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Comments on Mouse With Human Brain May Live
Stanford University has given researcher Irving Weissman permission to create a mouse-human hybrid. The intent is to inject human brain cells into the brains of developing mice to see what happens. (Read the complete story)

"It seems to me that there is a lot of discussion about this that I'm not seeing. For example, why is it the Stanford review board says "sure, go ahead with this experiment, but if it starts to turn into something interesting, STOP!" Also, it seems to me that rat neurons are perfectly capable of learning to do whatever we want, so why use human cells at all?"
( 2/16/2005 9:26:29 AM)
"Perhaps they should inject some brain cells into their own heads and see what happens."
(TheNightFly 2/22/2005 3:17:33 PM)
"!!! great comment! Of course, Internal Review Board restrictions on human subjects would probably prevent any attempts to increase intelligence in humans..."
(Bill Christensen 2/22/2005 4:02:00 PM)
"Actually, in "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", mice are actually the rulers of Earth."
(E.A.C. 3/5/2005 10:13:54 AM)
"This is sick and should absolutley need to stop...."
(v. fahlgren 4/4/2005 7:10:52 PM)
"Seems like an interesting idea to me. If it works, I think it should be tried with larger mammals on up to the higher primates. There is much to learn here...and the folks that recoil from the prospect would be well advised to get their minds out of the dark ages. And their heads out of their...well, you know."
(redstar2000 4/6/2005 11:02:12 AM)
"Hold on people. Don't always believe media hype and sensationalism. Individual Neurons do not make up a human brain. It is the highly complex organization of the neurons that make up a human brain. So I highly doubt such an organism will be able to think like a human. Most likely they will end up with an organism with both human and mice brain cells, with the human brain cells just keeping alive in the mouse host and not really serving any function for thought. It is also sad there is getting to be more and more people in this world like Redstar2000 who believe that life is nothing but an accident and that human life has no more importance than a mouse's and anyone who believe that life does have purpose and value given to us by our creator is somehow still in the "dark ages""
(MrHanson 4/25/2005 1:18:09 PM)
"We're tinkering with systems that we don't fully understand. There will be unexpected results."
(SP 11/12/2005 4:56:33 AM)
"when does the lines representing "a benefit to man" and the "pain and suffering" to an animal cross and becomes an unacceptable junction?"
( 11/12/2005 8:56:58 AM)
"what is the point of this experiment? if it works and the mouse shows a greater potential for knowledge then the experiment is to stop but if it doesnt what will be the next step? one day a creation not of god but of mans ever growning need to mess with nature and how it works will crawl out of the labritory undetected, populate with its common ancestor (modern rat for ex.) and mess up the ecosystem, disperse chaos and end what we know as todays world, that is if we dont nuke ourselves first. and im sure the government scientists that are highly paid to work and keep their mouth shut have more than a smart rat trying to take over the world on their plates that we should worry about, but hey, its CLASSIFIED, TOP SECRET. well its time for me to go play with the star wars program, ttfn"
( 11/15/2005 11:40:10 PM)
"This is truly an act of playing God. This research is done without the willingness of those mice and has caused disfigurement to them. When will the madness stop? Mankind has no right to mess around with mother nature. Just look through out history and figure it out yourself what science and technology has done to us. This experiment is inhuman and is just to satisfy scientists' curiosity without knowing the feeling of what it is like to be experimented like that themselves. This experiment does not prove man to hold the key to salvation, its just the opposite. Just because we are bigger than those mice does not make us worthy to treat them like a play thing."
( 1/17/2006 11:25:42 PM)
"URGH, a mouse with a human brain?! I would call that animal cruellity."
(*insert name here* 9/28/2006 12:47:31 AM)
"hi i was wondering do you have mice that live like humans [and not cartoons.]"
(michael 11/15/2006 1:56:09 PM)
"No, the conditions of this experiment won't allow the mice to grow to adulthood. Makes you wonder, though."
(Bill 11/15/2006 2:32:32 PM)

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