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"I'm a fairly visual thinker. In doing science, I think in terms of pictures of things happening, and then do the mathematics."
- Gregory Benford

Time Tunnel  
  A gateway into the past.  

I'm not sure when this term was originated, but this seems like an early usage.

Coach Snelling strode into the room. Looking neither to right nor left, he walked straight ahead.

In the center of the room he disappeared...

Before him, materializing out of nothing, was a faintly outlined circular opening, large enough for a man to walk through. It looked like a tunnel, angling slightly downward from the floor level. It was into this that Coach Snelling must have walked a few moments before...

Once a Time-tunnel has been established, it is easy to operate the machine — that is, projecting the Time element further away from the present or bringing it closer to the present.

From Rule 18, by Clifford Simak.
Published by Astounding Science Fiction in 1938
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Science fiction author Murray Leinster wrote a 1964 novel titled Time Tunnel, which describes a wormhole connecting the years 1904 and 1964. It's an alternate history story, in which Napoleon establishes a permanent rule in Europe. The rights were bought by 20th Century Fox, which created the series based loosely on the book. Most people who grew up in the 1960's remember the famous Irwin Allen television show The Time Tunnel.

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