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"I share the view of Pythagoras that the world is number. The ultimate substrate of the universe is math. There's no way to test that - it's pure metaphysical speculation."
- Bart Kosko

Automated Laboratory  
  A fully automated machinery of invention.  

I don't know of an earlier reference to an "automated laboratory".

I am the only man on the planet who has any regular contact with Olono. I supply him with some of the things he has not the time to make for himself. You know he has the largest automatic laboratory outside of those on Earth? Yes, he has. Do you know anything of him — of the man? ”

“ No.”

“ He is very old — close on 500 years. He remembers the Last Wars..."


OLONO SHAEVIS’s VAST network of laboratories impressed Clovis Marca. He had visited similar places on Earth but none so spectacular, none designed not simply for function but also for beauty. The complex underground building — built, he remembered, by the efforts of one man — was, in fact, a palace of incredible beauty. There were chambers in it which far outweighed the old cathedrals of Earth in their ability to transport the mind into realms other than the physical. They moved Clovis Marca deeply and he felt that no-one capable of creating such superb architecture could be evil.

Technovelgy from The Shores of Death, by Michael Moorcock.
Published by New Worlds in 1964
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Compare to the fully automated specimen track from Darwin's Children (2003) by Greg Bear.

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