Dictionary of Living Space Terms in Science Fiction
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Author (Publication Date)

Adjustable House
A house with elastic walls and structural members, the shape of which can be changed.

Fritz Leiber (1943)
Automated Hotel Reservation
A hotel that did not use clerks; a self-service hotel.

Robert Heinlein (1941)
Bambakias Hotel - help it come into being
A hotel that wants to exist! It just needs a little help.

Bruce Sterling (1998)
Bioform House - pumpkin house
A house grown from a bioengineered plant.

Thomas A. Easton (1990)
Boomer Park - where we're going
Where the baby boomers all went to retire and die.

Bart Kosko (1987)
Bubble City
Underwater domes provide living space for large communities.

Roger Zelazny (1976)
Burbclave - autonomous suburban enclave
Contraction of suburban enclave; an extension of today's gated communities.

Neal Stephenson (1992)
Caliban Beachball - home to the stars
Dwelling place for unusual lifeform who make jumpdoors possible.

Frank Herbert (1969)
Circumlunar - home with lunar views
A large space habitat orbiting the moon.

Bruce Sterling (1985)
Neal Stephenson (1995)
Coffin Rack Capsule Hotel
A hotel with very (very!) small rooms.

William Gibson (1984)
Computer-Controlled House
A residence that is an autonomous robotic system.

Ray Bradbury (1950)
Concrete Boxes - U-Stor-U
Self storage for your body - living space designed for people who spend most of their time ignoring their surroundings anyway.

John Barnes (1998)
Cubic City
A city contained in a single, immense building.

Louis Tucker, D.D. (1929)
Dark Vapor Bubble
A kind of field that keeps an alien base provided with an atmosphere.

H.G. Wells (1936)
Doorseal - retain moisture
A portable plastic seal used in temporary camps to keep moisture from escaping from dwelling places.

Frank Herbert (1965)
Float-home - living houseboat
Living entity genetically designed for use as a houseboat.

Frank Herbert (1969)
Floating Building
An apartment building that floats a few feet off the ground.

Philip K. Dick (1974)
Floating Castle
A vast building floating freely above the land surface of Ringworld.

Larry Niven (1970)
Floating Island - living space
Large artificial islands floating on Earth's seas.

Larry Niven (w/S. Barnes) (2000)
Floating Villa
An artificial island several acres in extent.

Edmond Hamilton (1940)
Freezone - artificial island community
A vast floating island in international waters.

John Shirley (1985)
Gauzy - a tent whose fabric is one molecule thick.
A feather-light tent, made of a fabric just one molecule thick.

Roger Zelazny (1966)
Graluz - breeding pond for frog people
A contained, concealed breeding pond for the frog-like Gowachin.

Frank Herbert (1977)
Handicloset - self-organizing
A self-organizing closet

Philip K. Dick (1965)
Happylife Home - visit to The Veldt
An automated multi-media home, which provided the good life to its inhabitants.

Ray Bradbury (1951)
A portable room within a room.

Kim Stanley Robinson (2017)
House Trees - ultimate tree houses
Living trees grown as houses; large hollow pods serve as living spaces.

Jack Vance (1954)
King's Free Park - a long narrow park
A park in which anarchy reigned; a very long, narrow park.

Larry Niven (1972)
Knockdown Cabin - portable shelter
A portable shelter; had solid walls and could be assembled quickly.

Robert Heinlein (1940)
Laputa - a floating island
A floating island or rock in the air.

Jonathan Swift (1726)
Lifezone - biosphere
An enclosed biosphere; a pod-like greenhouse attached to a space-going vessel.

Gregory Benford (1989)
Machine Apartment
Each person lives isolated in their own room, supported by a vast planetary machine.

E.M. Forster (1909)
Machine City
A city that is a self-maintaining whole entity.

John W. Campbell (1934)
Micro-Bachelor - downscale apartment
A small apartment carved out of an abandoned structure.

William Gibson (1996)
Multi-function Living Room - extrude from the wall
A small living space with a variety of functions built-in.

Larry Niven (1969)
Multispecies Hotel
A hotel set up to serve beings from different planets.

Raymond Z. Gallun (1938)
Nanotech Buildings - built with fibers
Enormous buildings built with nanotech fibers.

William Gibson (1996)
A large spherical living space that is concealed by special Ixian technology, making it impossible to detect by any known probe.

Frank Herbert (1984)
Orbiting Penal Colony - Alcatraz in orbit
A prison placed in orbit (better than Alcatraz).

William Shatner (1989)
Paid Avoidance Zone - primitive on purpose
An area where the inhabitants agree, for a government-paid fee, to live without sophisticated services.

John Brunner (1975)
Pent House
An island in the sky - a hermetically sealed skyscraper isolated entirely from its surroundings.

David H. Keller (1932)
Pocket Dome - handy space tent
Handy easy-to-set-up shelter.

Jack McDevitt (2002)
A living chair, grown by the Iszc to perform its function.

Jack Vance (1954)
Polarized Window
Rather than curtains, use the window to control the light.

Jack Vance (1954)
Polawindow - change lighting instantly
A window-sized polarizer filter that allows changes in light intensity and color.

Frank Herbert (1972)
Power Stilts - lift your house
Platforms that push inundated cities ever higher.

Alan Dean Foster (2010)
Pressurized Penthouse
A stratospheric perch - if buildings are tall enough, you'll need this.

Fritz Leiber (1958)
Psychotropic House
Buildings designed to sense, and mirror, the psychological state of their owners.

J.G. Ballard (1962)
Ringworld - sun-girdling artifact
A 50 foot thick ribbon of matter around a star, a million miles across and as long as Earth's orbital circumference.

Larry Niven (1970)
Robotnik Automated Hotel - no human interaction
A fully-automated hotel; no human interaction required.

Harry Harrison (1970)
Rotating House - turn the salon
A single family home built upon a central pivot; it can be turned at will.

Frank Herbert (1972)
Artificial sphere functions as a frontier outpost.

Eric Frank Russell (1955)
Selectacol - automating interior design
A device that automates the interior design process, providing a choice of color schemes for a roomful of furniture.

Frank Herbert (1972)
Self-Healing Building - building materials
A building that responds to stresses or cracks in walls by healing the damaged portion.

J.G. Ballard (1962)
Self-Powered Broom
A broom for use in small apartments that cleans under its own power.

Philip K. Dick (1969)
Self-Sufficient House
A single family residence that required no surrounding infrastructure.

Arthur C. Clarke (1953)
Sentient Room - not the Radisson
A room constructed entirely of flesh, dominated by the personality of a geisha.

Bruce Sterling (1985)
A cave warren designed to protect a tribal community, with a population of thousands, with its own water supply in an endless desert.

Frank Herbert (1965)
Sleep Tube
A short, cylindrical living space.

James Patrick Kelly (1985)
Smart Wallpaper - see who you are
Wallpaper that can sense your mood and provide an appropriate color scheme.

Margaret Atwood (2003)
Solar-powered Prefab House
A pre-built house that can live off the grid.

Clifford Simak (1952)
Static House - frozen personality
A house that was once fully psychotropic and malleable, but which had been frozen in one configuration.

J.G. Ballard (1962)
Stealth House - toxic dwellings
A home that is entirely sealed, leading to toxic buildup.

William Gibson (1993)
Steam-Propelled Moving Houses
Otherwise ordinary residences that move from place to place, powered by steam.

Jane Webb Loudon (1828)
Stilltent - a tent that distills water
A small, sealable enclosure which reclaimed moisture from the breath of occupants.

Frank Herbert (1965)
Buildings that are hundreds of stories tall.

Kim Stanley Robinson (2017)
Swimming Tubes - water-filled for frog people
Used to connect buildings for use by amphibious species.

Frank Herbert (1977)
Temporary Quarters - interior tents
Device used to separate a large interior space in an off-planet satellite into various living spaces.

William Gibson (1984)
Terrafoam Dorm Building
Maximum people in minimum space.

Marshall Brain (2002)
Terraforming - remake a planet
The process of modifying a planetary surface to resemble those of an ideal earth; affects the entire biosphere.

Jack Williamson (1942)
Todos Santos Independency - maximize your green space
A city enclosed in a single building.

Jerry Pournelle (w/L. Niven) (1981)
Toll Door - pay for entry
An apartment door that operates on a cash-only basis.

Philip K. Dick (1969)
Tower of Glass - SETI architecture
An enormous glass tower built to communicate outside the solar system.

Robert Silverberg (1970)
Town In One Building - like an arcology
This is the basic idea behind an arcology, or other single structure that is intended to provide living space and mall.

H.G. Wells (1899)
Traction City - not cities in flight
Cities re-engineered as enormous, lumbering machines.

Philip Reeve (2003)
Tube Rack
A hotel consisting of a set of stacked tube-like living spaces.

James Patrick Kelly (1985)
U-Stor-It - go store yourself
A storage unit converted for use as an apartment.

Neal Stephenson (1992)

Related Science Fiction in the News

Solar House Concept Unfolds Solar Panels Like A Flower
'They are heated and air conditioned by a solar plant that tops anything... that we have today.' - Clifford Simak, 1953.
(re: Clifford Simak, 5/21/2022 )
San Fran's Tiny Homeless
'Each person got a 5 foot by 10 foot room with a bed and a TV — the world’s best pacifier...' - Marshall Brain, 2002.
(re: Marshall Brain, 2/19/2022 )
Rotating House in Bosnia
'... feel free to turn the house on your own.' - Frank Herbert, 1972.
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/19/2021 )
Voyager Luxury Space Hotel Launches In 2023
'A spinning web of steel wires, held rigid by centrifugal force, spread from it across a thousand miles of space.' - Jack Williamson, 1939.
(re: Jack Williamson, 6/21/2021 )
Tokyo's Nakagin Capsule Tower Tear-Down, Neuromancer's Coffin Hotel Lives Forever
'Plastic capsules a meter high and three long, stacked like surplus Godzilla teeth...' - William Gibson, 1984.
(re: William Gibson, 5/11/2021 )
Kinetic Buildings And Psychotropic Houses
'There was a dim whirring, and the spheres tipped and began to rotate...' - JG Ballard, 1962.
(re: JG Ballard, 12/23/2020 )
Jupe Urban Escape Pods Have Tesla, SpaceX Roots
'The houses are prefabricated units... and they sell at the flat rate of five hundred dollars a room — set up.' - Clifford Simak, 1952.
(re: Clifford Simak, 12/21/2020 )
3D Printed Dubai Building Is World's Largest
'This thing will start at one end of ...a house and build it complete to the other end, following drawings only.' - Murray Leinster, 1945.
(re: Murray Leinster, 10/21/2019 )
Driverless Hotel Rooms Predicted In 1828
'Did you never see a moving house before?' - Jane Webb Loudon, 1828.
(re: Jane Webb Loudon, 1/9/2019 )
Humans Could Take Up A LOT Less Space
We'd have a lot more room for gardening...
(re: Louis Tucker, 12/19/2018 )
Oh Yes, We're Building The Rotating Tower In Dubai
'Give me an old-fashioned tetragon on a central pivot every time.' - Frank Herbert, 1972.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/3/2018 )
Real-Life Macau or Ghost In The Shell
Life imitates art imitates life.
(re: Masamune Shirow, 6/12/2018 )
Galini 3D Printed Sleeping Pod Tiny Houses
'The houses are prefabricated units...' - Clifford Simak, 1952.
(re: Clifford Simak, 6/1/2018 )
Seasteading Floating Cities
'It was a remarkable island, circular, about half a kilometer in diameter.' - Otfrid von Hanstein, 1930.
(re: Otfrid von Hanstein, 11/11/2017 )
Aequoreas Floating Village 3D Printed From Ocean Junk
'... the Floating Island chain of independent international corporate entities.' - Larry Niven, 2000.
(re: Edmond Hamilton, 3/10/2017 )
PassivDom 3D Printed House - What If You Could Live Anywhere?
'The houses are prefabricated units...' - Clifford Simak, 1952.
(re: Clifford Simak, 3/9/2017 )
Rosemont Hotel Dubai Has Lobby Rainforest
'The braided waterfalls and hanging gardens that spilled down the arcology's levels..' - Paolo Bacigalupi, 2015.
(re: Paolo Bacigalupi, 10/29/2016 )
Would Movable Houses Make Cities Better?
'He saw a house in the suburbs gently slide out of its place...' - Jane Webb Loudon, 1828.
(re: Jane Webb Loudon, 7/22/2016 )
City Made Of Bone
'The cheapest building material known...' - Larry Niven, 1968.
(re: Larry Niven, 6/14/2016 )
Tokyo Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid
'...the Sense/Net Pyramid screamed.' - William Gibson, 1984.
(re: William Gibson, 12/28/2015 )
Electrochromic FIlm For Smart Windows
'The glass had been muted to dark blue.' - Frank Herbert, 1972.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/29/2015 )
UK's Self-Repairing Cities
'The city was divided into two sections, a section of many strata where machines functioned smoothly...' - John W. Campbell, 1934.
(re: John W. Campbell, 10/16/2015 )
Ecocapsule - Simak's Dream Of A Prefab House
'They are heated and air conditioned by a solar plant that tops anything... that we have today.' - Clifford Simak, 1952.
(re: Clifford Simak, 9/4/2015 )
Rotating Domespace House Is Amazing
'Give me an old-fashioned tetragon on a central pivot every time.'- Frank Herbert, 1972.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/26/2015 )
Self-Deployable Habitat For Extreme Environments
'When you buy one of them, you don't need to tie up to an electric outlet.'- Clifford Simak, 1952.
(re: Clifford Simak, 3/3/2015 )
World's First 3D Printed Villa
'It makes drawings in the air following drawings...'- Murray Leinster, 1945.
(re: Murray Leinster, 2/27/2015 )
MULTI First Cable-Free Elevator Like Turbolift
I guess I'd need to know that this is better than the idea that Mr. Otis had. Maybe we could test it with a horse?
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 11/30/2014 )
The Living Tree House
'There were trees comprised of a central columnar trunk and four vast leaves...'- Jack Vance, 1954.
(re: Jack Vance, 10/26/2014 )
Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel Staffed Entirely By Robots
'A planet-wide chain of hotels that specialized in non-human service.'- Harry Harrison, 1970.
(re: Harry Harrison, 7/14/2014 )
Time For Bradbury's 'Smart Home'?
'This house which clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them...' - Ray Bradbury, 1951.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 6/24/2014 )
Arcology Now Universal Constructor
'... the hotel direly wanted to exist.'- Bruce Sterling, 1998.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 4/10/2014 )
Sky City's 220 Stories Are Go
‘Two miles wide, two miles long, and two miles high is eight cubic miles.’ Louis Tucker, 1929.
(re: Louis Tucker, 5/15/2013 )
Very Large Structure - A Megamachine
'Soon the city was lumbering in hot pursuit, a moving mountain of metal which rose in seven tiers like layers of a wedding cake...'- Philip Reeves, 2003
(re: Philip Reeve, 2/1/2013 )
Ten SF Houses Of The Future
Ten science fiction classics from ten science fiction authors.
(re: Various, 9/11/2012 )
Blueseed Offshore Floating Corporation Ready By 2014
'...new islands bringing life to a watery desert.'
(re: Larry Niven, 5/8/2012 )
Smart Window Goes Clear Or Opaque In Seconds
Warmer in winter, cooler in summer, manufactured in a non-toxic manner - what's not to like?
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/21/2011 )
Songdo IBD Smart City
How smart do you want your city?
(re: John W. Campbell, 7/25/2011 )
China's Megacity 'Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One'
Even larger urban zones are planned.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 1/27/2011 )
EDV-01 Instant Self-Sufficient House
'There was nowhere on the planet where science and technology could not provide one with a comfortable home...'
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 1/17/2011 )
Binishells Graceful Housing
This may just be the quickest way to construct a permanent shelter.
(re: Larry Niven, 12/13/2010 )
Put MercuryHouseOne Anywhere
This retro-futuristic mobile pod lounge can be placed anywhere for off-the-grid comfort.
(re: Clifford Simak, 2/7/2010 )
Burj Khalifa Tallest Building At 828 Meters
And do you know the three measures for height accepted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat? Burj Khalifa is the tallest by all three.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 1/4/2010 )
Chinavision Face Recognition Door Lock
Your face is your password, your keycard and your timecard. Good thing it doesn't need to punch your card.
(re: Schachner and Zagat, 12/14/2009 )
555 KUBIK - If A House Was Dreaming
What would a morphing transforming building that constantly revealed its internal spaces look like?
(re: J.G. Ballard, 11/6/2009 )
'Tofu' Chair Inspired By Plant Cells
Reveal the plant cell-inspired chair within the carved block of 'tofu. This design won the red dot design award in Singapore this year.
(re: Jack Vance, 10/26/2009 )
Instant Housing
Haven't you ever found a spot with a view so great, you'd just like to plunk a house down right there, and enjoy it right now? Now you can.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 10/4/2009 )
Man Beds And SF Sleep Lairs
It's a niche market, but you can get a bed right out of science fiction. I'm talking to you, man.
(re: Various, 9/23/2009 )
Human Cities Are Similar To The Human Neocortex
Interesting study correlates the structure of cities and the highways that serve them with the neocortex and its structures.
(re: Robert Silverberg, 9/20/2009 )
A Real-Life Bridge City?
Cities in Europe have bridge cities - why not the US?
(re: William Gibson, 9/17/2009 )
Sietch Nevada Dune-Inspired Underground Communities
How would you like to live in a Dune-style sietch in the waterless desert wastes of the American West? This fabulous concept should get your imagination going.
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/16/2009 )
Robot Resorts In 50 Years?
Can robots run hotels better than people? We may find out, says tourism expert.
(re: Richard Morgan, 8/18/2009 )
Arena Salix Pavillion Willow Architecture
Graceful structures made of materials that mock our ability to create self-healing coatings or concrete.
(re: Jack Vance, 8/12/2009 )
Domed Cities - For Earth?
Is it really time to start thinking about whether or not we need to start covering Earth cities to protect them (and us) from the rest of our own planet?
(re: HG Wells, 6/29/2009 )
Touchy Feely Trigger Point Mouldings
If you've ever desired a more intimate relationship with the walls of your apartment or business, I've got just the thing for you.
(re: J.G. Ballard, 5/31/2009 )
Sky-Terra Towers Blot Out Sky
'Centuries ago, Stratos was built by leaders that gave their word... that all inhabitants would live there.' Identify that quote.
(re: Various, 4/23/2009 )
Hotelicopter Hovering Hotel
This clever fake also has a nicely 'shopped video.
(re: Jack Vance, 3/28/2009 )
Underwater Cities Like Otoh Gunga Next?
We're slowly building the pieces of underwater cities.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 3/15/2009 )
Yellow Treehouse Cafe - A Tree House Restaurant
Made for a TV ad, this functioning treehouse restaurant would please the Iszic, perhaps.
(re: Jack Vance, 2/10/2009 )
Inflatable Church Bouncy Like Heavenly Clouds
Inflatable churches make a lot of sense, just as they did in the novel I read over thirty years ago.
(re: John Brunner, 1/29/2009 )
Hotel Room Of The Future Is German, Retrotastic
This 'hotel room of the future' video provides a review of a retrotastic future too kitschy to believe; with memories of future rooms from the past century of science fiction.
(re: E.M. Forster, 1/2/2009 )
Universe Kits Now Available From Jonathon Keats
With this do-it-yourself kit, attractively packaged in a small tin, you can create new universes on a whim.
(re: Edmond Hamilton, 11/2/2008 )
Walking House Ambles Away From Disaster
Fascinating project puts a robotic base under an ancient lifestyle.
(re: Jack Vance, 10/22/2008 )
FLARE Creates 'Skin' For Buildings
Interesting idea for a flexible, interactive membrane that would allow a building to let air and light in, and let freedom of expression out.
(re: James Boswell, 10/12/2008 )
Lunar Contour Crafting - 'Print' A Moonbase
With increased funding, a futuristic idea has gotten a necessary shot in the arm.
(re: Various, 9/3/2008 )
Dubai Ziggurat Carbon Neutral Pyramid Arcology
Incredible concept (now patented!) should convince you that science-fictional vast self-contained cities might actually be built. H.G. Wells thought so.
(re: H.G. Wells, 8/26/2008 )
Cloud City On Venus?
Interesting ideas from Geoffrey Landis, scientist and sf writer.
(re: Fritz Leiber, 7/23/2008 )
Lilypad City Floating Island Concept
Great-looking concept design by a Belgian architect shows sustainable living in giant floating ocean cities.
(re: Larry Niven, 7/6/2008 )
Seasteading Institute: Homestead The Seas
Interesting idea has some funding from wealthy folks in Silicon Valley and yet San Jose is being paved over as fast as they can do it.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 5/27/2008 )
LA Towers Dystopian Blade Runner Facade
Can't wait to live in the Los Angeles of 2019? This real estate developer wants to speed things up.
(re: Ridley Scott, 5/26/2008 )
Rotating House Lets You Pick Your View
Interesting full-size rotating house is a bit of a shock to the locals; Frank Herbert had a more elegant concept, though.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/14/2008 )
Treepee Crude By Iszic Standards
Your chances for elegant living in trees are better, now, with the introduction of the Treepee.
(re: Jack Vance, 4/1/2008 )
MegaLondoner Arcology Fantasized
London is going to need something spectacular, if there really are a million more people planning to live there in the next eight years.
(re: Pournelle and Niven, 3/26/2008 )
Finca Bellavista Treehouse Village Endor-Style
So, you've been looking for the perfect place to fulfill your dream of living like an Ewok? Got it right here.
(re: George Lucas, 3/19/2008 )
Holland Now Built To Float
Holland has dealt with flooding for centuries; now they are working with it in a new way.
(re: John Shirley, 2/5/2008 )
illy Push Button House
In less than two minutes, you could be enjoying your new home - with shipping container chic.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 12/18/2007 )
zeroHouse Self-Sufficient In Power, Water
This unusual house design results in a dwelling that is not limited to placement on the 'grid' - you could live practically anywhere.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 11/23/2007 )
Jelly-Fish 45 Habitat: Captain Nemo Wants One
This would be a great vacation home; maybe you could rent?
(re: Jules Verne, 10/4/2007 )
Khanty Mansiysk Siberia Tower Of Glass
Ambitious glass tower under construction in Siberia reminds me of an earlier effort by Robert Silverberg.
(re: Robert Silverberg, 6/25/2007 )
Robotic Ecologies Shape Themselves To Serve You
Why don't more people read science fiction to catch a glimpse of what the future might hold? Architects certainly should.
(re: Fritz Leiber, 5/29/2007 )
Rotating Skyscraper Dynamic Architecture Has Wind Turbine Power
New kind of skyscraper provides its own energy, and maybe enough for other buildings as well.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/18/2007 )
Burj al-Taqa Dubai Energy Tower - High Tech Badgir
The planned Burj al-Taqa tower takes an energy efficient design of the ancient world into the future.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/15/2007 )
Nanotech Self-Healing Houses
If a house had the right kind of walls, could it alter enough to heal itself?
(re: J.G. Ballard, 4/16/2007 )
Maya Hotel Floating Pyramid Island In Caribbean Sea
I think I've read about this one before; it would be nice to have a hotel you could move.
(re: Larry Niven, 3/27/2007 )
Unmanned Hotels Project By Itochu/Orico
The impersonal hotel gets even more so; the Hotel Hendrix from Altered Carbon comes closer.
(re: Richard Morgan, 11/1/2006 )
Four-Rooms-In-One House
Three different rooms use the very same door - sounds science-fictional to me.
(re: , 7/30/2006 )
Shelter After Katrina
Readers wrote in suggesting that perhaps science fiction writers had some ideas that could be of practical use.
(re: Various, 9/8/2005 )
Burj Dubai Tower Update
The Burj Dubai tower in the United Arab Emirates is quietly progressing on its goal of being the tallest building in the world.
(re: Frank Herbert, 7/27/2005 )
Smart Buildings And Network Security
Smart buildings, which use building automation systems (BAS) to put air temperature, lighting and security on a common network, are popping up on college campuses and in the corporate world. So are security problems.
(re: William Gibson, 3/25/2005 )
Burj Tower In Dubai To Be World's Tallest Building
What is the tallest building in the world? Right now, it is the TFC 101 building in Taiwan - 509 meters tall. Not for long, though; Emaar Properties has awarded a contract to Samsung for $847 million to build the Burj Tower.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 12/10/2004 )
SpaceHouse: Jetson's Skypad Apartment
SpaceHouse, an ESA-designed structure designed for space is being examined for use here on earth. The German Antarctic station Neumayer-III must meet stringent laws intended to protect the Antarctic environment.
(re: Hanna-Barbera, 8/25/2004 )
A Smart Home With Cyber Crumbs - Bradbury's Happylife Home?
In his 1951 short story collection The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury wrote about the Happylife Home, which took care of the people who lived in it. Today, researchers work to create a smart home with cyber crumbs.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 5/26/2004 )
Quik House: Neal Stephenson's U-Stor-It?
Meet the quik house - a prefabricated kit house made from recycled shipping containers. Sounds like what Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash lived in.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 3/24/2004 )
Smart Home Provides Elder Care
The University of Florida has created what they call "an assistive environment" which goes far beyond the assistive devices that we are used to hearing about.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 11/21/2003 )






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