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Comments on Electrolux Trilobite: Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The Trilobyte 2.0 is the new version of their self-propelled robot vacuum cleaner. It has more going for it than it's metallic silvery-green color - you can program it. (Read the complete story)

"when was it created "
(ethan 2/12/2005 10:31:17 PM)
"wow! neat-o"
(A.T 3/21/2006 10:28:45 AM)
"I own one, and it is fantastic! of course i am rich which you need to be to buy one, but it ate my hamster. :( :( :( gunther is in a better place now. "
(Carey 3/21/2006 10:31:48 AM)
"More on the air recycling technology Did you know that there is a new cleaning machine that could eventually replace the Vacuum Cleaner? --- Beyond the Cyclone. It is thought by many that the cyclone cleaner is the end of the line in the development of cleaners but this is not so. Air Recycling Technology has been developed and it should eventually replace the vacuum cleaner. Please let me explain. -------------------- First let us look at what is wrong with all Vacuum cleaners; 1/ they have to blow out the contaminated exhaust air back into the room and 2/ they waste 75% of the power they use. No matter how good the filters or dust separation is the disturbance from the blast of exhaust air will still blow dust and allergens from furniture and curtains etc. This air disturbance causes allergens to become suspended in the air where they will aggravate respiratory problems. A new Air Recycling Technology removes the need to blow any air back into the room. Instead it returns the air back into the system via the cleaning head were it combines with the rotary motion of the brush-beater bar, and replaces the air being drawn through the carpet creating a very strong air stream. This not only removes the unwanted blast of exhaust air but also forces the dust back through the carpet and into the dust intake reducing the amount of power required to drive the motor. 2/ This means that an air recycling cleaner using only 300-watt hour will do the same amount of work as a 1,400 watt vacuum cleaner. To prove that this is not just an idle claim I have printed below some information taken from the tests commissioned by the DTI. ----- The Market Transformation Program UK has estimated that vacuum cleaners in the UK are currently consuming an estimated 2 Terawatts of electricity each year. A series of tests commissioned by DEFRA and the DTI on behalf of the Market Transformation Program were made at the Intertek ETL SEMCO Research & Testing Centre. In these tests a 300-Watt air recycling cleaner outperformed a 1,400 watt Hoover U3470 a saving of in excess of 75%. That would mean that if all the cleaners in the UK were phased over to air recycling cleaners (this would probably take less than ten years) there would be a saving of over 1.5 Terawatts of electricity per year. To put this into perspective this is the yearly output of over 600 wind generators, half of the wind farms in the UK. There are other advantages with the air recycling cleaner as the machine is quieter and also safe to be used by Asthmatics because there is no Blast of exhaust air to disturb the allergens lying in the furniture and due to the smaller motor required it is quieter and lighter in weight with no smell making it more pleasant to use. 40 volunteers including asthmatics have also tested prototypes, they all wrote that it was better than the cleaner they normally use (one of them a £500 plus Miele owned by an Asthma sufferer) Filters are not the solution as is shown by the insert below. “ A team from the North West Lung Center in Manchester, UK, demonstrated in a recent study that vacuuming with HEPA sweepers actually increase an individual's exposure to particles such as cat allergens.” Part of an article taken from the Internet. The rest of this article and a video clip can be seen on a web sit at ---- Ben "
(Ben 5/18/2006 6:31:24 PM)

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