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Comments on FLAVIIR Flapless Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Flapless aircraft are stealthier and more amenable to reliable automated control. (Read the complete story)

"Looks like it would be pretty silent."
(Dylan 3/23/2006 5:51:54 AM)
"When does/did the FLAVIIR make its maiden flight? When is it scheduled to enter service? Also, please read my guestbook entries at pertaining to the use of dent-resistant bodywork."
(Jeremy Keller 3/26/2006 3:17:01 AM)
"is it flyable"
(josh 3/27/2006 11:58:53 AM)
"The Aircraft shown is called "Eclipse" and it has been entirely design and built in 2000 by Cranfield University with a BAE sponsorship. The existing aircraft is being modified to accomodate the fluidic thrust vectoring pitch control: the new UAV is currently designed as "DEMON" and it is supposed to fly in 2009"
(someone who knows.. 4/2/2006 11:20:10 AM)
"I quite like the idea of robot-controlled UAVs. I wonder what impact they'll have in the future. For example, how about using them as airliners as well as military aircraft? From what I understand such aircraft would even be safer. I also like the idea of dent resistance. Please, therefore, read my 4 guestbook entries at pertaining to this."
(Jeremy Keller 5/17/2006 9:50:33 AM)
"The and Mittal Steel websites both seem to have information on dent-resistant steel. If sheet metal is to continue as the standard bodywork material I would like it to offer at least the same dent-resistant quality as that of the polymer of GM's Saturns. My suggestion is that implementing dent-resistant bodywork could hold the key to Korea's reunification. Furthermore, Arthur C Clarke's book about 2019 seems to predict that by then, the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, sheet metal will have gone the way of wood panelling and will have been superseded by dent-resistant plastic. Autocar have now referred to BMW introducing sheet moulded composite to their vehicles. On the 18th of May I was on air with Heart 106 and told Natalie B that I could use junk mail to my advantage by informing those people about my Guestbook entries. She went on to say "Dent resistance rules." On the 29th of July last summer the BBC news reporter Dermot Murnaghan visited my home city of Leicester and I got a security man to pass the information on to him. People were pretending to read the news and weather, I believe. Also last summer I informed my MP, Sir Peter Soulsby, about my Guestbook entries and he later agreed to share the information with his colleagues. In 1993 I was impressed with the crash-test performance of a McLaren F1 when one was made to hit a wall at 30mph. The bodywork appeared to me to be quite undeformed. We are now living in the 21st century. "
(Jeremy Keller 6/12/2006 7:13:10 AM)
"I would like the solar system to be more thoroughly explored. To start with, I would like rovers to explore the polar regions of Mars, including the geographic poles. I would also like a rover to explore the planet's Canyonlands and another to explore a radius of Olympus Mons, starting from the foot of what is apparently the highest mountain in the solar system. According to the Observer's Book of Astronomy, revised in 1971, the Americans had made an official forecast to send men to Mars before 1990. As it turned out the Viking landers arrived there before 1980. In 1997 there was the Pathfinder expedition to Mars. In the 21st century to date Opportunity and Spirit have been roving the surface, providing people with surface imagery. If men HAD already reached Mars, what more would there be to see in a general public's point of view apart from men in spacesuits? I would also like rovers to explore the surfaces of other terrestrial worlds of the solar system, including Titan and the Gallilean moons of Jupiter. This is not to mention the planets Mercury and Venus. As for the Moon, I would like anmanned rovers to explore the lunar surface, equivalent to Spirit and Opportunity roving the surface of Mars. I would like to see imagery of the lunar geographic poles as well as the equator, summits and craters. To think that space exploration hasn't advanced as much as officially forecast should be taken as a top-heavy view. In January 2005 the Huygens lander provided us with a surface image of Titan in colour. 40 years earlier, however, the wasn't any equivalent surface imagery of the Earth's moon, let alone a moon of Saturn's. Also, it's still been short of 30 years since the Viking landers started providing imagery of the Martian surface. In 1975 a lander photographed the surface of Venus in black and white. In 1982 another lander was able to provide a colour image of the surface of Venus. In the 2001 according to the Space Odyssey, men would be on their way to explore a moon of Jupiter's or Saturn's. In the 2001 that actually turned out to be, the Huygens lander was already on its way to Titan. This is not to mention video communication and the Internet that were already available."
(Jeremy Keller 6/21/2006 11:56:51 PM)
"I would like rovers to explore the Galilean moons of Jupiter."
(Jeremy Keller 6/27/2006 5:51:29 AM)
"On the date of writing I received a reply from Senator Brownback informing me of his interest in my online articles and thanking me for sending him the correspondence. "
(Jeremy Keller 10/16/2006 12:01:44 PM)

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