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"Science fiction is what scientists would do if they could - if they had enough grant money, enough time, and enough brains to do the wonderful things they would like to do."
- Greg Bear

  A location on the surface of a planet used for launching vehicles into space.  

The space-ports at the three great cities, were, of course, occupied or blockaded by the Tellurian fleets; and Doane was obliged to make his bases of operations the lonely craters that once had been pirate strongholds.
Technovelgy from The Birth of a New Republic, by M. Breuer (w/J. Williamson).
Published by Amazing Stories in 1930
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This word quickly became the standard term. However, even years later, the term was sometimes hyphenated, as in Asimov's 1951 novel Foundation. "His name is nothing... He followed you from the space-port."

Consider this use in The First Martian (1932) by Eando Binder:

An era of “wildcat speculation,” far transcending that of the Civil War Period, set in and the gullible public bought worthless stock from convincing and voluble professional sharks, for Martian-Earthian Freight Lines, Inter-Space Express Co.'s, and Planetary Service Lines, etc.

To enhance their sales, certain combines of the sharks put up signs and billboards:

“This marks the spot where the great Martian Space Port will be built. Reliable backing. Buy stock now and realize millions before a year’s time,” and accom- panying it, would be a vivid, florid picture of a gigantic space-ship, or perhaps a grotesque Martian, beckoning and urging.

Compare to Earthport from Cordwainer Smith's 1950 story the Ballad of Lost C'Mell and don't forget the launching facility from Jules Verne's 1867 blockbuster From the Earth to the Moon.

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