Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan:
Science Fiction Inventions, Technology and Ideas

Fascinating story is the basis for the Buck Rogers serials of the 1930's and all of the subsequent movies and the TV show. Americans in the 25th century have been conquered by the Hans, invaders from Asia with advanced technology. Americans rebuild their civilization in secret with amazing advances of their own. Awakening in 2419, 20th century man Anthony Rogers helps to overcome the invaders. Select an invention:

Anti-Gravity Belt
A device which, when worn, reduces exposure to the effects of gravitation.

Chest Disc - speak clearly
A voice activated wireless transmitter.

Concentrated synthetic food rations.

Disintegrator Ray (Dis Ray)
A device that projects a beam reducing matter to nothingness.

A device that allows the user to literally float in the air

Inertron - light but strong
Material with all the properties of heavier metals, but lighter.

Jumper - float free
Inertron belt results in effective weightlessness.

Repellor Anti-Gravity Rays
Device provides support for planet-side air travel.

Rocket Gun
In essence, a bazooka.

Ultraphone Ear-Disc - no need for Bluetooth
Wireless receivers that fit directly over the ears; they also offered noise reduction.

Very handy material is invisible and non-reflective.

Ultron Wire
Invisible metal makes the thinnest, strongest wire.

Ultrophone - FTL communication
A means of communication that transmits and receives simultaneously.

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