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Peter Watts says he "has spent much of his adult life trying to decide whether to be a writer or a scientist, ending up as a marginal hybrid of both. He's won a handful of awards in fields as diverse as marine mammal science, video documentary, and science fiction. These accolades have not gone to his head since they never involved a lot of cash." He has degrees in the ecophysiology of marine mammals, so he knows whereof he speaks, rifter-wise.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Extreme 2003: Hydrothermal Vent Grind
   The National Science Foundation (NSF) is hosting students from around the world on a 23-day research expedition to the Pacific Ocean floor: Extreme 2003 - To the Depths of Discovery.
Yumemi Kobo - Lucid Dream Workshop
   Takara Co of Japan claims to have a machine that allows users to have the dreams they want - a dream factory.
Nerve Cells Grown On Microchip
   Nerve cells grown on a microchip have been shown to learn and memorize information, according to researchers from the University of Calgary.
da Vinci Surgical Robot: Dr.'s Helper
   A 2004 University of Michigan study noted that patients who were operated on with robotic surgeon assistance recovered more quickly with fewer or less obtrusive scars using a surgical robot. Similar devices are used in telemedicine; read a wry encoun
InTouch Companion: Medical Rounding Robot
   InTouch Health is now leasing a remote-controlled telepresence robot called The Companion to hospitals and nursing homes nationwide. The 200 pound robots stand about five feet tall and have computer screens for "heads."
NEEMO 7 - NASA Undersea Robotic Telemedicine Experiment
   The Zeus robotic surgical system will be used in an unusual experiment to give NASA additional options.
Rat Neurons In A Dish Now Playing Flight Simulator
   In his 1999 sf novel, Peter Watts wrote about cultured neurons that could fly planes. Now, a University of Florida researcher makes it a reality. Almost.
Breathe Like A Fish Thanks To Alan Bodner
   Alan Izhar-Bodner, an Israeli inventor, has developed a way for divers to breathe underwater without cumbersome oxygen tanks. His apparatus makes use of the air that is dissolved in water, just like fish do.
Neuron Network Cyborg Has Memory
   Is this cyborg-like combination of neurons and silicon a new proof of this kind of memory system?
NovaDreamer Dream Induction
   This little kit can provide you with some measure of control over your own dreaming sensorium - the ultimate virtual reality device.
Rat Brain Robot Uses Cultured Rat Neurons
   Another successful implementation of Peter Watts' head cheese idea; amazingly, they have distinct personalities. With video.
Rat Brain Robot Gets Upgrades
   Yes, it's a real cyborg - only the brain is used.
Robots With Human Brains
   What is self-organizing and intelligent and comes in a convenient paste? Human brain cells, that's what.
Making Drone Aircraft Smarter
   If you want smarter planes, why not just give them the brains of a pilot?
Artificial Microbrain Memory Cells
   What would you do with additional brain cells?
Neuromorphic Brain-Chip Takes Flight
   'Cultured brains on a slab.'- Peter Watts, 1999
Breathable Carbon Nanotube Membrane For 'Smart Uniforms'
   'The 'skin's got these reflexes, changes its permeability...' - Peter Watts, 1999.
Mini-Brains In A Dish
   'Cultured brains on a slab.' - Peter Watts, 1999.
The Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker For Lucid Dreaming
   'Leads trail away from insertion points on her face and wrist... to a lucid dreamer on the bedside shelf.' - Peter Watts, 1999.
DARPA Funding AI Fighter Pilots
   'Cultured brains on a slab.' - Peter Watts, 1999.
iBand+ Headband Helps With Lucid Dreams
   'Alice Nakata lies twitching on her bunk, eyes closed...' - Peter Watts, 1999.
Brainoware Reservoir Computation Of Biological Neural Networks
   'Head cheese. Cultured brains on a slab.' - Peter Watts, 1999.
Prophetic Offers Lucid Dreaming Halo With Morpheus-1 AI
   ''Leads trail away from insertion points on her face and wrist... to a lucid dreamer...' - Peter Watts, 1999.
Neuroplatform Human Brain Organoid Bioprocessor Uses Less Electricity
   'Cultured brains on a slab.'- Peter Watts, 1999



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