Dictionary of Data Storage Terms in Science Fiction
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Book-Film - literary storage
A storage medium for books.

Isaac Asimov (1988)
Crystal Corn - tiny crystal books
Tiny data storage crystals.

Stanislaw Lem (1961)
Data Haven - an alternative web host
A place where data that cannot legally be kept can be stashed for later use; an offshore web host.

Bruce Sterling (1988)
Datapack - portable DRAM
A compact device for carrying data.

Brian Herbert (2001)
Dime Disk - data storage
A very small data storage medium.

Larry Niven (1998)
DNA Music Storage
Encoding music in junk DNA.

Rob Reid (2012)
Filing Crystal
Part kiosk, part storage system.

Samuel R. Delany (1966)
A storage medium for information, both text and video.

Frank Herbert (1965)
Heritable Memories Bloodline
Using magical means to tie specific memories to the bloodlines of selected families.

Barbara Hambly (1982)
Memory Diamond - high density storage
Very dense memory storage.

Charles Stross (2004)
A device that stores information in vibration patterns on a mercury surface.

Isaac Asimov (1953)
A very thin wire used for recording purposes.

Robert Heinlein (1951)
Molecule Matrix
Storing information in individual molecules and atoms.

Robert Heinlein (1951)
Platinum Alloy Disc - first CD or DVD?
A silvery disc used for data record storage.

E.E. 'Doc' Smith (1934)
Schrön Loop - ultimate portable data storage
Small data storage device; a USB chip that stores terabytes.

Dan Simmons (1989)
Human-like storage for computers.

Philip K. Dick (1954)
Tanks - massive mass storage
Device that provides mass storage of information.

Murray Leinster (1946)
Tri-Type Record - 3D reduced to two
A printed card that stores information about a person, including a perfect three-dimensional representation.

Jack Vance (1954)
Welton Cube - fine grain storage
High-density storage device.

Robert Heinlein (1973)

Related Science Fiction in the News

Lonestar Offers Lunar Storage For Ultimate In Security
'Scarif, the off-site backup of all the secret knowledge of the Empire'
(re: Various, 5/19/2022 )
100X Improvement In DNA Information Storage
'A record that wouldn't get lost and couldn't be destroyed.' Barbara Hambly, 1982.
(re: Barbara Hambly, 5/1/2022 )
Twist Bioscience High Density Digital Data On DNA
'They tied the memory to the bloodline and that was their record!' - Barbara Humbly, 1982.
(re: Barbara Hambly, 4/4/2017 )
Store One Bit On One Atom
'...each individual molecule has a meaning.' - Robert Heinlein, 1951.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 3/3/2017 )
DataTraveler Ultimate Generation 2 Terabyte Flashdrive
'A man or woman could carry AIs or complete planetary data spheres...' - Dan Simmons, 1989.
(re: Dan Simmons, 1/1/2017 )
Sandisk 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card Surfaces
'They should be Welton Fine-Grains, or they would be too bulky to ship...' - Robert Heinlein, 1973.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 9/5/2016 )
Data Crystals Offer Eternal Storage
'The books were crystals with recorded contents...' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 2/8/2016 )
Storing 1 Zettabyte In 10 Grams
'It is theoretically possible to have a matrix in which each individual molecule has a meaning...'- Robert Heinlein, 1951.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 6/20/2015 )
Six Terabyte Solid State Drive Just 2.5 Inches
'A man or woman could carry AIs or complete planetary dataspheres...'
(re: Dan Simmons, 5/10/2015 )
Revault Wearable Private Cloud Is Too Vaporous
'A man or woman could carry AIs or complete planetary dataspheres...'- Dan Simmons, 1989.
(re: Dan Simmons, 4/10/2015 )
SCRIBE Enables Distributed Genomically Encoded Memory
Genomic DNA for analog, rewritable, and flexible memory.
(re: Barbara Hambly, 11/18/2014 )
Samsung 840 Evo 1TB Solid-State Drive
'A man or woman could carry AIs or complete planetary dataspheres in a Schrön loop.'- Dan Simmons, 1989.
(re: Dan Simmons, 7/22/2013 )
One Terabyte Thumbdrive - DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0
'The Schrön loop was tiny, no larger than my thumbnail, and very expensive.'- Dan Simmons, 1989.
(re: Dan Simmons, 2/2/2013 )
DNA Data Storage Is Robust, Scalable
What knowledge would we seek to pass down the ages, encoded in life's DNA?
(re: Barbara Hambly, 1/25/2013 )
Hybrid Memory Cube Is Speedy And Compact
'One Welton fine-grain memory cube would record all I could say over the next ten years...'- Robert Heinlein, 1973.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 1/19/2013 )
Hitachi Quartz Glass Memory Lasts Forever
'The books were crystals with recorded contents.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 9/25/2012 )
DNA As An Archival Storage System
Four grams of DNA theoretically could store the digital data humankind creates in one year. Library of Congress, take note.
(re: Barbara Hambly, 8/18/2012 )
IBM Now Stores 1 Bit On 12 Atoms
Moore's Law still has some life left.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 1/21/2012 )
Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker Perfect For Data Crypt
Perfect for 'secure, anonymous, unregulated data storage.'
(re: Bruce Sterling, 1/27/2011 )
Google Ebookstore - Great Expectations In The Cloud
A few glitches in the cloud not withstanding, Google's eBookstore is open for business.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 12/6/2010 )
Flexible Nanowire Data Storage
Interestingly, the creators of this material see it being used concealed in ordinary day-to-day devices.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/26/2010 )
Terabyte Flash Drive In 2012
Postage-stamp drive also has a fast transfer speed.
(re: Dan Simmons, 2/14/2010 )
Crystals In Gel For Computer Memory
Ah, nothing like curling up at night with a good crystal. A data storage crystal containing tens of thousands of volumes, that is.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 10/20/2009 )
2 Terabyte Memory Sticks Coming
This is just an announcement of the finalization of the spec - you can't quite buy one yet.
(re: Dan Simmons, 8/7/2009 )
Stanford Writes Nano Letters 35 Bits Per Electron
Can you read the fine print? Imagine a dot matrix printer using drops just 0.3 nanometers in size.
(re: Ridley Scott, 2/17/2009 )
Planetary Hard Drive
Storing information in natural deposits and fields.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 1/29/2009 )
Graphene Memory Arrays Are Stackable, Awesome
Amazing advance could bring storage devices of sfnal capacity even closer.
(re: Dan Simmons, 11/22/2008 )
Eye-Fi Equals SD Memory Card Plus Wi-Fi
Amazing device for its size - it's a memory card... no, it's a network connectivity device... actually, both.
(re: David Brin, 11/14/2007 )
Terabyte Thumb Drives Using Programmable Metallization Cell (PMC) Tech
This advance comes just as manufacturers are reaching the limits of flash memory technology. Whew!
(re: Dan Simmons, 10/28/2007 )
E-Disk Altima 416GB Flash Drive World's Highest Capacity
Seems like you could fit a lot of movies into this - why can't I get this in an iPod?
(re: Dan Simmons, 9/17/2007 )
IBM Stores Information On A Single Molecule
Now that's a small computer system.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 9/10/2007 )
Information Storage In Bacteria DNA Update
If you wanted to make sure that your data survived for thousands of years, where would you put it?
(re: Various, 6/27/2007 )
Microwire Data Storage
Microwires 3 to 5 times thinner than a human hair are being studied as a possible data storage alternative to CD-ROMs. Microwire technology originated in the old Soviet Union; they are now being studied elsewhere.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 3/8/2005 )
Nanowire Memory Cells: Compact Data Storage
Is it possible to achieve data storage rates of 40 Gigabits per square centimeter? Scientists at USC and the NASA Ames Research Center think so - with nanowire.
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/27/2004 )
Lexar 8Gb Compact Flash Memory Doubles The Record
Lexar's new 8Gb Professional Series CompactFlash card doubles the old record of 4Gb (gigabytes) for the largest compact flash memory size.
(re: Dan Simmons, 4/19/2004 )
Toshiba 0.85 Inch Diameter Hard Drive
Guiness World Records announced on March 16th that the Toshiba Drive is the smallest in the world. The 0.85-inch HDDs will start mass production at the end of the year.
(re: Larry Niven, 12/18/2003 )






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