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Comments on Grand Odyssey Futurecast System - You Star!
Space Child Adventure Grand Odyssey, an animated film showing at the Aichi Expo 2005, has a very special star - you! Visitors to the Mitsui-Toshiba Pavilion get a full-face high resolution digital scan; these faces are edited into that perform (Read the complete story)

"I've read about this in a technology magazine, i'm very glad to see it. The future is coming, look busy..."
(Cabel 3/28/2005 12:53:25 PM)
"This appeared in SciFi in 1968, in John Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar." People could have their TV's personalized so they appeared in the programs."
( 3/28/2005 1:26:33 PM)
"Does this mean that with the proper tools and information they could make a movie of you doing nasty and bad things? Hey, having a group of people cast you in a role that you don't know about is quite possible. After all, it has already been mentioned that a grandmother was quite suprised to see a character with her face doing things that she found to be quite suprising. Did they allow the audiences (which the maximum number is 20 people since that there are around 20 avaiable characters to be put their faces on) to choose which characters the audiences' faces will be on or did they just use their own discretion on which audience's face will be put on which character? Personally, they should have just put the audiences' faces on the extra characters that participate but didn't do anything so dramatic, or at least tone down on the storyline. A grandmother as a grandmother, a grandchild as a grandchild, and so on. Having someone's face plastered into one character ht one thing, casting the right visual to the right character is another. After all, they taken special care of casting an experienced old actor as the captain and an early teen girl as the young heroine. I just hope that they use the right voices and the right names for the right gender, it will be really silly if they mix things up, imagine a grandfather's face on a character named Hikari Southern Cross (leader of the Guardians) with a young female voice. --- As for making the movie with the audiences' faces on the characters. I don't know for sure, but it's possible that they probably mixed the high quality pre-rendered scenes with the scenes with audiences's faces on the characters. The scenes with the audiences' faces probably can be made easily and fast, probably using many of the similiar techniques used by games to potray the faces of the players and also in-game cinematic scenes rendered in real-time, plus also many of the similiar techniques used by newscasters. The scenes with the audiences' faces on the characters probably are made between the end of the first scanning and probably during the movie but before the scenes was shown. It's doubtful that they done a real-time rendering of computer graphic for the whole movie on the fly. Not that it's not possible with the scenes of the audiences' faces, is it that, it would be a lot easier this way, also that they probably wouldn't lose face incase there's a bug in the software that interfere with the scenes, since if there's a problem with a scene or some scenes, they can fix or even edit out these 'problematic scenes' before these scenes are shown to the audiences. What you don't want is for people to have their faces in a distorted scene or even worse, have their faces distorted. So all they do in the showing of the movie is probably showing clips of old movies along with clips of freshly new made movies. --- As for the story. The story of "Space Child Adventure: Grand Odyssey" seems to be a little bit less expo-ish and family oriented, and instead gone for the dark Sci-Fi feel into it. A story similiar to the IMAX movie "L5: First City in Space" kind of storyline seems to be more suited for an expo like this, though then again, L5 isn't really that exciting to begin with, nor it is realistic. The whole Grandy Odyssey story seems to be quite an anti-human story to begin with, with humanity engineered a system that decided to engineer the perfect enviroment for Earth, which unfortunately mess up the whole enviroment and leaves the humans have to find a new home (this system will haunt back the crew of the Mnemonic in the movie). What the humans (at least the ancestors of the characters in the movie) found after going through a 'space gate' is a 'frontier' planet that is around 70 light years away, which is unfortunately a dump that forces the human to live in domes. It's only around a couple hundreds year after they arrived they later on rediscovered and revived their old spaceship (now renamed as Mnemonic?), in order to search for the 'space gate' and to use it to return back to the 'mother planet' (a.k.a. Earth). There's one positive thing about the storyline though, humans, no matter where they are, no matter how many generations, always have the instinct to return back to Earth. --- As for the Futurecast system. The scanning system itself is already exist for years, the uniqueness of the system probably is the rapid making of the scenes, the time it takes from scanning to the actual showing of the scenes."
(E.A.C. 4/26/2005 9:27:56 AM)

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