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Comments on Stealth Now Old Hat - USAF Looks Into Teleportation
Lest you think that our friends at DARPA are the only ones interested in science-fictional possibilities, the USAF recently took delivery on a new study regarding the military potential of teleportation. (Read the complete story)

"We are only beginning to unravel true physics, apart from touch and feel types adheared to since science started as a ligitimate study. The new simple separating of a particle, proves we are in for a major ride in the way we think of physics, and transportation methods, it might only be a pin hole now, but think fuel in that case."
(Kyle Gosnell 11/2/2004 11:42:37 AM)
"I think this is awesome that this possibility is being looked into. It is about time we started to "think outside the box.""
(JHosford 11/3/2004 3:56:48 AM)
"I think it is about time we started to look into Teleportation. I think the scientist shouldn't exclude the sf-Teleportation. Who knows, we might just end up using that same kind of system. I can't wait."
( 11/3/2004 4:18:11 PM)
"I cannot believe that the USAF is wasting its money on this nonsense. I took a look at the supposed report that was referenced in the article and it discusses "p-teleportation" using either thoroughly debunked "studies" (i.e. Uri Geller) or highly questionable studies without any indication that the studies were conducted scientifically. This is all science fiction, with the accent on the fiction..."
( 11/3/2004 9:32:23 PM)
"Bill Christenson's article on how the USAF is looking at teleportation is fascinating. I first read it at I'm astonished, however, that with the article's spin of scifi's influence on real science, you did not mention "Stargate" the movie or "Stargate SG-1" the 8-year series or "Stargate Atlantis" the spin-off???? You even refer to "The first solution can be found from the class of traversable wormholes giving rise to what I call a true “stargate.” A stargate is essentially a wormhole with a flat-face shape for the throat as opposed to the spherical-shaped throat . . ." This description is exactly the teleportation device that the Stargate franchise uses to travel this galaxy and beyond. And Stargate Command is run by the USAF. And the USAF fully endorses the Stargate franchise. So do you think the USAF may be influenced to study this teleportation method because of their participation in Stargate? I think this was huge omission in your otherwise informative article about how scifi influences science. "
(hrh 11/4/2004 6:27:35 AM)
"Do not be dissapointed with the concept. In Star Trek: Next Generation, a wormhole is how the teleportation worked. Sci-fi is about to become a reality."
(James R. Vinyard 11/4/2004 11:57:05 AM)
"I heard of this concept as far back as the late l940,s from a professor at college."
( 11/4/2004 1:52:58 PM)
"UK-based remote-viewer/inventor Tom Skeggs has conceptualized his "Star Chamber" back in the 90s. Partly based on Pitkanen's and Hawking's theories about parallel universes existing within the Multiverse. Tom's design allows a remote-viewer to interact visually with a "viewee" via holographic projections. (I wonder how close this is to the fabled Montauk time warps.) More at => ."
(StealthSkater 11/5/2004 2:58:05 AM)
"I find it interesting that the paper disregards q-Teleportation. Exciting breakthroughs are already being made that may make this a reality in our life time. See the BBC News Report on this topic: While far from Star Trek level teleportation. They have already transfered encoded laserbeams and maintained the coherience of the encoded data. i.e. Simple particles in motion have been teleported without losing the patterns they form."
( 11/7/2004 9:57:07 AM)
"I know it all sounds Sci-fi but who would have thought that computers would become hand held? I think it is a good idea but it might take a while to get it down pact without any acciedents. I hope this all happens in my life time."
(Eric in USAF 11/7/2004 7:41:40 PM)
"Splitting atoms, one stays and the other spins off which can be controled to a location could duplicate the object. Thus being identical and we are all made up of atoms. can be done. Quantum physics"
(Anthony Pritchard 11/18/2004 9:31:01 PM)
"While some scientists might giggle at this one, there is a definitive purpose for this investigation. A research project was done in Sweden that yielded results that teleportation IS a reality. To concur with this, there is solid proof that humans have souls- that the thing we call a body is only a temporary storage area for what is known in the human language as the soul- Einstien himself said that energy doesn't "die" it only changes form. And if you are still reluctant to think that this research is serious, consider the fact of UFO technology- many hard scientists do not believe in the existence of such things, but there is more to this than the public may know. There is a reason the Air Force is doing this research- and it is more than what meets the eye. Grow up- and realize that we aren't the only intellectual species in the universe. Carl Sagan even admitted this one."
(breeze 11/27/2004 1:30:59 AM)
"I would like to show you a couple photos I have and then ask some questions. DO you think you could spare a little time for a non-scientific person? my e-mail is"
(Lisa 12/29/2004 2:32:10 PM)
"Time Travel , UFO Technology, Philadelphia Experiment , Antigravitation Theory , Warp Drive , Wormhole, Teleportation, Time Machine, Zaman Makinesi Zaman yolculuğu ile ilgilenen ve philadelphia deneyi/UFO teknolojisi konularında döküman sahibi araştırmacı arkadaşlarla görüşmek istiyorum.Ve Zaman yolculuğu konusuna ilgi duyanlarla ileriye dönük olarak ''Zaman Yolculuğunu Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi'' kurmayı düşünüyorum ilgilenen araştırmacılarla görüşelim. E-mail: Tel:0258 212 9816 ÇETİN BAL/DENİZLİ BEN ZAMANDA YOLCULUK KONUSUYLA İLGİLİ ARAŞTIRMALAR YÜRÜTÜYORUM. ZAMAN YOLCULUĞUNUN DENENEBİLİRLİĞİ VE YAPILABİLİRLİĞİ DÜŞÜNCESİ İÇERİSİNDE OLAN ARAŞTIRMACI ARKADAŞLARLA TANIŞMAK VE GÖRÜŞMEK İSTİYORUM. AŞAĞIDA VERDİĞİM E-MAIL 'DEN, EV ADRESİMDEN VE ICQ NUMARAMDAN(130446921) BANA ULAŞABİLİRSİNİZ. Ev Adresim : İnançbey cad. Vali Konağı karşısı Manolya Sit. C Blok K : 6/11 Denizli / Turkey Tel: 0 (258) 212 98 16 Cep Tel: 0536 6063183 Skype Contacts: User name: cetinbalx E-mail :"
(Çetin BAL 7/11/2005 12:47:20 PM)
"3 green triangles"
( 9/7/2005 7:58:11 PM)
"un bon moyen de transport pour chelmi"
(Lolo 9/9/2005 1:11:49 PM)
"The only reason to not discuss the sf-teleportation option would be for security reasons. My guess is the Air Force is already showing some progress in this area."
(jack 9/22/2005 7:15:15 AM)
"I'm really interested in this p-teleportation, as I'm hoping some link is made similar to the adrenaline effect, like when a woman lifts a car to save her baby. I'm also open to the idea that the phenomena may be related to movement at speeds faster that the human eye can perceive. I have had a few experiences that I cannot explain that involved people seeming to have teleported or otherwise relocated themselves in the blink of an eye: namely, me. Two were from my childhood and at least three others are from my adulthood and are confirmable by other adults (e.g., roommates and my wife). While the earlier experiences are harder to explain due the distance involved, I acknowledge that they are also the easiest to claim were all in my head. However, all the incidents have involved fear (which is why I’m seeking a connection to adrenaline to explain them), and my experiences as an adult are consistent in that they all had to do with people startling me - spooking me, really - to the point that you could say I jumped out of my skin, however, in no case were the people trying to scare me (I guess I'm just jumpy to begin with). Anyway, a typical example is that once I was asleep and my roommate was coming to let me know I had a phone call. Now I'm a very, very deep sleeper and on top of that I suffer from narcolepsy, but not extreme, like you see joked about in some movies. Its just that I can sleep deeply at a drop of a hat, even if I'm already well rested and then sometimes I almost have to be shaken awake. Back on point, the door to my bedroom was cracked and my roommate called out to me from just outside my door. He saw that I appeared to be in bed sleeping, but since it was my mom calling he reached into the doorway to turn on the light while still looking at me laying on my bed, surrounded by the pile of clean, but unfolded clothes on my bed. I'm still asleep, but I'm suddenly awakened by him screaming hysterically and notice that I'm standing in the hallway between our two bedrooms hearing him say, "Don't kill me. Don’t kill me". Now, this guy is my best friend and we never had any issues that would have come to blows and I've never been physically aggressive - in fact you could say the opposite. Sorry, on was off on another tangent again. Anyway, he had the whitest, just-seen-a-ghost face you can imagine and he's just cowering beneath me with his hands above him in a defensive position. When I stepped away from him, he scrabbled down the hall to the more open part of the apartment and was back to his usual color (he was a black guy, make that is a black guy). He then unleashed a flurry of profanity interspersed with curious questions such as "How the F*** did you do that?" and "What the hell are you?" After he cooled down, we talked from afar (I didn't get any closer because I was still trying to figure out what was going on since I still didn't recall anything leading up to me standing in the hallway over him and he was actually more physically imposing than me, despite the fact that he was cool and easygoing as a roommate). He then proceeded to fill me in on what transpired. Basically, while he was looking right at me in bed, he flipped the light switch and then I was outside the door with him. His words were "One second you were horizontal, then the next second you were vertical and at the door - there was no in between, man." I naturally thought he was joking, despite him having less of a sense of humor than me, which is not much out side of dry witticisms. He insisted on the events as I've written them here and he's probably the most rational, logical person I know (even more than me). So, after a little more cooling off, we sat down and exhaustively tried to think of every plausible or remotely possible scenario, with us both being playing devil's advocate and we had to conclude that it was an unexplained weird experience, stopping just short of believing and certainly not telling others that something paranormal happened (now I know how people who consider themselves sane, but really believe they say a UFO must feel). We didn't talk about it again after that evening until it happened again sometime later with my then girlfriend / now my wife when both she and my roommate were witnesses, this time with her as the person who roused me from a deep sleep. This time I found myself outside my room with my girlfriend screaming and my roommate holding her and settling her down as I stared blankly trying to get my bearings straight, as once again, I didn't recall anything about being up and awake. On neither occasion did I hurt or even touch anyone, they just were both freaked that I seemed to instantly appear standing before them when they had both seen me laying down about ten feet away the instant before. I've had a few other similar incidents along these lines; one involving yet another roommate / witness in a different place. And there are the situations that involve just myself that I can only describe as how the hell did I get here moments where I fall asleep one place in the house, have a bad dream and wake up elsewhere in the house (which I have to believe the simplest explanation of continuing or remembering a vivid dream or at most sleep walking). However, I have also in these dream states awakened with a snap as if I had been physically tethered to wherever I had been in my dreams (which tend to be “normal”, as far as I know, i.e., not fixated on any particular thing or beings, just various rehashes of things that have happened, including work and conversations). Again, I chalk it up to just being dreams, until someone ties my real world experiences to my modest sleeping disorder. One of the instances when I was a child totally freaked out my sister who was eight years older. She was deathly afraid of spiders and I guess I inherited that phobia from her through osmosis, so one time when she was in our bathroom combing her hair, I saw what I thought was a spider leg on her shoulder. I was looking up at her in the mirror (I was obviously several inches shorter), but I was standing behind her and I had not deduced that the spider couldn't be there, since I didn't directly see it on her shoulder from behind (in hindsight we both agree it was just a piece of string). Anyway, before I could get the last syllable of spider out of my mouth she screamed and jumped backwards, knocking me into the door and onto the floor. Then every seemed in slow motion, like the first time I pitched in little league and the ball came off the bat right at my face - I could actually see the revolution of the ball and the detail of the stitching until it hit me, then everything sped up. Same thing happened here, except I was looking at the world upside down and slightly sideways, as she had effectively knocked me out. I remember lying on my back, my body in the bathroom, my head in the hallway and seeing the second of my sister's feet cross over my head as I blacked out. Or maybe it was just a blink. The next thing I remember is my sister screaming hysterically and staring at me so, I starting screaming too, still thinking about the spider and wondering if it were on me now. But she was no longer screaming about the spider, she was screaming about me. You see, the last thing she saw of me, I was on my back on the floor in the bathroom, just a few feet away and she merely crossed the hall in what had to be less than a second, given the short distance and the fact that she was about 14 to my age 6 and even then she was a track athlete at a very high level (which I ended up being too). She too remembers stepping over me, which is why when she saw me already in her room, sitting on her bed, staring at her running into the room, her scary moment got kicked up a notch to say the least. Again, I don't remember how I beat her into the room and last but not least, I wasn’t winded at all. Finally, the experience most convincing to me is actually an encounter because I was not fully conscious of my actions in the other scenarios. A few years the "spider" incident, I was about 10, and my best friends who were brothers, "J" and "D" at ages 8 and 5, respectively. We were playing in a junkyard that was about 300 yards away, through some woods and across a stream. All of a sudden, Rex, the biggest, meanest dog in the neighborhood came out of nowhere and we ran like here was kno tomorrow. I hate to say it but despite being the oldest, I saw the dog first, ran first (i think without even warning my buds) and was closest to our point of exit. When we go to the stream, I leaped onto the 10ft plank that some of the big kids had put there for crossing and heard it crack. I glanced back to see J was just behind me and when he stepped on the 2x4 it broke clean through, but he was far enough along to leap and grab the far bank and without missing a step. At that point I saw D running further behind J with Rex right behind him and about to eat him, or so we certainly imagined with respect to that dog. But the point is, there was no longer a way for D to cross the stream and absolutely no way back home without crossing the stream except back through the junkyard going the opposite direction and then making a wide detour that would take even longer. Well, J and I didn't stop running until we got to the first clearing about a 150 yards away where the first houses in the neighborhood were and that's when we decided we needed to go to anyone's house to get help from a grown-up for D, who Rex surely must have swallowed up whole by now. But, to our amazement and D was already in the clearing and not just at the first house but he was up ahead at my house, which was the last house (about another 150 yards away). We were so shocked, we couldn't stop asking him how he did it and what was the short cut and how did he cross the creek without the plank and without getting wet. D couldn't answer any of these questions and nothing ever came to him or to us as an explanation. Similar to me with my sister, D was not winded at all and it was all J and I could do to catch our breath between questions. By the way, this is the most amazing experience to me because it involved the most distance and there is no way D could have beaten J or me running. I was the state amateur athletic union champion and record holder for sprinting and jumping for my age group and J was the one who broke my records as he followed in my path. D was never nearly as athletic, but even if he were, at the time he was only 5 and at 10 I was running as fast as high school kids. So, if were not for the fact that I witnessed something along the lines of what my roommates and girlfriend/wife attest to about me, I would not even consider such possibilities. I'm excited to read about anything that could possibly explain what happened in a non-sci-fi way. I'm pretty rational and skeptical, but I'm curious to see more scientific evidence of what I have experienced. "
(NW 11/26/2005 5:24:00 AM)
"Stuck on an invention?Do you need one? I can this page, try using light=)"
(De Renzo 12/28/2005 9:15:37 PM)
"re: (NW 11/26/2005 5:24:00 AM)... You've told a good story but improve on it - Video yourself sleeping and have someone scare the living crap out of you! If you teleport and have it verified on tape, you'd have something you can sell and something science can use!"
(Lightyear 12/30/2005 8:06:39 PM)
"yea, i agree, good story, and i have expericnced the same things. the slow motion for exapmple, a number of times, just as you described it. when i was little i would get on my couch, and stand on top of it and then jump down. as i would jump down, i wouldnt fall and hurt myself, it would feel like floating--like the slow motion sensation you described. my mother always had to put me back in bed i remember :p and the weird instancs of teleporting, or whatevr they may be, my mother on a number of occasions, is at one side of the house, and i blink (or so it seems to me) and then shes outside (on the other side of our house on the balcony) im always asking her how she got there because i never saw her cross, and surely ina blink of an eye, she cant just sprint like 50 feet. anyways, more than just these "weird" things havehappend to me. i always chalked it up as dreams, or me blanking out, or just try to forget about it, but reading your story, it seems im not the only one...which means that WE are not the only ones either i think research or studies should be done on these type of things.....hopefulyl they will help us to better undesrtand oursleves and the world around us...because if these type of teleporting and slow motion things are possible, that is to say...the person wholeft that comment actually "teleported" thne there is even more to learn than we thought. as for the story, i think any means of teleportation, as of now, is impossible. but maybe in dreams "
(kate 2/22/2006 4:50:52 AM)
"Quantum Teleportation involves disintegration of the Template pattern, and Re-Integration at whatever far as application to Animate objects, it will never be succesful due to the fact that NO Living thing could survive the process of Molecular decimation and reformation...but as far as everything else, I don't see any impossible hurdles we can't overcome in a Millenia."
( 2/26/2006 7:43:16 AM)
"hi i am 13 and was read in your worm hole stuff and i like it i was drawing a digram and how it would work and i was thinking if i wanted to go to some where else in the univers if i went 5 sec. back in time befor i went in and the place was in site would i see my self?and if so could i stop my self from going threw and makeing me 2"the 1 who went threw the portel" disipear or somthing? plz e-mail me at"
(Graham "like the cracker" 11/6/2006 5:09:12 PM)
"I,myself, was teleported about 18 miles away from where I originally was at! Please email me at if you want more details of this very strange occurrance of mine. Regard,Dan"
(Dan Bastian 6/1/2008 8:37:01 AM)
" Amazing post i must say that was worth reading "
(Pete Parker 8/6/2009 2:31:58 AM)

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