity partner ”Books Author: Zhuyonghuan Publisher: 21st Century Publishing House - China 2005-3 "
(zyh 4/18/2008 12:10:56 AM)
"tangential vortex force: 1.Lab vortex force a.used Cavendish torsion balance measured vortex force of existence, and that formula New gravitational formula in the 2001 vortex force a.the moon Away from the Earth (3 cm per year). b. Cycle of the Earth's rotation slows down. (Per hundred years 0.00164 s] , c. Coriolis force whereabouts eastward. d. Sun-synchronous orbit satellite orbital plane precession; altitude of 900 km polar orbit satellite orbital plane precession of the daily 1 degree. The orbital plane of the vertical scroll relatively static, the situation in order to prove Scroll of the accuracy of the vortex force and an excellent opportunity. e. Oblate of the Earth , 5 × 10-5m/s2. On the Global Positioning System GPS satellite orbit produces nearly 10,000 meters every day the impact of this phenomenon of vortex theory can be used to explain and calculate. Satellite orbit calculation of the largest perturbation of the - non-perturbation of the ball, not the flat rate from the Earth, but the role of the vortex. vortex force a. Mercury precession 43 "per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) b. Venus precession 8.4 "± 4.8" per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) c. Earth's precession 5.0 "± 1.2" per century. (Newton's theory of deviation values.) d. "Pioneers 10" four spacecraft speed reduction. e. Solar wind acceleration: time to reach the Earth, usually in the jet speed of 450 kilometers per second around. 4. Galaxy rotation curve flatness (dark matter, MOND theory). 5.Mars vortex force a. Around Mars Phobos campaign cycle to slow down. E-mail me "
(zyh 5/3/2008 5:58:24 PM)
"tangential vortex force Reference:1." With Cavendish torsion balance experiment measuring gravity tangential component "and" physical communications 2002.9 " 2.“mysterious vortex force- gravity partner ”Books Author: Zhuyonghuan Publisher: 21st Century Publishing House - China 2005-3 "
(zyh 5/3/2008 11:50:51 PM)
"Universal Resistance Shouyuan Chen (Information College of Shandong Normal University 250014 Jinan, P.R. China) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Universal Resistance: Every body loses its kinetic energy and resumes to its state of relative rest because resistance is natural and universal force that always is exerted on the body unless the body has been in relative rest state. A body contacts directly with other objects, the resistance exists mainly in form of the frictional force. As a body does not contact directly with other objects, the resistance exists mainly in form of indirect resistance force. The moving object affects other objects by a force field (this is called U-field: its field intensity is in direct proportion to its momentum and is in inverse proportion to the square of distance, and its direction is the same as motion direction), all objects affected by U-field react in return on the moving body, the sum of the all reaction forces is called indirection resistance force. U-field of spin object: U=K(J/R2)COSα,(J—angular momentum, α-the angle between vector radius and the equator plane, R-the distance from the point to center),direction of U-field at each point is the same as that of spin ,and the intensity of U-field is the strongest in the equator place, and is zero at two polar points. Effects of Universal Resistance: Universal resistance theory asserts that every body is acted on by resistance to lose its kinetic energy and to resumes to the state of relative rest unless it has been in the state. The natural state of motion of any object is relative rest, if a body is not the rest state, it always returns to the rest. This assertion would be in accordance with natural phenomena. Logical reasoning 1: When every body on the earth moves relatively, resistance makes it to lose its kinetic energy and makes it to return relative rest. The experiments of Galileo’s inertia do not deny this. Experiment: This assertion appears to be contradicted with one’s everyday experiences. Suppose we exert a force with the hand to move a book along a level table plane. After we are no longer exerting a force on the book, because the frictional force is exerted on the sliding book, the book does not continue to move indefinitely, but slows down and eventually comes to rest. The ball in vibration returns to relative rest with the Earth. And so on. Logical reasoning 2: As a planet rotates relatively, resistance is exerted on it, and makes it to lose its kinetic energy and so makes it to slows down at long time. Observation phenomena: Archaeologists find that the rotation of Earth slows down at long time, before six hundred million years, it has 420 days in one year, now it only has 365days. Logical reasoning 3: If the revolution angular velocity of moons is larger than angular velocity of the rotation of center celestial body, then the moons are affected by universal resistance, they could lose their energy and its orbital radius becomes smaller, its sidereal revolution period becomes shorter. Astronomical observation phenomena: Phobos is one moon around Mars, it revolves very rapidly, and it completes an obit of Mars in only 7 hours 40 minutes, less than a martian day. Because Phobos orbits more rapidly than Mars rotates, an observer on the surface of Mars would see Phobos moving conspicuously backwards compared to Deimos, the other planets, and stars. Because its revolution angular velocity is lager than the angular velocity of the spin of Mars, universal resistance makes its sidereal revolution period to reduce slowly at one millisecond every cycle. As Phobos is slowly spiraling downward, it should hit Mars in only 30 million years! Logical reasoning 4: Star rotates, there is universal resistance that is always exerted on it. The star loses their energy of rotation and slows down. If a Star revolves, resistance makes it to lose its kinetic energy of revolution, and so sidereal period become shorter. Astronomical observation phenomena: Rotation periods of neutron star or pulsating star are remaining very constant, but pulsar is slowing down very slightly. The revolution period of twin neutrons becomes slowly shorter. Logical reasoning 5: The galaxy that is affected by universal resistance loses its motion energy, and its rotation period becomes longer. Astronomical observation phenomena: In the galaxy that rotates more quickly, there are more young stars and fewer old stars. In the galaxy that rotates slowly, there are fewer young stars and more old stars. Logical reasoning 6: Because universal resistance are affected on retrograde moons, the moons lose their energy, and its orbital radius become smaller; then the sidereal revolution period of the moons reduce smaller. We estimate that the sidereal revolution period of Triton that orbits Neptune in retrograde direction becomes smaller at one millisecond per cycle. Astronomical observation phenomena: so far we don’t find the observation data. Logical reasoning 7: The rotation motion of center celestial body enables the angle of the equator plane of the center body and the orbit plane of revolution body to become smaller. Because the U-field of the rotation of the center celestial body is: U=K(J/R2)COSα,the U-field force is affected on revolution body in direction of the spin of celestial body at long time, so the direction of revolution motion of the body must be changed to the same as the direction of spin of center body. The orbital plane of revolution body would be changed to the equator plane of spinning center body at long time. Astronomical observation phenomena: The solar system exhibits many regularities, and theories of its formation must account for them. The orbits of the planets are almost, but not quite circular, and all lie in essentially the same plane that is almost in the equatorial plane of the rotation of the sun. All the planets revolve around the Sun in the same direction, which is the same direction in which the Sun rotates. Moreover, almost all the planets and planetary families of satellites that revolve around them in a manner similar to the way that the planets revolve around the Sun. And the orbits of the planets, with the exception of Pluto, have only small inclination to the ecliptic plane. (see table 1) Table 1 the same direction planets motion, the same plane of its orbital plane [2]. Logical reasoning 8: The center celestial body must have large angular momentum of the rotation motion, the revolution body around it can move at long time in the same direction as the spin of center celestial body. Astronomical observation phenomena: In the solar system, the Sun rotates quickly, the planets revolve around the sun in the same direction of the spin of the sun’s spin (see table 1) at long time. The same is true of the moons. Mercury and Venus spin slowly, they have no moons. The planet that spins quickly has more moons.(See table 1) . Some small planets that spin quickly have moons. The number of the moons around a planet is related to the state of the planet’s rotation: generally speaking, a planet with larger rotational angular momentum carries more moons, and a planet with a smaller rotational angular momentum carries fewer. See table 1 Logical reasoning 9: The moving object near the huge celestial body is affected by the reaction of huge celestial body. It loses its energy and slows down. It is nearer to huge celestial body, it loses kinetic energy more quickly. Astronomical observation phenomena: After we take planets matter density into account to their sidereal rotation periods [1], mean solar day of planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn these six planets) are that the planet is nearer to the sun, its mean solar day is longer, that mean the planet rotates relatively more slowly with the Sun, the planet is far to the sun, its mean solar day is shorter, that mean it rotates relatively with the Sun more quickly.(See table 2). Six planets relativity rotation periods (that is Day time) Table 2 *----computed data Logical reasoning 10:Since light has wave properties, and also has the properties of parties. When light moves in the sky, universal resistance causes proton to lose kinetic energy, and then its wavelength become longer. This is called redshift. Galaxy is the more distant, the larger redshift is. If light passes near huge body, the effects of resistance is larger, and then Proton loses more its energy, and so the redshift is larger. We estimate that when lights pass near huge celestial, lights also produce redshift. This redshift is called resistance redshift. Astronomical observation phenomena I: The light from the remote galaxy becomes red. The galaxy is the more distant, the larger redshift is. Cosmological redshift phenomena are accordance with resistance redshift of universal resistance reasoning. The most obvious explanation of a “cosmological redshift” is the Doppler effect caused by the big bang theory. Astronomical observation phenomena II: The light from five quasars around the Seyfert galaxy NCG3516 has a very good correlation between their redshift and their angular distance from NGC3516. The red-shift of these five quasars are 0.33,0.69,0.93, 1.40,and 2.10, the five quasars distance(θ,arcmin) from galaxy NGC3516 are 4.34, 7.34, 10.99, 10.37,11.23 [3]. This is accordance with resistance reasoning that when light move near huge celestial, light also produces redshift. Logical reasoning 11:Light and gravitation have wave properties and also the properties of parties. When it moves in the sky, it is affected by universal resistance and loses its energy. When proton loses its energy, it doesn’t move to limitless remote place. Limitless remote light and gravitation can move to the earth, the sum to plus them is infinity light intensity and infinity gravitation intensity, this is called Orlbers’s paradox. In fact it doesn’t exist. We think that Universe is same in any one direction, and is uniform in any one place. Because there is universal resistance, universe can be limitless and Orlbers’s paradox does not exist. Astronomical observation phenomena: So far Orlbers’s paradox phenomena don’t be observed. Summary We can explain many phenomena by universal resistance, but it is true or false, it will be confirmed by more observation. We have design experiment to confirm U-field, but we do not do it. References 1 Chen Shouyuan. Research of Revolution of Solar System Main Charactistics. Shandong industry university, 1997,27-1:87-90 2Jay M.Pasachoff.Astronomy:From the Earth to the Universe.Saunders College.Appendix 3,Appendix 4. 3 Yaoquan Chu and Jingyao Hu .QUASARS AROUND THE SEYFERT GALAXY NGC3516, The Astrophysical Journal ,1998 ,500:596—598 "
(zyh 10/28/2008 6:40:39 PM)
"A little off the subject but, wonder if anyone can help me identify the scientist who proposed particles being thrown into outer space by sun spots, One of the probes recorded this data contrary to the prevailing theory that the sun's gravity would prevent escape."
( 11/1/2008 4:53:27 PM)
"The force was first discovered by Mr. Zhu based on a modified Cavendish experiment. Another also used Kepler’s third law to independently deduct its formula later. A rotating mass has a vorticity force surrounding it. The force can drive object to move tangentially around a spinning mass. The formula is : KGMmωcosθ/R^2 (K=Vorticity constant=0.4, G=Gravity constant, ω=angular velocity(rev/sec), θ=angle between rotation plane of mass M and m, R=radius). Planetary movement equation is modified to be: GMm/R^2 + KGMmωcosθ/R^2=mRw^2 This new force is a force accompanying Gravity. Vorticity can explain many phenomenons such as Sun’s and Earth’s oblateness, planets’ precession(Earth, Venus, Mercury), Lense-Thirring effect, Pioneers 10 & 11 deceleration, Earth’s rotation deceleration(0.0016sec per hundred year), Moon’s orbit change, solar system’s angular momentum transfer, and planets’ rings and satellites formation. A formula derived from Vorticity can well explain polar orbiting satellites’ precession: Ft=KGqMmωcosθ/R^2 (q=1-ωp/ωe, ωp=satellite orbital revolution velocity, ωe=Earth spinning velocity). Vorticity can also help to solve galaxy rotation problem by modifying virial mass (Mtotal=2(Rtotal*V^2)/(G+KGω), V=galaxy rotation velocity). Pioneers 10 & 11 are found deceleration. Vorticity can predict the deceleration (one per ten billion of Earth’s gravity:g) by comparing Sun’s Vorticity near Earth to Sun’s Vorticity near Jupiter. Kant’s nebular hypothesis is the mostly widely accepted theory for solar system formation. However, Sun has less angular momentum than the hypothesis indicates. Vorticity can solve this angular momentum discrepancy. Sun transferred its angular momentum to its planets by Vorticity and then Sun’s rotation decelerated. Moon is moving away from Earth because Earth is also transferring its angular momentum to Moon by Vorticity. That is the reason of Earth’s rotation deceleration. The observed distance change (0.03 meter per year) can also be calculated by using Vorticity. (h=365*2GK^2*Mq/π^2*R^2, mgh=1/2*mū^2, ū=1/π∫vsinωtdωt=2at/π, a=KGMω/R^2, ū=daily average velocity of Moon) The hypothesis that Uranus’ rings and satellites were formed in the beginning of solar system is widely accepted. Uranus’ rings and its satellites’ orbital revolution plane should have been in Sun’s ecliptic plane. An asteroid or comet hit Uranus and made its axial tilt of ninety-eight degree. Vorticity but not Gravity could force Uranus’ rings and satellites to move to the current rotational plane. Vorticity can also explain why rings are in the planets’ rotation planes and why only giant planets have rings. These above phenomenons can demonstrate that Vorticity really exists. Because the slow rotation of Sun, Sun’s Vorticity is not significant comparing to its gravity. Thus, Kepler’s second law (conservation of angular momentum) is obeyed in planets of our solar system. However, Vorticity is still important in Pulsar or other fast-rotating stars and planets. The discovery of “Vorticity” can help to develop final unified theory and enhance our understanding of universe. "
(zyh 11/3/2008 4:52:30 PM)
"Google:The Complement of Newton Gravitation Law"
(zyh 11/3/2008 5:14:45 PM)
"Thanks for the response.I found it very interesting; however, some of it was beyond my ability to comprehend (math formula). I am doing a study of scientists who were able to conceptualize as original thinkers and recently read of one who was ridiculed for 5 years due to the prevailing opinion that the Sun's gravitational field would prevent escape. One of the deep space probes proved him right. Can you suggest how I might identify him?"
( 11/8/2008 6:05:19 PM)
"What about the effects of dark matter? Theories suggest that expanding galaxies stopped expanding with the presence of dark matter counteracting gravity. Could dark matter being slowing down Pioneer? "
(Andrew Howard 12/17/2008 1:26:48 PM)
"why can't you just tell me why pioneer and voyager space probes not carry solar energy"
(brodie christensen 3/20/2010 5:24:21 PM)
"Hello i'm doing an assignment on astronomy and i was just wondering why Voyager, Pioneer and Galileo didn't carry solar energy."
(Brodie Chrstensen 3/20/2010 5:32:53 PM)
"A radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG, RITEG) is an electrical generator which obtains its power from radioactive decay.

A common application of RTGs is as power sources on spacecraft. Systems Nuclear Auxiliary Power Program (SNAP) units were used especially for probes that travel far enough from the Sun that solar panels are no longer viable. As such they are used with Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Galileo, Ulysses, Cassini and New Horizons.

The first spacecraft to use solar panels was the Vanguard 1 satellite, launched by the US in 1958.

See Solar panels on spacecraft and Radioisotope thermoelectric generator. "
(Bill Christensen 3/20/2010 8:34:19 PM)

"See a new theorem in gravitomagnetism. Nduriri"
( 8/19/2010 8:37:07 AM)
"I believe that I know exactly why is the unexpected slow down of pioneer, but to be sure I should have some information on time dilation(with some other radio signals in the past)where you expected to get the signal, but the signal came much later than it should?"
(Divinum1 11/18/2011 12:20:51 PM)

Get more information on Pioneer Space Probes Unexpectedly Slow Down In Deep Space

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