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Comments on Shelter After Katrina
Readers wrote in suggesting that perhaps science fiction writers had some ideas that could be of practical use. (Read the complete story)

"You left out one important example, Buckley's Dymaxion House. Dymaxion is a compact luxury house constucted of aluminum and designed for low upkeep, energy efficiency, and to cost about as much as a luxury car - about $60 kUS."
(Dave P. 9/14/2005 3:18:10 PM)
"Or, we can make like Soylent Green and eat them. I bet Halliburton already has the plans drawn up."
(CoMoFO 9/16/2005 5:43:26 PM)
"How about a geodesic dome?"
(Bucky 9/16/2005 6:42:30 PM)
"What about instant shelters(just add water)?,1282,66872,00.html"
(Dalillama 9/16/2005 8:15:58 PM)
"What about old mobile homes? After folks move back to NOLA, we don't have to worry about removing them. When the next hurricane hits it will get rid of them for free."
(Jackie Hutsberger 9/16/2005 8:22:38 PM)
"Thanks to the reader who wrote in about the 'building in a bag' (aka Inflatable Concrete). I had forgotten about that story (see comment below). Here's a picture of the basic idea:
(Bill 9/16/2005 8:47:03 PM)
"Four words: Cajun Flavored Soylent Green."
(DGarnett 9/16/2005 8:56:29 PM)
"That's a very creepy suggestion. I'm kind of wondering, though; after 911, rescue workers brought out bodies as they searched for survivors. It's been two weeks, and still the work to find bodies is slow. Do they think that gators will take care of the evidence?"
(Bill 9/16/2005 9:00:45 PM)
"One argument against using places that are too temporary - its been reported that as many as one third of the residents of New Orleans do not plan to return."
( 9/17/2005 5:26:02 AM)
"What a shame that you can no longer order a house kit from the Sears catalog."
(ilsa 9/17/2005 4:01:28 PM)
"This is dumb. Why not just move out of the below sea level areas and expand north so then the star wars houses can stay in hollywood and people can move on, these people have been through enough to not need to have some experimental houses thrown at them."
(Jordan 9/18/2005 8:28:13 AM)
"this one i like it is a good idea but you might want to think about solar energy for after or during a cyclone"
(bob diaz 9/20/2005 9:20:23 PM)
"What about a tent-hut with stiff enough walls to support 50centimeters sand or gravel layer 3 meters high, and textile roof. ------------------------------ There are HESCO barriers and sandbaggings too. Sand insulates heat and sound. The stiff substance that holds the sand in wall shape could be plastic, wood or iron, or some combination. And what about vacuum insulation with honeycombed walls and roof."
(leviret 9/23/2005 9:00:27 PM)
"I think housing in areas prone to high winds and/or flooding should resemble an 'escape pod' similar to those on oil rigs, or in "The Spy Who Loved Me": Like a Futuro House, only water-tight."
(cljohnston108 9/24/2005 8:52:56 AM)
"Monolithic Domes (tm) does the inflatable vinyl dome thing, then sprays foam shell, resulting in sheltered workspace to assemble rebar support structure which is then covered with sprayed concrete. Resulting structure will withstand winds up to 250 MPH.. the outer foam layer is excellent insulation.. low cost per sq. ft., and relatively fast construction time.. "
(Drammach 5/22/2006 3:03:38 AM)
"I was looking at the articl on the Bigelow Inflatable Space station they were testing and after the earth quakes in India and Jakara that left people living in the streets. Maybe the material could be used to create temprary shelter for people. The main cause of death after events like this is exposure to the elements. They could easly be inflated and fastened together in groups to provide shelter"
(Thomas Harsley 7/20/2006 12:47:32 PM)
"Cute ideas I like green, the serious ideas also good. I say turn it into Venice of Southern North America. Dredge, fill & wall, waterfront property values & a lot safer. Over time just repeat. Venice has done it for hundreds of years. Best way I think, I would do that if I lived there. Or a giant marina with barge houses, house boats, any kind of boat. Truly the only way to live in sinking marsh & swamp land. Thanks"
(Mike Walther, Wash., D.C. 12/25/2007 2:09:32 AM)

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