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Comments on Future Attribute Screening Technologies Precrime Detector
You'd better be thinking nice thoughts the next time you go anywhere that DHS has a portable precrime detector handy - the FAST M2. (Read the complete story)

"And how many people will be falsely accused when this thing goes haywire?"
( 9/26/2008 6:57:21 AM)
"Great point. I recently read an article about elite athletes who are drug-tested weekly due to tournaments, using tests that "only" have a 1% false positive rate. Sooner or later, they'll all test 'positive.'"
(Bill Christensen 9/26/2008 1:02:30 PM)
"I can think of two methods to avoid detection. It certainly won't be long before those with evil intent to figure out ways to defeat this device. This device will give DHS a false sense of security."
( 9/27/2008 9:03:22 AM)
"If this is perfected and becomes widespread, any remaining vestige of freedom will die. If I argue with my girlfriend while crossing the border, do I become a terrorist?"
(Greg 10/5/2008 6:02:08 PM)
"well, it looks like i wont shop anywhere the government deems it necessary to install yet another cattle prod. In fact, the government is starting to piss me off, unlike the passive brittish, we here in America will only be pushed so far. I'd rather die fighting for my freedom than live in a totalitarian hellhole of surveillance."
(whatever 3/27/2009 5:54:13 PM)
"oh yea, i wanted to add that im a white male, have no criminal history, no reason to be profiled, but to you, the fear mongers in the DHS....Screw you. sincerely"
(whatever 3/28/2009 2:57:28 AM)
"I also think that this may not work very well. What if someone's scared, going through security would it detect that."
(Emma 5/5/2011 8:05:21 AM)
"This technology is so effective because it picks up on the non verbal thoughts and emotions that we normally wouldn't be aware of. It would definitely reduce the number of potential security threats, including terrorist attacks. It’s only a matter of time before they get this technology down to a science. With enough trial and error testing it will probably be very reliable as well. "
(Mike 7/2/2011 12:16:32 PM)
"I believe these technologies are important but i think for every one person coming up with the idea to fix the problem there are ten others working on breaking through the securities they have made."
(paula 7/15/2011 2:40:15 PM)
"I have to give them kudos for coming up with this, and that it works. Like someone has stated, it is most likely that someone will find a way to decifer it and get around it and that could be good or bad. "
(Brit 7/25/2011 4:23:52 PM)
"I think that the Q sentsor whristhand can help a lot with people that are not verbal, to know about their feelings and if there are comfortable or not. on the other method does not think it's so effective because it can make mistakes when detect people and more than a few cases can be declared as "terrorists" who actually are not. Also the hackers find a way to breach the security of this method and in the end only give a false sense of security."
(Andres 3/19/2012 8:12:38 AM)
"I should probably link all of these articles to some sort of reference regarding what false positives are, and how a false positive rate of less than 1% can mean thousands of individuals when you're dealing with a big numbers of people."
(Bill Christensen 3/20/2012 11:10:50 AM)

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